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Eaten in between Hot Co-worker's Cheese

You are my hot co-worker and I was always in love with you since we met the first time. When you came to the office this morning and saw me, you decide to have me as dinner today. You wait until I am alone in my office to talk to me. I am sitting at my desk when you came in. It is lunch time and you have some cheese with you. You stand next to me so I have to look a little bit up to you. You are very close when you start to explain that this is my big day. I will be your dinner. You will not make it a big thing, just my shrunken body between two slices of your favorite cheese. You make clear that I have to be there in time. If I am not showing up, you will catch me and I will have a much more painful death. But if I show up in time you will have a nice reward for me before I die. You take another bite of your cheese and lick your lips before you leave my office.

In the evening I arrive 5 minutes early, so you smile and tell me that I am good boy, so eager to be your victim. So eager to be eaten all up. You tell me that you feel a little bit horny and I am good enough to be your sex toy. Before you devour me you will ride me. You tell me that you always realized when I try to look into your cleavage. Today I will have a good view on your tits while you will sit on me for a ride. But after that the fun is over, at least for me. You will shrink and eat me. You grab some cheese out of your fridge. You show me some nice slices. You tell me to undress. While that you eat some cheese. You tell me that I am lucky, this is a special treatment. Most of your victims are just food. I am naked now and we go to your bedroom.

You tell me to lay down. Now you undress yourself. My dick gets hard just watching this. You climb on top of me. Before you start you grab the plate with the cheese. You show me the cheese and tell me that after I cum, you will shrink me immediately and eat me up. You slowly take a bite of the cheese. After that you start to ride me. It feels so good. Unfortunately it is not taking too long to make me cum. We orgasm together. You look down at me and smile. It is time you say and shrink me down.

You grab my shrunken body and lay me down on the cheese. I look up to you and see how you grab a second slice and how you slowly let it come down on me until my view is completely covered with cheese. (Here POV ends). Now you eat me up from toe to head. You slowly bite your way through my body. You even tell me when you eat the section with my cock. Your final bite is my head. You feel the soft brain on your tongue. Now he is dead you say at the end. What a nice snack.

This was a closely followed custom with added improv!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
34:02 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
hard vore, limbs, face licking, pov, cleavage, mouth fetish, chewing, biting, cheese, office, sex pov, tits, shrunken man, inside mouth, skirt, belly, lips, uvula, vore fetish, fetish video, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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