Dinner at Katelyn’s

By Tom — Featuring: Shrunken Couple, Ass, Feet

The night air was chilling as the couple left the small, one bedroom flat they lived in on the outskirts of the small town. The male, who was 20 years old, put his arm around the younger, 19 year old female he called his love. Nuzzling her face into the crook of his shoulder and neck, the young Andrea smiled as they approached the vehicle. “Matt, it was so nice of Katelyn to invite us over for dinner tonight.” She said to him as she opened the passenger door and sat herself down in the passenger seat. Matt moved to the driver’s door and set himself down as well, as he put the key in the ignition and started it up. “I was surprised myself, and really I feel a bit guilty. She is a busy college girl, and here she is making us dinner.” He replied to her in a dry tone, as he started to back the vehicle out. Andrea scoffed and folded her arms over her chest, as the vehicle backed out “Oh try to have fun hun! Just…. please ignore her flirting..” her voice trailed off as she sighed and looked to him, worry in her eyes. Shifting the gears of the vehicle, Matt just nodded simply and pulled off, hitting the highway for the trip to Katelyn’s.

At the small apartment Katelyn dwelled, Katelyn was busy preparing the meal. Her small, black skirt jiggled as it attempted to cover her ass as she stood in front of the oven, stirring some pasta. The white apron she wore protected her black tube top which she was sporting tonight. Her attire that evening took special care to show her lucious behind off, as she shook her hips left and right, as if teasing someone imaginary. She was speechless, as her lips formed a clean, innocent smile. After all, she would get to see both Matt and Andrea, and for her that was similar to a two in one flirt fest. With her mind drifting, the pasta quickly finished, as she turned the burner off and finished preparing it, as the sound of two car doors shutting caught her ears. With a perky voice, she set the pasta down and said to herself “Here we go!”.

Matt stepped out of the car first, as he shut his door and walked around, opening Andrea’s door for her. His white shirt was graced with a black tie, as well as a nice set of khaki pants. Stepping out of the car, Andrea pushed her ankle long red dress down, and adjusted the red shirt she was wearing. Her brown hair was pulled back behind her ears in a pony tail, held by a small red scrunchie. Matt had short, brown hair, similar to a marine style buzz cut. Hand in hand, they walked up to the door of the apartment.

Before they could even hit the buzzer, the door opened as Katelyn greeted them, leaning against the doorway a bit. “Why hello my friends, please come in and warm yourselves up!” She said as she moved to the side, letting her eyes catch the eyes of Matt in a seductive look. The two walked in through the door, in which Katelyn shut behind them quickly. “So, how are the two of you tonight?” She asked as she walked into the kitchen and grabbed two bowls of pasta. Andrea set herself down on the couch as she smiled and watched her “I am doing well, how are you?”. Matt set himself down next to her and remained silent, as his eyes watched the semi-exposed behind of Katelyn as she moved about, placing the last items on the table.

Katelyn set the pasta on the table, and motioned them to it as she took a seat at the end of the table. “I am doing very, very well, please come eat!” She said as she grabbed a fork and started to slowly eat her pasta. Both of them stood, and made their way to the table, as they sat to her right next to one another. Andrea smiled as she picked up her fork and dug in, eating quickly as she knew the longer they were there, the more Katelyn would flirt with them. Matt on the other hand, poked at his pasta a bit, as his mind was on other things. Katelyn took note of this and looked up between bites “Matt, what is wrong hun, are you tense?” She asked as she stood and walked behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders as she started to rub slowly. “Loosen up baby…” was all Katelyn said as she continued her rub, which for Matt was soothing and relaxing. Andrea noticed this sudden move from Katelyn as she made a small cough of disgust as she turned to look at the two. Her view turned as she noticed that at face level was a black skirt facing her eye to eye. Looking up, she could see Katelyn rubbing away, as Matt’s eyes were closed. “Katelyn! What happened! Why are you and Matt so… big?”

Katelyn turned and looked down to Andrea, who was starting to shrink right out of her clothes! It was a fast process, but she kept quiet, only smiling, as she kept the eyes of Matt closed by rubbing. It was only another ten seconds that only a small lump remained under a red shirt and a red bra. Katelyn lowered her head as she gave Matt a deep kiss on the lips, which shook him in surprise as he felt a sinking feeling take him over. It was only a matter of time before him to fell victim to the same fate as Andre, as he was soon on his back, nothing but clothes covering his naked body and vision.

With a sick sense of happiness, Katelyn folded her hands together and let out a small, yet innocent school girl giggle. This was where the real fun began. Gently, she lifted both victims out from the clothing piles, looking to them as she held one in each hand. Poor Andrea was shaking horribly, as she face was pale and her lip stick smeared from her lips up her cheek a bit. She looked as if she was trying to speak, but the six inch woman was having trouble keeping her wits together. Matt on the other hand, looked as if he had been cracked with a large mallet in the back of the head. He was looking around slowly, as he had the sudden dread look in his eyes. Katelyn smiled to the two of them and laughed “Well, I have you both where I want you, now, let’s go over rules first. Rule one, I rule you both.” she said with a small school girl giggle as Andrea opened her mouth and started to talk “What have you do-mmpmpm” but was quickly cut off by Katelyn’s thumb pressing against her face. “Rule two; talk when I say you can talk. Rule three, the hierarchy is me of course, followed by Andrea, then of course, you Matt.” She said as she smiled to Matt. Matt kept his mouth shut tightly, even though he wanted to lash out. He knew that he was in no position to plea bargain for anything. “Now that we have the rules down, I think it is time I relaxed. Andrea, you’re on foot rubbing duty, and Matt, you’re on ass worship.” She carried the two with her to the couch, where she wedged them between the couch cushions.

Wiggling furiously, the two looked up at their new owner as Katelyn started to strip naked in front of them. Matt watched as he felt the small member he called a cock start to harden, causing him to rub against the cushion. Andrea on the other hand, was sobbing gently to herself, a wreck as her pinned arms kept her from covering her face. Katelyn watched the two of them as she gently slid the short skirt down to her ankles, stepping out of it as she revealed her back laced panties. With a sly smirk, she dropped them to the ground as she stepped out of them and set next to the two captives. “Okay! Let’s get started!” She picekd up the crying Andrea as she set her down on the floor between her feet. Letting her go, Andrea pathetically fell to the floor on her knees, as she was sobbing, covering her face. “Andrea! I gave you an order… I think it would be in your best judgment to start rubbing my feet…” said Katelyn as her left foot gently knocked the grieving Andrea onto her back. With a smile, her big toe started to rub against her face teasingly “Awww Andrea, lick my foot like you would Matt’s cock…” said Katelyn with a laugh as Andrea started to gently lick the bottom of it, the sweaty salty taste filling her mouth and nostrils with each passing of her tongue.

Matt was gently lifted up to Katelyn’s face, as she looked at him, holding him between two fingers “Well well, what is this?” She said as her thumb wrapped around, gently rubbing the erect penis as Matt faced went a deep, deep red. “Somebody is happy to see me; maybe you will be a bit more respectful than your good for nothing bitch at my feet.” Katelyn lowered him to her right side, as the side of her ass cheek entered his view… actually almost all of his view “Matt, I want you to kiss and lick the side of my ass.” She said as her hand gently pushed his body against it. Quickly, Matt started to caress her right ass cheek with his tongue, as his hands rubbed it in small circles. He started on his hands and knees where the side of her ass met the couch, and worked his way up in rows. Katelyn was starting to feel a bit wet between Matt’s ass love and Andrea’s foot rub.

Andrea herself was finding her nether regions to be damp as she was pinned under Katelyn’s right foot, licking and rubbing the sole above her. She kept her eyes closed from the smell and taste as her tongue rolled over the foot over and over. Both of her hands were massaging the foot gently as she resisted the temptation to finger herself from her act of servitude to the woman. It took her a good ten minutes to work her body from the heel to the toes, as Andrea poked her head out from below the giant foot, her head between the big toe and her second toe. Katelyn took notice as she looked down and smiled, wiggling her toes. Her second toe curled a bit, pressing Andrea’s face up a bit and into what seemed like a thing of sweat and salt build up. “Andrea, could you please take care of that?” She asked with a slight smile as her second toe moved Andrea’s face back and forth in the toe jam. Andrea felt a shudder go through her body as she started to lick the jam in disgust.

During this time, Matt finished with the ass as Katelyn smiled and patted the top of his head. “You do such a good job! I think I know what your job is for now on!” she said with a laugh as she lifted her side up a bit, tilting as Matt’s eyes peered into the space under her ass and the couch. “Okay, time to work on the underbody!” She said as her hand pushed him onto his back directly under her crack. No movement of speed could save him as he felt her hand roughly glide him on the cushion, where he fell on his back. Above him, her ass hovered briefly, before coming down in a swift heavy motion. Within moments his body was pressed up into her ass crack, his face buried against her anus. With a bit of glee, Katelyn remarked “Make sure it is properly cleaned! After all your new home should be kept in care!”