Standing against Piracy

Standing against Piracy

Since the start of my business in ’06 I only checked for piracy a few times a year, thinking that a little bit of piracy was ok since it was one way that new fans could discover me. Unfortunately nowadays piracy has turned into a problem that needs to be regularly dealt with if I want to stay in business because of how much it started to impact sales. Now I have to actively hunt down pirates and ban them from making future purchases at my site. (I also report the proof I have on them to any other websites that I sell through to get them banned there too.) In this blog post I will be going into further detail on the topic of piracy, how fans can report it to me, and I will be sharing a customizable DMCA and more for the convenience of fellow content creators.

How you can help combat piracy

– If you see/find something then please inform me at [email protected] or via DM at X. 

– If you enjoyed a video somewhere without buying it then please consider checking out more of my works at my store – even a small purchase helps and is greatly appreciated. I want to continue making hot videos for you to enjoy, and it’s through the support many fans that I can do so.

– It’s rare, but if you happen to find one of my clips on YouTube then select the three dots below the video and report it as sexual content. This will flag it for their review team and might get it taken down since they do not want adult content of any kind on their platform.

– If you have uploaded any of my pay content anywhere then please take it down as soon as you can. If I find it during my searches or if someone reports it to me then I will submit a DMCA to get it taken down. That could result in a strike against your account elsewhere, a ban from my website, and reporting proof or your piracy to third party websites to help combat piracy. I do not take piracy lightly anymore. I do not want to do business with anyone who purchases a clip and uploads it somewhere else.

Content takedown tips for producer’s + customizable DMCA

Lots of pirates bios state something like no video = no add. In other words, the pirate won’t allow view access to their uploads unless the other user has uploaded pirated content to their profile as well. This effectively promotes piracy conduct which is something we obviously don’t want, especially with new videos. So, what should we do about this?

If you see content of yours then it’s important to submit a DMCA to get it taken down immediately. If you want to gain views/attraction/etc from uploaded pirated content then create an account where you see it in order to have the control in your own hands with works that you want to promote yourself with. This will achieve the same goal promotion on tubesites and such, but to your benefit and not to a pirate’s. Take pleasure in knowing that each DMCA you submit is usually one strike against a pirate’s account… or it may be the final strike needed for their account to be banned which forces them to start all over again with the process of uploading videos and friending other pirates to share content.

Other suggestions? Yes, I have more – if you find a video of yours then click on the name of the user who uploaded the video. This will bring you to their profile where you can see a screenshot to each of their other uploads (even private ones) without being friends with them. Sometimes they also have favorites, playlists, previously viewed videos, friends, etc that helps in finding more takedowns to include in your DMCA. You can typically include as many links as you want in your DMCA to a single site. It’s also helpful to bookmark any and all offenders so you can check back again later for anything new since it usually takes a few strikes against their account until they’re banned, so they may upload more.


Below is a standard DMCA and additional info for how to customize it. Note that on average it takes 1 to 3 days for sites to remove infringing content. Look in the footer links of the site to find the email address to submit it to. Here it is:

Subject: ** DMCA NOTICE **

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I, Enter your DBA name here, am the copyright owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

I have a *good faith belief* that the use of the content in question below is unauthorized by law for use by “(ENTER THE DOMAIN NAME HERE – LIKE “PornHub” FOR EXAMPLE)” or their agents and therefore infringes the copyright owner’s rights. I hereby demand that you act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the material or items claimed to be infringing below. Legal action will be taken if this infringed material is not removed. 

Links to infringed material: 

(List the link(s) to the pirated content)

This material can ONLY be purchased from: 

(Enter your store URL here)


Please remove this infringing material immediately. Thank you.

(Your DBA name here – do not use your real name, ph lists the name of who sent the dmca in replace of the video)

(Your business address here – Use a small business post office in some other nearby city than your own to obtain a business address that looks like a street address. Then you can use this address anywhere you want – domain registrar info, amazon wish list, use for fans to send you stuff, etc. Avoid going with USPS as they will only give you a PO Box address which you can’t use for some stuff and they’ll charge you to receive packages from other shipping companies.)

(Your business phone number here – You can get a free number through google voice and then enjoy making a silly business voicemail for a number you never use)

(Your business email address)


In the case that you find the content that is somewhere else than a tubesite or such then submit the DMCA to the hosting site of the pirated content. 

If you choose to share my videos… 

This may be useless for me to describe to a pirate, but imagine putting your time, creativity, imagination, sexuality, and money into making a video for your store that supports your business. Then, some customer uploads its it somewhere else after purchase, even though you need to profit from it in order to make it possible to produce more and do what you love. Consider the costs that go into every video – the monthly subscription to editing software, monthly manicure & pedicure, props & set supplies, wardrobe, lights & video equipment, studio expenses, the high cost of running a website on  a dedicated server (which is the cost of a car payment every month), programmer fees, banking fees, and so on. IT IS EXPENSIVE and I’m not done yet. If it’s a model production then I’ve also paid her $100+/hr rate to make that video, and models only come for a minimum of half day (4 hours / $400+) shoots.

As you can see, running my business is costly. I need to profit from my productions to break even with running expenses and have income left over to pay my bills, buy groceries, save for retirement, and treat myself once in a while just like everyone else.

So to be absolutely clear please do not share any of my content whatsoever anywhere else. If you’re on those sites then again, I highly appreciate when fans report piracy to me, so let me know if you see something. Thanks to loyal fans and fellow producers who report such, it really helps get it down fast. 


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  1. Snacksizeollie

    Thanks for the post Katelyn it was really useful! it’s never previously been clear to me how I report vids on PH. I’ll be on the look out.

  2. Gregory A V...

    i’m always on the look out
    no one should ever disrespect the Great one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Akasha

    I will make it a part of my routine to search for my own material monthly, and if I see any of yours anywhere I will email or tweet you xx

  4. Unreasonabl...

    I have custom ordered 3-4 videos from you in the past, and I have to say I cannot imagine how you feel seeing your work being reproduced/shared illegally.

    As someone who writes on occasion in other fields, I have to say that it pains me to a certain extent as well – because I have carefully and meticulously revealed my innermost thoughts and desires to someone one I can trust in order for this process to work. Your professionalism and pride show in every aspect of said work. You have gone above and beyond my expectations every time I have made a request – and it is worth every penny in my personal opinion! I feel if I can go through the expense of making my dreams into reality, the least people can do is respect the artist for the work they do and compensate them appropriately. The cost of a video or clip is a fraction of the cost of production – people should be mindful of that.

    Seeing one’s personal and very specific fantasies being pirated substantially impacts not only on the content creator financially, but on the person who spent a considerable time bearing a very private part of themselves emotionally. I wish I could adequately describe the extent that it impacts me – perhaps I will do so when time permits at a later date. But it evokes very mixed and complex feelings.

    I will not hesitate to inform you if I ever see your work pirated. If I hadn’t said it before – thank you so much for all your hard work! It is greatly appreciated.

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