Serving a High School Hottie – Released!

Serving a High School Hottie – Released!

Nearly 5 months, 58 pages, 51 super high-res collages, 15,225+ words, 1 hour 35 minutes of audio and 1 hand coded interactive story viewer later and I can officially call this project complete! For all those interested in my first nude work ever (And my only nude work for a good while anyway!) “Serving a High School Hottie” is now available in my store and fully detailed on my productions page!

If you’ve ever wanted to be forced to climb and fuck the supple, mature breasts of a High School Senior before she swallows you alive during her own powerful orgasm, you’ll really enjoy this personal High School fantasy of mine! Focusing on Vore and Boobs with some hot Pussy and Ass, this detailed collage story shows you what life would have been like if that hot High School Senior girl had shrunk you down and taken you home with her to be her personal sex slave! :twisted:

Contains: Incredible Vore Shots, Upper Nudity, Sexy Pussy Shots, Digestion and Swallowing inside shots, Dildo Climbing, Lip and Tongue Climbing, Panty Drawer Exploring, Boob Climbing, Nipple Fucking, and even a short text on an ass crush.

If you love Giantess Stories and high quality Giantess Collages, this is the set for you!

Read Full Details Here!

Serving a High School NAKED GIANTESS!

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Expect a blog about my next project and my reactions to working on this project next week. :eek:

As always I love hearing your feedback, although I know it’ll take some time to get through all 58 pages! :p Enjoy my latest fantasy little ones!! (not to mention my bare titties!) <3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg Viera

    omg i so will enjoy this. its like an early holiday gift <3
    that pic is so sexy. it gets a perfect 100000. ur hair still looks amazing <3 i love it
    and nice job. 58 pages isnt so bad <3 nice set of lingerie is mouth watering sexy

  2. voretech

    just bought the story, and it is awesome. thank you so much katelyn, i hope you make more picture/story sets like this one.

  3. FreedomFighter

    I think I’m dead….someone resuscitate me

  4. Clover

    Is the download freezing for anyone else? I need your assistance again ;-(

  5. Bobbob

    Oh my god, Katelyn (Katie ;-) ) This looks so much beyond spectacular!

    This is one I must own! Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon!

    A very masterfull fantasy, I love your description too! I think I might be having good dreams tonight! :sleep:

  6. Greg Viera

    all who agree that Giantess Katelyn is the Greatest Giantess ever say “I” <3

  7. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks, I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to view your story or listen to audio. I can see your great photos just fine I think. But I don’t see any story, audio.
    However, I do see a lot of small boxes with red X’s inside (?) I really hope you can help.
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  8. Kisuke Urahara

    “I”! Giantess Katelyn is THE GREATEST GIANTESS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  9. Corsair

    “I” :love:

  10. Jaedon

    Wow. I loved it so much. At first I thought I might skip buying it as I didn’t think a picture story could compare to a video but I was eventually tempted enough by the thought of seeing you nude alone and that was almost worth the purchase. I’m glad however to see your high dedication to detail and every pic you did went perfectly with your story that you narrated really well. If anything, my biggest problem that the length of it was so hard to handle when I felt like exploding within the first ten minutes! Oh and you added a small scat bit in the end (nothing too much for people looking to buy who don’t like that part of vore), that just made the whole fantasy complete for me. Great work Goddess

  11. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Thanks a lot for helping me with the Serving a High School Hottie links! I think it’s working.
    Your story is really great, very imaginative, well-written, engrossing & sexy! And I especially liked when you described your soft hands & fingers, gorgeous breasts & body, & your hot sweltering breath! :-)
    And your voice is so lovely, charming & sexy, & you really got into your characters. Great acting, & I so liked your climaxes!
    Also, all your photos are totally super! You have such a beautiful body too :-D
    But, if you ever shrunk me tiny, I hope you’ll be very nice to me! :eek:
    Again, awesome project & I’m excited about my custom :love:
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  12. Leper

    This is one of your best works, probably the best vore I’ve ever seen.

    I love this interactive story viewer too, having the story read by you is even better than video! I’d easily buy more work like this, I -really- hope you do more in this format!! =]

  13. HW

    Sweet Goddess in heaven you are beautiful. :) What more can I say? hehe

  14. krazydave

    katelyn have you forgotten your bug crushing fans :(

  15. Cesar

    Sorry but I prefer videos previews on Youtube :(

  16. Greg Viera

    :love: :love: i cant wait to see ur new hair color <3 <3

  17. Jaedon

    Bad Katelyn! I was waiting, well, refreshing,.. the page every hour, looking for your response. Bad!

  18. Greg Viera

    yea the holidays can be busy lol <3
    4 more days and im home <3
    hows the tree coming up

  19. Giantess Ka...

    Hey all! Whoops! Forgot to respond last night it would seem!
    Thanks to everyone who bought my latest project!! :eek: It’s been another huge success for my site!! <3

    I've updated the growth potion meter from it's previous 51% to 72%! Woohoo! :woot:

    @voretech: @FreedomFighter: @Kisuke: @Urahara: @Leper: @HW: Thank you all for the compliments and awesome reviews! I’m really REALLY glad you liked it! I honestly don’t know when I’ll be making another picture set like this- I have a TON of projects already planned out to keep me busy for at least the first half of 2010! As far as sales go, this sold just as well as an FX movie, so I definitely will consider making another one in the future.

    @Bobbob: I think you’ll really, really enjoy it! :)

    @krazydave: Aww! I haven’t forgotten about my bug crushing fans! I just haven’t had time to make any new bug crush content in a while. These large projects pretty much consume my whole life until I can finish them. Once I get back into the swing of weekend videos again I’m sure you’ll see little bugs meeting their fates underneath my feet again…

    @Cesar: While I’d love to do nothing more than make free videos all the time for YouTube, I have to actually sell things in order to make enough income to keep my site going and my rent paid! Otherwise there would be no free YouTube videos or at all! :) It’s super important that you little ones buy my work- I can’t survive or continue without it.

    @Jaedon: Hehehe! Whoops! I suppose I’ve been a bad Giantess. :evil: I’m really glad you liked my story! And that you enjoyed the scat bit at the end- I personally thought it topped it off too ^^ I wrote the story so that one could literally cum to each individual page if they wanted to (say if they had all of the fetishes) or if they only liked certain aspects of the story, they wouldn’t be disappointed with the amount of content. I also wanted to tell a really BIG story and flesh out my high school fantasy in full! :woot:

    @Greg Viera: You’re always so sweet! What a good little bug I have down at my feet. I just finished putting up the tree last night! I’m hoping to record with it in one of my upcoming weekend updates. It’s pink and silver- super sexy!

    New blog coming next week! With this project out I can finally get back into the habit of regular blog updates. :whistle: They sure are tricky when you’re a Goddess with so much to do…

  20. Jaedon

    Well, you’ve said to me before that you like the scat bit of vore.. but.. like I admitted to, I was near cumming within the first minutes of the end of that story.

    I would love you to end your vore scenes like that if you could more often.. turns me on so bad to hear you just talking about pooping the remains of your slaves out.

    Or at least. If you do so, say so in the description in your vid. I love your digestion teasing and after-math.. but, hard to tell if you involve it.

  21. Greg Viera

    awwwe my goddess u make me blush <3 <3
    pink and silver thats sexy <3. hey since its the holidays that means i will see u wearing……… <3
    “realizes something and faints”. seeing ur blog post makes me happy. my bday is so close =) woot woot 27 days left for my bday and im 19!!!!!!!!

  22. Bobbob

    I know I’ll like it! I’ve never been dissapointed from anything I’ve bought from you! :love:

    And from that matter, the quality of your free stuff is phenomenal as well!

  23. mateo

    “I”!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :love: :love: :love: :love: SHE’S THE GREATEST EVER POSSIBLE,i am unhappy that i can have only imaginations about her being my godess and i her pet ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-(

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