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2022 Vore Video Compilation

Have you ever wished you could see every one of my Vore videos? Grabbing up my yearly compilations is a great way to dip into that desire a bit. This one features incredibly generous segments surrounding just the Vore from all of the non-vr Vore videos I shot in 2022 as follows:

- Vore Amour
- Popular Senior Swallows Tiny for Insta Likes
- Another Undocumented Roommate Swallowed Whole
- The Vore Girlfriend of Your Wildest Fantasies
- A Witch's Tricks
- Cucked and Swallowed
- Cannibal Katelyn
- Conditioned for Consumption
- Voracious Predator
- Mother Takes Care of It
- Swallowed on the Day of Arrival
- First Time Traveling the Whole Way Through Katelyn's Body
- Vore Fetishist gets off on Swallowing Roommate and Friends

My compilations differ greatly from any "previews" made for any included videos. Previews are tailored to give a feel for the whole scenario with fast glimpses throughout the clip. Vore compilations showcase the entirety of the getting-swallowed part(s) of all clips included in an incredibly generous fashion! A little of the before and/or after of the hotness surrounding the vore is included in order for all segments to make sense, flow smoothly, and show enough action for your pleasure. Links above are included for your convenience incase you want more from where a particular segment came from! ;) Enjoy!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
54:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, compilation, close up, pov, shrunken man, mouth, licking, tongue, uvula, big lips, swallowed whole, sandwich, eating, pussy, belly, boobs, giantess katelyn brooks

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