Sneak Peek: Katelyn vs Ant Men: Under Soles!

Sneak Peek: Katelyn vs Ant Men: Under Soles!

My FX movies are BACK! I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly ~happy~ I have been the past several weeks. I feel like I’ve found my true love all over again. Carefully crafting giantess FX movies brings me a kind of joy that I wouldn’t give up for anything. This is my passion! And this movie is the first of many- with everything else out of the way, my sights are set on making countless giantess FX movies and living out my wildest fantasies!

Originally I was going to tackle a micro city FX movie first. But after carefully thinking on it, I decided I wanted to start simpler and in FX territory I was already familiar with. (Considering how long it’s been since my last movie and how much new stuff I have to play with!) At the same time I wanted to try a lot of new techniques and test out equipment that I felt would equate into perfect practice before stomping through a city movie. I also wanted my first several movies to be on the short side so that I could try a wide variety of themes and shots.

Eventually I settled on “Katelyn vs Ant Men: Under Soles”!
If it becomes popular enough, you can expect an entire “Katelyn vs Ant Men” series too!

Ever since I was young, my bare soles have been captivated by the sensations of tiny, fragile ants running beneath them. To me they are the closest I can actually get to shrunken people, and as such I’ve always viewed them more like “ant men” than just insects. As ants have been such a large part of my sexuality over the years, I thought it would be fun (and sexy!) to retell true stories and actual events from my past involving ants, but with actual shrunken bug-men playing the roles of ants. (And may I add I’m a huge fan of Markie’s works!) And instead of playing  a character, I would get to play myself!

The result is a 10-12 minute HD movie featuring green guts, terrified ant men, and a giantess who won’t stop crushing until her pussy explodes and her soles are covered in ant men! :woot:

And to think it all starts when I go to feed my cats and I discover ant men have invaded their food dishes…

The movie contains tons of shrunken men crushing (naturally) with many different styles of torture and shots. It also features my half-naked self up close and extremely personal as I blissfully masturbate to the massacre at my feet. There’s a quick vore scene too (and ass crush scene!), but this movie is primarily all about squishing, crushing, cumming and massive bare soles. :D

And if this movie doesn’t sound like your thing… don’t worry! My next movie will be different. The whole goal of these shorter movies to try lots of interesting and new things. I may just attempt that micro city movie next!

Currently, I’m about half way through the movie. No clue on a release date yet, except for in the coming weeks. I’d like to get it out soon, so that I can start on yet another film! I’m bursting with ideas and fantasies and I want to film them ALL!

Ok, I’ll shut up now! ^^ Here are some screen shots! Keep in mind, the movie isn’t done yet, so things will only improve further from here on out.

That’s it for now. I hope you are as excited as I am! I’m absolutely THRILLED to be doing FX again!  :happy: Thanks so much for letting me live out my dreams!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. gtsquisit

    OH goddess i am so excited. Its great to see you getting into fx again. oooh, i hope its not to late to add a request in there. There are so many aspects of gts and you pretty much nailed all them in the post. one thing i do not see much of at all in many videos is anal vore.

    Now that you are finally able to do nudity, the skies the limit- with your blessing of course :/

    oh how id love to see you perfect hole lower on a tiny and grind him into paste. or rub him sensuously on your asshole and stuff him deep inside.

    oh crap! that just came out!! excuse me while i bury my head in the sand now…

  2. Corsair

    Awesome, awesome news!

    Only little detail that might annoy me during the clip is that I’d much prefer to see red blood instead of green guts, but that’s just a small detail I’ll buy it for sure anyways!

  3. Anonymoose

    Lookin’ good so far. The idea of a series of these films has an appeal to it, but like you said only if you get to do something new in each one. Some producers have a bad habit of repeating themselves, but I think you haven’t fallen into that trap.

    I am really eager to see a micro city fx movie, as it’s such a rarity, but I’d only want you to do it when you’re sure you can pull it off well. By the way, can you at some point include those shoes you wore for Hungry Unaware Wife in one of your fx videos? I loved the booming sound they made in that video, it’s exactly what a Goddess’ footsteps should sound like :D

  4. Greg Viera

    This looks awesome <3
    nice amazing details
    3 billion cheers for Katelyn Brooks <3

  5. Drake Rogers

    Katelyn you are hot sexy and beautiful If I could be one of shurnken peoples Unlike Others I would love being your slave/toy/whatever you want me 2 b

  6. MarkM

    Damn those screen shots got me turned on like crazy! So hot Katelyn! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Katelyn you have the best body of any woman! For me anyway you do!!!!!

    I don’t want any other Giantess’s!

    Love You!

  7. shrink ray

    Dear Katelyn,

    Just a request for a future SFX movie. Could you play a mad scientist and wear some suntan pantyhose/thigh high stockings. Would love to see the “shrinkees” at your feet when you’re wearing the pantyhose, haven’t seen something like that yet. Thank you for everything you do. Great stuff.

  8. MarkM

    Giantess is all about Love for me! Makes me feel like back when I was a teenager and feeling my first love. No greater Love than Giantess! Makes my heart pound!

  9. gtsquisit

    I concur with corsair. Red blood is preferable.

  10. Dan

    I too would prefer red blood, but your new FX clip sounds simply awesome!

    I’m a crush fan, so when it comes to GTS and I love the shrunken side of things rather then then growth and a small city.

    Things I would love to see you try would be a underglass crush with FX and tiny men.

    I have read so many GTS stories and in a lot of them there is often a scene where some tiny men / women are placed onto a table to diminish their chances of escape (not that it’s likely anyway).

    But it’s yet to be done on film, at least I have never seen anyone attempt it.

    It would be amazing if you could impliment such things into future FX tiny man crush movies/clips.

    Another would in in-stocking/nylon crush and pre-crush clips.

    Shot from both your and the victims view point.

    A shot of you, soles faced toward the camera teasing/taunting a tiny man trapped in your stocking/nylon – making him explore your foot as you prod him/her with implement of sorts, before tiring and crushing him/her out whilst trapped – POV Underglass with this would be orgamsic for a GTS fan such as myself.

    Another would be in-shoe.

    Your work is fantastic, and I do look forward to seeing you take on the Ant Men soon :)

    Dan x

  11. Wes

    This video looks awesome! I would love to know if you are going to do a video in the future where you grow and grow?

  12. Giantess Ka...

    Taking a quick break from editing, so I’d be happy to answer your questions quick! :D (I have also been meaning to respond to my last blog, but I am always running short on time x.x)

    @gtsquisit: Hehehe! Yes, there will be anal vore someday. I like to think of it as ultimate punishment and it feels like it would work great in a business / school environment. Have no clue when we’ll see it though!

    @Corsair: On the subject of green blood vs. red blood: I prefer red blood too. But for this film I wanted to go the full artistically buggy route and stick with a dramatic gooey green. However after this film is released, if enough people still feel that red would be best for the ant men I’ll probably make future films with red blood. (And say they are a different race of ant men while modifying how they look a bit!)

    @Anonymoose: Yes, you will see them again. They are perhaps my favorite pair of shoes <3 Also, if I were to make a series out of the ant men, each video would definitely be wildly different. You'd have an ass video, a vore video, with all different places and outfits and scenarios. Much of it would be based on my actual past encounters with ants, which adds that extra layer to it too! But before I continue the series, I think I want to attempt a micro city movie first. This movie was very much a warm up! :D

    @shrink ray: I do want to do a panyhose film and also a scientist film! I even have the outfit and everything, a scientist FX film is high on my list. However I really don't have a good place to shoot a scientist film so it may have to wait until I move.

    @Wes: Yes! :woot:

  13. FreedomFighter

    I agree, you could totally make a series of this and each builds upon the last one. Maybe even have it as an original “Star Wars Trilogy” theme where the 2nd movie’s like “The Ant Men Strike Back” (lol)

  14. SWhunter100

    Ok, first off i’d just like to say you are the sexyest giantess in the world ;) i really enjoy your videos, pic, etc… but i noticed you don’t do a whole lot of things with shrunken woman content. is this something you might change hopefully in the near future?
    i don’t know about the other guys on here but i for one would love to see you do a full out shrunken woman vid :). but of course unlike all the other guys in here i’m no shrunken man, i’m a giant and i’d love to see a sexy giantess like yourself get close and personal with a tiny woman if ya know what i mean ;).

    truly yours swhunter

  15. Dan


    I too would like to see you shoot content (crush if you please! :D) featuring shrunken women.

  16. Maliardo

    You got my vote if you want to be President! I too will bury my head in the sand hoping and wishing to see that too.

  17. Johnn

    Finally a new FX movie!!!

    I can’t wait the FX movie with the city, but in the meantime this is a great news and clip!!!

  18. SWhunter100

    good to hear someone else agrees with me :) though i would prefer vore or insertions, i’m not a fan of crushing at all.

  19. Rafael

    Amazing ! I love your Work !

  20. The Stig

    Sorry to ask, but Im a bit of a geek and I’m curious, what do you edit your videos on? Mac? PC? And what software do you use?

    (Those pictures look stunning btw)

  21. Corsair

    The Stig: I believe she’s using DOS on a Commodore-64. This system is incredible in term of graphics! :P

    OK enough fooling around, I totally agree with you those picture are absolutely stunning! :)

  22. Mike

    Will you be posting a trailer soon as well? Also will there be booming footfall sound effects I love those?

  23. jjones1993

    I would REALLY like to see your perfect feet crushing the life of someone larger…say 3-4 inches tall. The sound of him crunching under your foot would be awesome as would be the mess. I just don’t think you could possibly feel ant-size men crush the same way. Is there a movie in the future with you taunting and finally slowly crushing a larger victim???
    I know when watching your videos and fantasizing that I’m the one worshiping and begging to live that I’m around 1/2 the size of your foot. You cover me with most of your foot with your toes at my upper chest. This let’s you watch my face as I beg when you start pressing down until I crunch under your powerful foot.
    Anyway…just a humble fan’s thoughts.

  24. stephen tho...

    dear katelyn

    My name is Stephen Thompson i am a fan of yours and i just want to know when you make a video do you like when you have all the power?

    From Stephen Thompson

  25. nick

    dear Katelyn

    Have you thought of shrinking your self

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