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Deactivated Video Bundle - Foot Lover's Package

Get 30:57 of video play time for only $15.99! If these are new to you then get ready for a flash from the past! These were previously uploaded to the free video section at the site and deactivated in January 2024 since production dates on these range from as far back as 2008! This bundle includes a pov crush clip in high heels, crush tease in socks fishnets and bare feet, cherry tomato crush under bare soles, nyloned feet, stuck to feet (confetti), and a mini evil giantess clip featuring Raquel tormenting shrunken slaves with fire and pins from a longer video. There's a total of 11 videos as follows:

Crushed Dry
Duration: 02:28
Resolution: 1280x720

The sound of high heels approaches as your new owner (muah) approaches. I crush you like a bug beneath my high heel shoes to make an example out of you. That'll teach the others what might happen to them if they disobey me like you did for thinking you can leave your cage whenever you want. Upset giantess, dialogue heavy, upskirt pussy flashes. 2012

Katelyn's Itchy Feet
Duration: 02:06
Resolution: 1280x720

My foot is so itchy! Maybe it's the nylons, but I'm not done with my day yet, so just gotta get this itch out another way than taking them off. Rubbing my itchy nyloned foot against my flats feels pretty good, but maybe not quite as good as it feels to rub my nyloned foot against the carpet. Ahhhh yeah! 2011

Mixed PoV
Duration: 02:27
Resolution: 640x480

Dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl, I lower my feet down on top of you again and again as I strip down to nothing but my bra and panties! Features under socks, under fishnets, under bare soles, and an under ass view. 2008

Raquel's Artwork of Tortured Shrunken Slaves Compilation
Duration: 02:30
Resolution: 1920x1080

A compilation of cool scenes from the full length video. Starring Raquel Roper.

Tomato Crush
Duration: 05:21
Resolution: 864x480

Watch me get my feet all messy by crushing some cherry tomatoes under my bare soles on the kitchen countertop! French pedicure tips! 2009

Valentine's Confetti Feet
Duration: 06:24
Resolution: 854x480

Admire how a bunch of confetti is stuck to my sexy bare soles in this close up clip on just my feet! How you wish you could join them! No dialogue. 2010

Plus 5 surprise videos, three of which include FX! What are they? Get the package to find out!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:57 minutes
x zip
fx, foot fetish, nylons, flats, itchy feet, crush, tomato, food, pov, fishnets, socks, stuck to feet, upskirt, high heels, giantess, fire, pins, soles, bare feet, in shoe, shrunken man

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