Welcome Giantess Isabelle Shy!

Welcome Giantess Isabelle Shy!

Welcome to my site Giantess Isabelle Shy! It’s great to have you here! To the bugs: You will probably tremble in fear at the sight of this familiar evil giantess! I’ve always been a huge fan of Isabelle Shy’s work and now she’s working on her very own Giantess and Fetish video productions! :D You know her as an extremely talented model, actress, artist, and she pours her heart into what she does and needless to say I am thrilled to have a fellow giantess join my site!

(If you are wondering about why she changed her name to Isabelle Shy, it was because her old name was interfering with her day job and she’d like to keep her passions private. So to keep the Great Googley Spider from associating the two on the interwebs, I’ll have to censor any comments that use her other name! Hope you understand!)

One of the many goals of my site is to help support professional artists who I feel have a passion for their work and produce outstanding quality content for their fans. I want to give artists who care deeply about their work the same chance to follow their dreams. I will strive to help her with everything I can- it’s her goal to get back into giantess and fetish content full time and launch her very own site. She is currently catering to the following fetishes: Giantess, Balloons, WAM, and is eager to savor many more. 

Within her work you will find a high production quality with hot scenarios, incredible acting, awesome angles, and some along with special effects, sound fx, and music to fit! A personal favorite of my own is her Evil Giantess Videos. She is by far the coolest Evil Giantess on the planet… if I could pick any woman in the world to dominate your city with, it would most certainly be Isabelle! She totally gets into it and the realism she brings is incredibly hot! <3 So please support her work today- check out Giantess Isabelle’s incredible giantess videos! And you know, your support means everything to us! Thank you! :biggrin:

Oh! And definitely check out my my two favorites of hers so far! :D

♥ Watery Grave ♥

♥ Olive you ♥

See you again very soon little bugs- I’m nearly done with my FX quickie Big Sister’s Big Feet!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. MarkM

    I knew it!

    If your listening hi Giantess Isabelle. I had some of yours and Katelyn’s video’s before. I remember too at the end of one where you and Katelyn starting making out and I was wishing like crazy I could have seen more of that. Be great one day to see Giantess Lesbians squashing people between themselves for their passion. Anyway we support Katelyn’s goals so we automatically support you too. Oh, Only Giantess Katelyn is allowed to crush or eat me so if you ever find me shrunken please turn me over to her!


  2. atj1211

    she looks a lot like [censored]

  3. ee

    Mayby just an initials of Her former name so we could take guess :D?

  4. 3w

    Is this [censored]?

  5. Loehnwolf

    Welcome back young lady!! Great to have you back!! Saw a great shot of you at a breast cancer fundraiser. You look as amazing as ever!!

  6. aphrael

    She reminds me a bit of Curious Cristine :P

  7. Steve Little

    Wow. People are stupid. Do that just write her old name, so you have to censor it? Do they not read first? Unbelievable! btw I am C-RAZY about her.

  8. Greg Viera

    <3 Great Blog i knew she looked Familiar :)
    <3 i wonder if i would survive being smushed together between both of your feet

  9. guigui

    oooh god, its SHE!!

    I’ve been her fan since i started watching GTS videos.

    Great great greeeeeeat!!!

  10. Dan

    She is one of my old favourites, so it’s great to know she will be filming GTS with you / for your site. I really hope to see some FX vore material.

    I also think you should team up with Daisy again – I miss her, and her goldfish swallowing antics so much! :(
    Maybe a online donation to pay for a flight.

  11. MarkM

    I think some people just blurt it out without reading first that their not suppose to say it.

    Greg I’d like to try it wouldn’t you! Fun! If we could survive or not would be up to them! If were good pets they might keep us around for a little while at least! Eventually it’s our destiny though. Our only purpose.


  12. Giantess Ka...

    @Steve Little: … Or are they the smart ones? Those who post her name here and then are censored know for sure who she is. :3

  13. Dan

    Sound Logic! ^__^

  14. Mike B

    Oh my GOD! I know who this is and I won’t say her former name but she is literally my favorite gts model ever. Thank you thank you thank you goddess for bringing her into your fold.

  15. The-New-Dal...

    Yes! One of my all time favourite Giantesses is back and looking as fantastic as she always did. It will be weird calling her by a different name but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I can’t wait to see what you both have planned to show us shrunken pets.

  16. ooo

    Katelyn. Being called smart by such Goddess is an honor for me :D

  17. Isabelle Shy

    Thank you to all you scrumptious little pets for the compliments and the support! *Blows giant kisses to you all*

  18. spray

    Can’t wait to see some pov clips with her! Her old clips were some of the all-time greats, she really gets into the fantasy.

  19. mdbear84

    it wasn’t until i saw the lip ring did i realize who this was. glad to see you back and working with katelyn again.

  20. The-New-Dal...

    @Spray I completely agree. Isabelle’s old POV clips were fantastic and even that word doesn’t do them justice. Isabelle really manages to sell the idea that you are tiny and at her mercy. The ones where you are trapped in her hands and her face is right in front of you are my absolute favourites. When ever I want to watch a POV clip I’ll always select one of Isabelle’s first.

  21. Bobbob

    Oh, does her name start with a [censored] and end with a [censored]?

    Just screwing with ya. I love what she’s done with her hair!

  22. LiquidZ

    Hopefully you make a mega fx video with both of you. I think we have all been waiting for that for years.

  23. Corsair


    I remember the mega video they did together for Gary and Media Impact some years ago, it was pretty badass but there was no FX. Would be awesome indeed to make a new one with FX!

  24. daniel

    its good to see her back.. i retired her jersey as one of the all time greats, but apparently its coming back down lol.

    but more importantly.. KATELYN.. sorry for yelling.. Ms. Brooks.. if i may be so bold, when is that new fx movie coming out.. I only have so much baited breath lol

    with love,

  25. Giantess Ka...

    @daniel: My new FX movie will be out this weekend! :D

  26. Aladan57

    Is that a young Pat Benatar? She looks like her.

  27. Jacob

    Have you ever thought about doing a video where you actually poop on someone or show you pooping in it. I’ve seen a couple of videos where you have pissed on someone but that was only like one. Bathroom scenes make the movie so much more scary and realistic. Just thought it would be a good new idea. Thanks.

  28. Zone

    Ello you… Wonderd if you’d retired and moved on to other things… Glad to see your back :)

  29. Kyle

    she looks like [censored], if it is her all i can say is welcome back!

  30. Taran

    Hey! It’s Coolhim Morn! She’s back!
    And I second the motion of a new Isabelle/Katelyn clip. Preferrably as 90 foot babes!!!

  31. [Censored]

    It’s great to see [Censored] again.
    Katelyn Edit: Nice try :P

  32. Eduardo

    Isabelle kind of reminds me of Harley Quinn from Batman.

  33. colin561

    The picture that are here make me think it’s Pat Benatar incognito. Wish I knew who this actually is!

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