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Voracious Predator

It was all too easy for Katelyn to convince you to follow her home after witnessing what you had previously thought was purely a sexual fantasy unobtainable in real life. You froze in infatuation while watching her - how big her mouth opened like a snake to fill her stomach with a nice young full size woman. You could barely believe your eyes, but there she was. A Goddess like that does exist on this planet and right in front of you. So you simply couldn't resist following her home.

(Video starts) Katelyn tells you to try to break free and then try harder. She knows you want to be there at the moment, that when you saw her swallow that young woman you kind of wanted it to be you, didn't you? Her belly is so big and round that she looks pregnant when she's in public. Little would anyone know what's actually inside of her and now she's already salivating over the thought of swallowing you next. Katelyn belches due to gas created when the woman within her gains an ounce of energy back between her struggles to try to find a way out. Katelyn tells her it's futile, though, that no one has ever escaped and to just submit to being food!

One of the many mentioned advantages of swallowing people whole is how long they sate her appetite for in comparison to shrunken people. Also the feeling of having them struggling within which she mocks the woman for while digesting her alive! When Katelyn gets close enough you can hear Katelyn's digestion hard at work on the woman. A preview to what it's going to sound like when you're the one inside of her stomach next week. With surveillance all around you (implied) there is no escaping your fate when Katelyn's not around.

Katelyn is still stuffed two days later. You can hear how hard her stomach is working hard to absorb its previous meal because that woman is now truly food inside of her big bloated belly which is still packed to the max. Usually around this time she'd be out hunting for a good victim to be her next prey. When someone makes her salivate she thinks about how suitable of a meal they would be. She is a voracious predator -- just listen to her body digesting the woman you witnessed getting gulped down! That's what you're going to sound like getting broken apart, melted down and digested! With that said, Katelyn heads out to the beach. She'll be watching you over the surveillance and there truly is no escape with the security that she has set up to prevent anyone from escaping.

Two days later Katelyn talks about how you've kinda changed the game for her. She's loved having you tied up in the other room waiting to slide down her wet throat. Thinking about eating you makes her salivate so much that it makes her want to get a taste of you. She extends her tongue, flicks it, licks her lips, opens her mouth -- pretty soon your entire body will going down that dark whole and then she will have a nice big bloated belly with you inside! The saliva builds up some more from teasing you about it and she can't resist getting a little taste. She licks your face several times and really likes how you taste! She does it again, subtly moaning and fantasizing aloud about what's to come. Soon enough you will be serving her divine body which looks so damn good to you!

Another two days later and it's been an entire week already. Katelyn's belly is now back to it's usual size except for a few pounds that she's gained since eating full size people whole. It's totally worth it though and she's very much been looking forward to her next meal. Now that the day to get eaten has arrived, you beg her not to eat you and even offer up some people that you don't like. That doesn't help, though. She likes to choose her prey and pick her next meal and she chooses YOU! In fact she's been thinking about how good you tasted the other day and has been so excited for this. You have been too and she's not going to let you not enjoy one of your biggest fantasies. She goes over several reasons why you will enjoy it and she is right! She then prepares you to go down by licking your face with more and more excitement to swallow you. Her jaw widens and you slowly go into her mouth, past her lips, back her tongue and down her throat into darkness. You hear a series of gulps and a loud belch which finalizes your arrival within.

Features: full size vore, lots of digestion sounds added in during first three scenes, viewer is implied to be tied to chair watching big round bloated belly getting smaller as digestion of a previously swallowed full size woman progresses over the course of a week (biggest belly is seen in first two scenes with clothing over it, natural and bare bloated belly for the rest), viewer is next to be eaten and desires it - begs not to get eaten (implied) when the day comes but is then helpless to it, full body view and close-ups of belly, dialogue focused on vore and digestion of woman within and process of her getting liquified and absorbed), face licking pov, deep mouth cam the whole way back to throat to end. Also includes sounds of swallowing, gulping, and some burping. Name used for viewer is Ben.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
28:58 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
stomach sounds, bloated belly, full size vore, vore fetish, tied up, pov, inside mouth, tongue fetish, huge belly, stomach, digestion dialogue, swallowing, burping, gulping, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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