The Longevity of an Adult Business

The Longevity of an Adult Business

This is written for fellow adult stars who have their own clip stores and also as information for my fans who are curious about what the long term future will bring. This gets a little deep, and it’s long, but let’s jump right in. Last summer one of my personal life friends asked me “what are you going to do when you get older?”. That question is what inspired me to write this blog post since I could easily imagine that maybe you’ve wondered the same thing about me, and perhaps fellow sex workers have wondered the same thing about themselves. So, let me enlighten you with my plans and thoughts on the matter! 

Numero uno – The most important thing to me is quality because each video is a long term investment. Videos that I made many years ago still sell a little here and there to this day which gives me a timeless outlook on my productions. When a video I produce today sells again in 5, 10, 15 years, that video will be of good comparable quality to my newest releases, thus rendering videos going many years back still worth checking out for sure. My entire catalog is worth purchasing from. Not just my newest productions. This principle has worked out very well for me. When I started my business I mostly lived off only having few bucks a week to invest into my business, a table lamp, a cassette video recorder, and this is where having a quality standard over the many years has brought me. Not to mention my work ethic. I devote a solid 40-50 hrs per week to my business which is now actually less than how much I used to work. Getting off work most nights and weekends is good for my health.

Next important to me is aiming for consistency. I’m currently planning for the long term future of my business and thinking about how to approach eventual retirement in 30+ years without shutting down my site or letting my store become dead without new releases. I’ve come up with a strategy to execute this far in advance. What is it? It’s to release fewer videos than what I have in order to bank up many years of content that will accumulate from my current shoots moving forward. Pumping out content just because I have it is a waste from what I’ve noticed via my sales statistics.

In other words I’ll have a video bank full of new content.

Put another way, you could go spend your whole check just because your bills are paid or you could set a small portion of it aside in a savings/emergency/retirement fund. Many many years later, the small amount you keep setting aside will just keep growing, and growing, and growing. Someday if/when you need that money, you will thank yourself very much! If not you can open a CD or throw it into high interest savings and make money off money you’ve saved. (That’s what I currently do and it rocks making $ for essentially doing nothing. Just reaping the rewards of my previous responsibility and future planning.)

Just saying, if you’re an independent fetishist with your own clip store business like me then this is one approach to retirement that might be worth considering for yourself. I understand that it’ll differ a bit between stores, fetish categories, personal goals and preferences, and so on. BTW you could also rely on your video bank in case of an emergency like injury, or say you get pregnant and just want to do computer work for several months surrounding the delivery, the list goes on. How much you’d like to have in your video bank before releasing extra content per month is up to you. I don’t have a recommendation for that, it’s a personal decision. Some might be fine with zero stashed content, just going one video at a time. Others may want at least a month of “emergency” content they don’t use unless a real emergency happens or x amount of time passes before it’s used and replaced. Others may want many years of “retirement” content stashed up like me.

Another BIG thing about what you can do “when you get older”, to fellow female sex workers who film themselves, edit their content, and manage their content online – – *ahem* you’re a video producer! What makes you different from a male producer is you can be your own model. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t rely on spending the $100/hr to hire a model for your clip store right now. But also, there is nothing stopping you from hiring models and running your business from behind the camera anytime now or later like male producers do. It doesn’t just all end when you turn a certain age. Lol! You’ll have all of that experience under your belt! 

Sure, you’ll need to figure some things out if you haven’t ever hired other models before. You’ll need to find them and get a model release and 2257 together, register your business / DBA if you haven’t already, get an ein if you desire, send out 1099s in the new year for those who you’ve paid $600+, etc. But that’s nothing. Once it’s done it’s done. You will have a sure-fire way to continue running your adult business at an older age if it’s what you want and you put in the effort. You can add the clips to your own clip store to mix in “girlfriends” with your own content or create an entirely new clip store just featuring your models. Your call.

I did my first model shoot many moons ago just for the fun of it because I wanted to film girls doing hot stuff on camera for my fans. Also to get my feet wet with being behind the camera to see what it’d be like… and I loved it. Just know that even if it’s just been you starring in your productions, any day forward you could always switch to running your business from behind the camera if you so desired. Believe me, your fans will appreciate seeing your continued personal production style with sexy new girls! If you start doing this now it may benefit you by catering to a bigger variety of personal tastes.

Since my model shoots do comparable sales wise to videos starring myself, I know I can switch to being behind the camera anytime I want to. I may make a little less from increased expenses, but it’s a way for me to continue doing what I love. Producing videos. (I’m not planning on retiring to behind the camera anytime soon) So lemme tell ya, even though I won’t look like I do today in 20 or 30 years, I will be running my business long term with all of this said. And that is awesome!

So yeah, I don’t plan on leaving you anytime. We’ll be here together until the end. Someday I hope to still be writing to you when I’m old and mostly retired and haven’t starred in a fetish video for years and never will again. Plus I don’t ever want to fully retire because I really enjoy working, and being here with you gives me a lot of fulfilment in life. ♥ We’re growing older together and I think that’s pretty damn kinda cool. I like to believe we have a deeper connection than just my physical appearance and we’ll always be able to relate and connect on the web. And someday when I look too much like a hot milf and you’re just not into that at all and you still want to look at much younger girls when you’re older, no worries, like I said, I have no problem hiring a younger hottie to act out some Giantess smut for my site so I can continue producing for your variety of personal tastes and running my business.

But please, take good care of yourself in the meantime. I don’t want your final scenario with me to be a “put me out of my misery” ideal. LOL. Although, I will shrink you down and do so if it comes down to it. I’ve done it before with older fans. My fans vary in age from 18yr old who just discovered his fetish to grandpa who’s been around since before this day in age where we can just browse our phones or computers for some porn to enjoy. I’ve been in contact with so many of you since starting up in ‘06 and have heard so much. Sorry not sorry if that was weird for y’all to read. It’s the truth lol. Let’s face it together. And someday you might be the grandpa coming to my site for your fix if you can still get it up. Lol, I couldn’t resist. Just remember that. :D

(Side note: it’s pretty damn sweet I live in LA where so many beauty treatments are available.)

Anyway, I haven’t hired a model in a while because I’ve been enjoying being in front of the camera so much for the past few years. I’m aging VERY very VERY well and am just in love with everything I’m doing.  When I film myself, I get the best of both worlds. I’m framing every shot as I had imagined and am in front of the camera acting, working in my own world, going ahead on my own clock, beholding full creative control over every single moment of my own production. It’s a wonderful world to live in because of how much I enjoy it. 

I must say tho, being in any kind of entertainment business really does put one under the spotlight. It’s made me hone in on my appearance from very early on. I was just turning 21 when I started this site and I began using anti-aging products in my early 20s. Since then I’ve endlessly researched how to take care of my body from the inside and out. I eat healthy, exercise, have learned how to apply makeup like a pro, had orthodontic treatment (which also corrected the lisp I had due to the open bite), I continue to invest in anti-aging products and beauty treatments, and I also practice good lighting and color grading to further enhance my appearance in videos. All of this makes a big difference as you can imagine and has helped me face the inevitable aging process as best as I can.  Over the last few years fans have told me I just keep looking better and better which is great!

So, as long as I’m alive, this site will remain here, and if you were to see it go down because of an unfortunate RL scenario, my Clips4Sale store would still be there since it exists on a third party platform. I would not like it to be discontinued if something were to happen to me, I’ve been taking steps to make sure that money it’d make would then be accessible to my beneficiary. That which is something I’d like to bring to other producer’s attention as well – if something happens to you, what happens to the income your clips will continue to make? Some banks will let you put a beneficiary or you can just add/open a shared account with a trusted loved one just incase. 

I don’t mean to be getting dark here, I’m just bringing this to fellow producer’s attention for future planning, especially for those who have been around for a while like I have and haven’t ever thought this deeply about it. Also, I really need to mention how important to work on queueing new updates a year or more ahead on C4S, even if it’s just different versions of your videos, that way your site is still active for a while if you’re suddenly not active BTS anymore. Not only that, but it might also be nice for fans to see a mix of the phases you’ve went through, everything from different hair colors to different ages etc. 

These are just my thoughts about the future of running an adult business, coming from a long term thinker that’s been in the industry for over a decade and happily going. Who knows what the future will bring all of us tho. Maybe I’m way off. When I want to “mostly retire” maybe I’ll be writing Giantess holonovels instead… wouldn’t that be something!!! ?

To wrap this up… while my friend’s question was what initially inspired the idea of writing this blog post, it goes even deeper yet. Another inspiration for writing this for everyone is the fact that, for those of you who don’t know, my mother was an exotic dancer and musician my entire life until she retired from dancing. I saw how hard it was as we lived gig to gig and how debt racked up here and there if we needed something since she was a single mother trying to make ends meet and didn’t even ask for child support until a little later in my life. When she retired from dancing she had nothing saved from it and had to find the best paying alternative job between music gigs. Ever since I was old enough to start working, savings has been super important to me from seeing what my mom went through supporting me as a single mother and dancer whose eventual older age stopped her from continuing to work that job. 

Now there are so many adult-industry workers in this digital age which barely even existed 20 years ago, and we are very lucky to be able to continue our adult businesses on the internet in one way or another later in life. 

It’s important to think about you future, savings, and retirement, and I really wanted to spread the awareness in this particular industry before any more years pass by. Even if this blog post only helps one sex worker think about her long term future in the industry and what she wants to do when she’s older then it was more than worth me taking the time to write this. It’s something that means a lot to me. 

Please, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts for me. I’d love to hear from other fetish video producers. If you thought this was helpful or if you’d like to share your own retirement strategy with me, go ahead and leave a comment. I really love reading other perspectives. Fans, I’d love to hear from you too, of course. Just let me know what you think. ♥ 


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  1. Chuck Murnoe

    Talk about thinking ahead! But yeah, if you can afford all this future planning, why not take advantage of it? Life is unpredictable, so it’s best to have as much covered as possible. And from your post, it’s clear you’ve been working not only on your business, but also your future. Like I said, as long as you can do it, well, do it!

    It’s always good that, whenever you can, save something for yourself. Though I understand that we all need a minimum to live with besides what we can save. But good to know you’ve been thinking of all that and making it possible to keep yourself for as long as you need.

    Also, anyone looking at your videos and pictures clearly sees how much you enjoy every aspect of this business. So when you are no longer in front of a camera, we’ll know this is still your work, because you’re also leaving a mark as a producer, your style all over the place even if someone else is starring in those videos.

    And cheers for a long life of hard work, good videos and nice chatting!

  2. MarkM

    Very well thought out Katelyn!

    I thought making and storing up videos for later is an especially good idea. Who would of thought.

    You’re my one and only Giantess and be forever young in my eyes.


  3. Bax

    What you said about being able to go back to your day 1 content and it still holds up is so true. Very hard to believe some of those videos are a decade old! You set the bar for high quality videos right out of the gate and still hit that mark all the time

  4. Hordeham

    Have you considered doing any custom video’s? or taking requests for them? that way you can say straight up no and possibly also make content that a large swath of your fans like me may like? i would drop 300$ easily on a video of you just stepping on ants barefoot on your back patio.

  5. Giantess Ka...

  6. Jay

    Just don’t get carried away with beauty treatments. I’ve seen more than a few start looking kinda spooky after the wrong kind of treatments. I’m something of a vore purist, I enjoy seeing the female predator hunting, as it were. Since you don’t really go above insects, much of your material doesn’t really grab me. Though I think it would be fun playing Jerry to your Tom. ? I’d enjoy it if you had prey you could feel struggle inside you, but you don’t seem to enjoy that kinda thing. I do think you’ll make a fine cougar giantess one day. ?

  7. Michael

    Thank you for your honest words and sharing your thoughts.

    Giantess Holonovels would be absolutly great:) perhaps there will be something like this in the future…

    I will enjoy the next years with you Katelyn.

    Thank you for your great work, my goddess!

    Love M

  8. naughty nurrse

    would you ever collab with a fan? I am In LA too :)

  9. mtsjin08

    Love the page

  10. Pablo

    I’ve been thinking about this from time to time as well. When I first discovered my sexuality and my fetishes shortly thereafter as a teenager (like 10-11 years ago) there wasn’t nearly as much content as there is now. I probably first stumbled onto KB on Youtube, go figure, then Deviant Art. I’ve essentially grown up with some of the content creators I discovered back then and porn for me wouldn’t be the same without Katelyn. The videos here have always seemed to be made with sincere passion and that’s why I’m here writing so many years afterwards. I’d say, however, that the content has gotten better and some of the most epic and enjoyable videos are fairly recent – and not cause the previous ones were bat at all.

    So far I’ve loved the ride and honestly I’m hopeful that it keeps going for long. Kate, I don’t think you’ll stop being sexy for a long, long time and since you’ve produced some of the most immersive and imaginative videos I’ve seen when age gets to us I don’t think it’ll stop this from going on. Thank you for everything.

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