New Giantess Collages – Hawaiian Giantess

New Giantess Collages – Hawaiian Giantess

Well pets, I’m back into collaging again, which also means you’ll see me more often on the Giantess City forums. Best of all I already have two new collages for you to worship!

Yes, I’m officially¬† back into collaging again. The urge to become a Giantess is just too great. >_<
After some serious messing around and research, I’m now able to create collages much faster than I previously ever could. Some will be amazing in quality, while others will be quickies.

Here are my first two, both done as a Hawaiian style giantess.
You may notice the first collage contains a little something extra (by accident!)

Hawiian Giantess Field Trip

“Field Trips should always be this much fun”

Hawiian Giantess - You're Next!

“You’re next my little bug”

I will also be posting my collages on Giantess City as well, which means you’ll be seeing me stomping around there more often too. Enjoy. ^^

PS: I dyed my hair today. *grin*


The Shrunken Perspective

11 Responses and Counting...

  1. dustin_s_00

    Hi Goddess Katelyn thanks for the awesome colleges! I’ve been into giantess for awhile now but this is the first time I have had the courage to speak to a Goddess. Goddess Katelyn you are the most beautiful Goddess. If you could would you allow me the honor of being your tiny slave? That would be heaven. I would submit to you completely and obey your every command. I look forward to more of your colleges mighty Goddess. *Bows before the gigantic Goddess Katelyn*

  2. anonymous

    Fianlly some giantess stuff.

  3. anonymous

    It better not be blond….

    Nice splatter effect on the second collage by the way.

  4. jaedon1

    Glad to have gotten mine in sometime during January but really wanted more after you had gotten around to it. Ah well. =)

  5. aborigen77

    These are incredible. You’re a dream come true.

  6. twcool

    I sure hope those people remembered to bring cameras on their field trip! Nice collages and yeah that extra bit is exciting. I wonder if anyone will attempt the long journey to it from your leg ;)

  7. anonymous

    I missed your own personal collages. They had a unique flavour to them that just… Ruled.

  8. anonymous

    Hey Katelyn
    too bad you are not doing customs anymore..I was just going to submit my script ..I do however understand your reasons for not doing them any longer..Any way I have an idea for your next video..Since summer is among us ,why don’t you do a video of you laying by a pool area..You are wearing a biking getting some sun..You look down and spot tiny men looking at you.You get up and start toying with them ..You place your barefoot over one of them and make the other tiny man watch as you slowly crush him to pulp.You then to the same to the other man..Any way I hope you liked this short script..
    thanks Emilio

  9. anonymous

    Katelyn can you shrink me and pack me with you i will do any thing you ask except be eaten?

  10. fiascomonkey

    i’m veeery late to the party, but just wanted to let You know how much i appreciate the skill it takes to do what You do so well.

  11. Fakiros

    Couse i like splatter effects i think that man should have the dimension of half of the giantess barefeet. So we could se better their blood organs, guts, brain and cracked bones under her soles.
    Howewer good works

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