I now add full sets at a time when they're ready instead of first releasing here at one photo per day. This section will be removed soon. My photo sets are here! Will aim to get a new set done every month or two for 2024. :)

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. awesomeme

    wow, Wow, WOW!!! This is incredible! This set of wonderful photos of your feet, clitoral hood, and mouth, were of mind blowing nature. Truly outstanding! Take it from me, I don’t give out praise lightly, trust me. And oh, may I add Katelyn, you truly are breath taking!! I wish I could grovel at your beautiful feet in desperation, as you lift your calf upwards and your left sole hovers shadows my surroundings, and as I gawk at the giantess above me, I accept my fate in glee, knowing that my last moments will be my happiest. My family would mourn, but they would come to understand that this is my dream. Hopefully, you may devour my carcass in the end, so my family does not have to see my crushed body from the struggle against your mighty weight.

  2. Savino

    Looking for some new chewing food clip inside yuor mouth with this new amazing macro camera!

  3. Jeremy Farmer

    Wonderful pictures

    Just wanted to say happy birthday. I hope you have a great day 💕

  4. Sebastien

    I want come your tiny model

  5. John Scudder

    Wowzers! Thanks for the fabulous pics, and for just being you! :)

  6. Steven

    I remember when you very first started, you were beautiful then and incredibly seem to have kept that beauty through the years. I imagine there is a painting in your attic which no one sees, Dorian style. Your photos are simply spectacular, as always. Oh, and congratulations, I wish you nothing but happiness. Hugs and deference from England :)

  7. Andrewede

    Damm have to say your juts amazing can’t wait to see more off you

  8. ALFEE


  9. Kevin shin

    Love u

  10. Kun vore

    You mouth picture make me fap instantly ….hopefully I can get swallowed alive by u I will squirm inside ur throat while sliding down if it can be true

  11. dude

    I think your daily pic is over for this set, I gotta say it was a very good one tho :D Can’t wait to see what the next one brings ^^

  12. koolmite

    Love all of Your images

  13. that guy

    grate stuff but need more 360 pic’s

  14. dude

    Another great set of pics, couple of mind blowing POV in there, thx so much =D

  15. potzorbie

    Great heels with just a hint of toe cleavage. So sexy!

  16. dude93931

    those pics are mind blowing once again, the angles you give to the viewer are perfect, perfect!!!! Truly feels like an helpless tiny against a beautiful goddess =D

  17. MarkM

    ♥♥♥ So Beautiful – So Sexy – Love You Always Katelyn ♥♥♥

  18. Mikael

    Very nice shoes. Where did you buy them?

  19. dude

    Love this new picture set so much!! Most beautiful mouth in the world for sure =D

  20. MarkM

    Love the new pictures of the day Katelyn! Blue outfit with legs and barefeets! So nice! As always thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself with us! We Love You!

  21. Giantess Ka...

    @Rawrlentless: Theta VR

  22. Rawrlentless

    Dope ass pictures. What camera are you using…I want to please my man with pics like this!!! HELP!

  23. koolmite

    Love these pictures Goddess Katelyn. You are so lovely.

  24. Tom

    Please crush me or eat me ?

  25. Koolmite

    You are always so good to us

  26. koolmite

    I so love when You are a playful gentle Giantess.

  27. Koomite

    I love the gentle stuff. Oh to be held and kissed by Katelyn would be a dream come true.

  28. MarkM

    Oh! My favorite a bare feet set! As always thank you Katelyn for your kind efforts to provide all of us fans with plenty of free sexy images for our enjoyment! Your web site is totally packed full of stuff. No other Giantesses takes such good care of her shrunken fans as you do!

    Sincerely, Mark

  29. D

    Hey I remember you got a short video with girl get taller and boys get smaller music, can you repost it ?

  30. MarkM

    New pictures of the day are awesome Katelyn! Thanks for your efforts in sharing them with all of us! Your body is incredible!

  31. MDawg

    Were there any tinies trapped in your bathing suit, and if so, what do you think was going through their minds?

  32. Mike

    It would be so hot if you used one of those cars as a footrest and propped your bare feet up on one of them, legs crossed. ^^

  33. justAnother...

    love love every tiny inch of these picture. It hurts me more and more knowing I can not really serve below your glory goddess. How I would lick up every crumb from the ground you stood to your feet obviously unworthy of touching any part of you higher because you are a goddess and I a bug.

    Many miny kisses from below your worthless slave bug

  34. Marcel

    omg <3 *-* mooore mouth pics please

  35. Joe

    Katelyn, you have such beautiful legs!!

  36. limpdik

    Such a beautiful young woman.

  37. limdik


  38. roberto

    oh, Katelyn I wish I could spend my whole life at your feet, my goddess

  39. MarkM

    I know it sounds silly to say but I’m serious. Katelyn has the sexiest bare feet of any woman!

  40. JJ

    Awesome!! Not team pretty feet though…Team Beautiful Feet!!

  41. nick

    hellos katelyn why not you try to make a clip with pretty facelicking Nova is it you licked his face and force them to look to the inside of your mouth with SEVERAL plan seen

  42. DeReith &am...

    I just wanted to send a friendly wave and say you look like you are having fun =^-^= Lovely pictures hun, Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  43. joe

    Did you get a boobie job??

  44. Shrink ray

    Katelyn, thank you. Goddess, you look so good in stockings/pantyhose, preferably tan ones. Please do a sfx video soon and wear some pantyhose, and have the shrinkee kiss your beautiful toes. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  45. Ryan

    Wow! So sexy Goddess! I’m loving all the pictures here and you in your nice sexy pink lingerie! You are really beautiful and sexy giantess Katelyn. I was looking at all the photos and I was just imagining being in front of you, watching you get taller and taller as I was shrinking before your very eyes. I wish I could be swallow whole by you goddess.

  46. Bram de Hond

    Hello Katelyn. I really would like to see what it is like to live between your toes.

  47. ChiaMonster

    Katelyn, Incredible Fantasies! I have a picture in my mind of you swallowing a steam train and it making you burp smoke…

  48. Adrian

    Oh Katelyn. Your job is awesome! Can you please crusha model train completely flat? It’s my dream!! Thanks a lot for all your amazing work!!

  49. jonny

    I would like to see more car vore plz:)

  50. Ccc

    Can you make a photo set of her crushing some ants like in “Girl Next Door Ants”? Please

  51. hordeham

    Your feet and body are heavenly!

  52. LittleP

    Oh gosh the sheer intimidation…I love how much is only placing your giant foot next to the camera without even looking like you’re going to step on it…just the sheer comparison of size is so dominant! I love it

  53. MarkM

    I’m loving this new set of P.O.T.D Katelyn! Like Bobbob mentioned your summertime outside pictures are always great! I especially Love the POV upward angle pictures that make me feel small and shrunken beneath you!

    Thank You for so much time and efforts you devote to your fans! We notice and appreciate it!!!

    With Love, Mark

  54. limpdik

    DAT ASS!

  55. Cal Silver

    Your summer pov sets for the last couple years have been my absolute favourite POTD sets – and this one definitely doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint!

  56. Kablayum

    Uhm just wondering I’m new around here and all but does anyonr know if this woman has ever given a lucky man a footjob?

  57. Jeremy

    Everything about you is sexier and more beautiful than any other woman I’ve ever seen <3 <3 <3

  58. bobonly

    MarkM: the labia is those tasty lips at the vagina’s entrance. Katelyn’s is lovely and brown in color. her clitoral hood (which is pink)is large and drapes over her labia, looking like another labia. get it? a true gift of anatomy for sure. the boston bat wanger was a stripper of yore whose labia was so huge, it was like two tortilla flaps hanging down. pass the salsa please. and Mark, get some diving lessons.

  59. MarkM

    bobonly lol I agree with you but to put it in simple terms for me to understand……… Giantess Katelyn has the nicest P* of any woman! That goes for her feet too!

    It doesn’t get any better than that!

  60. bobonly

    WOWEEWOW:<{) now that's what I call a labia. golly gee Katelyn, it looks like a brown labia coming out of a pink one. I once had a girl friend with a huge labia, but I never saw one coming out of another. way to go girl. you could be the next Boston bat wanger.i haven't got your gift yet, but it's still in the pipe. love, bob mason. still in the pipe means it's still yet to happen.

  61. paul


  62. brad

    you look beautiful kate <3 oh and u look sexy in glasses they go good with u ;)love your giantess videos hope you have a new unaware coming out soon :)

  63. microjb

    Home with Tinies looks like a hot set! You look cooler than ever in those specs … are they your own or are they props? Guessing they’re real cos real lenses distort when you look through them and props don’t. Looking forward to the rest!

  64. koolmite

    love these shots

  65. Jeremy

    great new pov, love you my beautiful giantess. You are a sexy goddess.

  66. MarkM

    When you said a balloon set I didn’t think I would like these but I should have known better I was wrong. So sexy! Whew those legs!

  67. bobonly

    for all you guys out there still in the balloon/hand fetish closet; come on out! this gorgeous little Katelyn with the most awesome hands will knock your socks down. I mean I threw out my Viagra (cause I didn’t need it anymore) and I get all the starch I need (for ironing my shirts)right here at home. get her to do you a custom and you’ll beat yourself to death.

  68. bobonly

    love you katelyn! saw the balloons on your blog.thanks,they look great. don’t worry about the popped heart. we still have 7 more which should last for the shoot. and by tomorrow you can blow them up bigger (part of the script). bye for now, bob.

  69. Tom

    Hello Katelyn,
    sorry for my bad english. I`m a 32 years old man from Germany and i´m a big fan of you.
    i wish i was a little bug and you crush or eat me.
    Greetings Tom

  70. bobonly

    hi Katelyn. picture 31 is awesome! the one with your 4 fingers (left hand)lifting panties. your thumb is on the verge of doing that inverted knuckle thing I like so much. you have such gorgeous hands. very beautiful. thanks, bobonly.

  71. Bahman

    I Love you katelyn

  72. minxiepinx

    It doesn’t matter how many other women try and do the giantess/vore fetish, you’re still the best! Absolute Goddess!

  73. bobonly

    hi Katelyn. read about your P.O. box extra charge for packages not picked up with in five days. please let me know about “our” packages (there should be two) and I’ll cover that cost. I’ll send it next week via your C4S “tribute”. my best, bob.

  74. Gim's

    Whaoww Very impressing! How much measures your hands?

  75. MarkM

    Oh my gosh almost broke my pinky trying to force it to bend like yours! Won’t even come close. Amazing hands!

  76. bob mason

    hi katelyn. you know how much I love your hands. these photos you post every twelve hours. are they from the original batch taken sept. 24th, 2008, or do take current ones to post? because i’d like to see the thumb inverted (disappearing knuckle, heavy wrinkled skin). thanks,bob.

  77. bob mason

    hi Katelyn. great hand pictures posted 9-24-08. pic’s 3&4 are my favorite. you are showing maximum flex in the fingers (mostly the index and the “THE FINGER” finger). as for me liking to see the thumbs fully flexed, here is the trick. a little lesson in body mechanics: in those two stills your palm was raised and thumb rotated away from your index finger thus minimalizing the thumb’s flexibility. more to follow in an email.

  78. koolmite

    Love hands

  79. Mikey

    Love it!!

  80. Bobbob

    Looking woderful – love all the pink here! :-)

  81. MarkM

    Cool I was hoping there would be some bare feet pics mixed in with these! Katelyn if I said it once I said it a hundred times…….You have the nicest looking bare feet of any woman!

  82. Kyle

    Please please please please PLEASE more sock videos. I would throw money at my computer. Thanks, much love. <3

  83. paul

    more your feet

  84. Jeremy

    I love how in the close ups of your face your eyes sparkle <3

  85. koolmite

    Very nice set of pictures

  86. MarkM

    Oh my these new pictures are off to a good start Katelyn! Your face is so nice looking in the second image! You are such a good looking Giantess I can’t even believe it!

  87. Bailey

    You should do more sock videos and photos

  88. paul

    giant feet stomp on camera

  89. Mikka

    Love the giant cat picture, it would be awesome to see more like it. One fantasy of mine is tiny (1-2cm tall) people casually being fed to a cat by a giantess; not because she’s evil, to her it seems perfectly normal. The tiny people disagree.

  90. paul

    stomp on camera lens

  91. DeReith

    I love your cats ^_^ – Happy Holidays Katelyn x

  92. limpdik

    you are so adorable!

  93. Oktober

    Yellow socks, I remember those! XD

  94. Jake

    I hope you can eat me!

  95. bobbob

    Oh Katelyn. One of you in a fantasy is worth any two other girls.

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