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Cannibal Katelyn

This story takes place in a society unlike ours. One in which if you do poorly then you are sent a letter to enjoy your final month alive before you are turned into meat or eaten alive by a Giantess or a Giant. Unfortunately you received a letter after not doing well in school. So you go to your local Giantess and beg for help, but no one has ever gotten a second chance. She's clearly careless about your situation. Snacking on cheese as you are interrupting the late lunch she was about to make. You beg to to talk about it despite the fact that your parents, who you haven't seen in a while, warned you to stay away from her.

She welcomes you in and eyes up how handsome you are. Mentions how young meat is the tastiest and how what you should be doing is trying to find a Giantess from your school that'll eat you. That girls like to eat their meat with cheese because it pairs well together. Reminds you that in one way or another you are going to get eaten or processed at the slaughterhouse just like your family. You didn't know, and now you want to know more about what happened to them, so you follow her to her table where she starts to make a sandwich while describing what happened to each one of them.

Your mother was butchered on the block. Not by her, she didn't have the heart to do that in front of your father. He was processed very slowly in the grinder and made into exquisite meat. She pressed the start button herself. As for your sister- she came to Katelyn just like you. Your parents made up that story what happened to her because they didn't want you to know that your sister was made into a roast. Katelyn and her friends enjoyed eating it. After hearing all of that you're about to cry. She reminds you of your options and you quickly decide that you want to get eaten by Katelyn right now instead of getting processed into meat or getting eaten by anyone else later. She's very happy to hear that and tells you to undress.

She brings you a drink that immobilizes you and intensifies pleasure which you greatly enjoy during a handjob with lots of sexy dripping drool used as lube and a few sucks with Katelyn's nice big lips. You cum so fast especially after seeing her slip her skirt off and expose her big boobs for you. Now you don't have to worry about getting past first base anymore and being a virgin will make for even tastier meat for her to enjoy! She shrinks you down and places you on some cheese in her sandwich. More cheese, lettuce, and tomato get placed on top of you and then the final slice of bread with extra mayo.

Katelyn is clearly very happy and excited to be having young raw virgin meat. She rubs the sandwich in between her big boobs and makes you guess where it is! You're getting smooshed in between her tits while you're buried inside of her delicious lunch. She moans and gyrates her hips in excitement while taking the first bite of the sandwich from between her boobs! Seconds later the first bite of you travels down inside of her with a loud gulp! Her stomach is so happy to receive that first bite of you and there is so much more left! She takes another mouthful of her delicious sandwich really enjoying you inside of it... all of the skin, meat, bones, juices make her moan in an orgasmic level!

You hear her licking, biting, chewing up another bite while telling you how good you taste. Especially with all of the cheese in her sandwich! She lifts the top off to get another look at how handsome you are telling you how glad she is to have you in her sandwich. You're happy that you got another look at her big boobs despite being inside of her sandwich getting eaten alive bite by bite from feet up. Next bite is one of the best of all for her. Your dick! Her long tongue penetrates the sandwich licking around your body, her big teeth slice off the edge of the cheese and then through your body letting out a loud POP from biting through your bones. Viewing from inside of the sandwich you see it in her mouth and how it all went down her throat where the rest of you will be going next.

Even though your dick is now gone, you will still be able to enjoy her eating the rest of you through your mental and emotional state. Plus she's groomed you for it at this point by mixing in explicit views of her big boobs, moans, excitement, pleasure. At times, you can even hear her body digesting yours.

Features: lots of shots filmed across multiple days over time for real time lapse and various outfits seen (office, gym/athletic, blue pjs, pink dress), booming footsteps (wear headphones with good bass to hear them) during pov on floor, high heel crush of bf's office assistant with crush sound effect, giantess voice sound effect during shrunken pov, all first person pov or third person view with NO PROPS/FIGURES USED, neon yellow toenails and bright pink toenails later, shrunk down (blue light effect added) and placed into smelly socks worn overnight, shrunk down even smaller the next morning, closeup pov of ass looming above, kept inside of blue panties and worn for 9 days, shrunken even smaller again after not giving information, placed into armpit via band-aid and not removed for a month and a half, placed into pussy after full body crush/vore/giantess tease.

Note: Connect to a fast wi-fi to download - this is a 2.17 GB file!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
58:30 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
eating cheese, all pov, handjob, drool, virgin, view from inside sandwich, big bare boobs, boob play, big lips, bare belly, chewing, eating, digestion sounds, lip licking, tits out, giantess voice effect, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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