Giantess Questions Continued

Giantess Questions Continued

Hey tinies! I’ve decided to jump right to it and continue answering your questions this week- these are the last of them! After this and then it’s back to one question per blog post. As for news, Giantessbooru is nearing completion and has a team of over 30 moderators! Needless to say- I’ve been working like crazy @_@

Also, with this many people helping manage and sort content, I think Giantessbooru (You can now read my TODO list there) will be live within the next two weeks. We shall see. :3

On to the questions my little bugs!

FreedomFighter asked: Do you feel as though you’ve changed over the years? perhaps as a person and/or the Giantess aspect? I mean that as, looking back, we all know you used to be heavily involved in the “dark side” of life with the Goth/Nerd cliques throughout high school…nowadays, you seem more on the side of the like the “girl next door” (i.e. your recent “She Gets What She Wants” video….by the way, LOVE IT!). So I was just wondering is there a difference in our Goddess Katelyn from how she was to how she is now?

Definitely. And I’d have to say most of this change was due to my website and the community here. One of the reasons I was so much of a Goth girl in high school was because of my fetish which I didn’t understand at the time- I felt so odd and out of place. My thoughts were always dark and filled with blood, squishing, and eating little people for pleasure. At the time I had no idea what or why I was different, only that I wasn’t normal like everyone else. So I just assumed I was a dark, mysterious, and evil kind of person. I was attracted to and grouped up with other people who I thought were similar to me- the goth crowd. I have no clue today if anyone was really like me.

When I went to college things eased up and there was far less social pressure to be in a group. I wasn’t as goth and started dressing more normal but I definitely was still dark at times. Just check out how I looked when I first started up my website! My hair and clothes were rather insane and not girly at all.

After a year or so of working on my site, being with the community, studying photography, modeling, art and programming I pretty much came to terms with who I was inside. I realized I didn’t have to dress goth or act different. I could be myself and enjoy my fetish without worrying what others thought of me or playing into a type. Today I suppose I am much more like the girl next door… bubbly, energetic, nice….  only I WILL shrink and devour you alive! I may wear a pretty skirt… but don’t think I won’t tear it off and dominate you if I set my eyes on you!

The change of style feels wonderful. I feel completely free sexually. Instead of being forced into one style or attitude I can play the roles of any I want.

paddy-joe asked: Do you get jealous of women that are like 6ft 10 with huge feet?

YES! I am always jealous of girls taller than me. All I can think about while around them is that I wish I was 6ft 10… no… 7ft 10… no… 1000ft 10! Nothing sucks more than feeling like a Giantess inside but running into a girl who towers over you. Sometimes I’ll fantasize about them as Giantesses or of me growing into a Giantess and playing with them. Height of females (and males to some extent) has been something that has bugged me since I was a little girl. I have always been jealous over height in wanting to be taller or the tallest.

paddy-joe asked: How does the fact that you have a fetish that involves killing people even if they are the size of bugs affect your relationships with any boyfriends or girlfriends you’ve had?

A great question! Definitely going to go into this in a full blog someday. Let me put it this way- it is just as hard for you to tell a girl that you have this as it is for me to tell a guy I have this fetish. When I started dating it was extremely hard to break the news. These days it’s one of the first things I tell someone who I’m interested in- my fetish is who I am and it’s a huge part of my life. Everything always works out too!

As for in relationships- I don’t date or fuck guys I don’t think are compatible on some level. I wouldn’t pursue a dominate guy unless I knew he liked having a dominate partner to match. (Couples Giantess! Hooray!) Submissive guys always understand and they are fun to play with.

Danshrunkenman asked: Would you rather kill all your little slaves or keep a few indestructible to play with all of the time?

I don’t like my slaves to be indestructible- even if I plan on keeping them for a long time. As a Giantess it’s no fun if your toys never break! Half the fun is trying to keep your toys safe if you want to keep them around. You have to make critical decisions- do I keep them in my shoes? Or in my bra? Am I applying to much pressure? Or too little? When I can just toss an indestructible man into my shoes and stomp around without worrying I lose the fun and playfulness of trying to keep them safe!

Lagann asked: I’m curious, have you ever been into scenarios involving giantess being big enough to view countries like simple boards or even planets like earth as models, or perhaps jewelry? If so what in specific would you enjoy doing and why?

Yes! I LOVE Giga and I feel it’s really under-represented in the community, probably because of how hard it is to convey. There have only been a handful of artists who I’ve known to do Giga well enough to get off to. As for my own personal fantasies, while Giga is not as common as my other fantasies, it’s definitely one of my favorites. Crushing entire cities in one step, seeing the horizon bend beneath me and realizing I own a planet covered in ants, ripe for crushing and fucking… is wonderful. I’ve also imagined myself as a Alien who drifts from solar system to solar system devouring planets along the way….

Having a planet as jewelery (or even a shrunken city!) sounds wonderful! Way better than boring old diamonds!! Hehehe!

Lagann asked: I was also wondering if you ever had plans to do a giga giantess video of some sort. Something like playing with a model of earth (or perhaps marble version of it). Or maybe if you’d ever be interested in at least doing a photo set on it.

Definitely! There will most certainty be a special effects giga movie. Right now I’m limited to models and toys (As I haven’t had the time to do any FX movies) which I just don’t find myself happy with. I have experimented in the past, but I have a feeling I will be able to portray Giga as how it should look and feel best in an FX movie. :)

Alman asked: Is making macrophilic porno films & pictures gonna be your whole life’s work? Or are you gonna try and achieve another profession with your life in the future?

Yes, I think so. At least I’d like it to be! I can’t ever imagine myself quitting or wanting to stop improving my work. I hope to make FX videos until I’m old and gray- even if I don’t get to be on camera anymore. This site, my fetish, and sexuality as a whole is my passion and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. It’s like getting to work in an ice cream shop everyday. You make people happy and it’s delicious! I’ve dedicated myself to sexuality and the pursuit of giantess sized orgasms. This site will always be here for you.

Soreh: I got one important question (I hope it will be understood): How you think would looks daily life of microscopic little?

This is a question I feel would be best answered with a special effects movie someday. ;) I have been planning a micro movie for ages now and I’ve been dying to make it into a film. Micro exploration and destruction have to be some of my absolute favorite fantasies. I don’t want to give away any of my plots- so you’ll have to wait until I make my movie!

no name asked: Your huge, tall, and a powerful Giantess. You want to have some fun and have a few drinks. So you walk around and grab some buidlings of bars and eat them with the people inside and the little bottles of alcohol in them. Then BAM !! You get drunk!!! How would a giantess act being under the influence of alcohol in your system ?

Fuck everything, crush half the city without knowing, devour entire blocks of cars and people when I get the munchies and then pass out in the middle of the city with people under me. :3
This too will be an FX movie someday! I’ve always loved the idea of a Giantess getting drunk and doing things she may… regret!

I feel like I keep talking about FX movies instead of answering questions- but you have to understand that I am DYING inside to make a new FX movie. It has been almost a year since I’ve worked on one thanks to my new site and Giantessbooru and I am in a state of sexual torture. FX movies allowed me to express and release my sexuality in a way no other medium could- and I feel all bottled up inside sexually. I can’t WAIT to be done programming so that I can start filming huge movies again!!!!!!!!!!

no name asked: If you just grew to 60 ft tall what would your first reaction be and when would you start abusing your power?

Depends who I’m with and where I’m at and if I’m going to grow bigger. 60 feet isn’t big enough to cause the fun I enjoy the most- but I could make due. I’ve always wanted to grab attractive people and force them to fuck each other. Use my hands to tear off their clothing like dolls and force complete strangers to fuck for my pleasure! Once they’ve pleased me enough I’d use them as dildos…

Needless to say this wouldn’t go over to well in a mall. I’d definitely need to grow bigger after my first orgasm so that I could take care of the police…

no name asked: Would you go around the world as a giantess and claim each city, state, and country?

YES! I would totally dominate the world. I don’t think I’d even care if a country surrendered before I arrived- I’d go over there and wreak the place just to show them who their Goddess is! The idea of having the world worship me is a lovely romantic and sexually hot topic of mine. Having the tiny citizens of earth bow before my toes makes my pussy melt!! <3

I know you bugs wouldn’t be too fond of the idea so I’d have to kill of most of you. Sorry.

no name asked: Would you rather shrink people or grow 100 feet tall?

Shrink people. I would LOVE to grow 100 feet tall, but with shrinking people I could get away with it for years and years and nobody would know. I could live out my deepest fantasies without the risk of the military showing up and shooting at me. So on a practical level being able to shrink people definitely wins out. However being an actual giantess is extremely hard to pass up!

no name asked: If your a powerful giantess, wouldn’t you eventuality get bored?

Nope. :) That’s like me asking if you’d get bored being shrunken and living as a pet in my panty drawer. Being a powerful giantess is the ultimate experience and my mental happy place.

no name asked: What would you eat for food and what would your drink for a beverage?

1) People, Buses, Food Factories (Bread factories smell SO GOOD!) and anything you little bugs would be ordered to provide me in huge quantities.
2) Lakes full of boaters and people.

no name asked: If you could be a giantess would you let your most loyal and crazed fans die under your pleasure or would you keep tham as slaves to your own benefit ?

My pleasure would come first. Their survival would be solely up to me and how they performed. If a pet can out last me, survive without major injury, and do his job well- he will undoubtedly live longer and I will think on keeping him around.

no name asked: When are you going to Los Angels California ????

Once I move on over to Seattle next year, I will definitely be playing around in California. ^^

Adam asked: God your so awesome. Do you have a giantess fetish yourself?

Thank you. And yes. :smile:  Browse around my site and check out my artwork and movies! I not only have the Giantess fetish but it has become my passion to bring it to life. If you are interested in my sexuality, reading this blog is perhaps the best way to look into my mind and fantasies.

Watcher A asked: Why is it that you think we slaves have this fetish? Aside, of course, from the obvious fact that you deserve to be worshipped for the divine beauty that you are,^_^ why do you think that those of us who enjoy the idea of a woman being so much bigger than us, have the giantess fetish?

For me, I have a feeling my being a Giantess was very much due to the fact my mom loved horror movies and dominated people wherever she went. From the day I was born to my first fetish experience she was always a Giantess of sorts dominating those around her and watching bloody horror movies. Maybe I have a genetic disposition to having fetishes – maybe we all do here. But I definitely feel that nurture plays a huge role and that from ages 1-4 there’s some hefty wiring going on in the brain. Maybe it was from cartoons or movies or TV- Tom and Jerry led to my first sexual and fetish experience I can remember after all!

I can’t speak for any of you little ones, but from what I’ve read in the community and seen in my inbox it seems that dominate women (and not necessarily a parent) during your first few years seems to play a big role. Why you little bugs ENJOY being crushed or eaten I’ll never know. (I’ve always taken it for granted I suppose. It’s absolutely AWESOME that there are actual people at there who want to complete my crazy fantasies) Maybe it’s something left over from evolution? Maybe the wires for self preservation and reproduction got tangled? (Just look at how scorpions mate) I have no clue. And as science rarely touches on fetishes or sexuality thanks to our sex-is-taboo culture we may not know the real reasons for a very long time.

Of course, if you prefer a more colorful, sexier, and less scientific explanation, I’d say go with Sekhmet! You are all descendants of Sekhmet’s worshipers who are genetically wired to worship and die for the almighty rebirth of Sekhmet, ME! :evil:

Nahshon asked: Do crushing little people turn you on?

Yes. It feels amazing. I try to keep my feet as sensitive as possible in order to take it all in. (This means keeping my feet pampered and not walking around everywhere barefoot or on rough surfaces) I also highly recommend the crushing of little people and ants to women everywhere. Nothing beats the feeling of having something tiny and struggling against the weight of your soft foot knowing that they are at the mercy of your divine power. The pop and squish is like a miniature orgasm for the foot.

All I know is that having a little person struggling under my foot is as good as having a little person struggling under my clit. My feet are like sexual organs to me!

Jen asked: Hey, I’m a bit new to this stuff, but I recently discovered that I am bi, But I have had a giantess/ giant fetish for years. I finally told my boyfriend about this. My boyfriend is a bit put off by my revelation to him. Is there anything I could do to bring him around to both of my fantasies?

If -and how- you can warm him up to your fetish depends heavily on the personality of your boyfriend. Is he sexually dominate? Sexually submissive? Sexually neutral? In order to get him into the swing of things you’ll need to find out. You’ll also need to find out what he thinks and feels towards fetishes. Is he open minded? Does he have any fetishes of his own? Does he condemn fetishes and all other forms of sexual play outside of vanilla sex?

If he’s sexually dominate: Perhaps the best way is to explain that you love power. If he loves power and domination in the bedroom than you have something in common! Take it slow and once he understands you love to dominate, start to show him and explain to him scenarios of you both dominating each other in a city as a Giant and Giantess couple. Tell him you want to dominate the world with him. He may find he really enjoys the extra boost in power size gives him! You can be extremely happy and have wild sex that would shake any city to its core by including him this way! A giant and giantess couple is an absolute blast.

Unless of course, you prefer your men tiny only. If this is the case, you and him will have trouble seeing eye to eye sexually and he may not enjoy having his sexual power taken away from him.

If he’s sexually submissive: This probably isn’t the case since he wasn’t open to the idea at first, but perhaps the fetish wasn’t fully explained to him. Start with an angle he’s familiar with – power play and domination. You can’t just start explaining the fetish by saying “I want to be huge and crush people” because nearly all people without the fetish won’t understand this. You have to start where he can understand and teach him- power play, foot fetishes are great places to start. Explain to him that you want to dominate him so badly that you want him helpless beneath you! If he’s sexually submissive he’ll like the idea of this… Once you’ve explained your love of power and love of submissive men then work your way up to how “size” plays into it and how your other fetishes connect. Eventually he will warm up to the idea and may even love it to death!

If he’s sexually neutral: Once again, start with something he can understand or something he’s familiar with. (Which may not be much) Explain your foot fetish, explain how you enjoy dominating in bed. Don’t jump right to size and the delicious destruction that comes with it. Build up to it over time. Each time you feel he’s gotten comfortable with one aspect (it may take many conversations and fuckings) take it up a level and show him how it all connects. Gradually bring him into the fetish and most importantly LEARN what he likes about it and adapt your fetish to incorporate him and what he likes. Blend your fetish with his sexually and you will both be very happy.

If he’s sexually open: This helps a ton, just see the advice above. Jumping right to the “I want to destroy a city and crush people to get off” speech might not go over well at first and can be overwhelming to someone who doesn’t understand the emotional complexities of this fetish. Start slow- start with your foot fetish if you have one. Start with how you love to dominate. Dominate him in bed a few times to show him! Learn and adapt and gradually get into the fetish with him. If he has an open mind he will enjoy the learning process and quickly come to understand your fetish and why you have it.

Finally, if he’s sexually close minded: If he doesn’t know what a fetish is and seems like he never wants to know, this is going to take the most work. Especially if he gives you the attitude of “I want normal sex only, forever.” Not only do you have to explain to him what fetishes are, how they are perfectly normal, and how they enhance the sexual experience for you, but if he wants no part even after you’ve walked him through the idea of a fetish you may want to consider *gulp* ending things. You will never be happy with someone who can’t or won’t understand you on a sexual level. Sexually is a HUGE part of who YOU are as a person- if you don’t match, you don’t match. Find someone out there who will appreciate the Goddess and Giantess for who you are. Trust me, there are TONS of men who would absolutely love to die beneath you body during your orgasms. You should be treated like a Giantess, no less. Take it from me!

All of this advice goes for the men and their vanilla partners too, just reverse the genders above. Hopefully this helps!! :D

Steven asked: What do you think causes the split between ‘gentle’ fans, and the fans that prefer more violent endings?

Maybe those with the gentle fetish grew up with protectively dominate females? I don’t quite understand the split myself- in all of my fantasies I tend to not be very gentle. I find gentle to be extremely romantic and sweet, but not nearly as sexual. That’s the only reason I don’t do more gentle works… I don’t quite understand it myself! O_o

TBG asked: I’m really curious, does your fetish come up in everyday life? Ever wanted to shrink some jerk down too size? Or wish you grow giantess size to get out of a boring situation?

Constantly. It is constantly coming up in everyday life. Ants, crumbs, sprinkles all provoke my pussy and mind. I don’t think I could go a day without having a Giantess fantasy pop into my mind or unfold before my eyes. And yes, there have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to shrink a jerk (or unknowing bystander…) down to size. Teachers, popular kids all were under my shrinking spells when I as younger. These days it’s bad drivers, bad waiters, bad dates (and good dates… and alright dates… ok- all of my dates!) and when I’m driving many cars deserved to be packed down into the pavement.

Most commonly though, it’s right here in my house. I fantasize about the food I eat having people on it and the fibers I step on being skyscrapers. It’s hard not to think of cities falling under my feet as I walk across my room and people running from my every step. Ants and bugs become sexual victims or buses full of people. It drives me wild and it’s hard not to think about many things in a sexual size-related way.

The fetish also causes problems in everyday life. For example, I don’t think I could ever go to a stadium or a football game. It would be way to weird and overly sexual. I’d feel as if the entire stadium was just meant for me to grow into a Giantess for. It’d be like if a normal guy was surrounded by hot, horny and naked chicks but couldn’t FUCK any of them. I have the same problem in cities- my panties are constantly drooling and it’s overwhelming. I want to grow and fuck EVERYTHING but can’t. Instead I’m forced to race home and plot out my next FX movie- the only way I can truly express and release my sexuality. (Which, did I mention I’ve been DYING to do recently? T_T)

Geralt of R asked: What if the tables were turned one day? If it was *you* who were 1-2 inches tall, and the plaything of a giantess (or even a male giant!)… would this be a nightmare? Or something new to explore?

This question was asked ALOT! Which really surprises me and shows me that there is definitely interest in having the tables turned on me! I’m not sure what I think of that! XD However, do expect me to go into full detail about it in an upcoming blog post. This is definitely a question that will take some time to answer!

lildude85 asked: If I shrunk and in a tiny ship, and you accidentally ate me, what would be my journey, what all would I see?

I think it would look much like The Fantastic Voyage, except way sexier and you wouldn’t survive. :P
Sadly the actual “Fantastic Voyage” movie just makes me want to throw up from all the ugly and bullshit in it.

Newschool2626: I’ve noticed that the most popular type of Giantess fetish on this site is Vore, and the least is butt crush/ass play. So my question is: Is this because vore is your favorite part of the giantess community and torturing shrunken with your butt is your least, or is it because purchases on your videos have shown that Vore is most popular with your audience while butt play is the least?

There are two reasons for this. One is that I absolutely love vore- it is easily one of the strongest sub-fetishes I have and as such it shows up on my site quite often. Ass play is great too but I’m not much of an strictly ass crush girl. Don’t get me wrong though, I ~love~ feeling tiny people under my ass. But I LOVE feeling them squirm under my pussy so much more. This causes my ass videos to quickly turn into ass / pussy videos. Because I haven’t been able to do nudity on my site due to the way my current merchant is set up, I don’t get to create my pussy fantasies very often because I can’t go all out with them. In other words, because ass and pussy videos are so closely related and my fantasies involving them often call for nudity, I can’t film or produce them because my current merchant won’t allow.

However… that will be changing very, VERY soon. I’ve spent the past four years working for it and I’ve finally scored an adult merchant account. You will see me nude and living out my fantasies to their fullest in 2011. This year was the year of programming- next year will be the year of filming and moving. :evil:

That’s it- all 100 some questions that I received. I have saved many of them for full blog posts, which I’ll be doing from now on until I need more questions again.
Time to get back to work on Giantessbooru. Love you little bugs! Have a great Thanksgiving! :heart: (Or just a great week if you don’t live in the US :3)


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Chares

    Have got realy crush this ants?

  2. paddy-joe

    once agen a 299990 out of 10 post godess lol and thanks so much for ansring my Q a A you are amzing that is all lol love you insole paddy-joe

  3. MarkM

    Wow this blog turned me on like crazy Goddess Katelyn! Thank you for such straight forward honest answers! Besides your extreme hotness I think that’s what does it for me. It’s KNOWING you would absolutely end me if I could shrink myself and so desired! I know you wouldn’t even think twice about it.

    And yeah I can’t explain either why some like myself have the desire from the other angle. From my prospective I’ve ALWAYS had a Giantess fantasy and then you showed up………….. So couple my life long Giantess fantasy along with your EXTREME HOTNESS and it’s just to much for me. No, I don’t REALLY want to die but my desire to experience you would be so great it would FAR out weigh even my desire to live. Nothing else would matter except being able to experience your greatness over me.

    Maybe it is like the male scorpion or male black widow………… He has to have her regardless of the consequence’s.

    Oh, that’s pretty hot too about you grabbing a male and female stranger and forcing them to make love to one another for your amusement! I’m truly not sure if I could “perform” under that kind of pressure or not. Wouldn’t mind trying though! I like the part better when you would use us as your dildo! lol

    With Love!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. MisterBubbles

    I know I’ve totally missed it but even if you take it as an idea… have you ever thought about being a giantess in an amusement park? I understand that is a VERY ambitious FX project but I think it would be worth it! Personally i find scents and sounds to be subtle, overlooked things that can drive someone wild. Imagine tipping over a Ferris wheel, hearing the carnival music distort with the screaming masses and all the while you’re thinking about how yummy that cotton candy stall smells ^-^ Just a suggestion!


  5. Kyle

    What color is your favorite for painting toe nails? (my favorite was pink)

  6. Shawn

    Hi Katelyn,
    Are you going to squish any more buggies in your videos soon?

  7. SuberSup

    Are you going to make Giantess fx clips where you grow into a giantess?

  8. KrazySpatula

    Hi Katelyn, loved your recent ‘Pictures of The Day’ series of the ants. Looks like you had a lot of fun with that and lots of fun afterwards with all the pictures you took – My question is do you often find yourself looking at your your baresoles admiring your work and seeing ants caked to your feet like that after a mass crush scene? If so what is generally your reaction? How do you hope they feel when your stepping on them? Do you hope they communicate with each other as your posing and stepping on them? Grr soo many questions but i can’t fit them all in :(

    I’ll leave a link here though that i think you may find interesting

    hubpages . com/hub/Intelligent_Ants

  9. KrazySpatula

    2nd question – hope you don’t think i’m being greedy, i don’t ask many questions but i think it may be an interesting one.

    In most species of creatures/animals on earth the male is the most dominate one. After you have stepped on an ant and say the ant was male, if it was looking down from bug heaven and saw you taking loads of photoshots of his body and all his familys bodys caked to your baresoles, would you hope his pride is a little dented that he’s been squashed and killed by a female (all be it another species) just for pleasure? Have you ever thought about this even from a giantess pov?

  10. Anonymous

    Your videos will be twice as good with nudity. I’ve always wondered why there was none, I guessed that you were self conscious but obviously that doesn’t make much sense!

    Would you use FX or small models for pussy interaction? Seems like it would be difficult to make FX convincing for something as dynamic as that.

  11. Greg Viera

    as always ur blogs are so sexy <3 <3 <3 <3
    if u ever needed anyone to eat or play with im the tiny little pet for u <3 <3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3
    u can even use me as a dildo if u wish hehe <3 <3
    you are number 1 <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3

  12. rr

    Great post! But i dont get this stadium thing :P Football rox ! :D

  13. Joey

    Haha, I noticed your last twitter post said that you needed to get some dinner in you. Are posts like that a request for volunteers?

  14. Chris

    I have a question how come you never make an epic video with another model. Like the whole video doesn’t have to be focused on her but I mean at least like a cameo of daisy or jade. I think that would be awesome

  15. Daniel

    I think you mentioned somewhere that you have some interest in giant couples. Have you ever fantasized about dominating a male giant? Say the government sent one to battle you, and after defeating him (because you’re awesome like that), you proceed to sexually humiliate him in front of all the masses.

  16. Neil

    Hi Katelyn love your work I like gts and sw would you ever make a picture of yourself being held in a giant hand I think it would look sexy

  17. john

    when will the anal vore start,
    and when will you start farting
    on tiny men ?

  18. T

    Hi Katelyn, first off I’m a huge fan and have been for a long time. I’m still “in the closet” about my softvore/giantess fetish and I deeply respect how you can embrace it and be so open about it. In sexual situations I still find it hard to become completely aroused as traditional sex seems just ‘superficial’ if you will. It’s not to hard for me to find girls who are interested in me but it seems almost impossible to find someone like you who understands this fantasy at its most intimate levels. I know that this isn’t really a question so I suppose I’ll ask one:

    I’m a huge softvore guy so It’d basically be a dream come true if you would give me a detailed description of what it’d be like to be shrunk then swallowed alive by you. Hint: I like when there’s some half-digested food in the stomach =] I hope this isn’t too much to ask.

  19. steve

    Hi Katelyn,

    I`m just wanted to ask you a quick question, If you had the choice of shrinking and making any one of these singers your ass slave who would it be: Myle cyrus, Selena Gomez, or Victoria Justice.

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