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Eva Shrinks Her Teacher

Eva's teacher told her she really had to impress him if she wanted a passing grade in his class. Well, she can't be that bad at science if she managed to shrink him and he's now trapped in a jar as this schoolgirl brat towers over him. He's drooled on, humiliated before he finds himself down at this schoolgirls feet under threat of being crushed under her soft soles. His degradation is making her pussy so wet, she can't help but put him between her legs as he runs the gauntlet of avoiding a suffocating demise under her. But Eva saves the best for last and softly confesses her desire, to feel him scream down her throat in one wet, warm gulp. There's nothing quite like looking into Eva's sweet face, as she confesses her desperation to feel you inside her.

*Note: If you are using sensitive earphones, you may notice some knocks and bumps that was coming through from the neighbouring apartment but I don't anticipate that will interfere with your enjoyment of this generously priced video.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
36:25 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Eva Ray, vore, swallowed, teacher, student, schoolgirl, cruel, sensual, ASMR, POV, feet, soles, redhead, freckles, plaid skirt, blouse, nude, red toenails, ankle bracelet, shrunken man, on floor, tattoo

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