Sneak Peek 2: Katelyn vs Ant Men: Under Soles!

Sneak Peek 2: Katelyn vs Ant Men: Under Soles!

I figured you little bugs would enjoy one last sneak peek before the movie is released! :happy:  I’ve finished all of the FX work, I’ve edited the full movie together, and now this week I am working on sound and finishing it up. The expected release date is May 10th! So mark that on your calendars little bugs! ‘Cause that’s when you’re getting CRUSHED!

(Not to spoil it, but he’s about to get eaten as an after orgasm snack there!)

This film has been a really enjoyable warm up! I tried a ton of new things with this video and really had fun experimenting with it. As for the future, I’m already positive my next movie will some kind of micro city video! Although it may be extremely short so that I can get it out before I move. (Hopefully!) May and June will be very exciting months I think! :heart:

Oh and as for my move, I’ve found a house, signed the lease, and my big move date is on June 20th! EXCITED! I have the plane tickets and everything! Looks like this Giantess is moving across country! :woot: I’ll keep you little bugs up to date on my move! In the meantime, I’m working on a TON of content to keep you little specs occupied while I pack up.

Have a great week little bugs! :woot:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Spanky

    Looking forward to this a lot, your special effects get better and better with each video.

    Will definately be buying this

  2. shrunkenone

    Your move is 3 days before my vacation out east!

    All fetishes and such aside, I hope you have a safe trip to your new home! *hugs goddess toes*

  3. Greg Viera

    awesome i so love sneak peaks <3
    this is one video i will deff buy <3
    hope all is well and hope ur move will be great for u

  4. Shrunk_DC

    God lord this one looks beyond incredible. I actually can’t wait for this one.

    You’re moving cross country? What state, if it’s not too much to ask….don’t worry, I don’t stalk….much. LOL

  5. Oktober

    Congrats on signing the lease on your house and securing your flight tickets! I’d say it gets cold in Seattle, but after I’ve been to Philadelphia I can say Seattle has nothing on the cold you’ve experienced there. XD The west coast is waiting for you, and welcoming of your presence. Just be sure to bring an umbrella. ;)

  6. Dan

    I can’t wait for this one – I agree with the above your FX clips keep getting better and better! :)

    Oh it’ll be purchased all right!

  7. Johnn

    Wow!!! look amazing!! O_O

  8. boo

    “(Not to spoil it, but he’s about to get eaten as an after orgasm snack there!)”

    OMG! I cannot wait to see it!!

  9. dre

    Like always Kat, when ever you do these types of videos you give me wood. Looking forward to having another orgasmic experience.

  10. and

    Looks incredible! Definitely getting this one. By the way, in terms of duration how long do you think the finished product will be?

  11. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks everyone for your feedback! I’m very glad you love how the movie looks so far. ^_^! Makes me motivated to finish it even faster!

    @Shrunk_DC: I’m moving to Seattle, Washington. I feel that I could produce even higher quality works out there (Especially when I do real giantess works!) and also if I start a studio I will have an easier time hiring models / actresses / others who are more open to the stuff. Not to mention I just want to live somewhere more accepting of what I am in every day situations. :) Really looking forward to it.

    @Oktober: Hehe, thank you! I’m glad to hear it. It’s always either too cold or too hot here. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons so I’m really looking forward to the moderate / chilly weather! Hoodie weather!

    @Spanky, shrunkenone, Greg, Dan, Johnn, boo, dre, and: Thank you!! ^_^

    @and: It’s going to be about 10 minutes long, give or take a minute. Not 100% sure on the time just yet.

    Have a great week my squish-able little bugs! <3

  12. Mikee

    Just wondering will this video have booming footfalls and booming sound fxs?

  13. aaa

    But Honey Shrunk Kids Parody?

  14. MarkM

    Sorry I’ve been busy to reply latly but wow I agree with everyone else I can’t wait for this! Didn’t realize how much I’ve missed this kind ever since MidNight Goddess! These pictures are so damn hot Katelyn! Your bare feet look soooooooooooo sexy with all the squashed ant men’s guts all over them!

    I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mark <3

  15. SFX Lover

    Personally I don’t get these type of GTS movies. I do love that you’re using Special Effects and I’m glad more F/X videos are coming, but these random nonsensical type of videos I just don’t get. I guess they’re supposed to be bugs?, but they’re tiny men dressed in bug costumes? Why are they small? Why should I care about you being so big and they being so small? It’s there happening with no substance behind it. I need more of a setup in my GTS movies.

    It’s funny because the ones that have the best special effects are the ones that seem to have little substance, like for example there’s a tiny man and a regular size woman sitting on a sofa and he’s walking by her feet. He gets on her toe and masturbates. She may or may not notice him. Why is any of this happening? There’s no reasoning behind it. It’s like that Pam Anderson Lit video. It’s just happening but there’s no meaning behind it.

  16. Giantess Ka...

    @SFX Lover: The whole idea is that they are a representation of what actual real ants feel and seem like to me in everyday life. (Tiny ant-like people!) The film is based on an actual sexual event from my past, as will any other ant men films (if I get around to making more).

    I can understand your desire for more emotional and complex giantess scenarios, detailing real people in more realistic situations, as I share that desire myself! (And has always been my goal, but I have been both restricted with time and equipment until now) All I can say is that emotionally complex FX are coming and soon. This film is supposed to be a quick fun warm up movie (that I could actually finish before I moved across country) that leads into the heavier and larger giantess stuff.

    Anyway, you may find yourself surprised by this movie. This isn’t some random event or a movie where I start crushing for no reason. The whole movie is about how I deal with the fetish during mundane every day occurrences, and the result. (With narration of my thoughts as well) It may not have a deep story, but it is a look into my past and how my sexuality affects me in everyday situations. Plus it’s a very, very fun film! :D (And easily my best yet in terms of effects and production.)

  17. Anonymoose

    I realize it’s soon to ask, but when do you think the next special effects video will be released? Will it be a mini-city video like you mentioned?

  18. kid

    Sneak Peek 2: Katelyn vs Ant Men: Under Soles!

    who is the clip?

  19. kid

    katelyn not found the clip

  20. Giantess Ka...

    @Anonymoose: It is definitely too soon! Hehe! First I have to move, which is going to eat up all of June and probably a good bit of July. But I will start working on the next film as soon as I get settled in to my new place as I’m really eager to keep making more.

    I have no idea what the next film will be. All I know is I have my heart set on a Honey we shrunk the kids parody, but not until after a serious Giantess film. Whether it is micro or mega or anywhere in between I have no idea! Originally I was going to try and release a micro city movie before I moved, but there’s just not enough time now.

    In summery: I have absolutely no idea. But I’m eager and excited about the future, that’s at least for certain! :happy:

  21. MarkM

    Your work is all totally professional Katelyn and I Love it all but will you keep somewhere in the back of your mind for future to have larger victims? The small ones are great too but I really really liked the Phil size in spellbook because of the way you were able to pick him up in your hand and put him on the table and especially the way you lifted him and moved him between your toes! I loved that part!

    Most of all I like how when you crushed him how we could hear all of his bones crunching and the bloody pulp left behind. How you looked in the mirror satisfied seeing his remains on the bottom of your huge foot!

    My perfect size is four or five inch’s because I need to be big enough to Love You first before you squash me!

    But I like everything!

    Ya know, I don’t drink or do drugs but I have an addiction. I’m a Katelyn-aholic! And I have no intention of quiting either!

    With Love,
    Mark <3

  22. crusader

    GAAAAA NO! HISTK pardoy first, then giantess film. Follow your heart!

  23. Fred

    isnt the new FX movie suppose to be release on may 10th ??… i mean that what ur sneak peek number 2 said
    ”The expected release date is May 10th! So mark that on your calendars little bugs!”
    I just cant wait to see your work again.
    sry for my english, im a french canadian
    Well Done Katelyn !!

  24. kuddel

    WHY THERE the film and nothing STAND happened AT the 10th May come

  25. Pablo

    Are we there yet???

  26. Giantess Ka...

    It’s coming, It’s coming! :lol: I wasn’t able to make the release date on the 10th. There were just too many tweaks to be done. However, the movie is now completely finished and well… it *should* be in my store by tonight. Watch my twitter for updates!

  27. juan

    hi goddess katelyn. i really can’t wait to watch your new sfx video. only one question: have you added souns special efects like screams?

  28. Giantess Ka...

    @juan: Yep! It sure will :)
    I’m literally finishing up the very last of the film. So excited! Maybe a few more hours to go? I dunno! :D

  29. SFX Lover

    Thanks for replying Katelyn. I’m excited to see what you release next. You have all the elements required to make amazing GTS movies. That’s for sure. The thing is I’m older now. In my late 30’s and it’s not as easy as it used to be to get aroused. I’ve been into GTS since I can I remember. Early on in the 90’s. When I was discovering GTS websites and watching it evolve. I was younger and more horny. So it didn’t take much to arouse me then. So I can understand and relate to a lot of the guys here. Who are young and very horny, finding this and everything you do very appealing. I can only speak for myself though and we’re not all the same. We all have different needs.

    Early on in the Internet seeing female feet was something special let alone GTS material. So everything was fresh new and exciting. Where today I’ve seen it all. So I need that little extra amount of substance to make it all work. If you get my drift hehe. I know what you’re thinking. Viagra and yes I’m looking into that with my Doctor.

  30. earnest

    I’ve always loved your work. Especially Thea real pple being there r planing to do real pple insertion? Like to know thx Katelyn

  31. Z

    What are your thoughts about doing a picture set writing messages to your fans on your soles?

  32. shadow

    Great job. I saw this video on dailymotion and it made me…ehem….”export”. Sure wish I could find it again, I don’t really have the cash to buy it. Great job.

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