Giantess Booru has moved to its new home at to signify its new ownership by Pete from Giantess City. The new website will remain free for the community, have similar policies in effect, and I’m happy to announce that he has a new site for it in the works for everyone as well. If you would like to know about the problems leading to the closure on my end, the ultimate solution to keep the site alive as you know it and in the community, what’s to come, the name change, GiantessBooru’s history and more then please enjoy the read.

Problems Leading to the (imminent) Closure

  1. I could no longer host GB since I needed to detach my business from it. Legal concerns arose recently as a result of changes observed on websites that host adult-oriented content. GB was a potential risk to my business, so I took proactive measures to protect myself by transferring ownership. It came up as the best solution to keep the site running very similarly to how members knew it. The only other solutions would have dramatically increased my running expenses or fundamentally affected the site and its contents. 
  2. I reached a breaking point with my workload and no longer had time to manage both sites as a single entity, so something had to change. My main website was always a priority, as it was my income source and it paid for the server without running foreign ads from outside of the community. GB, however, needed volunteer moderators, who were incredibly sparse and hard to find this year. The only active mod was doing nearly all the work, just as the previously most active mods did until they got fed up and left. A solution could have been to hire out, but GB had many errors and requests that would have required a new site project to get it running much better. I wanted to do it earlier this year, but the amount of work it needs is more than I can handle alone to meet my production goals going forward. 

The Ultimate Solution: Change of Ownership and What’s to Come

The same day the notice was posted, the owner of Giantess City reached out asking if he could help with anything. We talked about my concerns of which were why I didn’t reach out to begin with. I learned that he would in fact be the perfect fit that Giantess Booru needed to survive and thrive. Pete has been in the community for 25 years and is the well trusted owner of Giantess City. He’s a highly experienced programmer and helps to manage other websites as well, out of his love for the community. You have his word that the site will remain to be:

  • Free to the community 
  • A safe, happy place to visit 
  • Run with similar policies in effect
  • Exclusive for size change enthusiasts


  • Any ads will be non-interfering and exclusive to size interests (like tall women) or size change interests (like giant and giantess)
  • Pete will be able to handle the lack-of-moderators issue and he already has a new site in the works. However, since the initial launch of SCB is based off a full backup of GB, you may have to deal with some of its known issues (with staying logged in for example) until he is ready to migrate everything to a shiny new site in its place.
  • I’ve shared my list of needed fixes and website enhancement ideas with him. He has my mind and creativity at his disposal for the continuation of the site and I will continue to help as my time allows.

With that said, the site is getting very close to launching on his end at, after which I will be taking GB down on my end.

The Name Change to

My dreams for the new site were to make the site feel more welcoming to all size change enthusiasts. sounds too exclusive to the Giantess fetish despite the fact that we’ve always allowed Furry, Anthro, and Giant as well. Thus I think most of our submissions were Giantess Fetish images. (It also didn’t help that “Hide Giant” and “Hide Furry” were slapped on the front page, which may be moved to a new location) SizeChangeBooru was one of the ideas he pinged back at me and I loved how as I was typing it in it felt like I was doing so to change my size! So, I hope the name change is well accepted and even appreciated by the community as a whole, helping new uploaders of all size interests feel welcome to the site. 

As for the domain name giantessbooru – it has sentimental value to me. One of my biggest fans, MarkM, was the top most active moderator for years, getting promoted to admin for helping me and the GB community so incredibly much. He played a huge part in helping grow the site, and it even had higher traffic when he was active. At one point it was even my biggest traffic referral. He really kicked ass at the site and I loved providing it to the community out of my love for the fetish. It was a way of contributing to the community, as was my careful decision to transfer the site to Pete to keep it in the community. After the new site for giantessbooru is launched I will be doing a redirect to this blog post so that its traffic is informed of the changes directly from the previous owner of the website and so that a domain name that I own is not redirecting to a site that I no longer own to help prevent any confusion. Please use the new site’s name instead of relying on a redirect.

History of GiantessBooru

I acquired the site from a fellow community member in late 2010. With the help of my ex-partner, who was a programmer, we revamped the design and made some adjustments before relaunching it. We ran it together for about two years until we parted ways in early 2013, and then I took over the site for the next 10 years. During that time, I had the support of over 100 moderators, as well as a new programmer who helped make some improvements for the site back when he was available. I am immensely grateful to all the members of the site and the community for making the site a success. 

I would like to give a special shout-out to the top three active mods who tagged and approved over 10K images and performed their duties diligently: 

MarkM: 24,429 ❤️
EmmaGear: 18,866
GTSWriter: 10,369

You are phenomenal! 🎉 

I would also like to commend the moderators who have tagged and approved over 2K images and made a significant contribution to the site:

Bbaass: 6,846
Chuck: 6,370
Giantess-Katelyn (hello!): 5,996
The-New-Dalek-Paradigm: 4,558
Penguinvulture: 3,516
Tinyman76: 2,710
Oktober: 2,710
Rooster: 2,491
Captainshaman: 2,270
Alman001: 2,145

You are part of the site’s legacy, and that’s why all of you, as well as the mods who approved over 1K images, have earned the “Former Moderator” title or the title requested at departure. Thank you also to every other moderator who helped at the site, I appreciate all of you and all of your efforts! When I closed the site on my end, it had reached a staggering 100,300 images!

Going Forward

If anyone would like their moderatorship reinstated or if anyone new would like to help moderate at the new site then please check for such information at the new site or here once it’s launched. 

Congratulations to Pete, the third owner of the site in the ~15 years it’s been alive. Please give him a huge thanks if you have a moment because the site’s continuation as you know it would not be possible without him. The website has so much more potential than what my schedule allowed me to do with it, and I am excited to see where it goes from here.


The Shrunken Perspective

15 Responses and Counting...

  1. dman

    But then what happens to all the images stored on GB? Will those all transition to the new site?

  2. Giantess Ka...

    Yes. The soon to be launch from Pete’s end is based from a full backup of GB. Everyone will be able to browse all of GB’s content as you know it (up to the date of transfer at which time uploads were disabled so nothing will be missing), log in at the new site if you had a GB account (or you can create a new one), and access your favorites and more, just as if it were still GB.

  3. dman

    Will everyone still be free to browse without an account or will we need to set one up in order to browse the site?

  4. Giantess Ka...

    Yes. Anonymous users will continue to be able to view the images without an account.

  5. Pete

    Thank you for the summary above and the trust you have put in me and the Giantess City Moderation Team to continue running it. I agree, the site has a lot of potential, and we will do our best to continue and enhance it based on both your feedback and the users of it to make it even better.

    I want to encourage any Former Moderators that have the time to dedicate to the new site to contact me to get them reinstated on the new site. None of this would be possible without your support and dedication to it.

  6. hunger

    Long time viewer and big fan, I don’t see any information about moderating. Would love to help!

  7. giantass

    I have been with giantesbooru since 2011 and I have many many nostalgic memories with it. Thank you so much for going as far as to making sure it is archived/kept going well. Thank you for everything!

  8. msku

    Hi, I’m sorry about your decision but I’m happy that the site will continue, I’ve known it and uploaded images for many years but I see that even on the new site I have the same problems I had on the old site. How can I solve this problem? I would be grateful for an answer.
    thank you for everything you have done Msku

  9. Envi

    I’m glad to see things worked out good for this. even more over the holiday times, that are normally very busy for everyone.

  10. Giantess Ka...

    To those who would like to help moderate at SCB: Feel free to get in touch if you’ve been a member for a long time and you think you’d be good at spotting all of the little details in an image that make for good tags. Pete’s preferred contact is via PM on Giantess City. Thanks!

  11. Dauss

    Hey Pete;

    Former mod of GB here. I’d be happy to be reinstated if you don’t mind me doing so in a semi-passive manner; I’m glad to see the site endure, and while I can’t contribute to a hard schedule, if you’re okay with me doing a bit whenever I have the time here and there, I’m more than willing to lend a hand.

    What’s the best way to contact you, assuming that’s an alright arrangement?

  12. Pete

    Hey @Duass,

    Easiest way is to fill out the Contact Form here:

    Will usually respond within an hour or so.


  13. Pete

    We appreciate your interest to help. If you need to get a hold of us, please use this form on the new site:

  14. miamor67

    Wow, this is cool! I’m just some rando who’s been around for – holy shit, like 16 or 17 years? – but it’s cool to see some of the old faces pop up for one another in times of need. Wonder if my meager coding skills could be put to any use somewhere.

  15. dman

    Will parts of SCB that are unsecured be fixed? What if there are links to sites on SCB that are unsecured or lead to sites that no longer exist like source links for images?

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