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Just The Vore - A Compilation from 2019

Year 2019 Vore Video mash-up! This hot compilation includes generous segments surrounding just the vore from seven 2019 video releases as follows:

- If I can't find a bug then I'm going to Eat You
- The Eviction
- Mr. Sandwich
- Eaten in between Hot Co-Worker's Cheese
- Your Shrunken Woman's Revenge
- Found ya! Going to Eat Ya!
- The Perverted Sex Therapist

This compilation is Full HD since the source videos had mixed resolutions- in other words, some of the full versions of these videos are available in 4K. So, you know what to do if there's a segment you really like, right? Get the full version! Otherwise, this is just a fun way to enjoy so many videos within one compilation. How cool is that?! Xox, Katelyn


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
34:19 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, compilation, shrunken man, pov, saliva strings, uvula, mouth, lips, tongue, belly, stomach, tits, boobs, cleavage, close up, shrunken woman, kiss, lick, open mouth, handheld, endoscope, string, lingerie, thong, bra, throat, food, eating, sandwich, a


2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Marty's Avatar
    Your work is fantastic as always. Also out of curiosity, given the few endoscopic vore vids, have you ever considered a full trip vid into your stomach? That one I'd imagine would be a best seller.
  2. Giantess Katelyn's Avatar
    Giantess K...
    Thanks for the compliment! I'm not willing to swallow a pill camera, so I'll stick to fx for any inside stomach scenes that I want to do.

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