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The Eviction

Summary: Katelyn is a homeowner who is renting out her house. Her tenants however have not paid the rent and are 4 days late. Thankfully Katelyn was prepared for such delinquency and installed a device in the home that can shrink the tenants when the rent isn't paid on time. Katelyn then goes into the home and personally evicts her shrunken tenants. At first she confronts them at normal size, but then using an app on her phone she activated the device and shrinks down the occupants. (This was a fully scripted video with the addition of a lot of improv. My character is dominant, sadistic, merciless, and mocking.)

Angle 1:
Confronting Tenants, normal height POV

"Millennials, recession, economy, avocados on toast, blah blah blah! I don't want to hear it! If you can't pay the rent you don't deserve to survive!"

"There are new protections for homeowners like me. A device installed in homes that can shrink delinquent renters just like you. Eviction then is simple. Here, let me show you!"

Angle 2:
POV from floor. Katelyn explains their fate and crushes the first one under her shoe.

"If you are not renters, then you are an infestation. And infestations must be eradicated. But there is no need for me to call an extermination company... I am the exterminator."

Angle 3:
Direct side shot on floor, not too close, whole foot and shoe should easily fit in frame (ankle at top of frame) so the person can be tiny on screen. She lifts off after grinding to show blood.

"No rent? No mercy."

Angle 4:
Normal height shot. Katelyn looking down at the floor. She finishes her crush and then looks for the next one. She takes off her shoe and goes to crush them.

"Thank you for furnishing my house for me. Bye little bug!"

Angle 5:
Same angle as previous crush shot. Only this time Katelyn takes off her shoe, wiggles her toes, and crushes the tiny person barefoot and then lifts off to show blood.

"If I get anything from you, I want to feel you pop."

Angle 6:
Normal height shot. Katelyn finishes her crush and then goes for the next one who was sitting in a kitchen chair before they shrunk.

"I see you over there on that kitchen chair! You did such a nice job picking out the chair."

Angle 7:
POV from chair. Katelyn first talks down, then turns around pulling up skirt or whatever and does a butt tease followed by sitting on the camera.

"I can show a little mercy. I can let you stay crushed to my ass rent free until my next shower."

Angle 8:
Katelyn sits on the chair crushing the tiny man. She grinds him but doesn't lift off.

"I know the weight of my rent can just be crushing..."

Angle 9:
Normal height shot. Katelyn wiggling her ass on the chair. She enjoys it and then hops off the chair. Satisfied she looks down noticing a shrunken person at her feet directly in front of her. She bends down and grabs it, then comes back up and looks at what's between her fingers.

"Rent would have been nice... but this is almost better."

Angle 10:
Face close range shot. Katelyn talks to the tiny girl between her fingers, then eats her.

"Hmm. There was only three people on the lease. Are you a friend of theirs? What an unlucky day to visit your friends! Do you think I should let you go? Do you pay your rent on time? Oh well too bad for you! You're now my snack. Down you go!"

"Strange! I could have sworn that tiny girl had a cock! How unusual! Maybe I should have kept her as a pet...

Angle 11:
Katelyn is satisfied. She gets up and sighs and flops on the couch putting her feet up.

Angle 12:
Close up of Katelyn's soles as she relaxes.

"Don't worry. Be happy." (Mocking the song lol)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:54 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sadistic, high heels, crush, pov, bare feet, soles, close up, ass crush, vore, thong, chair, floor view, cum countdown, wide angle, fisheye, fish eye, landlord, leather, shorts, belly shirt, white shirt, blood, tenants, dominant, no mercy, merciless, domi


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  1. JayToms's Avatar
    I remember seeing the screenshots of this video from the picture of the day section and I knew I had to have it right away. This is another video where you can appreciate the lighting because it helps highlight all the details in Katelyn's soles. I'm a wrinkled/soles man and any video that show great details is a much buy in my book. Highly recommended!!

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