The Stolen Shrink Ray

"Never fuck with a rival girl's school project!"

• 100% Free! Watch it now!

• You and your shrunken girlfriend are just bugs to me!

• Features Barefoot POVs, Crush, and a suffocating surprise!

• Watch online, or download the 1080p or 720p versions!

• Will you survive my gigantic, towering soles?


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Product Details:
♥ 3.5 minutes
♥ H.264 MP4
♥ 1080x1920
♥ Feet, School Girl, Crush

A sweet, squishy revenge.

This video should teach you a valuable life lesson: Never fuck with a rival girl's school project! This video will demonstrate exactly how I would have punished you or any of my fellow classmates if they had been stupid enough to shrink themselves down to bug size! You can thank this little bug (Along with a few others there) for getting this fantasy stuck in my head! Of course, equal to how I would have felt then, it's hard to feel guilty about my lil classmates when it naturally feels so good! ;)

Watch and be squished like the bug you are.

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Watch online, or download the 1080p or 720p versions!

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Will you end up squished...? Or does a better fate await you, my little sole slave?

The Shrunken Perspective

8 Reviews and Counting...

  1. tiny scott

    que gran animacion. me enconto lo que le paso al pequeño hormbre que termino dentro de su zapatos (que envidia siento de el) seria genial ver una secuela de su destino.

    era la mas grande dios de nosotros los pequeños.

  2. tiny scott

    tambien seria genial se librerar el video “Your Hungry Unaware Wife” para que todos lo puedan disfrutar

  3. John Paul

    B-E-A- Utifull. Of any fx film i have ever seen this one is my second favorite, midnight goddess being number one. 9/10, and that’s only because i don’t like POV

  4. Richard

    Love this one Katelyn… Your Giantess FX Films are just getting better and better, hotter and hotter. :*

  5. El_Fez

    While I dig the freebie and I thought it was a pretty well done video with solid effects, I cant say I’m a huge fan of the music track. It was overpowering the dialogue and – well, frankly it made the whole thing seem cheap and low rent. I think I’d prefer a non-music version over this one.

  6. Foot Photog...

    Hi Katelyn.

    This has to be one of the greatest giantess clips i have ever seen! I am a webmaster/photographer/video editor and I have produced tons of material for fetish sites and I have to give it to you incredible creativity and the editing and green screen work was amazing! I even loved your acting too. I would love to work with you sometime.. don’t know if you ever travel to new york but if you do please email me. again great work!


  7. Rob

    Hi, this video was fantastic. The sense of power and helplessness of the victims and the screams with the pov views, wow. I hope I can be in that situation one day!!!

  8. anonymous

    is it just me, or does the ending where you talk about running track seem like “big sister’s big feet” would be like a sequel to this?… or am i over-thinking again? i have a bad habit of using the wrong logic at the wrong time. if i am in my prequel theory, just say so.

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