Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1: My Sexuality
Section 2: My Website
Section 3: My Store
Section 4: Custom Videos & Requests
Section 5: Collages & Art
Section 6: More Q&A


Section 1: My Sexuality

How did you discover your sexuality and the giantess community?

Well, It seems I’ve had the fetish ever since I was little- starting at around 3 or 4 years old. I used to play “cat and mouse” with toys and with friends, pretending to swallow them alive when I caught them. (I really loved Tom and Jerry too for this reason) As I grew older, I started to mature out of the cat and mouse phase (although I still love furry!) and my focus homed in on the opposite sex… and the same sex too. :3 By high school I wanted nothing more than to actually “crush” my high school crushes and swallow my high school sweethearts alive- not to mention put my entire foot through the school. Most of the time I felt out of place and very alone sexually. (And that sums up why I was a Goth in high school :< Dark! Mysterious! Evil!) To my amazement in college however- the feeling of being alone disappeared overnight when I finally discovered that there was an entire community out there who shared my fetish!!

It was through an unforgettable Google image search that I found the giantess fetish and the community here. Once I found out about the Giantess fetish… my mind (and the rest of me hehe) had a series of mind blowing orgasms. I couldn’t believe that there were others like me!! And here were thousands of tiny people just waiting to worship my feet!! I love my fetish SO MUCH now! *_* I only wish I had discovered it online sooner.

Why have you made your fetish so public? Aren’t you embarrassed by it?

Answered in detail and length, here is your answer as a full blog post: Giantess Q&A #3: My Giantess-Sized Sexuality

Do you like having men-only tiny pets? Or tiny females too?

One of the great things about my fetish is that it doesn’t really discriminate against gender. It doesn’t matter if they are tiny guys or tiny girls… they are all my toys.

When I’m in a city looking for tiny people, I go after everyone. I think this has very much to do with the fact that I’m bisexual. (So yes, I’ve had girl and guy pets ~_^) I do prefer to keep females as slaves more often… and males tend to meet their horny fate a little quicker unless they are special to me. There’s nothing like getting a tiny guy really horny and under my spell… only to have him unable to resist as my foot or mouth comes down on him! ^_^ I’m also VERY open to destroying a city with other Goddess’s/Giantesses… I’d love to make out with a fellow giantess while the city falls at our feet.

How small do you prefer your victims?

Check out my blog post Giantess Q&A #1: The Perfect Shrunken Size! I think it will answer your question. :)

How tall do you prefer to be when you are a Giantess?

It changes based on my mood and what I’m horny for… some days I’m in the mood to play with the entire earth/galaxy, and other times I’m in the mood to attack a lone city as a 100ft woman. (I rarely go below 100 feet) Most commonly however, I’m fantasizing about being mega- over 2000 feet tall! XD

Do you feel that sexuality is genetic? Or developed at an early age in childhood?

As it is with most things, it’s probably a mix. There may be a genetic element to the equation, but I think most of one’s sexuality is developed at a very young age. What factors or why people have the giantess fetish I have no clue. Some say it’s due to parenting, others say TV / Movies. Or rather it could be anything you interact with when you are young and your sexuality is just developing.

How does the fetish effect you off camera? Do you daydream about the giantess fetish often?

Yes! Often times I find myself daydreaming or fantasizing when I really shouldn’t be. For example, when out traveling I tend to fantasize about crushing whatever highway I’m driving down. When I’m in a city I tend to fantasize about fucking the skyscrapers, crushing the traffic, and shrinking people. When I’m in the spa or on the beach I think of tiny shrunken men and women unawarely getting crushed by all of the sexy bare foot girls!

I fantasize during mundane tasks too. For example, when cleaning I sometimes fantasize about ant colonies invading my home for me to crush or fruit flies sneaking into my food unawarely. And whenever I sweep I like to fantasize the dirt came from me unawarely crushing hundreds of cities beneath my sexy bare soles! I also tend to stare off into crowds and think about how I’d love to tower over them and have the tiny people running in terror or throwing themselves on the ground worshiping me… mmm, yeah… *starts daydreaming* I think you get the picture ^^

I’m married and I love much my wife, but she isn’t into my fetishes at all. Do you have any suggestions for me to make her appreciate our fantasies?

First: Start off small and slowly bring her into your sexual desires. Telling her all at once might scare her a little. Start with a related body-part fetish, like feet or mouth. Then I would try pampering her to help her relate good things with your fetish. Express how attractive you find things by loading her with compliments and showering her with love and treasures. If you have a foot fetish, treat her to a pedicure, a foot massage, a cute toe ring or anklet, etc. If you love mouths, talk about how sexy her lips are and maybe get her some sexy lip color, bring fruit into the bedroom and tease her taste buds, or even get her some white strips so her teeth look whiter than everyone else’s… you know it’s kind of a “give her a reason to appreciate it”.

After a while, you can slowly introduce new aspects of the fetish and she herself might love it so much that she gets interest in exploring the fetish sexually to see what’s beyond getting pampered. Whatever your interest, try to mix your sexual fantasy with something she would love in return… and girls love gifts… so you can’t go wrong with a gift and worshiping her as she indulges in it!

These are only a few suggestions on taking the first step towards helping your wife appreciate your fetish. Start simple though, fetishes can be very very very overwhelming to people who are not truly familiar with them. Take baby steps towards getting your lover to appreciate, learn, and love your fetish. The giantess fetish alone is extreeeemely deep and complicated. It might take at least 1 year before she actually deeply understands the fetish to the point of role playing on an emotional feelings level- it’s important not to argue or get bummed during her learning process. Just give it time as it can not happen over night.

It is important however that she “accepts” your fetish and at least lets you enjoy it and never degrades you for it. I’d highly recommend ending the relationship (or go to counseling) if she ever repeatedly degrades you for your fetish, that’s very closed minded and ignorant. Your lover should love you for who you are, fetish and all. To be degraded in any kind of way in any relationship is very very unhealthy.

A fetish is a wonderful thing to have. It gives your sexuality spice, excitement, and there’s always new things to look forward to! People who don’t have a fetish don’t know what their missing. =) Start slow, show her it’s a good thing and eventually she’ll be towering over you in bed ^^

Do you have any other fetishes?

My fetishes revolve mostly around Giantess. My biggest turn-on is the vore / mouth fetish. I’m also into the occasional furry comic, lesbian S&M porno, and I lovvve exploring new Giantess scenarios/concepts and other people’s fetishes as well!!! ♥


Section 2: My Website

Is this website a hobby of yours?

Originally this site was just my personal hobby to play with- and it still sort of is! For the first year I had a real job and was in school and as a result my site took the back-burner to my RL projects more often than not. After I graduated with my associates degree – “Computer Systems Specialist” – I quit my daytime job and moved to FL to follow my dream of continuing my education at Full Sail University.   

FSU got postponed, every major sounded like a dream job – one I’d be happy doing for the rest of my life! This was incredibly surprising! I had to be certain about which major I would choose. It would be a $60K investment for my future career I wouldn’t get any help with state grants since I just moved to FL.

Months passed by and meanwhile I was pouring my heart into my website! A mere… $10 start up. (domain name) And of course, lots of devotion and time. Both of the latter in which I had with my passion of film and web design and being in the middle of deciding on school. My site grew and grew both in popularity and size until running it became and could continue to be a full time job.

I had to make the very hard decision between one or the other. Going to FSU would mean going to school and and studying full time. My heart won out- I chose my site and many years of around-the-clock work this site became my business and career. It was a very difficult decision, but I realized that my site made me happier than anything else I could ever have imagined myself doing and that there was just no way I could shut it down.

Now I’m working behind the scenes 6-7 days a week (I love everything I do!) to make both my and your fantasies come to life. And I don’t think the Giantess community minds one bit having me around all the time :P

What do you do with the money you make on this site?

Nearly all of it goes back into my site and into delivering content for the community. I use it to buy new equipment, outfits, props, makeup, software, hosting, bandwidth, servers, my PO Box, models for shoots, etc etc. I’m not in this to strike it rich- or maybe I would have chosen to continue my education in digital art / special fx / or maybe acting (!) and try to get my foot into a big-time movie production company.

I love expressing and exploring my sexuality and if I can live off it, well that’s the icing on the cake. The giantess fetish has always been impossible to fully attain and I share the pain of wanting this fantasy to be as close to reality as safely possible.

My goal is to produce the most realistic, beautiful and mind blowing stuff out there. This all costs a ton of money however and professional equipment is as expensive as it sounds. When you buy something from my store, you’re helping support both me and my site, allowing for me to continue this passion of mine. And I can not thank you enough for it! I could not be doing what I’m doing without you. =)

Do you have any other websites?

Yes- I host GiantessBooru – a place where artists can share their drawings, renders, collages, pov pictures, and creative works with and for the community to enjoy. This gives Giantess fetishists a place to discover new artists, and likewise, artists get new fans who support their works through the shared traffic. 

GiantessBooru has a wonderful team of Administrators & Moderators who manage shared content  with appropriate tags and keep the website a no-drama place to enjoy and explore your sexuality.


Section 3: My Store

Please click here to read the new Store Support FAQ.  More found below.

I forgot my store account password.  

You can reset it here.

I’m getting an error code when I try to check out. What does it mean?

A: Too many failed attempts. Try again after 8 hours.

B: Your information is on my bank’s blacklist because of a chargeback through my website. A chargeback is when someone calls their credit card company and claims they don’t recognize the purchase. This often results in the bank closing the holders credit card. The bank penalizes me with a $50 fee + the amount that was refunded to the card. If you made a serious mistake with your finances or purchased with a credit card that wasn’t yours, open a support ticket and explain your situation to me. I will most likely make a one-time exception and have my bank process a full refund back to the card. If you are getting error “B” and the above scenario is not true for you, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it. In either scenario, you can still purchase my content through my Clips4Sale store or use one of the alternative payment methods listed below.

Decline 05: Call your bank and let them know you’re trying to make a purchase online and the card isn’t working.

If my store is giving you a different error code, you can contact me through your store account support page here. Don’t worry- this means there’s something I need to look up or do on my end to help you.

I’m having trouble viewing my video. 

Possible fixes:
– Try VLC media player. It’s the most file format friendly on any device you’re using
– Update the media player of your choice
– If it’s in a .zip folder, move it out of the folder
– Watch VR videos on PC with Theta App or GoPro VR Player
– Watch VR videos on android with Google Cardboard app 
– iPhone / iPad users: download to pc or android and sync to your device. Apple prohibits downloading from third party websites to their devices.

Click here to contact me through your store account support page for other/technical support. 

What payment methods do you accept?

– Credit card through my store’s check-out system
Amazon eGift card sent to my email. (Only if you’ve checked out w/ cc before)
– You can also purchase my videos at  My C4S

Who films your videos?

Usually it’s just me. This typically takes some really tricky camera balancing and running back and forth to the tripod, lights, and any other equipment I may be using. However, when it’s an action shot or when I want to get a lot of filming done at once, I trade camerawork (I film for them in return) with a fellow producer or I hire a professional videographer. 

Will you ever do hard crush or crush other large living things?

Absolutely NOT. Crushing animals is illegal in the US and in many other countries. I have never and will NEVER do illegal stuff on this site. I enjoy what I do here and don’t want to be shut down! Please don’t try to argue about this- it just won’t happen.

What happened to all of your bug crush videos?

I no longer produce or sell bug crush content. I removed my bug crush content many many years ago and it will never, ever, ever be coming back. My old content is NOT available for purchase anywhere else on the net or privately. I am forever done with bug crush and I am no longer interested in being related to or selling bug crush content.

This decision was made final to appease a particular group of upset people in the Giantess community who were protesting about it and rallying people up. X_x For the record, I never crushed anything more than a cricket, worm, ant, etc… the typical stuff you’d see in a bug crush video. I never meant to stir up negative feelings with my previous “bug crushing”.

Have you ever modeled or worked with other producers in the community?

Yes! While I don’t work with others often (as I’m very content doing my own thing) I have worked with Gary Pranzo and a few others. We did some really, really fun shoots involving a model city and Heather Eve back many moons ago in 2007! If you’re interested in seeing his work or watching those videos, head on over to! (You might also notice that I sell some of my videos on his website.)

I’ve also done trade-shoots with Bratty Foot GirlsAstroDominaLady Fyre, and Ellie Idol. You can find these stars in videos with me on this website as well.

I’d like to contact you about hiring you for a shoot / doing a trade shoot / working together? 

I’m not interested in working as a model for other studios or trading time with them. I prefer to reach out to the models that I’m interested in hiring for shoots instead of being contacted by random models. If you have a referral then feel free to get in touch.

Would it be possible for me to sell my artwork / giantess content in your store?

If you feel your videos and/or artwork meets the quality standards of my website and you’d be able to dedicate time to continue new productions to release for sale at GK then feel free to email me with examples of your works and I will happily consider hosting your content. I offer 65% sales payout on the 1st of every month and have my own set of rules (like price matching to your other stores and what themes are allowed) and quality control.


Section 4: Custom Videos & Requests

Can I order a custom video?

CUSTOMS ARE OPEN! Important– I’m more on the blonde side of bronde at the moment since I went lighter for the summer. Click here to see or just check out my latest video(s) as of 5/28 before ordering to check out my current look.

I regularly update the custom video Q & A below for a smooth custom ordering process. Please read carefully before trying to order from me, especially if you’re new here!

Xo, Katelyn

What are you currently interested in shooting?

I’m currently exclusively interested in shooting Giantess fetish videos! So, your script should portray size difference between me and you/the viewer/props combined with any of the following themes:

♥ Vore
♥ Pussy
♥ Booty
♥ Boobs
♥ Crush

I will consider shooting outside of the Giantess fetish for a premium. It’ll probably be twice my rate below, but email for consideration and a quote.

How much would it be?

8 minutes: $125 (4K resolution*) up to 4 camera angle changes within a 1/2 page script length
14 minutes: $200 (4K resolution*) up to 5 camera angle changes within a 1 page script length
20 minutes: $275 (Full HD resolution) up to 6 camera angle changes within a 1.5 page script length

Anything shorter or longer than the times listed is not accepted. I don’t set a timer for my shots, so durations aren’t exact, they’re minimums that I will meet. These are base prices, when I read your script I may find that it includes or requires a project add-on that would increase the price, so read the below carefully. Tip: copypaste your script into Google docs or word to check how long it is for your desired time frame.

*If the camera is stationary during the shots then I can use my utmost highest quality 4K cinema camcorder and professional lenses. Shots in tight places, free moving handheld, and deep mouth pov shots require the use of equipment that records in Full HD.

What can I include in my script?

– Script starring Katelyn, solo
– Dialogue and angles that you’d like
– Attire request (bra, panties, type of outfit, footwear)
– Film in one room/area. Options: kitchen, walk in pantry, side nook (with round table seen in videos), main living room (beige couch with white coffee table), fireplace with ledge to sit, separate dining room, second living room (grey couch), tiled hallway, carpeted stairs, master bedroom (hers/feminine), walk in closet, full bathroom, second bedroom (basic / gender neutral), third bedroom (college girl theme with a wall of shoe shelves), carpeted hallway, laundry room, office (desk, chair, computer, whiteboard, student desk, black leather couch, glass table), home gym (elliptical, weight lifting machine, free weights, yoga mat)
– Giantess voice effect during shrunken point of view
– Endoscopic view into mouth / deep mouth cam

– Just a few digestion/stomach sounds (anything more requires add-on)
– Eating a snack (meals require 14 or 20 minute timeframe)
– Film in 4K (up to 14 min) or VR (up to 14 min) or Full HD (up to 20 min) 
– Interaction with shrunken cars/buildings/people props
– Under glass table view (licking/interacting, not standing full weight)
– Finger/dildo fucking, light anal insertion, masturbation, almost full nude –panties not fully removed unless upon my discretion

What if I want more camera angles or have a longer script?

Then you should script it into more than one scenario/video (I will possibly need to shoot them on different days) and send it to me as two scenarios that fit within my guidelines. Keep in mind my nails/makeup might have changed since the first video. FYI a slight work around to my camera angle limit is simply requesting me to change the pose/position of my body within a specific shot.

What kind of extras do you offer? (add-ons for an additional cost)

– Magical light-ray visual effect like this (choose any color or I’ll match to your video) $10
– Film & edit in an additional camera angle $15 ea, up to 9 max per project
– Script length overage for duration selected $40 *Any script should not exceed 1.5 pages for a single video
– Shoot in an additional room/area $10 ea (requires me to clean+decorate+properly light a separate set + move all of my equipment to it)
– Custom manicure $40, pedicure $30 (this includes if you want bare nails & may increase return time)
– A lot of digestion sounds: $30, added to fitting parts throughout video upon my discretion (not constantly throughout entire duration as it wouldn’t be realistic), adds two weeks to return time.
– Booms during carpeted footsteps $80 only for shortest timeframe or short segments of a longer video (it’s a lot of work), adds one month to return time
– Internal stomach scene in FHD or VR $60, will be very similar to what’s seen here (FHD) or here
(VR) with exception of different character(s) collaged in (or just pov, depending on scenario), adds 3 weeks to return time
– Farts $8 each, max 3 (I can’t fart on command, they need to be carefully recorded separately & edited in)
– Destruction of a RC car or little house $20 ea unless you mail it to my PO Box so there’s no cost to me
– Edit the hottest parts into slow motion $10 (may request which part(s) or I’ll choose)
– Specialty prop work quoted upon request
– Use your name $10
– VIP return– back to you in less than two weeks* $40 *Add-ons completed in half of the additional time listed for a VIP order
Socks or panties worn in your video mailed to you: $55 (price includes shipping to US address) comes lightly worn and vacuum sealed. Include an additional item for only $25 with the same order. Note: my scents are extremely light, so you may barely notice any kind of scent.

What kind of props do you have?

Little people/cars/houses/planes, a variety of dildos and vibrators, smother seat, cages/boxes, clear chair, glass table, sciency stuff, large white board, student desk, potion bottles, holiday supplies, misc domme props, spin wheel, anything else you’ve seen in my more recent videos.

Also, I’m happy to order props that I don’t have, get them made, or make them myself.

Any requirements?

Must have a account with at least one purchase. Must be ready to pay at time of inquiry. Submitted script must be in the completed stage. Please double check the amount of angles and length before submitting, this is the #1 problem that holds up orders, requires revisions, or leads to nonacceptance.

How long will it take? How will I receive my video when it’s complete?

My typical return time is 2 weeks to 2 months depending on how booked up I am and the size of your custom project. Digital download via link sent to your email. 

How do I pay?

If I agree to produce your custom video then I’ll either send you a link to pay at my store or make a wish list or gift card request.

What are your limits?

No scripts longer than 1.5 pages in length. No bugs or animals. Absolutely no characters perceived to be younger than 18. (College age / 18+ OK) No visible scat or under commode view (about to go, pretend going, or after going type dialogue OK). No incestual themes (step-sister OK). No greenscreen work. No script changes after I agree to it. No DVDs or blue-ray. No picture sets. No clay props. No sharing/uploading your video after I return it. No exclusive content. Everything I produce is copyrighted by me and released at my store for sale.

How do I order?

You may email [email protected] with your completed script and any additional details. Make sure you’ve read the above before getting in contact with me, even if you’ve already read it since something may have changed. I take off work on weekends and holidays, but I’ll get back to you within a week on a work day.

If I can not complete your custom by the due date or for any other reason then I will offer you a full refund in the same way you paid or via Amazon eGift Card to your email address.

I can’t afford a custom, will you consider doing it for free?

Perhaps. If you’d like to try then go ahead and prepare it as you would a paid custom, following guidelines above, and then email it to me with the title “Free Video Request”. I will read it, consider it, and save it to my requests folder in case I get a chance to make it or combine it with a similar request, or with one of my fantasies! Don’t be offended if it doesn’t make it onto my site – I’m always busy with website management, shoot prep work, filming, post production, customer support, updates, real life shrunken pets, and all of the small to big things that require my attention.   

MY LIMITS: Please do not burden my inbox asking for an update regarding your free request. If I shoot it, I’ll let you know. Be humble, but do email me back again if you want to order it as a paid custom to guarantee its production. Don’t ask for a free request to have a minimum duration like a paid custom. Solo videos only. Video will star me, Katelyn. I do not accept requests for model shoots. If I shoot your custom video for free then you must have a GK store account with at least one previous purchase. This helps with age verification concerns, otherwise it will not be returned to you for free, but I’ll let you know that you can pick it up in the store.

I try to be as compassionate as possible about your excitement in possibly getting a video request made, and with no custom fee, but please understand that I have too much on my shoulders at any given time because of running business by myself, so I will only be able respond once after I’ve seen your request. You can find my email in the custom video section above.


Section 5: Collages & Art

Can I write a story about you? Will you put it up on your site?

Sure! I LOVE all kinds of fan art, especially stories! But please keep in mind that just as with collages, I like to only put up work that shows a good deal of time and effort went in to it. I also want to put up stories that everyone will enjoy, please keep that in mind! =)

I haven’t seen any new collages for a while. When can we expect to see moar?

I don’t have any schedule for updating or creating collages. Whenever I’m in the mood and have the time. I love collages, but I love bringing my fantasies to life through video even more. One of my goals is to make a free video every month! (Which means hopefully that last sentence will be outdated ASAP!!)

Are there any qualifications I must meet in order to have my fanart put up on your site?

Yes and no. While I absolutely love all types of fan-art, I’d prefer to keep the best of the best up on my site as I do get a lot of fan art. So basically all that means is… well… copy and pasting yourself into a picture of mine via Microsoft Paint is cute and all (and I really do love it), but… it’s not going to be enough. Realism is a total turn on for me and I feel that most of the giantess community would agree. If you’re still unsure about the quality of your work, check out my current Fan-Art section- there you will find great examples of what I like to put up on my site.

Can I have custom pictures of you so that I can collage or draw you to put on your site?

I currently have a ton of collage material up on my site under the photos section in my worship section. But please note that I only take requested picture for collagers or artists who are outstanding members of the giantess community or those who can show me that they’re not just trying to get custom pictures from me for their own personal use. My photo sets / collage material may be used for free -Giantess- collages only with credit given.

Do not collage me or any model on this website as a shrunken woman or in an image where there is a larger being or along with a Giantess not from this website.  

Can I post or link your pictures/collages/free videos/previews elsewhere?

Pictures- yes, Collages- yes, Free Videos- Yes, Video Previews – yes. However in all of these instances please make sure to credit me and link to my site. As for Fanart I’d prefer if you asked the artists themselves if you could repost their work. Please do not post or distribute any of my pay clips! Selling videos is how I keep my website running. :( Without money to pay my bills, I would not be able to do what I do for the community. So please support my work!

What do you find the sexiest in a collage? What makes a collage sexy to you?

Interaction. What really does it for me is the subtle and natural looking interaction between myself (or any other Giantess) and the environment. Detailed footprints in a city, povs but with building’s crumbling as the foot comes down… little people trying to save their friends as my toes slowly come down on them. Things that make a collage look and feel real are what turn me on the most. Close and detailed interaction between the tiny people and their Giantess or Goddess is a must.


Section 6: More Q&A

Do you sell autographed prints &/or personal items?

Yes! Click here to browse prints & personal items that you can purchase from me.

Do you roleplay or do webcam sessions?

Click here to go to my rp/webcam info page

Can we do a private session in person? 

NO. NO. NO. I do not session in person or do meet-ups, period. If you try to get me to make an exception, bribe me, etc, then I will block/ignore you for being disrespectful.

What is the best way to contact you?

If you’d like to order a custom video or make a request then look above. If you’d like to report piracy to me then check this out. If you wish to leave me a little love then you can do so in response to a fitting blog post or in the pictures of the day section or you can review a product at the store. You can send a gift from my Amazon Wish List and include a note. I appreciate these things. HOWEVER, if you’re just a little bug desperately looking for me to give you my attention just because you “have a question” or are “saying hi” or are sending a flat out horny message for no good reason then I will most certainly ignore your existence. 🙄 My store is chock full of sexy scenarios you can enjoy while supporting my productions thus fulfilling your fantasy and making me happy at the same time. 👍 

Do you have an AMA?

Yes! Click here to read my last AMA and try to catch my next one! I do one every few years to share my new fantasies, feelings, opinions, and changes in life. I’d love for you to participate in my next one! ♥

Is there anywhere else I can read about you?

 Yes! I have an on-going Twitter meme of “confessions/facts” – click here to read it! 

Have you done interviews for mainstream shows, magazines, or websites?

Yes! As for mainstream shows, I was interviewed in Playboy Tv Episode “Giantess Worship” and I popped up in ETC Show “Attracted to GIANTS” – the latter was a surprise! As for magazines and websites, I’ve done interviews for Scarlet Magazine, broadly.vice “The Men Who Want to Have Sex with Actual Giants“, Bizarre “Giantesses“, and a few others to boot.

However, I don’t accept or go through with or respond to every interview request. I have a little bit of stage freight with publicity – I kind of prefer to stay in my little corner of the internet. (=^▽^=) Though, I absolutely lovvve when the Giantess Fetish gets mainstream publicity and it’s very exciting for the community to see! I’ve enjoyed the interviews I’ve partaken in and I think I’m finally ready to accept more written interviews when they come!

I sent you an email and I never got a response? 

There are some scenarios as to why I can’t/don’t get back to all of the emails I receive-

#1: The first thing I do every morning is take care of customer support and then I need to move on and work on my projects. There was a time in which I tried to respond to a lot of emails I received on a daily basis and it sucked up the time I otherwise would have given to make more videos/content. If you want to see more updates then you can help by keeping my inbox clear! :)

#2: I save your email for a time that I can address everything you wrote. It eventually sinks deeper into my inbox, never to be seen again. This happens with all types of emails- lengthy (4+ paragraphs), those in which I was planning to respond to later, business proposals, fan letters that hit home with me, anything from the most simple to most complex emails.

I have another question?

Be sure to check out my AMA which has a lot of general and fetish questions. If you still cannot find the Q&A you’re looking for, I’ll probably eventually do another AMA or you can consider scheduling a Skype Session with me (if they’re open) or you can ask via Twitter and I may respond.

Thanks for reading my FAQ!

Hope to have you as my shrunken man (or woman!) someday,
– Giantess Katelyn