“Midnight Goddess” – RELEASED!

“Midnight Goddess” – RELEASED!

Things were not looking good for them. At barely a half a centimeter tall, the world around them was large and dangerous. Their environment was unforgiving, terrifying, and worse yet, food was sparse. Foolishly, they first tried searching for food during the day only to meet the very Girl who’s massive house they now struggled to survive in. In just the first few days of searching several lives were lost… thanks mostly to the giant Girl who they now desperately lived off of… and feared.

Midnight Goddess

The Girl who owned their world was larger than a skyscraper, and the ground shook where ever she walked. To her… they were bugs. Pests. Insects. Things to be crushed and thought nothing of. Trying to get Her attention, as they quickly and tragically learned, was a mistake. Oh, she would notice them. But not as people… as bugs. Unable to hear their screams or simply ignoring the tiny sounds they made, her enormous feet were all that those striving to be saved ever received- followed shortly by a horrific death underneath Her huge, soft warm soles.

Not knowing Her divine name, they quickly came to call the Girl who shook their world simply as, “The Giantess”“The Goddess”… and… “Her”.

She was no ordinary Girl either. Unfortunately for them, she loved power. She was nothing short of a Goddess. The bugs at her feet -whether it was them or actual insects- were not just killed, but enjoyed. Their terror, their pain, their helplessness, and their deaths fueled her. To be a helpless spec crushed under her massive bare foot was only to arouse her… resulting in Her soft divine soles covered in mangled victims…

The last life to be lost before they changed their struggling ways was Mellissa’s. She was brave and determined to find a source of food for those she loved. Risking her very existence in her search, she alone managed to climb high up into the Giantess’s world… only to tragically fall into the clothing of the unaware Giantess, never to be heard from again.

Starting that very evening, they agreed that crumbs would be hunted for at night, long after the Goddess had retreated to the upstairs to read her romance novels and fall asleep…

It was Midnight, and the quiet chirping of crickets could be heard outside. It was dark, the moon drifting in and out of the clouds. To many it seemed almost futile searching for crumbs now on the vast and barren floor of Her kitchen. They were hungry, scared, and scattered. That is, until Kaylee noticed a dark shape in the distance. It was far too big to be a crumb, but far to small to be an item of the Goddess’s. After quite some convincing, Tim and Pete reluctantly followed her.

By the time they arrived the size of the mysterious shape had become apparent. To them, it was easily the size of a house! Kaylee made it there first and for the first time in days, she saw HOPE! For there, towering over her excited tiny-self was a huge, half eaten COOKIE carelessly dropped by the Giantess earlier that day!

She excitedly started yelling for Tim and Pete. They were finally saved!

Or… so they thought.

After many long nights and months of hard work, (And killer anticipation!) I present to you little ones my latest epic Giantess special effects video, “MIDNIGHT GODDESS”! :mrgreen:

At 31.5 minutes, watch as I swallow those alive, crush them barefoot on my floor, force one struggling survivor to climb my feet, sit on one after dancing for him, torture one with my huge finger… and a fun surprise this movie is my most crazy fantasy on film to date! ^_^



  • 31.5 minutes
  • 12 minute long Personal Commentary on the movie and more by yours truly
  • 22 Super-High-Res Ant Crush Photos from my next movie, “The Girl Next Door”
  • 5 minute Bonus POV clip

Some Highlights:

Worship me as I talk about my fantasy!

Worship me as I talk about my fantasy!

-Personal Commentary-
In the personal commentary included in Midnight Goddess, I talk about the origins of this fantasy of mine, my actual Midnight experiences, along with tons of incredibly sexy details about all what goes through the head of a Giantess! ^^ I also talk about my favorite parts, describing in detail what I loved about them- I’m sure you little ones will be shaking with fear and delight! I also talk about what’s coming next in my upcoming Giantess effects movies, and I also give you a foot show during the entire thing! :mrgreen:

Your life. On my sole.

Your life. On my sole.

-High Res Photos-
See the world through the eyes of an ant…. mashed to the bottom of my bare sole! These pictures were taken after shooting an upcoming FX movie of mine called, “The Girl Next Door”. In the movie I crush ants and well, here’s the result! You’ll feel super small as you look at them- each photo is 3648 x 2736 pixels – so large you can zoom in and see every broken, mangled part of these unfortunate bugs. I look simply HUGE! :shock:

Run little bug... run...

Run little bug… run…

-POV Bonus Clip-
As per usual, I’ve included a POV bonus clip with the movie, only difference being the POV clip included with the Special Edition is twice as long.

-Super Secret Gift-
In the somewhat future, you’ll be able to access a little gift here on my website. I can’t say what or when yet, as it’s a secret project of mine! It’s just a small gift for a small shrunken slave- a gift from your Goddess to you for worshiping her latest video!

The Giantess Appears...

The Giantess Appears…

Well little ones, I’m currently still getting everything set up on my site. I’ll be updating my store with the basic quality version later today and I’ll be online the whole time to monitor my server and your downloads. If you need any help, just email me!


I LOVE hearing from you tiny ones and I’d love to hear from you once you’ve viewed my movie… as it… well… this heightens the fantasy even more for me! :oops: I really would love to know what you think of my personal fantasy.

I love you little ones! Enjoy!! :eek:




The Shrunken Perspective

50 Responses and Counting...

  1. dare46

    Hello Tall Goddess KATELYN,

    Clips 100% perfect

    Thank you MY LOVE

    I love YOU !!!!!!

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. Jaedon

    I’ve been refreshing the site all day waiting for this, sadly I think I’ll wait a little longer untill some reviews come in. I mean, am sure it’s great but I’d really like to know the details. Isn’t like I’m watching the movie and don’t want the plot spoiled, is a fetish flick which may or may not play to my kinks, I’d rather know exactly what is in there. Hopefully the comments will flood in soon.

  3. tony in tokyo

    THX !

  4. grogts


    Fantastic. By far your hottest clip yet and the extras on the “special edition” were fantastic. I can’t wait to see what the secret gift is.

  5. unnoticeddeath

    Good work. The effort you put into these productions is quite evident and they seem to be continually getting better.

    The price is certainly starting to push the upper limits of affordability though. I would say this one is worth it but I would encourage you not to go any higher with the cost and perhaps try to get more volume of customers instead. It’s a limited audience but with the work you do their is no reason you couldn’t get a larger portion of it.

    Thankyou to you and your supporting cast who bravely gave their lives for this film.

  6. Giantess Ka...

    About the price: Keep in mind, I only just released the special edition, which is just that- a “Special Edition”. I put this huge package together for those who LOVE my fantasies and want it ALL and of the highest quality/content. And you get to see it a few hours early to boot! (Otherwise neither version would be out by now) If price is your concern, the regular quality version will be out shortly, and its pricing is the same as the rest of my videos. My videos aren’t / will not be getting more expensive. :P

    That said, the “Special Edition” comes with well over 48 minutes of video, along with 22 (3648 x 2736) photos of bare foot ant crush. That’s… alot! :!: And not out of line with any other videos out there on the net, and that’s not even taking into account that the majority of the package is special effects which take far, far longer (understatement -_-;) than average doll/plastic guy videos.

    @unnoticeddeath: *rubs her tummy* My cast sure didn’t feel thanked, let alone enjoy making this film! I think the one little guy took days to finally digest! He was pretty good at avoiding my stomach acids… But I got him in the end ^^ *burp* If they were still around and not fading off my soles, I’d let them know though! :twisted:

  7. SilverFlame

    I just downloaded the file. It was rather, well, huge (though I wouldn’t expect anything less) and it took about 20 minutes or so to download, but I did finally get it, and all the files appear to be there and working just fine! Can’t wait to watch it!

  8. jackshepard

    Hi. Just sent you a mail, but my browser crashed while downloading the file and I can’t resume nor restart the download, as it says I reached the maximum of attempts.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. ali

    Is there gonna be a trailer of the actual movie?

  10. Giantess Ka...

    @jackshepard: Just took care of it :grin: You should have an email from me.

  11. cidbadguy

    Hey! Really excited for the video, but having a bit of an issue with the shop. Not sure if paypal would be a better option, but I could use it if needed. Sent an Email about it :mrgreen:

  12. jackshepard

    Thanks. I received it and was able to restart the download. But it’s soooo slow! I’m 50% done and Firefox says I’ve got 1 hour left @ around 50k (I assume there are so much downloads right now). It’s just a shame, There was only 15 minutes left when it crashed. I’m so pissed off! Lol. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it soooo much.

  13. GtsLover

    I think the price is very reasonable for both videos compared to alot of the videos that are out there now. Its hard to put a price on time and as you all know she worked long and hard for this. Katelyn makes the best GTS videos ive ever seen and her effect are top notch compared to others. I will definatly be buying this. I cannot wait to see it AHHHHHH.

  14. cidbadguy

    Ahh! Seems to have worked itself out! Nevermind!

  15. Shrunken One

    Definitely your best video yet! I knew it would be good, but since it seemed crush focused, i didn’t expect much for vore. Boy was I suprised! o.O;

    I have never seen such great, inside mouth video in a vore scene. it was amazing!
    Right up there with the inside the stomach trick shot you used in A Business Meeting unaware. ;)

    The Oreo scene was enough to get me excited, and then I see you threw in a second vore scene with more inside the mouth video…and deeper shots! It was amazing!

    I think the only way to top that would be to get a video traveling to your stomach (not sure how one would manage that), or perhaps move mouth video like that, with an in the stomach follow up like seen in ABMU.

    It was definitely worth the price for the vid alone, even if there wasn’t any extra content.

    I look forward to your next major fetish video with vore.

  16. jackshepard

    OMG! That was so great!!!

  17. Handsome Gamer

    Hi, KB I’ve never seen your movies because I don’t have a credit card and I really want to see this one, so I was wondering, is there any way possible to send you a money order and if yes, can you give me the address to send the money order to!

  18. Snap

    Oh my Goddess what a delicious masterpiece! I purchased the film this morning and only had time enough to ensure that I had it saved on my system before I had to rush off to work. I went through the whole day in a foggy daze, just knowing what was waiting for me once I got home.

    Since I have only watched the movie once so far, I will refrain from commenting (at least until I can get these thoughts into words) All I will say is that is was worth every penny! Considering the work you must’ve put into this, I was amazed the price wasn’t higher. Thank you Goddess Katelyn!

    More later (going to watch it again :)

  19. Jaedon

    Although I was hoping for an actual description instead of just backstory before I purchased the vid your little pet was weak and couldn’t resist. The whole video was very well done and in my case TOO well done, I had started today as purely a vore fan, waiting for this to be released to enjoy those scenes as well as the pussy bit and any other parts that generally showed off your stunning body but for the first time ever I’ve been turned on by the crush fetish!

    Granted vore and crush have alot of similarities but it’s never clicked for me like it has now. I don’t know whether it was the dominating teasing, the way you reacted with such a sexual thrill of ending lives under your feet and butt or just the sheer production value you placed into this that made it very believable to me that I actually felt like I was one of those insignificant people, my only purpose to satify your desire, even if that did only leave me as a smear on your feet.

    I still am in shock that I ended up ‘worshiping’ to the butt crush scene over the vore parts. Damn you Goddess for being so sexy. *Ticks off crush fantasy on the list of fetishes he now has.* Hmm, hope you don’t get me into that balloon popping thing also, this list is almost ridiculously long now, thanks alot. =p

  20. Snap

    This is nothing short of amazing. I knew it would be. Midnight Goddess has to be, by a safe margin, one of the very best films of the genre that I have ever seen. As another comment stated above, each successive project gets better. I think MG will be a tough act to follow and I eagerly await your next major production. Favorite scene? Tough call. It’d have to be first giantess scene (was there a squish/splat stain in the spot that the book/steamy romance novel was laid on?

    The commentary added a lot to my experience when I viewed the film a second time. It seemed to make the film, ungh, don’t want to sound lame here, …more realistic. The anecdotes add a dimension to the film that does but enhance the experience. One in particular almost floored me.

    The 22 bonus pics are a must for any barefoot fan and likely any Goddess fans as well.

    On the whole, this has been a long time in coming but was well worth the wait, and price.

    I’m so very happy you found us Goddess Katelyn.

  21. ra

    Very cool movie, worth it. Loved the early scene with the hand chasing the girl ;) Will be watching the movie many more times. Nice work Katelyn! :shock:

  22. Bobbob

    Just bought it! So excited!!! I’ve been waiting so long, and now it says I have to wait another two hours! My hearts gonna explode, hun! lol

  23. Corsair

    I watched it today and it is amazing! My two favorite scenes are the lingerie scene at the beginning of the movie and the buttcrush scene. I also think it was worth the price, although I haven’t watched the bonus content yet. I will certainly watch the movie again as I saw it only once, I will possibly post a more detailed review later.

    And thank you Katelyn for the effort you’ve put (especially in the past few days) to release this movie. I hope you will be able to get some rest this week-end. I guess even goddesses have to rest sometimes, right? :wink:

    [Goddess Katelyn]: Edited for a small spoiler :mrgreen:

  24. -Vamp-

    I stumble to this site by accident. Glad I did! I just purchase “Midnight Goddess”. I applaud you for your creativity and great acting. I hope in future movies you do more unaware scenarios, plus crushing with shoes. The green screen effects in this film were perfect. The cookie scene with the milk. Wow! Great job….well worth the price. :mrgreen:

  25. Bobbob

    Ok, from my experience from all of your other films, I knew this would be well worth the fifty bucks you asked… and from how excited you seemed to be about it’s release, and throughout the process of making it, I knew it would be something I absolutely HAD to buy… and… I honestly dont know how to describe it… but it was the best thing ever!!!

    The film alone was worth fifty dollars, and the commentary was FAR better than I had ever imagined! It’s like my fantasy actually came true tonight! I’ve died and gone to heaven, cause it was entirely perfect! Plus, its like 2 AM… totally fit the time line! :-P

    To anyone who hasn’t got the high quality special edition yet, get it or regret it! I waited over two hours for it all to load, but… WOW!

    Anyways, I dont think I have to spend time convincing you if you’ve ever bought any of Katelyn’s films, but this one is by far the best the giantess community has yet to see!

  26. MarkM

    My thoughts were of love so I had to send you an email instead of blog. Shy pet here. :oops:

    To everyone,
    IMHO this is by far Katelyn’s best work and that is saying a lot considering just how good much her other work is too. I’m by no means rich but I feel this was worth every penny I spent on it if not more. It’s evident Katelyn put a lot of work into this and also includes a lot of extras for us. She even mentions some kind of a future gift for those of us who bought it which sure has my curiosity going.

    I honestly don’t think anyone will be disapointed if they buy this!

    By the way………. this looks real! I think Katelyn really shrank those people to make this one!


  27. cidbadguy

    Sorry for the delayed response XD Its hard to think of something that hasnt already been said!

    Phenomenal camera work! And you can really see the difference it makes when you use real micros instead of a greenscreen!

    This is a true example of what we, the community get when someone puts their whole heart into it, as I’m sure this was a realy labour of love for you. And you’ve just set the standard for all GTS videos for years and years to come! This community will -never- forget Midnight Goddess!

  28. gtsquisit

    that was cool. sound fx, special fx, very believable. i loved how the tinys stuck to your ass and foot. The first tiny to go was incredible. it was sexy as hell. id love it if you have some ass insertion as well. keep up the good work :)

  29. Handsome Gamer

    Hi, KB are you going to see “Monsters V.S. Aliens”? There is a giant woman in there so I thought you might like it. I might go see it tomorrow!

  30. Weary_Traveler

    I’ve worked in low-budget film editing (on occasion with questionable moral content) and found this video to be expertly done; both in special effects, filming, and acting.

    I almost didn’t purchase it after having been let down on the very few occasions I’d paid for a clip involving giantess on the web, but something about your performances in your free clips made me feel you could sell the fantasy better then those crappy Fetish Land clips with Jersey hookers stomping on clay (exemption for Heather Eve).

    I have a tendency to be long winded for someone my age, so let me just end by saying I hope you both enjoy – and continue to make – high quality giantess fantasy videos.

    The Weary_Traveler

  31. gtsquisit

    i just sent you an email about a payment issue i had when purchasing midnight goddess. please let me know if you received it.

  32. Clover

    This was great, but I hate how it was released. I was planning on buying the cheaper version, but when I found out that you were releasing it later than the premium I rushed to buy it. $50 is a lot for any one video – I immediately regretted it. Keeping the price secret until you released was kind of mean and not making the cheaper version available at the same time was also pretty cruel.

    As for the extra features… while entertaining, they were no where near worth $15 extra. I didn’t like how you stayed in character during the commentary. I wanted to hear you talk about the movie and yourself AS yourself. Commenting as “the giantess” about “the giantess” made you seem kind of crazy, and the fact that at the end you squished someone really rubbed it in that you weren’t taking the commentary seriously.

    I like your vision and you direct & produce fx movies better than anyone out there in the community, but maybe for your next film you can step out of the spotlight and use someone else to take lead role. Your good looking, but you bear a striking resemblance to someone I am related to – a little diversity in how you do your big fx films would be great. A personal request: if you could get Emma or someone else to do the HISTK cheerio movie you were talking about, that would be awesome.

    Hopefully you don’t take any offense in some constructive criticism, all for the greater good.

  33. Bobbob

    I think it was worth the extra $15. Part of that money also went toward the fact that you got to see it before the people who got the cheeper version. Plus, you can never beat having a higher resolution! Also, you havent seen the surprise yet, so I dont think its fair to make a judgement so soon… I think I know what it is though! ;-)

    Either way, I already think it was well worth it. I’ve probably watched it about 5 times already!!! :-)

  34. bauerpower24

    Absolutely phenomenal work. I never thought I would wish I was an inanimate object, but I wish I was that oreo as it went inside your mouth and traveled down your sexy throat. I wish I was the carpet so I could feel your powerful feet walk over me. But DAMN, I WISH I WAS THAT STOOL as your PERFECT ASS came down on me. Oh well, one can dream. This movie was definitely worth the price. Can’t wait to see what the surprise is, but like Bobbob said, I think I know what it is too. Only one thing left to say: I LOVE YOU GODDESS!!!

  35. MarkM

    Bob no fair! I wanna know what the surprise is too! (just kidding)

    Katelyn, I watched Midnight Goddess again last night and I just want to say that your so beautiful! Words can’t even say. The close ups of your face & eyes just make my heart pound so hard with love.

    I’d like to say more about why I loved Midnight Goddess so much but do not wish to spoil anything for those who have not watched it yet.


  36. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks everyone for the AWESOME comments the past couple days. I can’t tell you enough how much I’ve appreciated every single one over the past few days. Knowing how you enjoyed Midnight Goddess and hearing your thoughts and feedback (and which parts you worshiped the most!) has brought nothing but smiles to my face! :mrgreen:

    Soon, I’ll be releasing another blog entry and updating my movie’s page with more information (including some spoilers!) about Midnight Goddess, both editions. I wanted the first week of Midnight Goddess’s release to be for those who love my content and who want to be surprised when they see the movie. For those still unsure, hopefully this will give you a better idea of what this movie is all about!

    As for the future surprise that comes with Midnight Goddess: Special Edition, I may have lied. There may actually be several surprises, and not just one. Sorry! :razz: Originally I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, but I’ve made a few discoveries and I want to do a little more than I was originally planning. When these surprises will be revealed, I’m not sure… One hopefully soon, one a little later…

    Now I will try my very best to answer some of you little ones!! :twisted:

    @Handsome Gamer: Just go through my store (like you’re buying the movie) but select “cash” on the way out. This option will then lead you to a print order forum you can print out and it has my PO box address on it which you can mail it all to. I prefer cash (it’s easier for me) but you can send a MO if that’s what your personal preference is. :grin: As for Monsters vs. Aliens, I really want to see it, but I might wait for it to come out on DVD. Only because (even though it is a G movie) I’d feel embarrassed watching it in a theater with everyone around me. :oops:

    @Shrunken One, @Snap, @ra, @Corsair, @-Vamp-, @Bobbob, @MarkM, @cidbadguy, @gtsquisit, @Weary_Traveler, @bauerpower24: THANK YOU so much for the AWESOME reviews!!! I loved reading every single one of them and it turned me on to know you little ones LOVED “worshiping” me in this film!! (And on which parts!) Thank you for writing out your opinions (whether good, bad, or both!), as it really helps everyone, including me for future videos. Thanks so much!

    @Jaedon: LOL! I’m glad you loved it and you ended up worshiping parts of the movie you didn’t expect! *adds another ass and crush worshiper to her list* :lol:

    @Bobbob: I’m very interested in knowing what you think my surprises may be… :twisted:

    @Clover: Thanks for the constructive criticism… I think. Just a few things:

    1) The price of the Basic Edition was available on my blog the minute I posted it along with all the other information on Midnight Goddess the morning the Special Edition was released. It was right under the title “Midnight Goddess: Basic Edition” just like it was for the Special Edition. I only added the Megabytes and the link to my store when the Basic Edition was released. Sorry you missed it. Also, you should to try to avoid making impulsive purchases- a single day really isn’t that long of a wait. But perhaps I’m underestimating what it’s like to have a hard cock! :lol:

    2) Uh.. That’s who I actually am. I wasn’t acting “in character” in the commentary as there is no “character”, I was just being myself. That’s who I really am. I actually have the Giantess fetish. In the commentary, you were hearing my honest thoughts and feelings on both the movie and my fetish. Also, in “Midnight Goddess” I’m playing as myself only I’ve carefully scripted out my fantasy and lines, based on what goes through my head when I’m fantasizing or in real life situations with ants/bugs. Finally, I thought shrinking you down at the end of the commentary and even doing a little special effects scene would be a fun surprise and a sexy way to end it for the both of us. If you think I’m crazy, you might not want to visit my site. :razz:

    3) One of the reasons I make these movies is because I actually get sexual satisfaction out of them- I get to really live the scenario and make my “impossible in real life” sexual fantasies very much real and fulfill them. For example, I actually came in Midnight Goddess. A huge part of this is actually staring in my movies as the Giantess. It’s just not the same if it’s not “me” as the Giantess. Being the Giantess is what turns me on! Yes, I will have Giantess Effects Movies with my girlfriends at some point. I might start by doing several versions of the Cheerio’s movie, say one with me and one with one of my Girlfriends as the Giantess, but nothing is set in stone yet, so don’t get your hopes up. However, I’m not going to revolve my fantasies and effects videos around the fact that I may or may not look like one of your relatives, LOL. :lol: Seriously, this is my site.

    Sometimes you little ones forget a very important detail about my work. My site, my movies, my collages, my photos, -everything- is based off of MY fantasies, not yours. Sure, I like to experiment and play around with your little fantasies sometimes, and I love doing customs and exploring your sexualities, but in hopes that I’ll discover something about mine. But if I genuinely create something and put it up on my site, it’s because it turned ME on, not because I’m hoping that it’ll turn you on. Don’t forget who the Giantess is here! :eek:

    Anyway, I’ve got a ton of work to do today so I better be going! You little ones can look forward to a new blog very soon! Have a great afternoon! ^_^

  37. bauerpower24

    Way to go, my Goddess! You are 100% right that it’s your site. It isn’t called GiantessKatelyn.com for nothing. I happen to know firsthand how hard you work on each clip, and you’ve shown incredible dedication on every custom that you’ve done for me. This pet appreciates all that you do, and I will never question your devotion to your pets. I look forward to the day when you shrink me down and decide my fate. It will be YOUR FANTASY and I will simply have to go along with it. Isn’t that what being a true Giantess is all about? Have a great day too, Katelyn.

  38. LC

    This was a good movie – though there are parts that weren’t made specifically for me and this isn’t Priceline, so I couldn’t name my own price, I enjoyed very much the parts that I did enjoy. I really want to see you become a giantess soon, so if this in some small way gets you closer to that, I’m all for it.
    Honestly, the special effects in some places are eerily realistic. The movements of the people are so much more fluid and believable compared to other movies that I’ve seen – that alone is worth the price of admission. Thank you.

  39. Bobbob

    I’ve emailed you regarding what I think the surprises may be ;-)

    I dont want to give it away if I’m right!

  40. Curly

    Just wanted to add my voice to the wall.

    Great great movie. Particularly when the little man gets sat on. Both visuals and words for this part especially are sooo sexy.

    If you swapped the victims around so that they were all male and added a breast crush or two, it would be the perfect giantess movie for me.

    As it is, it’s possibly still the best film / clip of its kind I’ve seen, and I’ve been around the scene for over 10 yrs.


    love and light

  41. MarkM

    I’ve loved your recent look & long hair but I have no doubt you’ll still look hot no matter what you do with it! Look forward to seeing! :smile:


  42. Bobbob

    I agree with Mark, I love your hair!

    But I’m also looking forward to see how it has changed! You always keep things interesting! ;-)

  43. bauerpower24

    I too am looking forward to seeing your new look. No worries cause my Goddess always looks sexy, but maybe you’ve added those highlights again. That reddish brown look was HOT!!! Whatever you do with your hair is fine, but PLEASE don’t change that sexy mouth. IT’S PERFECT!!!

  44. Bobbob

    By the way… only ONE person knows how my new hair looks so far. I bet the rest of you are all dying to see it, hahahahaha!!! ;)
    please let it be me, please let it be me…. darn! not me… lol

    So when will we all be blessed with the vision of our goddess’ new hair? ;-p

  45. MarkM

    I want to be Gwen Stefani!!! lol

    I’m still freaking out over Midnight Goddess. Almost to much excitment for this little worshipper to handle here. :shock:

  46. MarkM

    :shock: Oh my Gosh your new pictures are so hot! :shock:

  47. MarkM

    :shock: What happened at the store? Did you squash something? :lol:

  48. bauerpower24

    These new photos are so EROTIC, so SEXY, and they have me so _____, well, you know. Thanks for the great pics.

  49. greg viera

    you have such lovely feet :love:

  50. rodrigo

    comete mascosas como peces o gusanos, y grabalo de video de la paagina

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