Katelyn VS Ant Men: Under Soles

"How I wish to crush them... break them..."

• Get crushed, squished, ripped in half as a tiny man ant!

• Filled with the high Quality special effects you love.

• A must have for any fan of barefoot crush or bug men crush

• Don't you want to feel your body against my soft warm soles?

• Listen to the screams, the crushes, the booms of my steps!

• Narrated in detail, listen to my thoughts as I dominate


Digital Download Only300 MBs

Product Details:
♥ 10 Minutes
♥ WMV format
♥ 1280x720
♥ Barefoot, Crush, Ants, FX

I am a real life Giantess.

This movie is a squishy tale based on a real life event of mine. Ever since I was little ants have always been a deep part of my sexuality. In this film you will get to see exactly how I treat ants - or ant men - when they are discovered in normal everyday situations!

I'm just an average girl!
I'm just an average girl!

It is just another typical day and I'm about to feed my cat when I discover ants have turned my kitchen floor into a social gathering and picnic! My eyes light up with desire as I realize I have an entire crowd of ants to do as I please at my naked feet. I'm even dressed for the occasion- a skirt but with no panties on!

I can feel my pussy throbbing...
I can feel my pussy throbbing...

As I pleasure myself with my hand, my feet show no mercy to the ants below. The first ant is slowly and painfully crushed as I tease him over and over with my bare sole. I soak up every second of his fragile existence pushing up against my sole... and once I've enjoyed him to his fullest... I spew his guts out onto my sole and floor.

Their lives are mine!
Their lives are mine!

The other ants fair no better! My next target is not one... but two ants! And best of all you get to view their pitiful struggles and explosive deaths from under glass in a mind and body blowing POV!

I need to cum right NOW
I need to cum right NOW

Several dead ants later - including two who trapped themselves in a dish - and two I've only half crushed with their guts hanging out- I can stand it no longer and MUST orgasm on the very battlefield I've claimed with my feet! Sitting down my ass lands on two ants, one whom manages to crawl out for the ultimate view...

I enjoy eating my victims after I cum
I enjoy eating my victims after I cum

Orgasming loud and hard with a beautiful view of my bug stained feet, I spot an ant who managed to survive the ordeal and I proceed to eat him alive! Exhausted I pass out... but I can't help but feel I've forgotten something...

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Ten minutes of action packed creative crush scenes and angles of my soft soles

Gooey green guts! Ants screaming for help! Half crushed bodies! I am on a RAMPAGE!

Based on a real event from my past. Take a tiny step into my world and be crushed. :heart:

Features a short vore scene and an ass crush scene. Not to mention my pussy!

As the bugs die and squish under my feet... I pleasure my pussy and orgasm to them!

See screenshots Here and here!

The Shrunken Perspective

13 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Seperator

    A job well done

  2. Snap

    The content, as always, was simply delicious. My comment here will be directed at the production values: Amazing progress! And to think, this was just a small project! The lighting, the stunning variety of camera angles, the tiny voices and the squishing/crunching sounds. Wow! Truly divine work from a divine source ;) Love the cat too. Such a nice boy he must be! Deepest appreciation and worship from below!

  3. And

    You’ve done an unbelievable job with this movie! I can’t wait for what you have in store for us in the future. :) Thanks!

  4. Vanessa

    Excellent!.I like that you were doing a history in the one that exists tiny men in the toilet.And do your things on them.Farts,poop,piss,etc.

  5. Alex An Ext...

    Awsome video! there Katie. that was AMAZING. I was wondering if you would do all of that to me one day ;]

    Your ant Man Alex :)

  6. Guest

    AND MORE DAYUM!!!!!1!1!1!ONE!!

  7. Sixinchestall

    Again amazing. When you said it is your pussy that drives you to do these things and then you sit down in the aftermath of it all and cum it was like my penis ate a can of spinach. It is very hot to hear your thoughts as you are bringing destruction to all around. I don’t know about other people but the fact that doing the things you do genuinely turns you on makes you light years ahead of any other GTS producer out there as you totally understand it cos it gets you off too. I can’t thank you enough for doing all you do.

  8. Richie

    Hey Katelyn, excellent movie yet again. You never disappoint, as usual. One suggestion tho, in future special effects movies, can you make your victims a lil bigger? Like probably roach size instead of ant size, that way we’ll get a larger view of your victims succumbing to your conquering power. Just a thought tho. Stay sweet ;)

  9. john

    you should make a video when your painting your nails and the tiny man gets painted on it.

  10. coolk17

    This is the best thing I have ever seen. What else do you have in your store that is like this?

  11. Bobbob

    How I’ve gone so long without writing a review for this, I’ll never know. Katelyn put a lot of time and effort into the composure, directorship, story-line, dialogue, and effects of this video – and it shows in every second, every movement, and every sound. While it’s difficult for me to choose a favourite Katelyn movie, there is an incredible possibility that this is it – the film goes beyond the world of fetishes, and enters the world of art.

  12. Footphan

    This is, by far, one of the sexiest videos I’ve ever seen. If you’re into shrink/bug crush/giantess crush etc, this video is a must own. I’ve watched it so many times and it just never fails to amaze…one of Katelyns many amazing videos. Buy this is you havent already

  13. John

    Didn’t realize I haven’t reviewed this yet. LOVE IT <3

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