New Giantess Collage Featuring My Bare Soles

New Giantess Collage Featuring My Bare Soles

Hello my pathetic, worthless little bugs! It’s been a busy week of filming here and the busy doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I find myself insanely excited and estatic about everything I’m working on- and I think you will be too.

My new collage: (I hope you like it!)
(Here’s a some interesting info- several of my upcoming FX videos will have shrunken victims at the same size as the ones in the collage below!)

“Mistaken for Bugs”

The Giantess's Bare Soles

Speaking of sexy giantess collages, I’m happy to announce that Mikeyboy has officially become my tiny slave and now has his own Giantess Collage Album on my collage page. There you can find all of the giantess collages he’s done of me and now of my friends. Mikeyboy is one of my all-time favorite collagers and I think he will be one of your favorites too if he isn’t already. Thanks Mikeyboy for all your hard work in turning me into a destruction loving giantess! :twisted:

I also have uploaded several new stories in the story section for my little pets to enjoy. There are also 12 new fan collages in the fan collage section. :grin:

One last bit of news: Emma is coming over on Sunday, so expect some very sexy business lady videos next Friday.

That’s all for now I’m afraid, I have to get back to filming myself in lingerie crushing tiny people on my kitchen floor. *evilgrin* In the coming weeks images of said film should start trickling out on my blog… and maybe even a video too.


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. SilverFlame



    First off, that picture is amazing, and if what you say is true, I can’t wait to see these videos!

    And I also can’t wait to finally see the business lady stuff. ^_^ I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

    Also, what’s with the red hair in your first picture? It looks really nice.

  2. Giantess Ka...

    Lol, I actually just changed the blog post image right after you commented- the red hair was from the flash on the camera. It looked cool, but I decided to go with this sexy picture instead. :mrgreen:

  3. Katelyn's worm

    Our Goddess never ceases to amaze. How diligently She works — not for us, mere bugs that we are — but for Her art and Her pleasure, and we are the blessed beneficiaries.

  4. Kisuke

    I’m excited……I’m just so excited…..I can’t WAIT to see what’s to come in the future!!!! And once again, your butt once again fills me with joy. Just to see that as the last thing I ever see would be an honor.

  5. Zymox

    I was thinking you are busy because you have not answered to my mail, and this is the confirmation.
    I hope you will have time for all us! Good work!!

  6. Giantess Ka...

    Thank you my little pets! I wouldn’t mind shrinking all four of you down and using you in my latest movies. I could use some new ones after I crushed barefoot nearly all of my old ones… :wink:

  7. Kaze

    Looks great! =) Such lucky little guys though! *envies*

  8. gtsquisit

    im looking forward to this!! Ive bought all, if not most of your fx vids to date. the epic fx one sounds sweet. i love the gnomes of gulivera crush scene where you crushed the tinies between your ass cheeks. will you have more stuff like that :mrgreen: hope fully with some nice sound fx. id love to see some tinies crushed between those perfect cheeks.

    keep up the amazing work goddess you never seize to amaze!

  9. Kisuke

    I would love to be in one or any of your videos! I’m willing to be crushed under any part of your body or be eaten alive! That would be a life long dream my goddess!

  10. KeyLink56

    I commented on your beautiful photo at “giantesscity”:

    “How lucky are we to get to see such beautiful soles in such high quality photos. I feel so bad that we can’t make our giantess as happy as she makes us. Goddess, if I could, I would shrink and mail myself to your right now. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love that, but I would be doing it more for you than for myself.”

  11. qjojotaro

    love your new site.


  12. Katelyn's worm

    It is indeed sorrowful that we can’t do more to make our Goddess as happy as She makes us.

  13. Haar

    Hi! Thought I’d introduce myself before telling you how great you are. My name is Haar. I am of the ‘Pesky little nuisance who keeps showing up no matter how many times you thought you killed him’ variety.

    Ok, now that the introductions are out of the way, onto the worshipping:

    I absolutely LOVE your work! You’re amazing! :mrgreen:

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