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Another Undocumented Roommate Swallowed Whole

Lately Katelyn's been on a kick of keeping undocumented roommates (man slaves) because of how easy it is to use them to fill her voracious appetite for men. Today is THE DAY she is going to swallow her current roommate and here's how it happens! It starts with her casually closing the fridge, walking over to him, and disrobing down to her bra and panties using her need to go grocery shopping and being "hungry" as a segue to seductively ask if he'd like to help "fill her up".

This is the day he's dreamed would come true! He quickly takes his clothes off and whips out his hard dick in response to her pickup lines. Those of which have a double meaning - welcoming foreplay to him, voreplay to her. She kisses and licks down to his dick along with some more teasing of her body, throat, and belly. She builds him up to wanting her to "give him another taste", to "slide down her throat into her stomach" -- he's going along with it and is about to blow!

Cumming makes him shrink without warning. Now he finds out that he will be her breakfast. She was just getting started! She savors him some more, gently nibbling and licking his newly shrunken body. He looks down and his cock is hard again from feeling her mouth all over him despite what's to come. She's horny too, but the hunger for her meal dominates! She makes him watch himself getting eaten alive by swallowing him feet first.

*GULP* down he goes, into her stomach! Her plan now? To go grocery shopping with a nice full stomach and find the next one to replace him! She teases that he can try to yell out and warn him but it won't help because no one will be able to hear him. And not to worry, in the next day or so he won't be around anymore anyway after getting digested by her body.

Features: unaware you're about to shrink and get swallowed whole, pov dildo blowjob with a little cum, cumming makes you shrink, pretty cool shot looking down your newly shrunken body as I gently lick and nibble you all over getting ready to swallow you whole, feet first vore, belly shot to end talking about going out with a full belly to look for the next.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:26 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, seduced, horny, blowjob, foreplay, voreplay, cum, shrunken man, doll sized, licking, sucking, swallowed whole, roommate, masturbation, pussy, black panties, black bra, belly, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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