Special Treatment at GK

Special Treatment at GK

Hello little squishes <3 Your Goddess has some important news, so listen up if you’d like to save $ on my clips and hear how that would benefit both of us. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and am going to proceed with it…

As some of you may already know- when you make a purchase here at GiantessKatelyn.com/Store I earn a higher percentage of the profit to invest into the continuation of making amazing content for our enjoyment. This is big compared to the 40% that third party clip stores like C4S and others keep when a purchase is made through their website. I used to not keep C4S up to date like you’ve seen. Many months or a year would pass until I got around to it and I am not going back to that. It’s now been a few years (I think) of updating both sites at the same time and only as of recently it seems that more of my sales from GK may possibly be going through C4S instead (slightly less sales here, slightly more sales there). There’s no way to know what’s going on for sure, but I am going to nip this in the bud right now incase that is the matter at hand. How? By giving special treatment at my own website where I have the power to do such a thing

To kick this off I will offer the best deal for my clips here at my own store starting now! I’ve put this into effect immediately by making price changes to nearly all clips. Doing so also allowed me to see the price differences clearly so that I can share the changes with you. The price differences ranged $1-2 for the majority of clips and $3-4 for some clips. This was achieved with a combination of lowering some prices here and raising some prices there according to the main goal being offering preferred pricing here and industry standard pricing there. With $1 to as much as $4 savings on a single purchase your savings will be instantaneous as well as really add up with any additional purchases. Profits will still be in my favor at my own store despite it having the best deal for my content. It’s really a sweet win win for both of us!

Furthermore, fans shopping at the GK store will get first access to my updates as well. From here on out my newest videos will be exclusive to my own website for one month before they get added to C4S. If my updates were to appear anywhere else it would be much later. C4S gets priority over any other third party websites- since I’ve been with them since ‘06 they do have a special place in my heart. <3 

On top of that, I would like to give more back to everyone who just simply comes to enjoy what my website has to offer overall. I’ve been thinking that it’s been too long since my last free video. So, I’ll be getting back to making free videos this year – perhaps even every quarter (still thinking about it).

Additionally, sharing further plans to come with you, I’m going to start shooting new collage material soon and more regularly after that! I will then upload the new pictures to their own album as soon as they’re ready. They will not be seen in the pictures of the day section where you can come daily to worship a new full HD screenshot from my most recently published videos.

If you’ve been a fan for many years you may remember back in the day when I used to shoot Giantessy photo sets that were just that – not collage material OR video screenshots. I don’t know if you miss them, but I do, and I’m sure you wouldn’t complain about more new content right?! :D Sooo…. I will soon be ordering some fun new gear specifically with photo sets in mind. I look forward to shooting some amazing new photo sets with it and you’ll be able to find the new sets here! And one more exciting announcement to top off…

There’s a local photographer I’ve been planning on reaching out to because his work is literally JAW DROPPING and I would love to work with him someday! Before I get in touch I’m working on toning up a bit. When I shoot my own stuff (which is nearly always) I rely on the viewfinder for posing myself, so the importance of being in tip top shape and practicing posing is so important before shoots where someone else is behind the camera. Even if there’s help with flattering poses it’s good to be prepared! Fun fact: I actually find shooting pictures way harder than shooting video!

You’ll know I’m getting closer to scheduling when my body looks more fit. It’s going well so far – I’ve noticed that swallowing shrunken slaves keeps me feeling full for longer since they squirm around so much in my stomach. I’m down a few pounds from it already! I’m sure you’d like to hear more about me swallowing slaves to reach body goals so I’ll update you again later!! :D 

This is getting a lot longer than I intended, so here’s a few smooches if you’ve made it through to the end!! ~~~ 😚😚😚 ~~~ 

Love all of you!! 

Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Adam M

    You’re so generous with the community! And glad to know you’re prioritizing your store more, it’s only fair since you go through all the trouble of maintaining it! I’m also super eager about more photos from you and will be sure to jump at the chance to make some epic sized collages to do you justice! Perhaps you will consider releasing a new audio + photo set like “Serving a High School Hottie”? That one had a special place in my heart all those years! It could even have different choices like an adventure! Just dreaming out loud here! ?
    Finally let me just say how I love your blog posts and I really hope you do those more to keep your little worshippers updated on what’s on out goddess’s mind!

  2. Gregory R

    This is such a great idea. I’ve always bought your clips here instead of c4s and will definitely continue to do so! I’m excited to see the extra content you’ll be putting on here especially the photography! You’re honestly the best content creator in this community and everyone should buy a clip from you just to thank you! If you need more tinies to eat feel free to reach out to me, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be your snack!

  3. AlfosHermit

    Glad to hear you’re wanting to bring your site more into the limelight again :)
    The return of Giantess-photo sets and college materials is definitely exciting news, I definitely missed the surprise of getting treated to a new set every few months or so back in the day.

    The news of their return has me feeling eager to try my hand at creating and sharing some size-themed fanart too! I’m no collager but I am pretty good when it comes to digital drawing, and your giantess photo sets are great for pose-references and inspiration!
    I can’t wait ^_^

  4. Johnn

    The C4S fees are crazy.. I always prefer the direct website! And a little money difference is expected.
    The collage material is great news!
    Can’t wait to see the fitness results with the new photographer!!

  5. Orlando

    I came across your vr content on C4S and was wondering if you’re going to do more vore scenes. Specifically, pussy vore? The bath tub scene was amazing.

    I saw a message on one of your latest videos saying you’re waiting for a better quality camera. Are you hoping for a smaller camera or one with a higher resolution or both?

    I thought the resolution for the “shrunken boyfriend” vid was good, the lighting helped.

    Also if you find a camera that can shine a light that would be amazing.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to more of you vore content when make them again.

    Side note: Where can I make requests and how do I make them?

  6. Giantess Ka...

    @Orlando: I always find it interesting to know how fans first found me, so thanks for sharing.

    Yes that’s correct about VR cameras, I’ve been waiting for them to improve before shooting VR videos more regularly so that they stand the test of time better. Meanwhile I’ve just been shooting the occasional one here and there. It’s been a long time since my last vr pussy vore video so I’ll take that as a general request to make a new one sooner rather than later. In fact I already have a script ready for it. ;)

    As for making a specific request here’s a link to my FAQ on customs and requests.

    Thanks for writing! (and that goes to everyone else as well, love reading from you!)

  7. anon

    we love you kate! <333

  8. Flush Fan

    The hard work you put into your content is clearly reflected in its high quality! From your attention to things like lighting, camera angles, audio, editing, using quality equipment, and keeping that sexy, curvy body of yours in shape! You’re amazing! So if promoting your content through your site can get you better compensated, I’m all for that as you deserve it!?

    BTW, I found your site years ago via online search, later I’ve seen your stuff on other places like C4S, but I usually go directly to your site to see what sort of mischief you’re currently up to!? At the time, I was NOT looking for giantess/vore/crush fetish content but something more niche. I found a few of your vids, also satisfy that niche fetish… specifically, the “Toilet Flushing” fetish!? In your realm, seems the final fate of your tiny subjects is often a flush down your toilet!? Which plays right into my flushing fetish!

    Your free video, “Little Pee Pervert”, which you did 12 years ago, comes closest I’ve seen to being the perfect flush fetish video! You “accidentally” dropped that poor li’guy you were peeing on into your toilet and said, “Too bad! Looks like I’m just going to have to flush you down! …”? You mocked him a bit by describing his fate, pressed the flusher, and laughed as he swirled down! Poor guy, rest of his life in the sewers like you said! Just perfect! Hehehe!?

    It’s hard to find “Toilet Flushing” content, “Toilet Slavery” is a more common theme but that’s completely different. I check your site occasionally to see if more poor li’tinies are getting flushed!? I’ve seen that some unfortunate tinies went down the toilet in “The End of Brandon”, “Digested and Pooped”, & “The Shitty Maid”. And as a close 2nd to “Pee Pervert” was “Insatiably Horny Highschooler” but the audio made it hard to hear you while he was being flushed.

    I think flushing has something in common with your fav fetish themes. In vore/mouth/swallowing, you like to tease the doomed li’tiny that’s about to be “flushed” down your mouth into “your plumbing”, hehe!? With the right tone & sufficient teasing, I think flushing can have a similar vibe! Hehe!

    In crushing, I’ve noticed that the same type of mock pity you give to a poor tiny about to be, or just after, getting crushed under your mighty foot, also works for flushing a tiny! Just swap “your overhead foot ” for “your fingers on the flusher”. And swap the “foot stomp” for the flush, final gurgle and the refilling bowl. Add a bit of mock pity, teasing, laughter, as the mood strikes before and after they go down the drain, then, a great flush fetish scene!

    Thought you might be interesting in how close your vids that include your toilet come to satisfying the flushing fetish in ways I’ve never seen before! The next time you felt like sending a tiny down your toilet, you might find it fun to really play up the flush! Hehe! ?❤

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