Katelyn Visits the City

By Shoulderdevil — Featuring: Giantess, Feet, Vore

Katelyn entered the city just like she had so many times before to so many other cities, arriving at the airport then asking for help to find a hotel to stay in for the night. The people are really nice here, she thought to herself, not getting too attached to anyone because she knew what was in store for them come morning. She dropped her things off at the hotel, she insisted on a multi-story hotel and a room with a view looking over the city, then after resting for about an hour decided that she would go for a walk through the streets of down town to look around. It was just beginning to get dark as she walked through the crowded streets, looking up at the tall buildings around the area. She would occasionally ask the residents where the most popular places were to hang out in, come morning. The most popular answer was 4th and Main Streets, just when all the stores begin opening their doors, then they warned her that she might not want to be around at the time, it gets pretty crowded at that time. She would just say, that’s ok, I really love crowds, and walk away thinking, such nice people, I hope they don’t get in the way come morning. She decided to go ahead and pay a visit to 4th and Main that night, just to see what the place looked like. When she arrived she looked around at all the stores and businesses, almost all of the buildings were 20+ stories tall, this was why she chose this city to visit, so many tall buildings. At the time the streets weren’t as crowded as she had hoped them to be, but it wasn’t time yet anyway. Katelyn had seen what she wanted to see and thought to herself that this will do nicely. By now it was dark, and now that she has her location in mind, she has to do something else, when she visits a city she always buys a new shirt to wear with an amusing logo on it about the city she is in and wears it come morning for the big show. She saw a small t-shirt shop off of 4th street, “Miss T’s T-shirts”, and went inside. Once inside she noticed a very pretty tall blonde girl standing behind the counter, Katelyn said hi to her, since the blonde girl was staring right at her, she didn’t respond so Katelyn began shuffling through the racks of shirts with logos on them, she pulled one from the rack a cut-off T with a low cut neck line and read the logo, laughing out loud she thought to herself this is perfect. The girl behind the counter yells at her, are you going to buy that? Katelyn glared at her and walked to the counter, the girl took the shirt from her, read the logo and muttered, figures a tourist, under her breath. As Katelyn leaves the store and heads back to her hotel she thinks, not so nice….

Katelyn wakes early the next morning with excitement about her soon to come adventure. She runs to her window looking out over the city and just stares for a few minutes, taking in the “before” look of the city, she then begins getting dressed. Knowing she’ll soon be the center of attention she chooses her clothes carefully, wearing her new shirt (of course), a lacey pink bra, a short black loose fitting skirt, and pink panties to match her bra. She chooses a pair of black sandals with 1″ thick soles and 3″ heels. Katelyn is a beautiful woman, 21 years old, nice trim body, one worth showing off to everyone, short brunette hair, and just an awesome shape that anyone could be mesmerized by just by glancing at her. She checks herself in the mirror one last time before heading downstairs to catch a cab. She hailed a cab and when she got in the driver asked, where to? 4th and Main, she replied with a small giggle. The driver was in his late twenties, decent looking, dark hair, very talkative. They talked while he drove. The news was on the radio in the cab as they came close to their destination, the driver turned up the volume when the reporter was saying, …….then after the gigantic woman had completely destroyed the city, just like in the other cities, she just seemed to vanish…..the driver looks in the rear view mirror and sees a smile on Katelyn’s face…..that’s something isn’t it, a giant woman destroying cities, it’s like something you’d see in the movies. Katelyn smiles even bigger. Then the driver says, there must be something wrong in her head to make her do that, I wonder where she’ll show up next. Katelyn’s smile turned into a frown, just then they arrived at 4th and Main, Katelyn looked out the window of the cab and saw, as promised, a huge crowd of people lined the streets. This is going to be fun, she said out loud. What’d you say?, the driver asked looking at her again in his mirror, Katelyn just smiled and began to grow. Her growth wasn’t all that fast, but too fast for the driver of the cab to escape from the vehicle, Katelyn’s back pressed against the roof of the cab just for a few seconds before the roof gave and she appeared to the crowd. She stood up taking one foot out of the cab and leaving one inside, her growth had already pinned the driver against the steering wheel. Katelyn wasn’t so big that she couldn’t hear his screams and his body breaking as her sandal filled the passenger compartment of the cab, separating the front half of the cab from the back, with a lovely giant foot in between. The crowd was stunned at the spectacle of the growth of this giant woman, but even knowing of her tendencies from news reports few could draw themselves away from this amazing sight. Her sandals pushed the traffic surrounding the cab onto the sidewalks, overturning them with people still inside, but still the crowds just moved out of the way of the vehicles and continued looking up at Katelyn. Katelyn watched the reaction of the crowd, not surprised because of similar reactions in cities before, and looking at their faces as they shrank away, just laughed as she continued to grow. It took approximately 3-4min. for her height to finally peak at around 200ft. tall, making the people in the crowd just over 2″ tall to her. She stretched her arms out and gave a fake yawn, exposing her new shirt’s logo that she had just recently purchased, it read, “Now I’m a Big City Girl” with a picture of the city printed below, the only thing is Katelyn modified it by placing a comma after “Big”. It now read “Now I’m a Big, City Girl” and there was a markered-in outline of a woman’s figure standing over the city.

At first she pretended to ignore the crowd, standing in one place she looked around at the buildings and the streets, looking down at the lines of cars, trucks, and buses that were all backed up in the streets but not focusing on the people. She casually removed one of her sandals, and when she came to the other one she noticed that the front of the cab was still attached to the front of her sandal with the driver still pinned to the steering wheel, so she tapped her foot breaking the remains of the cab free then removed her sandal and, making it look unintentional (when it fully was intentional), sat her bare foot down on top of the remains of the cab, crushing it and the driver into the pavement. Noticing her foot was now twice as long as the car parked next to it. She sat her shoes down on top of the building closest to her, a 20 story business that now barely comes to her chest, and began to speak to the crowd……Ok people, you know what’s going on here, you watch the news, my name is Katelyn, Goddess Katelyn, and you are all my tinies. You should feel honored that I chose your city to “visit” and enjoy myself in. As you can see, I can make myself any size I want, and with that, I can do whatever I want. I came to your city to have some fun, but when I have fun I tend to get a little rough, for those of you that survive you will have a great story to tell, and as for the others…….and with that, before the crowd had time to react, Katelyn raised one of her enormous bare feet up into the air, placed it above the crowd on the sidewalk, and began to step down slowly. This step was always Katelyns favorite, the crowd caught off guard was instantly turned from calm curiosity to panic and fear, this is what Katelyn loves about being a goddess, the fear of the crowd turns her on, and knowing that they are giving their lives for her pleasure, there is nothing more exciting to Katelyn than this. As she pressed down on the crowd she felt their puny hands and arms against the bottom of her foot, trying to resist the pressure. She cocked her head to the side to try to see under her foot a little more, she saw men and women on their knees, unable to get up because of the pressure, she curled her big toe downwards into the sidewalk, finishing off two people that were trapped underneath it, then she focused in on a man and a woman next to each other under her heel and stepped down further on the helpless people, watching their bodies give up and collapse, seeing them bend ways they shouldn’t, feeling their soft bodies against the bottom of her foot as she pressed them down against the sidewalk, still wiggling, trying to move, but almost no resistance to her, until they finally exploded from underneath the sides of her foot, along with the thirty or so other people that were unlucky enough to be standing around them, their life juice squeezed from their bodies. With that, Katelyn threw her head back and closed her eyes, slightly trembling, trying to control the orgasmic feeling building within, as she settled her entire weight down upon the people, cracking the sidewalk beneath her beautiful frame.

Screams of the crowd filled the air, which added to her excitement. It took a moment but Goddess Katelyn settled her orgasmic urge, brought her head back up and looked down at the crowd. Even after this the crowd has not moved very far because the ones further away that have still not yet decided to run were holding the ones closer to her from escaping. The “tinies” that were closest to her foot as she stepped down were now only about 15 feet away, looking back and trying to force their way into the crowd, Goddess Katelyn smiled when she saw this rolled her foot back on its heel to allow them to see the gore stuck to the bottom of her foot and pressed into the sidewalk. The screams intensified bringing a laugh to the Goddess. Seeing how they were trapped by the rest of the crowd Katelyn moved her foot just slightly, enough to where the tinies were under it, heel to toe, and pressed down again, this time squashing nearly 50 because they were packed so tightly. Playfully Katelyn said to the remaining crowd, Have you ever walked barefoot on a really thick shag carpet?…. Then turning her attention to the street, where she was going to place her next step, she spotted a bright red Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible, the only bright red car in the area which brought it to her attention. Again, enjoying herself, she playfully said, Hey, I like that car……. let me try it on!….With that she placed what toes would fit into the interior of the open topped car and tried to slip them under the hood like she would a shoe, the car instantly settled to the ground under the weight, the driver side door bulged out and eventually separated at the top, the seats gave way easily, the car slid forward into the mini-van abandoned in front of it, Katelyn pressed harder and her big toe and her second toe slid up under the hood like she wanted, pushing the engine out through the front of the car, she then set the back of her foot down, which reached all the way back to the car parked behind her car, crushing it as well. Her new “shoe” only reached to, almost, the middle of her arch and crushed completely under her, with a disappointed tone she said….. Awww, but it’s not my size!!…. Then wiggled her toes ripping and mangling the front of the car until her toes were free, and all of the pieces had fallen off her foot. Katelyn then raised her foot and turned it facing the crowd and brought it down, purposefully on a Fed-Ex delivery van and the cars parked on either side of it easily crushing all but the back halves of the vehicles, which were still recognizable and sticking out from the inside edge of her foot, little did she know that the delivery truck driver was hiding in the van waiting for her to pass, his fear was short as the roof of the van came down on him, raising her other foot, she brought it over the lines of still traffic, slowly because she knew that bodies of her previous victims were falling from the sole of her foot onto the abandoned cars, then she placed her sole across two cars and her toes resting on a third, crushing it more with every little movement she made. Besides playing with her tinies, Katelyn’s other most fun thing to do in the city was crushing cars under her feet. Though she can barely tell that they are there, just knowing that she is crushing these, once massive vehicles, with such ease, and the thought that the owner of the once beloved automobile could be watching as the life of his car ends under the foot of a woman like it was nothing…..insignificant, aroused her every time. Now facing the crowd, Katelyn squatted down and asked, So, whose car was that anyway? I think I owe him something for the “use” of it…. The screams of the crowd continued, and no one stepped forward……Come on, I’m serious, whose car was it? Still no one would dare to accept this invitation…. Ok then, I’ll just have to pick one of you…….She scanned the crowd looking for a young attractive man, if she had to choose she was going to be happy with her choice, finally spotting one that got her attention, mainly because of his clothes and shape of his body, it was hard to make out faces at this height. She pointed at the young man and said, You, come over here!……he stopped trying to run, stunned that he had been singled out, and just stood there……You heard me, I said over here, NOW!…..He began trying to push through the crowd, trying to do what she wished in fear of making her angry, but the crowd was too busy trying to get away and he couldn’t get past. Katelyn could have just picked him from the middle of the crowd, but instead she grabbed a handful of tinies that were blocking his path, picked them up and tossed them over her shoulder, the tinies flew across the street, some hitting the building directly behind her and falling onto the crowd below, causing the panic level to raise in the, previously somewhat relieved that her attention was focused on the other side of the street, people. While others flew down the alley and directly into the crowd hiding there. Before the man could get through the opening the crowd filled the hole back up, thinking they are that much closer to escaping. Enraged, Katelyn grabbed the handful of people that replaced the others in a closed fist and swung it back and forth in the crowd clearing a large hole, then crushing the tinies in her hand this time, before tossing them…..LET HIM THROUGH!….she yelled, and the crowd listened this time, but only long enough for him to reach the street, then the hole filled up instantly. Katelyn reached down and as gently as she could picked him up between her thumb and index finger, holding him so that he was facing her, she slowly began raising him up her magnificent body. Katelyn opened her legs a little so that, as he passed, he could see her exposed panties. As he got to her waist, she began to stand up and brought him slowly past her breast and low cut shirt to her face………So, what do you think?….her voice thundered.

So, was that your car?….she asked, the frightened man shook his head no…….Awwww, well that’s too bad. We’ll just pretend that it was so I can pay you back, ok?…….Now let me see, what can a Goddess like me do for you that would make up for me crushing your car?, hmmm….I could get you another car……..She reached down picking up another car that she had been eyeballing to “play” with and brought it up in front of the man, hesitated for a minute, letting him look at the car, then said……but naaah, that’s no fun, besides this one isn’t red like yours was. …..She then closed her hand on the car, crushing it with ease in front of the man, then carelessly tossed it into the crowd of tinies, killing dozens……Let me see, hmmm…..She continued, still paying attention to the crowd around her, and keeping them “entertained” Katelyn began tapping her foot while she was thinking. At first on top of the already crushed cars, then shifting her weight and turning her foot to a fresh vehicle, tapping her foot repeatedly on top of it, crushing it more and more with each tap, then as she came to a solution to her thoughts of what to do, she tapped her foot down hard, curled her toes under the front of the car, raised her foot and the front of the car up one last time and tapped hard again. This time the front of the car folded in half to the back just before her foot came down pressing them together…….You know, a sexy looking little tinie like you, what do all guys want?…….Katelyn reached down and pulled the front of the waist band of her dress and panties away from her body and dangled the man above the opening where he could see all the way down to her clit……..What do you think, I can let you spend some time in here, that would be worth losing your car huh?……She held him there a little longer, then, letting go of the waist bands and letting them snap shut said……..but then again, it really wasn’t THAT nice a car to deserve that! Besides, I usually save that as punishment for those that have been bad…..Then raising him back to her face said……I think that just saying sorry and keeping you close to my heart would be fine, don’t you?…..The man nodded…….and the closest place to my heart is right here……..Katelyn pulled her shirt and bra away from her left breast and quickly dropped the man inside, he landed near the top of her breast then slid down to the cup of her bra, brushing against her nipple, she snickered slightly and let her shirt and bra fall back against her breast, she felt the man struggling and fighting to find a way out, she thought to herself…..Oooh! A fighter, maybe I should have stayed with my first choice of payment!…… She then turned to address the crowd…….Ok, tinies, so far you haven’t been very nice to me, all I’ve asked of you was who owned the car, and to let this man (pointing at her breast) by so I could be “nice to him, and I didn’t get a good response for either!……Pausing for a moment……and not one of you has even commented on my T-shirt I bought especially for all of you…………With that Katelyn’s speech cam to an abrupt halt…….The T-shirt shop…..she thought. And the rude young woman that worked there…….Without another word Katelyn turned from the crowd , and headed down the street. Mrs. T’s T-Shirts was about a block and a half away from where Katelyn was, focused on where she was headed Katelyn’s first step landed carelessly and harshly on top of three cars, not directly on top, but crushing the driver side of two and the passenger side of the one sitting next to them. In the streets that were closest to her, her tinies had avoided wandering into the street because that is where Katelyn spent most of her time, but with her next step, which was almost a half a block from where she started, the crowd had spread between the cars, and with her speed, they didn’t have time to get out of the way, this time several tinies were crushed under the Goddess’s foot along with several more cars. With her mind set on where she was going, Katelyn didn’t even notice the helpless people who were squashed in her steps, her next step fell upon a doomed semi truck filled with Doritos potato chips, a small crowd of people had a poorly thought out plan and ducked underneath the trailer of the truck to wait for her to pass then they would come out safely. Between the truck, the chips, and the tinie’s bodies, this was by far the most enormous crunch Katelyn had heard, ever, she couldn’t help but notice this step. It didn’t stop her though, she smiled slightly and continued on her way. With two more steps, seven vehicles crushed, and sixteen tinies mashed beyond recognition, Katelyn arrived at the T-shirt shop.

With the thought of the rude sales woman still on her mind, Katelyn raised her foot and brought it down as slowly as she could on a silver car parked directly in front of the shop’s windows, knowing that anyone inside would be able to see the destruction and thinking that they would try to escape, she pressed down. The roof of the car crushed instantly down to the level of the trunk and hood with glass shattering in all directions, then the front tires spread apart and eventually broke free from the axle, the rear tires burst like rifles firing, then the body of the car gave way and Katelyn’s foot settled to the ground, with a slow, drawn out, crunch! She lifted her foot off the crushed car and stood, with her hands on her hips, in the street in front of the store, which at this height, the store only reached her ankle, and watched and waited for the girl to appear. When nothing happened, Katelyn placed her foot on the roof of the store, where she knew that the check out counter wasn’t, knowing the layout of the inside of the store from her visit before, and said……..Anyone in there?……and stepped down, destroying that section of the store. Still no sign of the girl. Katelyn, a little disappointed, was about to give up and focus her attention on the new tinies that she had been “neglecting” earlier, after all, they couldn’t see her perform from all the way down here, when out of the corner of her eye she saw a blonde woman run from the T-shirt store to the parking lot. Katelyn smiled and allowed her to get to her car, a newer model black Camero, and as she backed out of her parking space, Katelyn reached down and picked up the small car using only her thumb and forefinger, as she lifted the car, the pressure it took to hold on to the car crushed both the driver and passenger doors in to where they would no longer open. The engine revved fiercely and the tires of the car were spinning to no avail, Katelyn could see the front tires of the car turning left and right, as if the girl were trying to shake her car loose from Katelyn’s grip. The Goddess raised the car up to her face and said sternly…….Remember me?….The tourist……..I bet you recognize the shirt……You weren’t very nice to me……Katelyn was watching the girl through the windshield of the car, she was screaming frantically and looked as though begging Katelyn to put her down. Then Katelyn said to her…..you know, when I first saw you, I found you were very attractive, but that little attitude you had turned me off….Now that you have lost that attitude, I think I might be able to enjoy myself with you…….With that Katelyn pulled her dress and panties waist bands away from her body and dropped the entire car, with the girl still trapped inside, nose first, with the tires against her body, into her panties, directly in front of her clit, then released her waist bands and let her panties hold the car against her body. At first the girl frantically tried to get out of the car, but the damaged doors wouldn’t open and wouldn’t allow the windows to roll down for her to climb through. Failing at this, the girl did exactly what Katelyn had hoped she would do, she got back behind the wheel, put the car in gear, and gunned the gas. Once Katelyn felt the initial vibration of the car’s motor and the tires spinning against both sides of her clit, though she had anticipated it, she almost couldn’t stand the orgasmic feeling it gave her instantly. She stumbled in the street, stepping on cars and people and knocking them out of the way, cupping her hand over her crotch and falling back against the building behind her, a 30 story department store, her butt crashed through the face of the building at about the 15th floor, destroying the stores with a window view, killing several window watchers that thought they were safe, then she slid down the building front destroying the stores below, the back of her short dress rolled up the building behind her back and exposed her bright pink panties to those below on the sidewalk, which was the last thing they saw as she came to rest on top of them. Just missing landing on a bus parked at a bus stop with several people hiding inside. Hundreds of tinies, that didn’t have time or the sense to move, were crushed under her butt and falling debris from the building, feeling this only added to the excitement she was experiencing…… She began to feel that the tires of the car weren�t rubbing her hard enough so she gently pressed against the outside of her panties against the roof of the car to feel the tires rubbing against her even more, her “gently” was not gentle enough, the roof of the car began to collapse in on the blonde girl, this made her even more nervous and she began to turn the wheel back and forth and step on the accelerator even more, Katelyn jerked with excitement. With this, in an uncontrolled urge, Katelyn placed her index finger on the outside of her panties on the Camero’s hood and began pressing the front of the car into her clit, Katelyn pressed hard and the nose of the car bent under and disappeared into her, the girl inside the car, still frantically turning the wheel and pressing the gas pedal, began screaming but this only lasted for a moment, the screaming stopped when Katelyn adjusted her finger to the roof of the car to attempt to press it in further. As she did, she crushed the blonde girl inside the car as it slipped further into herself. Too far along to notice that her “toy” was no longer working, Katelyn placed her palm against her panties and began rubbing the remaining half of the car against herself roughly, but without the motor revving and the wheels of the car turning frantically her excitement was slowly fading, she removed her hand and let it fall to her side, it landed on several tinies that had only given Katelyn very little room to sit down, crushing and injuring them. When she felt the bodies moving under her hand she had an idea, she grabbed a large handful of women and men and let them spill off her hand into the front of her panties. All of the movement of the trapped people renewed her orgasmic feelings. She resisted as long as she could but soon began rubbing the front of her panties again, grinding the bodies of her tinies into her clit and crushing them against her body. The more she rubbed the more exited she got, and just as she was almost done satisfying herself, she rolled her eyes open, and the first thing she saw was the bus she had narrowly missed crushing as she stumbled before, still under her orgasmic “trance” and with the final rush of excitement, she quickly snatched the bus up with her free hand, all of the people that were hiding were still inside, and just as quickly crushed it in her hand and slammed it to the ground as her pleasure was completing, with a long deep sigh….. Tossing the bus aside, Katelyn instinctively cupped her hands under her breasts and massaged them to complete the feeling of satisfaction, completely forgetting about the young man whom she placed in her bra, and without even knowing, Katelyn ended his life as well.

Goddess Katelyn stood up, just slightly embarrassed by her actions but not in the least regretting them. She dusted off the dust and debris from the building she slammed into, then looking at the damaged she caused to the building simply said…….ooops! Content for now, she walked back across the street to the damaged t-shirt shop, taking small steps and being sure to crush a new car in each of her steps, after all the show must go on. She stood in front of the shop, a large crowd of tinies were gathered outside of the front of the shop, she raised her foot and stepped down crushing the front of the store and being sure to catch a few tinies under her foot as well. She stomped again and again until the store was a pile of rubbish. She reached down into her panties and pulled out the remains of the shop attendants car, still wedged inside of her clit. The car was still in one piece but so badly mangled and mashed that you could never recognize it for what it once was. Katelyn examined the vehicle, seeing the car smashed and covered in her juices and the life juices of the people she had smashed, knowing that all of this was just so that she could have a few moments of excitement, she was mesmerized for a moment in thought. Then she decided that she wanted to see the blonde girl inside the mangled wreck, ripping the top off of the car with her finger, she saw that the girls body was still all in one piece, then a rumbling sound came from her stomach and she thought of a new game to play with her tinies. She said out loud…… sure seems a shame to waste such a nice looking bite by throwing it away…….she then shook the car upside down above her mouth until the girls body fell inside then she swallowed with exaggerated gulp, dropping the remains of the car on top of what used to be the T-shirt shop………Mmmmmmmm! In all the excitement of getting here early this morning I completely forgot to eat breakfast! Whose up for a bite?……Katelyn reached down and grabbed up a handful of tinies, then adjusted her position over previously undamaged rows of cars and trucks and sat down on top of them, crushing 20+ of the vehicles beneath her, still one of her favorite past times and she didn’t want to waste any opportunity to crush as many as she could, besides, it’s a good show for her audience. Still within reach of the crowd on the sidewalks, she opened her hand that held the tinies and let looked at them. She counted only 4 women and 8 men, some black, white, Hispanic….And she jokingly said……..Ooooh a sampler dish!……She picked out the hispanic male first, with her other hand and said……I like Mexican food…. and dropped him in her mouth and swallowed…….The only thing about Mexican food is that I always have to eat something sweet after it……She grabbed the young black girl up and said……chocolate, my favorite…….and dropped the screaming woman into her mouth, this time rolling her victim around with her tongue for a moment, then sticking her tongue out with the woman still alive and holding on, showing the rest of her “snack” that remained in her hand just to frighten them, then pulling her back in chewing her up before swallowing. The remaining people in her hand were now terrified, trying to jump out of her hand, but Katelyn would just catch them and continue with her game. She ate and oriental woman…….Spicy!……Then grabbed an over weight man that she had picked up, looking at him she said……look at this body, do you think that I can keep this figure by eating fatty food like you?……With that she held him way up high and dropped him to the pavement below. She finished off her “snack” she had , continuing to make comments about each one……Hey, I really like your outfit!……..gulp………Ooooh, I bet all the girls fall for you!……gulp……Then she grabbed another handful off the sidewalk…….I know what you’re thinking……she said…….didn’t your mom teach you not to play with your food?……..You’re right!…….and this time she held her hand above her mouth dropping one or two of her tinies in at a time, chewing only when two fell in, until they were gone as well. Then grabbing another handful and doing the same, thinking back to her first taste of tinies, she didn’t really like it because of the salty flavor, but after many meals of tinies she has really developed a taste for them and now intentionally doesn’t eat before her adventures. Then as she was finishing with her meal, a policeman on horseback showed up, the police have been unable to get through with their cars because of the traffic and crowds blocking them, he was riding through the crowd and she watched as he got closer. When he was close enough she reached down and picked both him and his horse up in her hand, the horse was terribly frightened and so was the officer. As she stared at the horse and officer, this was a first for her to have a horse in her hand, the officer was shouting something to her. She couldn’t understand him, he was too small, but she was sure that it was something to do with the fact she just ate handfuls of people right in front of him. The officer got more and more frustrated at her for ignoring his statements and just staring and soon drew his gun and fired, striking Katelyn on the cheek. Surprised by the slight sting, Katelyn jerked back, then realizing she had just been shot, looked at the crowd and said……..Have you ever heard the saying “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”?…..then with that shoved the officer and his horse into her mouth and began chewing. This was a much bigger bite than just a tinie or two, but the taste was basically the same, Katelyn thought to herself, I’ll have to try this more often, maybe I should “visit” a small country town next…… Finished with her meal, and enjoying her nice surprise dessert, Katelyn begins to stand up. The sound of the cars that she had sat on wailing as she shifted her weight and they adjusted with her, one that a few tinies observed, stuck to the back of her thigh until she had almost stood up all the way, then fell back to the pavement. Never even noticed by the Goddess.

When she stood to full height again she thought to herself, I think it’s time for a new game, I need my sandals. Looking down, she noticed that the crowd was still full, despite all that she had done, she still had not even needed to go to another street to play her games. She decided that maybe she needed to scare them a little more and be less predictable. On her way back to get her sandals she made it a point to take smaller steps and to always have something new to step on. Her first step was in the right in the middle of the crowd on the right side of the street, caught completely off guard the tinies fell to the ground right before her foot landed on them, all the ones that were just narrowly missed fell backwards into the surrounding crowd. Katelyn decided to visit both sides of the street on this trip and twisting her foot on the bodies of the tinies under her first step, turned abruptly towards the left side of the street. For vehicles to step on she decided to play a game, she wouldn’t step on anything smaller than a truck, and whatever is parked next to it. Her first crush wasn’t too far away, not even a full step, it was a green one ton dually pick-up truck, instead of front to back she set her foot on the truck sideways, right across the cab, crushing it and cars parked on either side into the pavement. The truck’s frame curled up on each side of Katelyn’s foot, and when she took her next step, the truck raised in the air with her foot, she noticed this and laughed and casually raised her foot up, put her finger between the mangled truck and her foot, and flicked it off, back down to the lines of traffic below. On the other side of the street she swung her foot over the heads of her tinies, stopping in some places and acting like she was going to step down but then moving on. Finally stepping down on the most dense part of the crowd, then just to be cruel, raising her foot and stepping down on a couple more groups of helpless tinies, justifying it by thinking how she spent more time on the right side of the street earlier. She continued her game all the way back to the building that she had placed her sandals on, sometimes having to make a short leap to reach the next truck which shook the ground beneath her tinies feet, knocking some off theirs. When she reached her destination, she reached over to grab her sandals off the top of the building and noticed a man running from her shoes to the roof access door, she quickly grabbed him and grabbed her shoes. She put on her first shoe, placing it on the ground and slipping her foot in, then she placed her second shoe on the ground and said to the little man…….so you like my shoes, well here you go………dropping him on top of her sandal just below the straps then sliding her foot in smearing him beneath………Well now it’s time for a new game my tinies………..

To be continued.