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Serving a High School Hottie

51 super high-res professional photo-realistic Collages
15,225 word story, making for 58 pages of sexual bliss
1 hour and 35 minutes of steamy audio as the story is read aloud!

All beautifully composed in an Interactive Story Viewer
Featuring incredible vore and breast shots!

You, a lowly sophomore, have developed a crush on the most popular girl in school- a Senior named Katie!

Even though you know you stand about as much of a chance as a bug would to a Goddess, you continue to dream and stare at her from across the cafeteria. Tall, mature, and with gigantic ripened boobs that stretch the very fabrics of her white shirt, how could you not stare at nature's perfection? Of course all goes well until she catches you looking at her!

To your surprise and terror Katie leaves you a note at the end of lunch, inviting you to meet her outside at the pavilion after school. Knowing all too well that the school pavilion is the local hot spot for making out, you're not sure if this is a horrible prank or a dream come true! Not about to pass up a chance (Albeit slim!) of a lifetime, after school's end you make your way to the school pavilion with your heart pounding out your chest!

Charming and beautiful, Katie easily seduces you at the pavilion. In a matter of minutes her body is close to yours and... and... her necklace starts to glow!?
As the light of her necklace fills your eyes, the world starts spinning and you feel as if you're falling through the ground. But no... you're not falling... you're... shrinking! Katie's height grows and grows above you until she towers into the sky nearly a mile high! When the spinning finally stops you find yourself merely fractions of an inch tall!

After teasing you nearly to death at your ridiculously tiny and terrifying new size, Katie places you in her dangerously large purse and takes you home with her. Left unconscious for hours in her pantie drawer deep within the Giantess's room and with the smell of her pussy surrounding you, who knows what fate awaits you at the hands of this High School Hottie!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
51 HQ Photos
2272x1704 .JPG
collage story, shrunken man, dildo, nipples, masturbation, panty drawer, collages, bedroom, teen, school girl, giantess fetish, shrunken fetish, Katelyn Brooks


5 Reviews and Counting...

  1. CeW's Avatar
    Looks great, all of the images are stunning in the detail. You went out of your way to make these images near perfect. Word of warning though, there is NO video in this. Be aware, it says there are pictures and audio, but fails to specifically note that this is not a movie. I know that you said there are pictures and what not, but I'm so used to purchasing a video when I click on the MOVIES link... Sorry I failed to fully comprehend, but I did. ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/sad.png I should probably wait till more information is posted instead of just blindly purchasing the book. Great images though, thanks for the hard work. ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  2. Snap's Avatar
    OK. I've been watching and waiting ever since Goddess Katelyn hinted at this some months ago. I bought it and wasn't disappointed in the slightest! The audio alone could melt lead. The visuals are stunning and detailed: A real boost to anyone's imagination. This work could easily be called the ultimate vore-collage story.The story itself is a delicious little tale which easily stands on its own, even without the audio/visuals. Add to it the fact that this Goddess genuinely enjoys being in this position of power (among many varieties of absolute power she has on her palette) To cap it all off, the closeups of her stunning physique still have me reeling! Literally a body to die for!If you like giantess/vore and like knowing that the woman you can see, hear and imagine would genuinely delight in doing this to you, then this is for you!
  3. rob's Avatar
    katelyn, I like what u do. Also ur very atractive, can i be one of your victoms? Keep up with all that good stuff.
  4. Joe's Avatar
    Can u eat me? Maybe can u send me a pic of u topless with a guy in ur mouth?
  5. will's Avatar
    why dont you make this a video i mean a moving character

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