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If I Can't Find a Bug then I'm Going to Eat You

Ohhh, there you are! I nearly forgot where I left you after lunch. I still so badly want to feel a little being travel through my insides and squirm inside of my sexy stomach. Mmhh~! However, at the same time I want to keep you around longer which is why I left you here. I was getting carried away and needed to cool off. In the meantime I remembered how we just got our first few warm days after weeks of cool winter weather. I even saw an ant the other day! It was too late to stop my foot before it came down on him or else I would have sent him where I want to send you. So, I have an idea for us...

I'm going to bring you with me to go hunting outside and you will get to watch whatever happens. Hopefully that'll be me eating one ant after another..... but if I don't find any ants then I'm going to go ahead and devour you! See my sticky saliva strings? It's the equivalent of pre-cum when I'm ready to fuck. My mouth is ready for your entrance!

After a minute of looking around in every bush I haven't seen a single fucking insect to devour, but that's alright because you're my backup plan. You have full permission to do whatever naughty thing you want while I have you pressed against my body, starting now. You're going to be behind the wall of this sexy belly skin in a short while. Clean my belly button while you're there.

I still don't see a single fucking ant to eat! I'm done looking for bugs. I'm going to go ahead and eat you, but first I have a treat for you. Just gaze at this belly of mine you'll be going into... I want you inside of me already! Worship my lips and my tongue as I kiss your body. Now look inside~! I would love to feel you hump my tongue.

I know you want this just as much as I do which is why you're oh so lucky to get all of this tease, all of this foreplay before you get eaten. A lot of the others didn't get anything like this. Some of them it was just a snap of a finger and down inside of my body they went. Hah! I have one more treat for you... my tongue as it laps round and round your body and wraps far between your legs for long licks.

I hope you last a long time inside of my body~~ gulp~~ gulp~~ ahhhh~!

The last 6 minutes of the video includes inside belly dialogue with two nice third person pov belly shots- one outside during the sunset and the other inside in the pantry!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
24:38 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, pov, mouth, tongue, saliva, belly, sweater, foreplay, close up, tease, handheld, cleavage, hunting, searching, looking, white nails, boobs, jeans, belly ring, teeth, licking lips, giantess fetish, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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