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Mr. Sandwich

Katelyn Brooks appears to have it all. Young, sexy, intelligent, and successful. To anyone looking in, she's flawless – surrounded by a huge friend group which always changes.

What most people don't know, is her brilliance in technology has led her to fulfill one of her deepest sexual fantasies: voreism. Most people would consider her to be a serial killer, but to her, it's merely her large appetite for shrunken men.

It was a Saturday afternoon and she was entertaining one of her close friend's Matt – Matt has big cock she takes advantage of his horny ignorance – another toy really. Well, Matt was inquiring about what had happened to some of the other men she used to hang out with. Katelyn switched the topic and stated, "Did you know I used to work at Subway? In fact – I'm really hungry. I feel like a big yummy sandwich, but I also feel like eating a shrunken man – can you help me?"

She points her shrink ray at Matthew and in seconds he's shrunk down to the size of 1 inch – perfect size to fit inside her sub and devour in one big sexual bite. She places him on the counter and begins making her sandwich while explaining exactly what's going to happen to him – almost like a mother explaining to her child.

"I eat my male friends because they are delicious and I enjoy watching them squirm – I eat men which I shrink with my own technology because it makes me so wet. And because I devour these men, I leave zero trace… She gets distracted and begins staring at little Matthew – her saliva drenched tongue begins to make passes across her lips and hang from her mouth in hungry anticipation.

After adding her cheese, meat, lettuce and tomato on her hoagie roll, she picks up Matthew and gently lays him on top of the other ingredients.

Matthew begins pleading with her and begging her to stop. As he makes a futile argument – Katelyn gets annoyed, rolls her eyes back and looks for the mayonnaise. She retracts a heavy portion of mayo and spreads it across Matthew's face and body – locking him in place and shutting his stupid mouth – he's food now, he has no rights – he's just her afternoon snack.

She slowly lowers the soft roll on top of the her shrunken lover and then presses down gently but firmly – he's not going anywhere.

(Full View of Katelyn's face (eyes mouth hair etc.)) Katelyn takes a sexually massive first bite. She proceeds eating and taking huge bites from around the man in the sub and the man begins and continues screaming and telling Katelyn to help him.

She proceeds and ignores his pleas. Ultimately, they annoy her. About half through the her loaded sandwich, she flips it around to reveal Matthew's mayo covered head sticking outside the sandwich – pleading in agony. Her mouth drips with plentiful saliva – revealing the same hungry anticipation once more and after admiring how yummy he looks, she eventually says, "nothing personal mr. sandwich – you're just my lunch now" And proceeds to devour her innocent fuck buddy. Silence.

Katelyn continues taking large bites and devours the entire sub with enthusiasm. After finishing her delicious meal, she licks her lips in complete satisfaction. She then calls another friend and tells him that she needs a good fuck and states with an evil grin – "maybe after I can make you dinner?" - and sexually licks her lips.

Video includes even more than what's listed! This was a custom script closely followed with lots of sexy improv! Buy now, you're going to love it!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
49:21 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, sandwich, sub, pov, close up, shrunken man, cleavage, bra, mouth, lips, tongue, sex pov, eating, chewing, food, bouncing tits, inside, fridge, jar, bread, cheese, meat, vegetables, lettuce, tomato, mayo, voreism, burp, burping, fetish video

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