Ending a toxic relationship

Ending a toxic relationship

I apologize for my disappearance and the lack of updates on my website. It wasn’t hard to see how many of you have been concerned about my disappearance. I was getting emails, texts, phone calls, private messages, and heart felt cards. There was something going on and I was receiving personal and business threats if I said anything about it… and then he went public about it.

So, I was going through a horrible breakup. Tristan is my ex, at some point he quit his job and began working behind the scenes on FX, blog posts, and eventually programming too. It was something very personal to him. It was his unique way of showing me… love… as he would claim. (and to help pay the bills as he didn’t want to keep a job otherwise) He insisted that he would be a secret from the start, that no one I could hire would be as good as him. I felt I had to respect that and learned that a huge argument would entail whenever I expressed my desire to go public about it or hire out for fx and programming projects. After our breakup, and not being able to get back with me, he decided to try to get back at me for ending it. He went public about being behind the scenes at my site despite the threats he made if I did such a thing during our relationship. In his post he made himself look as smart, friendly, and talented as possible along with his grossly exaggerated skill set, taking credit for work of mine that he had no hand in, and more. It was a nightmare, and worsened my PTSD seeing through how he’s so easily able to lie and manipulate people. That I had been with someone like him was sickening.

He proceeded by building and releasing a site that was up for a short while and continued to try to make amends with me here and there. Later went on to steal money via shutting his site down while customers had token credit left and producers went unpaid. Claimed it was hacked, transformed himself into a girl, and legally changed his gender and name. He fooled and used the community just like he fooled and used me. “Master of manipulation” should have been listed in his skill set, cuz lemme tell ya.

I am not surprised how it all went down because of the way in which he went public, and the masquerade he was putting on. It was insane to watch and it put me in a situation of needing to try to write at least some responses, unfortunately while I was still very unstable from being emotionally/mentally abused for years, afraid of him, which strongly impacted my responses, and alone with no support system at the time. I doubt most people would be able to see through him and what he proceeded to do afterwards. For anyone knowing the signs of highly manipulative people, his post would have been a huge red flag.

It wasn’t until a situation during the last several months of our relationship that everything really blew up and I realized who I had been with for so long was in fact, as he admitted, a psychopath.

At the time of writing this original post I had severe PTSD and Stockholm. I rewrote this summary many years later, and well after any new comments had been posted. I can’t just delete this shit because his post still exists elsewhere. If that ever disappears I would consider deleting this to get the drama the fuck off my site. Also, I’ve left some original parts in tact, like the below.

If you have a bf/partner insisting on hiding behind the scenes then please consider talking to a legal expert about a nondisclosure agreement and whatever else to protect yourself.


An update, post March 18 (111 comments later)

To my fans:

I have been keeping up with your responses and I owe you all an apology and explanation. I am deeply sorry for keeping Tristan a secret, and for so long. I’d love a second chance at building your trust, and I’d also love to pinpoint why it was ever kept a secret to begin with.

Sometime in the year 2008 was his one year mark in helping my business. I think it was around this time that in return for me wanting to break up with him, he threatened to sue me over the FX he “made out of love” for me. (My roommate at the time was home as witness) As a result of his threat, I wanted to go public about Tristan having made them for me. However, he -begged- me not to go public about his help, and threatened that it would very well be the “destruction of my business” if I ever told the truth. Despite me wanting everyone to know, I chose to respect his wish not only since he was my boyfriend, but also out of the fear he had instilled into me.

Looking back, I can clearly see that business threats, fear tactics, and manipulation were used on me whenever I’d try to break up. I felt trapped. I’m now kicking myself for making personal and business decisions for -so many years- in result of this fear. I only have myself to blame for falling for it.

As you can imagine, I was quite devastated from his decision to go public after all of these years of intimidating me to keep it private. It initially felt hypocritical of him on a personal level, and he got to play it off like he’s just been letting me “have all of the credit”. As nice and innocent as he tried to play it off to be, it resulted in the disturbance of -many- of my fans and it really fucked with me mentally and emotionally.

You guys already know that law enforcement was involved between us- it was from psychological warfare, threats, and emotional abuse. So when he first went public I was terrified to speak in fear of him twisting anything I said against me. I was so happy to be free from our relationship, but now I had to deal with our past online. I had never experienced being so happy and upset at the same time like that. His posts quickly grew harder for me to withstand what he was saying about me/himself/my business. From what I went through living with him, I could see through his words on GC- they were mixed with manipulation and malicious / deceitful defamation.

The fact is, for the majority of our relationship he directly lived off my business and only helped out about 10 hours per week on average. (Part time at best, and rarely.) This is why FX Movies, blogs, and programming jobs were so few and far in between. But at the same time, when I’d express wanting to hire in help to speed things up, I’d be told that no one else could do as good as a job as he could with programming or FX. It was very discouraging and hampered what I personally wanted to do, and where I wanted to bring my business. I appreciated the help he gave but I wanted to run my business on a professional level by expanding to employees, freelancers, and outsource talent. And after so long, I couldn’t help but feel like he was deceiving me / living off me / keeping me from what I wanted to do. It was very restraining and I was not happy in our relationship.

For me, I worked over time ~80 hours every week (also stated in “City of the Mind”, for which now you know the real cause of my depression last year) out of sheer love for what I do and also as an outlet. I organized all of my shoot sets and shoot sheets, worked on customs, filmed myself (he never wanted to help me film or take photos unless it was an FX project of his), I edited all of my videos, wrote every description, utilized the sofwares of my site to get my pictures and videos up, handled third party clip sites, and much more- all which covered both of our living expenses. I also did the cooking, cleaning, handled finances, handled model shoots from start to finish, took care of emails (there are 12,031 emails in my sent folder!), and much more.

And while he did write the text on most pages of my website, those pages were rarely ever updated. Most of his previous blogs were unfollowed FX advertisements/plans which became very upsetting to me over the years. I always wanted to write my own blogs but I was discouraged by him- I’d be told that I have a 5th grader’s level of English and that we could only use his writing style. This was so emotionally destructive that I became terrified of ever going near writing my own blogs, until I finally recognized what was going on and stood up for myself.

Obviously, this is only a sliver of what happened between T and I, and I’ve tried to keep it within the confines of shedding more light and actuality on what you guys have already read online.

Even though our relationship was quite unpleasant, there’s a little part inside of me that still loves him for what good memories we had. When we broke up I tried to work out a temporary job for him, and told him I’d give him everything I could (what I don’t use for filming / my business’s survival) from the house for a place of his own. However, it just backlashed on me. He would not accept work for pay, he would not let me help, and told me he wanted to go work for other producers / become a competitor. After all of the stuff that went down between us personally, business wise, and publicly, I really don’t know how much I should care anymore… but now he’s telling me that he’s getting a lawyer?! (When does it end?!)

Well, when he told me he was getting a lawyer (and suggested for me to get one too) it was in less than 24 hours of him publicly announcing that he was closing down his “Mile High Studios” fundraiser. I can’t help but wonder if he took it down since I made it clear that I didn’t want to be the face of his fundraiser… for obvious reasons listed, and unlisted. So now it would seem that he might be after me for money and assets instead of the community / making it himself. =[ Kicking myself.

I feel like I’m playing a game of chess against a Cardassian.

If he finds a way to disrupt my business then it would cripple me, artists, and the future of this website. That includes taking half of my “home studio”, which would severely havoc the health and stability of my business. I’m really not sure how it’d go, but to any of you familiar with the legalities of things, I’d love your opinion. My business is filed as Sole Proprieter, all content is copyrighted to my legal business name, we have no shared accounts, I have all receipts to my belongings, my car is under my name, I rent, I’m in debt (car, student loan, some business purchases/investments), and no contracts were ever signed. As far as WA Property Law for Unmarried Couples, we definitely don’t align with some of the considerations and I also have a case # at the local sheriffs office from the domestic issues, and I have a signed paper from him that he’s been psychologically abusive. I also have many documents of proof that he worked for me “out of love” and I’m not sure you can sue someone for gifts you made/gave them?

To end, I’d like to thank you all for reading, and thank you all for the emotional support you’ve been sending my way on my blog and in emails. It means the world to me that you’d stand by me during this especially tough and taxing time in my life. To those of you wondering if I have the fetish or not, I ~do~! P: (T’s even made it apparent in some of his GC posts) And I look forward to the day we’re all laughing back on this in the future (I hope!) and focusing on hot sexy stuff instead! <3

A giantess sized kiss to you all,
-Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. corey

    i rarely comment on this site ( unfortunately) but i just wanted to say i’m sorry that you are going through this. i can’t imagine how rough it must be, being i’ve only had one relationship that has made it to a year. breaks my heart seeing a gal cry, and the picture above really gets to me :( i hope in some way, shape or form things work out for you, and wish you all the best!

  2. A writer

    Good blog post, sorry to hear about that, but glad to know that you’re moving along nicely. I sent you an email about looking for a writer, and hope you can respond quickly!

  3. Kotrebo

    As I said in my reply to Tristan’s post on the Booru, I wish you both the very best, and the strength to endure the waves that are coming from the backlash of this revelation. Of course it would be ‘easy’ to step away from the community and ignore all of it, or to disappear and reappear in another form, but I hope you’ll both stick to who you are and stay with the community you’ve devoted so much time to helping build.

    There will be fallout from this as I’m sure you’re both wise enough to know, but there will be plenty of people who will understand why the two of you did what you did, because the only real difference is where they have the fantasies, you two made them happen.

    Tristan putting you on the front while he remained in the shadows, it isn’t so hard to comprehend where he would have found the satisfaction in surrendering his recognition for you. At least that is how I see it.

    For myself I’ve never been one to fully believe that I knew who I was talking to online, so this revelation doesn’t impact me as severely as I am sure it will some. I understand all that you two have done for the community, and I appreciate your efforts despite the great deception.

    7 years would be a very difficult relationship to walk away from I can only imagine. But I hope you both can rebuild your lives and move on with enthusiasm and the will to keep going.

    Best of luck to you both!

  4. Tristan

    That’s some nice ice cream you have there.

    I had rice for dinner. It was the second meal I had this week. I ate sitting next to a litter box. I slept on a wooden chair. I’ve been using a bath towel for a sheet. All in a room being used to store moving supplies. I have 20 days before I’m on the streets. I have -$55 dollars. That’s not including the debt you generously gave me for remodeling and decorating your house, which by the way looks fantastic.

    I’ve been crushed and twisted. I could not have asked for a more erotic break up.

  5. Jimmy Finny


  6. moose

    ^tristan^ heh. and the online sentiments were going so well too =P

    So anyhoooo…

    wow this makes part of me go “hey this explains like four or five things that’ve been wandering around my head for years” and part of me go “hruuuuh?”

    I find myself wanting to ask all sorts of questions like a fan at a panel for their favorite show, but that would certainly insensitive of two people going through an emotional time… thanks for the necessary public response and getting it off your chest. Beyond that, I kinda hope everything can be worked out off the net and not as an online drama, much better for the both of you I’d imagine.

    /if this is all real ooOOOoo now everyone has to doubt everything dun dun dun…. ;)
    //sorry. my snark always has to come out
    ///but damn man, going public with this via a public gts job resume when you can count the number of serious producers on your hands? :P

  7. Tristan

    To anyone who might be confused: That was deadpan humor. I’m not upset. I love juxtaposition. Her posting a picture eating ice cream with a flower in the foreground on a tribute blog to me while in about an hour I’ll be jammed into a wooden chair with a towel over me is –genuinely– hilarious to me. Yeah it’s erotic. If she was aware of the juxtaposition – it’s like she was aware of crushing me. If she was unaware of the juxtaposition – it’s like she was unaware and innocently crushing me. Love it. Everyone has to understand, we both have this fetish and as a result we were not your normal couple.

    Also, life is too short to be upset or angry – I prefer a humor. I can’t get this ear to ear grin off my face.

    Off to my chair I go!

  8. James

    Sorry to hear that Katelyn, I know break ups are never easy but we get over them in time. I’m older than you and I’ve only had one serious relationship which lasted 6 months because it was a long distance relationship so I saw it coming. Then came my work at university that I had to spend so much time on I couldn’t focus on relationships or anything but now I’ve graduated I’m finding time to focus on a relationship if I get into one.
    Currently I’m writing a giantess story about you and me that I hope will be posted on your website, it’s long and detailed but that’s always been a habit of mine when I write.
    I will indeed give Tristan credit for building the website for this site and Giantessbooru because I don’t know what would have been accomplished without him.
    I wish you a full recovery and I hope to see more of your projects as I check your website everyday and eagerly await your new updates.

    Lots of love and support from your fan,

    James Reed xoxoxoxox

  9. Sheela

    More than anything, I’m excited to see more blogs and posts from you when you’re not too terribly busy to do it! It’ll be great to hear from you, like learning about you all over again.

    Keep your head up! I know I say that a lot, but do it! Things will get better for you, I promise. :>

  10. A Random Ma...

    Well, i can’t say i’m not disappointed. The great thing about Giantess Katelyn was (beyond the FX work) her expression of the fetish, her blogs that expressed so well her feelings, and etc… Now, it seems she is more of an actress…
    The whole thing about doing it in secret to show love, it can be true, but it sounds like a great marketing strategy to me. Would Katelyn be so appealing if she was dating someone? Would it have the same impact if insted of a giantess blog we had a fillmaker/director blog? Don’t take me wrong, the work and the movies would still be fantastic, but one of the major competitive advantages (katelyn’s attitude) to other giantess pages would be lost. You only had to profit by keeping the secret. But hey, you guys where selling the dream! Great marketing/PR work.
    I kinda felt bad for Tristan after reading his comments. A shame you didn’t protected a pity that you have not protected your estates. Hope you find work soon. You shure have talent.
    Hope things get settled. And i also hope a more honest approach in the future. After all, you were selling the dream, profiting from the dream, and now part of the dream tha you sold is shattered. There’s responsability in that.
    Wish all my best. By.

  11. Steve the p...

    Boom! Goes the dynamite. :)

  12. Steve the p...

    You will get over it eventually. Don’t let that shit get u down. You are very beautiful and should have no trouble finding another guy. *cough* ;)

  13. Greg Viera

    Awwwe i am so sorry for you
    Break ups are never easy. you always have my support
    you are 1 person I will never give up on. keep your head up sweetheart

  14. Calvin Silver

    Tristan and Katelyn,

    I’m sorry to hear what you’re BOTH (*ehem* people seem to have missed the point of this blog) going through, and I’m sorry that it has to be done so publicly… I saw Tristan’s post on Fetlife, and assumed he was telling the truth. Creating these sites and videos so quickly would seemingly be impossible for one person… and the fact that Tristan was able to do this for us, as well as build up Giantessbooru, a phenomenal site by the way, is something I think should hold him an honored position in this community – and that’s not to mention the time he put into videos and other things behind the scenes…

    Katelyn, Tristan, you both have obviously meant a lot to the development of my more interesting fantasies… and I sincerely hope that you’ll both be able to make stable careers out of doing the things you love, and will hopefully continue to love.

    Calvin Silver

  15. MarkM

    This does not change anything for me. I will always do my best to support you Katelyn.


  16. terry

    baby, please don’t cry, you got to keep your head up, even if the road seems hard, never give up.
    go forth katelyn

  17. Chuck

    So in the end everything is part of a play, after all. Can’t say I’m surprised. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Katelyn wasn’t actually in the fetish either. And truth would come out one way or another.

    I honestly feel bad for Tristan. He let Katelyn take credit of what was his work, and now he’s in this situation… I know, I’m reading his comments and he has a good sense of humor on this, but it doesn’t make it the least sad. He did all this for love, I can undestand, but to the point of being in the verge of poverty? Even love should have its own limits. Sorry if I’m sounding cold, but common sense should play an important part as well, and bills won’t pay themselves just with love and devotion.

    I’ve found this place interesting and all, despite not being in the fetish at all. Now that the truth has been revealed… Will it change anything? Time will tell, but as I said, I’m not surprised of this turn of events. I can only wish you two good luck and say thank you for all that has been delivered in this time.


  18. Sheela


    It’s stated repeatedly by the both of them that yes, Katelyn does have the fetish.

    And Katelyn isn’t going anywhere, she’s still going to be making videos. That’s the gist of the post.

  19. Chuck


    Sorry, I think I haven’t expressed myself the way I should have…

    What I wanted to say is that if Katelyn turned out not to be interested in the fetish and all of this was just posing, it wouldn’t have surprised me either. But as you say, and as the post states, this is not the case. I was just throwing a “what if…?” case.

    Also, when I wished good luck to both of them, it was because of the separate paths Tristan and Katelyn are going now, and I said that I didn’t know how things would go after this is because Katelyn is going solo now. Maybe she has learnt some things and will put them in good use for the site. I’ll be looking forward to it, as I said “time will tell”.

    Once again, my apologies for not making it clear.


    That sucks Katelyn! I had to go through a break up relationship too*. Hope you bounce back faster than me. (Took me a few months to get back to hanging out with friends.) I know you will. I also hope it was a mutual thing. One leaving another is the hardest thing I have found in the world, besides neurological work on the brain. Tristan, hope you find a home, I live probably the farthest away in ‘Merica so I cannot help. Katelyn, glad you will not stop helping the community and getting others out of the woodwork and releasing their inner fetish, no matter what it is.

    For all seriousness,
    I wish the both of you luck, never stop doing what you love to do, never forget what you guys did (GOOD THINGS), never stop to think what you could have done differently, and go on with your lives.

    *I had a relationship of six months. GOD I LOVED HER! But I F***ed up. I had other previous relationships (high school) and I would tell my parents like a good boy. Ever relationship ended because of something I did or didn’t do. I got my “advice” from my mother. Well, now that I finally got out of the house, I found a girl. I was iffy about going the next step into actually dating her. She asked me, and it took me a while. I said sure. Next six months, going back to my house for breaks, I never told my parents about her. Things got complicated, and next thing I know, she leaves me. She blames herself, “couldn’t take it”, but I know it was because of me. I tried three times over the span of two months, to show her I do love her enough to grow some balls and move the relationship forward. All three times
    “I can’t see us working out.”
    I cannot blame her, it was my fault this amazing thing ended. But I have learned from my mistakes. **Sorry for going on a long talk about that**

  21. D.

    It may have been ‘stated’ many times, but lests face it so has a lot in 6/7 years.

    No, I’m quite certain Katelyn does not have this fetish at all. I think you have both made a big mistake in not disclosing the fact ‘Katelyn’ was/is, essentially Tristan’s creation.

    Say what you will, but thus far all we have seen is Tristan posing as Katelyn, speaking for her – as noted, creating the backstory to sell material that is for all intents and purposes ‘fake’.

    – Now, while this doesn’t alter the fact the material (for the most) was superlative, it is a bad way to do business, and I think at the very beginning you should have been more transparent in this respect.

    The irony is I would have been fine with this being a normal fetish site set up, like Chloe Creations (for example) where Katelyn was merely the model – but to do what you did, I’m sorry it was really quite sly and proof you should never fully trust anyone online.

    So, yes, thank you for some great videos, but I don’t think I would shop with you again.

  22. D.

    Furthermore, it might be worth noting about twitter too:

    “Been editing all day! Very close to being able start my over-night render! =)”
    – Lies, lies and lies…

  23. Giantess Ka...

    My response on GiantessCity:

    “Finally. Someone who speaks words of wisdom.

    I can’t stand what’s going on here. :annoyed:

    Right now, Tristan has everyone wrapped around his ring finger and boy is he enjoying it. Trust me. If he likes doing it to me, would he enjoy doing it to you too? :headscratch:

    Time will show my TRUE character.

    I claim that he has chosen to put HIMSELF in the financial situation he’s in. I wish I could tell everyone what’s actually happened between us, and what’s happening now. But if I told you about Tristan’s true character then I’m sure the cops would be here once again within minutes… not as if they haven’t already been calling to make sure I’m ok. I have PROOF. I’m choosing to say things that will make you think outside the box Tristan has put you in.

    I tried to reason with him to continue his supposed half of the business for the sake of his own financial survival. To better survive the split. He would not consider my logic. He wanted my -unconditional- love and full trust in every decision of his no matter how illogical or painful his actions or words were. Would you want to live a personal or business relationship with those terms?

    Ask yourself why right after I posted “Tribute to Tristan why he’d choose to post a comment stressing how victimized he is. Has he diverted your attention?

    He’s living with -FAMILY- right now. Would a family only choose to serve him two bowls of rice in one week, give him a… wooden chair to sleep on… a bath towel to use as a sheet, make him eat beside a litter box? Or does he choose to do these things to himself? I have PROOF. If he may have said these things as a joke… what has it done to your perception of his situation?

    We’re both in debt. Yes… I chose to by the $3.50 ice cream as “Chocolate Therapy”… customs have been coming in, my mom is there for me, the drama has brought a few extra people to my store. Ask yourself how easily he’s *exploited* my purchase of ice cream. What was the symbol of the single flower? Ask yourself why I had a tear in that picture. Ask his family if they would DENY him ice cream if he asked for it.

    Was -I- the one swiping his credit card when he went out on his own to buy improvements for the house? “That’s not including the debt you generously gave me for remodeling and decorating your house, which by the way looks fantastic.” Ask him how upset I was over his financial decisions- I gave him a 1K spending limit… ask him how much was actually charged to his and my cards.

    If someone you loved was spending THOUSANDS of dollars your business didn’t have, against your repeated concerns, when would you say…. ENOUGH?! It was one of the many breaking points in our relationship.

    If this man worked for me “out of love” for 7 years, and knows every single trick and producer in the business, then why would he choose to go public about the situation instead of directly contact producers for work? Why would he not choose to post on my own website to find work? Why would he not make a demo reel for freelance work, networking, advertising and promoting himself to as many industries as possible to find work?

    How many blogs has he written to HYPE you up about his FX work on my site, only to repeatedly let you AND ME down. Ask him how upset I was over the blogs he’s written for repeatedly destroying my public image. Is this a man of word?

    How old are his collages again?

    How often was he actually programming? Was my website in a constant change of transformation?

    With his skill-set claims: would it taken him as long as it did to accomplish what he did over the 7 years he was with me…?

    What have I accomplished for my own site in 7 years?

    Ask yourself how much work is involved in creating over 1,000 customs, scenarios, filming, editing, description writing, .gifs, third party website management. If my website ONLY had his FX videos and collages, would it have been successful as it is now without all of my video and photo work too? How much money do you think 20-something fx videos were making over the years compared to my 1K+ videos.

    Is this man trying to turn you against me while completely boasting himself and what he’s accomplished? What kind of ex lover and ex business partner does that to someone they were with for SEVEN YEARS?

    Ask him what he said to me when I wanted to hire a programmer all of these years.

    What are his TRUE motives? Have you read between the lines… his and mine? If our relationship and business were one, don’t you think that our dirty relationship “laundry” would be tied into business too? Don’t you think Tristan and I would have been capable of working things out more reasonably? Ask him if -I- tried to work things out more reasonably with him so that we could better financially survive the split.

    I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my decisions. People make mistakes, but those who don’t take responsibility for their own mistakes are delusional.

    And finally, yes, please, some producer please take this man in so he gets the F out of my life. He makes me SICK. His talents aren’t worth the surrender of my perceptions of him, business, finances, thoughts, feelings, sexuality, life, and marriage- that’s a list of exactly what he’s demanded from me and I have PROOF. He’s getting sick pleasure out of HUMILIATING me, make you think I’ve victimized him, he desires FULL CONTROL over your perception of me… just as he always has. If you don’t give in to his every word, just see how long it takes before turns around on you too.

    Now I’ll go barf while Tristan thinks about what more he can do to hurt me for standing up for myself, while writing up some sick reply out of sheer manipulation to twist absolutely everything I’ve said to his own motives.”

  24. Giantess Ka...

  25. D.

    ‘Katelyn’ – The problem is, that from the outside everything is now tainted.

    While I am sorry the relationship you had turned south, speaking for the persona of ‘Katelyn Brooks’, you have to understand that the choice you made to allow him to do the PR and take control now leaves, no begs the question: WHO IS KATELYN?

    I have always thought you were a gorgeous person, and indeed an intelligent one too. You must understand that spin or no spin, people are going to be left feeling cynical and in some cases very disappointed, because the Katelyn we thought we knew, was his creation.

    Now, you have to go your own way, perhaps it might be worth just started from naught?
    – Katelyn Brooks I think (IMHO) died when this blog/exposé was published, but that is not to say you cannot start again and show us the REAL you.

  26. D.

    The point I was making is, that this ‘revelation’ now brings everything into question.
    – You can say you rendered that, but I think the situation is such, that is difficult to believe anything anymore..


    Ok, I don’t want this website to drop because of a relationship breaking up. Knowing what happened between the two would help to know why out of no where Tristan came out and said the things he said. People are good at playing tricks with the mind **NOT SAYING TRISTAN DID OR DID NOT**. People lie and on the internet, you can make everything up. Look at Omegle.com for example. I can pretend I am a 40 year old mom looking for a young male to come over and do it. I can set up a Facebook, with pictures from Google and Reddit and create a person that does not live. It is human nature to do what you need to do to get what you want. D., I understand where you are coming from. But… as a personal lesson I have learned, no one can trust anyone 100%. There is always one thing no one must know. Might be different to every person, you guys know I have a giantess fetish, none of my friends do! Katelyn was played by Tristan, he got what he wanted and then things went south. Can’t change it now, make a new page, chapter, book, series if you have to Katelyn.

    P.S. Katelyn, e-mail if you need ANYTHING. I have been through this before, not the website video part, but the relationship part. Please, move on and use your knowledge from this to make a better one.


    Uno thing: Katelyn, EVERYONE LOVES MONEY! If you got a steady, high, income it goes to peoples head. It might have gotten to his, I don’t know. When I get married or live together with someone, I am going to set one rule: you spend your money, I spend my money. I won’t take yours, you don’t take mine. Money corrupts great things.

  29. Kotrebo

    I don’t think Tristan is turning anyone against you, despite what he has said. At least It has not had any sway in my opinion over this revelation. Break-ups can be ugly in the worst kind of ways, and this doesn’t look to be any different. I’m just sorry it has come down to this, as you two were together for 7 years. I don’t know how manipulative a situation it was or wasn’t, but in the end this is the now and the past is the past.
    I agree with what D has said about the sense of trust having become tainted, very much so. And it was a very deceptive business model. On the flip-side of this, I think the business model still helped a lot of people and the community as a whole so I don’t think it was so damaging as D claims it to be.
    This is life, in all of its colors. The decisions that were made for how you run your business is your own, and I am enjoyed this site for years, ever since its first conception.
    I’m not going to turn against either one of you, because this is between the two of you, and I am speaking strictly from a fan’s perspective of the work you two have done. I’ll support you both to better your own lives, apart if that is how you two wish it.

    Katelyn, you have done a lot for this community, even if Tristan was the one pulling the strings of this business and creating the image. So thank you for the years of time and ideas you have given to this project. I am sorry you are going through this, really, I wish it was easier for both of you and the daggers didn’t need to come out.

    I strongly disagree with D that you should wash away Katelyn Brooks, not unless that is a decision that you are absolutely comfortable with doing. There is no reason at all that you do not own this image, as you were the one in the front, being seen, being known. Tristan wrote the replies on your site, and I guess controlled the Booru, but you were the image, and you own the brand that has been created from it. That was Tristan’s real sacrifice for allowing you to absorb the credit of his portion of the work. It was his own decision, and now you are the brand that was created in this business.
    He can take his skill-sets with him that he gained from this joint venture, but Katelyn Brooks does not belong to him of his own volition.

    You are known to the world as Katelyn Brooks, so I don’t believe it is an image you should wash away so lightly, or shouldn’t embrace as completely your own, even if this is the first time you are able to do so.

    Those are my thoughts, I hope you will consider them as an opposing position to what D has stated already.

  30. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I know you’re dealing with some really rough waters now, so I want to send you my very best wishes, I hope you get back on your feet very soon, & to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you & you always have my great admiration :-) …. “blushing”
    Also, I sent you a PM regarding a custom video that I’m hoping you could shoot in a month or so. When things get better for you, I really hope we can work out all the deatils & it’ll be great to work with you again!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  31. Sixinchestall

    Hi Katelyn. I am sorry to hear about your break up. It is one of the roughest things in life and makes you question everything. I wish you all the best and hopefully you can learn from this experience and grow as a person. I must admit I too am disappointed that the words I thought were yours were not. Can you clarify if you do have this fetish? Was it your ex just editing your words or was he totally making it up? I feel confused.

  32. D.

    The reason I mentioned wipin the slate clean is because the Katelyn we have come to know, is not actually ‘Kate/Katelyn’ at all. This blog tells us this, for all in tents and purposes Katelyn Brooks acted out what Tristan scripted. While this does not alter that the content was great, it was not (apparently) her work, so how can she continue to be this fictional persona?

    If she want’s to continue to film, great – but it seems to me, that the fantasies we have read were Tristan’s not her’s.

    I also should note that I agree, there is nothing wrong with having a bit of help, that was not my issue, my issue is solely that we have been sold a lie, and while I do take AFK stuffs to seriously, it was done in such away that paying customers were buying content from, in this instance the Katelyn he created, through this duplicitous business plan.
    – So if you would have been up front, I think a lot of us wouldn’t have minded so much, if at all. But as it is, it does leave a foul taste in the mouth.


    But D. it happens all the time. You can’t trust anyone on the internet. So what, someone is writing everything from the blogs to the script. People lie for money all the time too. I think you are putting it out of proportions and feel so let down you are blaming something else to feel better.

  34. Ajax478

    Hey Katelyn,

    I honestly can only hope everything for you emotionally turns out for the best. I am though slightly disappointed at hearing about how Tristan was doing all the background work but also I’m quite willing to be forgiving and understanding of it cause I understood its what HE wanted and you respected that and since you are taking, as you said, full responsibility for your decisions. I do though, now having the barrier broken, be looking forward to stuff from you but I don’t really expect too much of a difference. Tristan wrote the stuff for you but I can only imagine its stuff you’d approve of or enjoy so I would only expect the same from you.

    On that note, I been through plenty of horrible break ups, none like this, but nonetheless quite bad, so I know what your feeling. *hugs*. I can only imagine that some of that post on the City was out of raw emotion so I’ll take it with a grain of salt and won’t get all “OH GOD YOUR HORRIBLE”.

    I do wish good for Tristan, and gets whatever issues he has fixed. Guy’s got talent beyond belief, though doing what he did on the city was a bit much imo and caused too much drama where it really wasn’t needed. (No really, cause the City is filled with too much drama already, how its still up and running without some explosion is beyond me.)

    Again *hugs*. Get better Katelyn. Here’s to an optimistic future. Look forward to seeing your stuff :D.

  35. Kotrebo

    @D: Well, I still have to disagree with this, because we only know that Tristan was the one running the site and writing the replies to the blog. But it was Katelyn who has run her twitter feed, answered the emails, acted in the custom videos, etc. etc.
    Wiping the slate clean is a two-edged sword, because though it might be a freeing experience being able to start fresh, it also means she must start over, and that is a very trying, very difficult thing to do when coming from such a cemented image. She is always going to be Katelyn Brooks, no matter where she goes in the fetish industry. That is a fact, and so even if she tries a new image, it will be Katelyn Brooks wearing said new costume.

    You feel betrayed, sure, after this you have every single right to be. But I disagree with you that a Katelyn/Tristan joint business model would have had the same level of impact that this one has created, as fictitious as it has now proven to be. Katelyn can very well still come back from this in this same image, carrying herself for the first time and rebuilding herself from an existing foundation.

    I do not agree with you about her needing to completely start over from nothing. That is, unless it is her own decision and she chooses this to be her best, most freeing option rather than something she feels she is being steered into by people with your attitude. I do think you are a minority in this, as I believe the majority of people can accept this as ‘Part of the Game’ as it were, and move on with this new knowledge in stride.

  36. D

    “I think you are putting it out of proportions and feel so let down you are blaming something else to feel better.”

    No, I was just pointing out the issues with the exposé when you have a site as old as this, which has (fundamentally) sold itself on the premises of something that is not true.

    Like I have already posted, online I take things with a pinch of salt, which is why I’m not feeling ‘so let down’, I am disappointed, yes – but this has not ruined my world, I am merely pointing to the fact that this decision is harmful – The PA was brilliant, but now, say what you will but it is essentially like starting from scratch anyway, so my point was ultimately it /might/ be worth looking at starting from scratch now that she is going to go it alone, and the person whom scripted most of the work is no longer part of the scenario.

    You ask so what? But at the same time, I feel I or anyone else is fully entitled to came ‘Hang on a second’ – because I think you and others seem to think this was just a small white ‘internet’ lie, when in fact it goes quite a lot deeper then that. Indeed, for myself, I merely hang out at the rabbit hole entrance, I purchased clips and commented on her, however, for others, they went quite deep into the proverbial hole, and I’m sure those people are feeling a lot more ‘let down’.


    Quite right, but at the same time, who is to say it didn’t go further then that, this blog pretty much reveals that he took the reigns, and I do therefore find it difficult to believe it stopped there. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but my point still stands, this can/will effect that 6 year PR undertaking.

  37. FreedomFighter

    I’ll spare my actual judgment of the situation (cause I have, as well as have friends that have been in the same situation), but with Katelyn’s response on GC as well as right up there, the “shady” side comes out of the woodwork. I’m not knockin’ the talent and quality of SFX, they’re phenomenal. I’m not even knockin’ the fact that both parties involved have expressed their best wishes to one another and acknowledge one another as actual good people.

    But I feel that with all this being brought out in public (Katelyn is more than qualified in telling everyone what the real deal is by herself if something like this happened), now it’s more or less like she’s been vilified and hated. Tristan’s intentions may not have been to demonize Katelyn and he’s actually stated that she’s a good person and hopes for the best for her, BUT there’s also now a lot of people that are thinking like how “D” is thinking…..and it’s unfortunate that now she has to deal with that.

    Not him, he gets the praise and good luck wishes….hey, more power to ya, I’m not tarnishing talent and skill at someone’s expense, but according to what’s been stated on GC…the guy’s probably gonna get back up on his feet with other producers in the near future. Katelyn will have to overcome those who believe this all to be a ruse….the ones that call her a liar, a fraud, etc. and in the long run, that’s what will probably hurt her the most.

    She’s not to be vilified and hated at someone else’s expense. It was a break up…and what happened in THEIR relationship and why it ended stays in THEIR relationship.

  38. Giantess Ka...

    Just a clarification: Tristan scripted 19 of the produced videos on this entire website, plus any free FX he’s done over the years. 2 of his Giantess FX videos were customs I received (Spellbook, Navel) and one was an ad-lib video I shot with Isabelle at Gary’s. Oh, and we actually both scripted the Valentine’s videos.

    That goes with my own video work too. A large amount of them stemmed from requests and customs I ad-libbed with mixture of my own fantasies.

  39. Kotrebo

    Well, GC is like the tabloid central of the community anyway. Completely full of whiny, pretentious people who eat, breath, and shit drama on a daily basis. The thing about it is, with all the ridiculous people who reside there, this will blow over in a month from now and things will calm down again. Katelyn has always had to deal with haters, and now she will undoubtedly have more, but that isn’t news. She’ll still have a fan-base and a strong one, and this might actually draw more people to her as a result of all this coming to light, time will tell.

    Any drama going down on GC is to be taken lightly, and can generally be expected to be forgotten about with the attention span of a goldfish.

  40. FreedomFighter

    To quote a user on GC:

    “And Tristan, quit being a put together dick. I’m not claiming to say I know what happened between you two and I honestly don’t care, but you are on this site explaining in thorough details one of the whiniest stories of self angst and woe that i’ve ever seen. Your shit isn’t as bad as you claim and your trying to make her feel bad by making everyone else look at her with scorn. That alone shines a pretty big beacon on your character. If you had class you wouldn’t have given your work away as a “Devoted fan turned boyfriend”, and then bring your mess here to spread out for everyone to examine. Thats manipulative man.”

  41. D

    Not at all. I’m not vilifying Katelyn, I’m simply saying that this exposé begs the question who is Katelyn, and where does it go from here?

    I’m not taking sides, and I think this was evidentially a blog that was reluctantly posted, but was done owing to the calls, messages (etc) – as to be expected from a site like this that suddenly ‘stops’.

    The relationship is of no concern of mine, but you have to see that while I’m sure her decision was done for the best, the fact that potentially everything that has been posted over the years, has been a ruse.

    I’m not going to go as far as fraud, as I don’t believe that, but my posts have mainly been with regard to the repercussions for a site like this, in terms of it’s fan base.

    I have been a client from the start, and have enjoyed the content, but you have to understand, this may hurt or really disappoint people as well, so I think it should be expected that some might not take this in jest.

    I don’t want to see anyone hurt, and again I am sorry that this relationship has turned sour, and that now people are taking sides. I was not, I was merely speaking about the future of this site, and what comes next from Katelyn.

    Was I disappointed, – yes.
    Hurt, angry – no.

    I certainly don’t think she is a horrible person, taking advantage of us gullible clients/fans. I just feel that she should have thought a bit more on the decision to let him take charge and speak for her, which is not surprising it caused some raised eyebrows.

  42. MarkM

    I wish some of the negativity to this would die down.

    My first reaction to learning of this was negative as well however after learning more of the reasons why they ran things the way they did and how that came to be I’ve come to accept it.

    We are all human and we all make poor decisions and mistakes from time to time. I know I have made far more than my share of both. Katelyn in fact has forgiven me for some of mine thus how could I not forgive her for this.

    Katelyn please take care and try not to stress to much over this. Your true fans and friends will remain behind you!

    I for one hope to continue being able to enjoy Katelyn’s great work for years to come and I value the friendship she freely gave to me greatly.


  43. FreedomFighter

    Here, here!

  44. boo

    Sad to hear it, but its good that You still want to develop You passion and be in the community. I want to helpYou as much as I can. I written E mail to You – please respond when You have time as I wouldlove todo something to help You.

  45. Femmefury

    sorry to hear from your breakup… about the way things are put on the net, that is not of our concern, and… Tristan should have kept it for himself. But obviously there is some frustration…
    Personally, I don’t now either of you, so it’s a bit of a downer to read about your troubles… you guys created a fetish site, a site of fantasies… ‘real live’ should not be in here. I don’t care if your real name is Katelyn or that a guy was doing (supposably) all the work, the only thing in which I (and many) are interested in, is the ‘world’ you created! the world of Katelyn, the powerfull sexy woman who eats, kills and humiliate people for her pleasure.

    I can imagine that the ‘guy’ Tristan had a part in that, perhaps it was his fantasy, but it would be ridiculouse to state that he did it all, and that the ‘Katelyn’ was just a model… (which happened to be his girlfriend, who willingly did all this?? come on!).. besides there are plenty of guys out there who can do exactly the same and would be dying to do it for this site, so despite his work, he is NOT un-replacable.

    Anyway… sorry to hear about your breakup, would be just the right scenario for a ‘giantess’ fetish site don’t you think? Crush and eat the ‘ex’, rip his limbs of his body, and crush the head ;-)

    keep the fantasy alive, and leave the ‘real’ world out of it…. the moment you mix between those, you kill the concept, and you will loose interest of most of your fans.

  46. Femmefury

    btw, looks your site is getting some beatings… it’s damn slow…. :/


    I agree with Mark, I took it too far and trying to change people’s minds. Sorry about that. Let Katelyn decide what she want to do, no more bickering here. I am done with conversation and moving on.

  48. Tristan

    I will not be responding to Katelyn’s comment. If you have personal questions for me or my work, feel free to ask me elsewhere.

  49. LC

    Here is the thing… this whole thing is fantasy. This whole thing is about fantasy. If you, based upon knowing the personal lives of these folks, are now less inclined to buy based only upon your peek behind the curtain, so be it. All of the giantesses that we see have other lives… and we have no idea about many/most of them. It’s better that way, folks… hate to say it, but it’s MUCH better that way. This makes these giantesses invulnerable to things like this… above all of this… goddesses, if you will. Sure, Katelyn is a character, but a character that replied to your emails, blog posts, and role played with you off and on. What we are seeing is a person behind that – two people, actually – who we don’t know and don’t need to. What we should know is that Katelyn (whatever her real name is) has run a good business that many people have been 100% satisfied with.

    I still think the better thing would have been to privately advertise production services to established businesses to build your own company over time, but I can’t judge you, Tristan. I don’t know you… and I won’t probably ever get to meet you. It could be the emotion led you to do something by lifting the curtain so that people could see behind the stage and you didn’t realize that this would shatter the fantasy for some… it could be that this was purposeful and that you meant to hurt the Katelyn brand while claiming you want people to support it… I have no idea. What I do know is that I hope that you can move on as it appears that things can only go downhill from here after this very public break up.

    ‘Katelyn’ – I put it in quotes because I refer to the real person – I do hope that all is well for you, as I have no idea if the depression blog was you or him, but I am assuming it is you… if so, this has to be an absolutely awful time and you need very much to ensure your health regardless of if you decide to continue this site or not… take care of yourself… rise above all of this. I am certain that you have financials and such that can bring someone to work with you to bring this back up to whatever speed you’d like if that’s your choice. If that depression blog wasn’t you, I still know that this has to be hard to see play out in front of a lot of people who assumed they knew you – but still, I see mostly support for both of you and a tough situation.

    I actually hope that this stops being played out in ‘public’ somehow… and best to you both. I would love to be a customer again for either one of you once you have established what you’d like to do.

  50. argonnj

    Who cares, we all enjoyed the work, so who cares who it really was. The whole GTS thing is fantasy anyway, so I don’t see what the big deal was. I hope Katelyn can continue on her own, only time will tell. I wish you luck and look forward to seeing what you can do on your own.

  51. alexbobay

    So…. to be clear, are you going to be updating again, or are we not going to be seeing booru 2.0 and any future fx clips and such…

  52. Dim

    Call me if you need me girl. I got you.

  53. Calvin Silver

    Katelyn, I still love you very very VERY much — inexhaustibly much. Just in case that wasn’t clear in my last post. ;-)

    I remember when you first joined giantesscity, and you had your short little crazy haircut, and you were all gothed out… and you were the first person that ever role played with me, even if you got overwhelmed by the massive amount of people just wishing they could be at your feet – a victim of your mercy – so you destroyed the entire city a little too quickly… maybe… and whenever I wanted collage material, there you were helping me make something that was special to me… helping me develop myself into the artist I am today.

    Even if some of what I thought was you was actually Tristan… I still think that most of you was always you… and will continue to be you.

    You mean a lot to who I am, and if in any way you ever thought otherwise of my opinion – my words have been misread. If ever a smile across your lips has belonged to me, than it is pure joy on my heart and soul.

  54. Katelyn's Mom

    I am here to support you 1000%!! Now that things are in your own hands- -you have the world in your hands- you are free- noone can ever take away who you are…

  55. Stephen C

    Business Partners & Relationships. They both have serious collateral damage when it comes to breaking apart. You have them both mounted on top of eachother. I cant even imagine how stressful, irritating, depressing, painful and aggravating all of this must be for both of you. Because despite the bitterness present you both will have your own mental strain to take from this. The difference is you’re both feeling immense pain in different emotional states. Katelyn, i understand it sucks majorly to have your working life and private life shattered in front of you. I’m sure Tristan is the same but he has a brave face. It could be a year or possibly even more before you have the strength to be who you are. But to me and to all the loyal and dedicated people who dont just buy your videos, but feel an endless and beautiful connection to the woman who has shared and envisioned their fetish for years and years, are proud of everything you’ve accomplished and dont think for a second that the Katelyn we know and love, that same Katelyn who used to give her videos away for free on her first site (The sore throat video being my favourite Classic) will be shadowed by sorrow for long. Yes you’re an actress, but you’re more than that to me. You’re a vibrant, uplifting outstandingly generous member of the human race, whose goal has been to remain faithful to her dreams, friends, fans and work since day one. Whatever comes next, however bleak things look at the moment. Never forget that you are Katelyn Brooks. You are quite possibly the most famous Fetish actress in the world, who’s work isnt just an excuse to bang one out, it paints a masterpiece of colours, life and art into what used to be just another branch on the pornography tree. Katelyn whether you read this or not. Fuck the pain, fuck the gloomy cloud you see everytime you open your eyes. You’ve been through enough emotionally painful crap to bravely walk through a minefield with your eyes closed and not even break a sweat. ;) Take as much time as you need and I dont believe for a second that the era of Giantess Katelyn is up. Dont see it as a break-up. See it as a chance to paint a new masterpiece. x

  56. littlemuse

    It’s all ways best to get out of a bad relationship then stay in it for any reason. Every one who is mad at GKB needs to remember that it was her in all the videos, and she is still the most convincing Giantess around., do you think that any public figure writes their own stuff. Look at Obama he doesn’t write a word of his speeches but no one says that’s not him. You go girl!

  57. Joey

    Well, this does all come as a surprise. I think it was difficult for this site, because you sold the image of a personal giantess. A lot of us felt like we knew you and the connection made the content even more erotic. Know that we see some fiction and human struggle, it ruins the illusion.

    None the less, business-love relations are often very rocky. I’ve seen a few fail in my time. I’m sorry that your issues were forced public. As much as I do sort of like the context, it probably would have been better to try to keep this behind the scenes. I think that was a rather dickish move by Tristan to pull the plug on the operation. None the less, I do feel less heartened about this site with the truth.

    None the less, take care of yourselves. Don’t let the public drama defeat you. Recover and compose.

  58. Mike Most

    Hey I’m just so sorry dude… I’ve been there, most of us have been. It f’n blows. Every situation is unique, I understand. But it just sucks. So good luck with everything, you’ll pull through sooner than later. We’re human, it’s what we do, hang in there Katelyn. We love you.

  59. Megagiant5280

    I understand you two are going through a terrible break up so I will not judge either. As for you Katelyn, I hope you continue to make good videos. I think you are a good actress and you taking it to the naked level has made you work very great. I also hope you continue to bring in people like Rachel, who is sexy and amazing.

    I think this serves as a lesson that you don’t know people unless you actually meet them face-to-face or at worst skype with them.

    Good luck in the future! Im sure one day you will do a video where you get to crush the life out of a tiny doll named Tristan. If Alexia Moore could do that about the cops, you can sure as hell do that about an ex.

  60. Megagiant5280

    Oh and one last thing, if you ever decide to date a guy with the giantess fetish again, let me know. I would love to take you out on a date and get to know the real you. Im sure you are not only sexy but a cool woman who now values independent thinking.

  61. Daniel

    Boy howdy, what a world.

  62. Greg

    There is an old saying … Don’t shit where you eat. Never quite understood that until I worked with someone who I also happened to love as well. Made for some very “bad” times along with the good and needless to say ended our friendship. Never have done that again. Sorry that your breakup became public. Explains a lot though. Good luck to you both.

  63. Moose

    Man, I usually hate posting on sites and this’ll make two in one thread sheesh. Oh well, everyone else gets to think out loud. :)

    With your second post I guess I feel a lot less concerned about being insensitive to one of the parties involved, but I’m still opting out of incessant questioning. My curiosity won’t kill me. :P

    My god, GC was such a pep rally behind Tristan I couldn’t believe it :P And I think Tywest might have a fucking stroke in the rush to scoop him up.. Like he’s going anywhere ;) (ack :-X) I mean, to be honest I think the whole “betrayal” scandal folks are focused on could have been better avoided with occasional mentions of “btw I have an assistant that proofs and preps these posts.” Not a whole truth, but a great deflector for down the road. Maybe a PR guy could’ve recommended it (dammit again :-X) But that’s in the past and truthfully, insignificant. The personal attachment to you was definitely a draw for many people, myself I had an admiration for your supposed love of coding of all things, but they bought actual clips for one reason. And if your passion is true and you continue on, I doubt the wounds won’t heal themselves.

    I’m glad you reiterated my earlier comment in a roundabout way: “but damn man, going public with this via a public gts job resume when you can count the number of serious producers on your hands?” The whole thing sounds like such an emotional breakdown, and the pity/smug posts which followed sound like a big cry for attention directed at you to feel either humiliated and bad or whatever.. A human reaction, but oye. I deal with so much relationship drama in real life enough. Personal control issues just seem to be flying all over the place with the stories here, and I hope no physical harm was being layered on top of this.

    And so while I’m happy you defended yourself, I still hope this internet drama is short lived and the rest can be dealt with in real life as needed. Up to you of course. The snide remarks or, “whatever” brushoffs, or higher than thou “I don’t need to talk about this” will go on probably. And the truth of everything that happened is so far beyond what any of us will know, or should know, or should care about. Don’t try and put it behind you but just move the site on and progress. Maybe a couple of video blogs to start with so it’s slightly more personal. Half the people will mock like they did the ice cream and say it’s fake and the other half will consider it sincere and move on. And long user posts like these just simply won’t help that, so shame on me. :)

    Even the biggest doubters right now would be hard pressed to believe this site won’t have any luck finding future assistance in coding, fx, art, or whatever the need may be. Please. :P Whether they’re paid independent workers, obsessed Katelyn fans, or people doing it purely out of passion for the genre it’ll happen without any resentment over this. And quality of work will still be the determinant of success, not any of this crap. People are already lining up on both of their behalves. (Watch this: I have a programming background and can offer assistance if it’s needed at some point. Oh shit there’s another one. =D) And a lot of the doubt surrounds the notion that Katelyn has zero idea what the fuck she’s doing on her own, and that would shock me a lot more than any of this. :P

    Best of luck. I don’t think you’ll give it up but I hope a few weeks/months don’t go by and you have a “fuck it i’m shutting down” moment or anything.

    This entire post seems like I took the anti-Tristan side.. In t he scheme of what happened with the site I don’t think I’m taking either side really, just on the way it’s been handled since(and potentially on the personal relationship side but again, beyond any of our business really). The GC thread is doing what the internet does but clearly some have stayed here even with the initial shock and I take that as a good sign.

    Don’t I feel all preachy now =D Can’t wait for someone to tear me down internet-style.

  64. Sheela


    Honestly, while wordy, your post does cover the basics.

    If Tristan wanted to just get work, he could have just emailed the producers, I agree with that. It seemed a little odd to stamp a big post up everywhere. Tiny bit scummy. Personal opinion.

    I’m also biased for personal reasons, so I’m trying my best to stay out of these things. But I’m glad that people are reading between the lines.

  65. Jshep

    Hi Katelyn, I’m sorry to hear about your break up and wanted to let you know I’m available to help anyway I can. I don’t have a lot of experience in FX or web design, but I’m a certified network administrator and have experience managing servers of all types (including web servers), and if you ever need help managing the website just email me and I’ll be happy to help (free of charge). I’ll also continue buying your products and if need be I’ll be happy to donate money to help you find a new programmer.

    It’s good your mother is there helping you through this hard time. Having gone through depression my self I know how easy it is to fall back into it after something like this. It’s important that you have someone to talk to, and I hope you meet with a psychologist (you mentioned seeing a doctor in your earlier post) soon to help you through this as well.

    I also want to suggest not responding to these posts anymore, as they serve no real purpose. You’ve already shown that you tried to treat this situation as a professional, and if he’s too stupid to see its good business to continue working with you then there is nothing more you need to say. You’ve chosen to act like a professional and he has not. Your actions will speak louder than anything Tristan has posted. Having dealt with a situation like this ( Former business partner trying to villainize you after letting him/her go) professionally my self, I can tell you that the worst thing you can do is dignify these kinds of people with a response. He’s doing this to damage your business in order to feed his own ego and to get people interested in his future works. Keeping business going as usual (like you did with your latest video) is the best way to prove the people he’s rallied to his cause are wrong. In the end if you are selling quality GTS content people will continue to buy regardless of their opinions. Your fans will continue to buy your movies regardless of what anyone says. I bet even Q will continue to purchase your videos despite the crap hes saying.

    From a business perspective I can’t see his posts ever really doing any damage. At best his first 2 or 3 videos will attract a lot of attention due to curiosity, and that’s the most that will come of all this drama.

    As for those who came to this site just to complain about the supposed “lie” Katelyn brooks has been telling everyone. First of all if the whole persona created for the Katelyn brooks character we see in the videos, posts, and emails turns out to be a lie. Keep a few things in mind like. A) Tristan helped create the lie, B) Every other studio out there does the exact same thing, C) It’s called acting and even if what people like Q are crying about is true. It doesn’t change the fact that it was a tool used to make some really awesome content. Unless you want Katelyn brooks websites (giantessbooru included) to come down, and you REALLY feel the community will be a better place with out Katelyn brooks. Then you all need to just chill the fuck out about it.

    And to anyone who’s thinking of hiring this “Tristan” I warn you that his actions in the past few days show he’s not to be trusted as a business partner. No doubt if Tywest and him come to a disagreement we will see him treat Tywest in a similar fashion. The fact that Katelyn had to involve law enforcement in this break up shows this guy is emotionally unstable and if what she’s saying about him making up the whole “living in a broom closet.” story is true then hes obviously a sociopath and extremely unethical.

  66. Jeremy

    I’m sorry you are going through all this. I will remain a loyal fan, follower and online friend. That guy had the woman many of us would want, got to share in this fantasy with you and have the real you on top of that, and he screwed it up.

  67. Kaneda


    I’ve been weighing what I could add to this that isn’t being said by a lot of people, but I suppose there really isn’t much. Like many, I remember the beginnings of this site and the sudden, exhilarating vibrance that your presence immediately added to the giantess scene. Your early material excited me, and your attitude and your own personal excitement motivated me tremendously.

    I’m sure you don’t have to be reminded of how important you are in this little world we live in. When I tried to open my fetish life to my significant other, the first thing we talked about when exploring things was your site and some of the posts you’d made.

    It does concern me that these were someone else’s words. I think that’s the most distressing thing for a lot of people. That being said, though, the eternal optimist in me believes in the woman behind the world. I hope this whole experience gives us all a chance to know you better, and perhaps some time for you to relax and reorganize as well.

    I generally don’t pay for fetish material, so I can’t say I’m tremendously familiar with all of your work, but I would be willing to offer help or support in other ways if it’s useful. I write erotic fictions and scenes both independently and with partners, you and anyone else who cares to can track me down through my twitter @MissKaneda, or leave a note at my DA, which is linked from there.

    Be well, and I hope things evolve and settle for you both, and that with distance and perspective comes peace.

  68. Adam

    I know this is on everyone’s mind so I’ll just say it. Midnight Goddess and videos like that have changed the face of FX in this community. So that was all Tristan’s work? If so, fuck all of the other drama, the guy knows how to make a quality FX video. I personally am interested to see where he works again, and I’m interested to see him bring that kind of FX talent to other models in the industry. I’m sorry Katelyn. I have supported this site but will only continue to do so if the quality of work is consistent with what we have come to expect from this site. If you’re telling me that all of that quality FX work was actually this guy named Tristan and not you, then I will have to go where the quality videos are. It’s nothing personal, but I know the majority of people on here are thinking these things in the back of their head. I’m sorry to hear about your break up, but I want to continue to support this site, so please don’t revert to using plastic dolls in videos again. I honestly can’t justify spending money on a video like that when we all have been already spoiled by the FX work on this site from the past.

  69. Adam

    That being said, Katelyn is obviously a phenomenal actress. All I’m saying is if you can’t do that kind of quality FX on your own, you should really work on bringing in someone who can. I check this site very often, but this is the first time I’ve ever posted. I just felt like these things needed to be said.

  70. Marcus

    Well, just read this, and all the comments. I don’t have terribly much to say. I’ve always been kind of a shadowy lurker at the fringes of the organized community. The way-out-there-by-the-sticks fringes, where you kinda think someone could possibly be, but have thus far never ventured that far out to confirm the existence of.

    So I didn’t see any of this play out, or know about any of this until I read this blog. But, well. You have my sincerest best wishes. I also am kind’ve looking forward to seeing more of the real you, if you’re of the mindset to share any of it. Regardless of whatever direction you go, I imagine I’ll still be frequently dropping by. To see what’s what, and such.

    I suppose that was a fair bit more than ‘not much to say’, huh?

    Best wishes, sincerely,

  71. Rafael

    Katelyn … I’m going through the same problem as you. And I saw that my friends are an important piece for me to go through this with less pain. Katelyn even if you do not know, I mean we’ll get through this together, we your fans and you. For all this it is not just to see and buy your videos. We love you for who you are and your work. We are here to go through it with you. And we all want to see a picture of you with a huge smile on his face in the next update of the blog.

    Sorry for the bad english .. This is the google translator hehe

    Kisses Rafael Fernando Fiedler (BRAZIL)

  72. Josh

    Hey Katelyn, I’m not sure if you will ever see this comment amongst all of the comments in this blog but I wanted to tell you, don’t get drawn into this guys crap. I had a friend who treated his girlfriends identical to what I am understanding this guy did to you. He was a dirt bag and got what was coming to him when he ended up in jail for assault on her.

    I just want you to remember that there are still a lot of us that think you are an amazing, beautiful woman that has a lot to offer and shouldn’t slow down. Heck, it sounds like you got rid of bunch of baggage. You can move even faster and higher than ever before. I think that I speak for every man and woman that love you and your website that a man that would be so blessed as to be able to be under your feet would do anything to screw that up would be the moron of the century. I have always seen you as a very fun-loving, caring, giving, adorable woman and would have loved nothing more than to have been able to live anywhere near you and have a friendship with you. You always seem so full of life.

    I just feel like you should know how this one adoring fan feels about you. You are amazing and beautiful and loved. Not to say there won’t be grieving. He obviously meant something to you. Grieve for your loss, lift your head, and begin anew. You are a stunning woman and with your friends and family with you, as well as your fans and admirers such as myself, you will continue onto bigger and better things.

    As I said, I’m not sure if you will ever get this, but if you do and if you ever are short of a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen, please feel free to email me. I would love nothing more than to just be there for my Goddess when she needs me.

    Your loving toeslave, Josh

  73. coolk17

    This is going to be fun to watch. I mean we are getting to meet a whole new person. As KB was a man all this time. Hundreds if not thousands of people was just cat-fished. I wonder if I ever actually spoken to KB. I typed to her before and every now an then I’ll get a reply, but over all.. WOW. Anyway, because I’m nosy it would like to know how he looks.

    But anyway, KB I hope everything works out for you. It’d be nice to start seeing video blogs from you. x) An what does this mean for all your future projects? Also, did your ex physically or mentally abuse you? I ask because you said the cops was called a lot. An they checked up on you often.

    An you said your English was bad, what is your nationality? Were was you born and raised?

  74. JT

    Is this still going on?

    I would suggest this to KB

    Delete everything you’ve said, delete everything about this, act as if it NEVER happened and let it die away.

    People come here to buy a product. Drama like this just makes things here look like a freaking tabloid, rumble tumble on tumbler.

    Things looked to be at least decent when this all happened.


    Sure you can say Tristan should have been discreet but guess what, this is the internet so he can say whatever the hell he wants to say. There’s nothing to censor him.

    What do you think this is, North Korea? (Just kidding, I know you know your georgraphy but hey, I thought that would be such a cliche thing to say and as thus I had to say it)

    (Sheela PS- I hope the 2nd Bonnie thing comes out, that is one of my FAVORITE comics out thus far! I am actually a fan of your work)

    And what, does what he say put into question this site and it’s sales? If it does then shame on the site, it shouldn’t. If that’s how you BOTH agreed to do business then oh well.

    As for GC…no duh he got support there! We’re mostly GUYS there. What happens during a break up? The dudes support the dudes and the chicks support the chicks and all is well natural as nature intended of the sexes.

    Finally, KB- I hope you rise up from this and release some kick ass stuff. You said you were learning the trade, well apply it and make some FX videos and whatever and start chewing bubble gum…or well like run out of chewing gum so you can kick ass…or however it goes.

  75. Kotrebo

    I’m not at all surprised that GC would take a side, as that place is just trash for exactly the reason JT had stated. There are few men on GC, but a whole lot of boys it would seem.
    In any case, I like the way Moose expressed his reasonable feelings on this, having put them in such a comprehensive way. And it is great to see Katelyn working on her site, making it run smoothly again. I hope this sheds light on the promise that she is determined to continue on with her head held high, despite this falling out.
    Love it or hate it, this place has been a very strong hub in the community, and I believe it is going to continue to be for some time.

    I’m also happy that Tristan seems to have found a means to continue with his passion as well, and this entire issue will settle back into calmer waters. Irregardless of all this drama, lives need to carry on. I hope the waters behind the scene calm for the both of you as well.

  76. Megalomancer

    I’m a little confused since I’m not on GC or anything, but I just wanted to say a few things:

    1. It’s unfortunate that this happened. My best wishes to everyone involved.

    2. To D.: You may feel misled, but the product is high-quality and that’s what people pay for. People may feel a special “connection” to Katelyn, but in the back of their minds they have to know that Katelyn might have a boyfriend or whatever. The fact that she did, and that he was ‘Katelyn’s voice’ does not change in any way the product that you bought.

    3. To Tristan: You make a high-quality product. You have to learn a few things about running a business ethically (deception is never a good idea), but you have enough skill and talent that you will land on your feet if only you’re willing to work for it.

    4. To the Real Katelyn: while this whole thing is a pretty shitty situation, you have a whole community that has been built around you and is ready to support you. It sounds like you have some basic computer and video skills, so if you want to keep doing this kind of work, I think most people will support you during this transition phase, and where you go from here is up to you: the sky’s the limit. As I said in an e-mail many months ago, you are well-poised to be the Giantess Queen, if that’s something you want to pursue. All of that said, if this is a turning point for you, then thanks for everything you’ve done, and good luck! You are now free to truly be your own woman.

  77. MarkM

    I think the best is yet to come now that Katelyn is free to do things her own way. Like her Mom said above “the world is in her hands” now. I can’t think of anyplace better to be than Katelyn’s hands.

    Megalomancer I agree with you that Katelyn is poised to be the Giantess_Queen. To me she already is.

    Okay lets let this die now and just get behind supporting Katelyn who we all Love dearly.

  78. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Hello again. Hey, how about that!? Your very cool mom, who’s gorgeous like you, has written a great response! And she has some very simple, but very true words of wisdom. Yes, you have the world in your hands now.
    And if you ever find a way to shrink me down to 1 inch tall or less, I hope you & your mom will take turns holding me in your hands & taking care of me :-)…. “blushing”
    Best wishes to you & I’m excited about your upcoming videos!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  79. Sheela

    I’ve supported my male and female friends alike in break up situations so I think that saying that guys rally around guys and girls rally around girls is particularly unfair. That’s just my opinion.

    Either way, it’s over now and what’s done is done. Everyone can carry their opinions based on whatever information they’ve gotten. Mine is just biased for several reasons, both public and private.

    [PS: I’ll be resuming work on Bonnie’s Body Chapter 2: Going Galactic once I’ve released the folio I’m working on. I posted up on my tumblr that it should be out this month, there’s no reason the folio should NOT be out this month, though I have to figure out an advertisement.

    And for everyone else, you may like to know that in my folio that’s nearing completion, Katelyn makes an appearance along with three other girls! :> (Completely of my own volition, I wanted to draw her.)]

  80. Matt

    You two sound like you don’t belong apart. How many of he rest of us wish what you had?

  81. Joey

    damn katelyn…. i was wondering what happened to you…. i expected something like friends, or visiting family somewhere else…. i never expected this…. sorry to hear it….. **hugs**….. we’re all here for you

  82. limpdik

    I’m sorry to hear that Kate. I just assumed that in your absence you were just making up for yourself and lost time. It sucks breaking up with someone you care about…I know that feel.

    As for your work, you should give yourself more credit. You are the true master mind of your giantess world, don’t ever forget that. I have full confidence in you kitty-kate. Take time to get over this and don’t rush it either. I wish you the best of luck!

  83. Tim

    Regardless of what has happened between yourself and Tristan, I just wish you all the best, Katelyn. You always will a giantess/goddess in my eyes! <3

    Staring up from your toes,


  84. TheLurkerFr...

    OK, normally I don’t comment. Ever. I lurk around here and GiantessBooru. I’m sorry to hear about what happened, though I was a bit late. I’ve read between every line, and the lines between those lines, of every comment posted. I wish you the best, and Tristan as well. I don’t know anything about the real you, and I look forward to future posts. Don’t let the site die out because of a breakup, no matter how heartbreaking it is. I wish there was something I could do to help, but I’ll have to stick to typing this as a form of support.
    Best of luck

  85. Enzo

    ok è tutto così interessante, profondo e vero ma io volevo solo farmi una sega

  86. Mow638


    I have been a silent follower for around 3 years now and have never really involved myself in the fetish community. Now seems like a good time as any to offer my support now that things seem at a critical point. Keep your chin up and remember that there are alot of people who never say anything but are there that want to offer support but never know how to say it. I am one of those people. if you need any help with this site or booru i would be more than happy to offer some of my time to them. I know no one knows me but, i would still like to offer what little help i can at this time.

    P.S. I am also a fan of sheela’s comics and marks work, and i was so happy to see there participation in these sites too.

  87. Judas

    Hahahaha is this still going on..! It was like days ago… Its abit shit, such is life…

  88. Rooster

    Goddess Katelyn,

    Stand tall! I know you will. Standing taller than a skyscraper lol
    So much has happened and been said and hopefully the drama/dust can settle, allowing you to clearly see the path ahead. Hopefully that path is still strewn with tinies!

    I first learned of all this when Tristan posted a comment on giantessbooru. At that point I was intrigued regarding the scandal, felt pity for Tristan (seems you’re right about his silver tongue), and was impressed at the supposedly-civil attitude. Sadly, when you date a goddess the fallout is bound to be larger than life. It’s admirable that you started this blogpost trying to stay positive and respectful, and I understand that your subsequent comments were necessary to save face.

    I’ve been a fan for about 5 years. It stings a little… the deceit. However, from a business model standpoint I completely see why he chose to handle PR that way. Anyway I only hope that despite him doing a large part of the work, bits of you managed to shine through. It will be interesting to see whether you continue to act out the character that has been written for you, if you change and become something different, or if you just be yourself! I really don’t think there is a wrong answer. You have your freedom now, you are like Gullivera broken free from her bindings.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel like this has rocked our little community. Some may never worship Her again, but I hope many of us stay true to our goddess. Funny thing is: I’m sure there’s some lurkers who don’t care about any of this drama, they just wannna fap lol

    All I know is that whatever she’s really like, whatever her “real name”, Katelyn is still a person. A person who’s been through a lot and still has more ahead of her, good and bad. Like all of us. It breaks my heart to know that she’s been trapped in this vortex for so long. It’s rather ironic though, that a girl whose fetish involves power, domination, and control over others would find herself the victim of manipulation. Not that she deserved any of it. No one deserves to be the victim of an abuseful relationship.

    ps that ice cream looks delicious =P

  89. Corsair

    Hello Katelyn,

    I didn’t respond so far neither here or on giantesscity because I felt it was none of my business. The only thing I can say is that yes breakups suck and we all have to go through these sometimes, but I guess I cannot really help you feel better or comfort you, only time can really heal your wounds.

    Anyways, I’m just glad that you’ll keep making videos. I still dream of seeing you in a city or mega video one day. Hope you’ll hire an FX editor one day to make this dream come true. Or maybe you can learn to do the FX yourself (if you don’t have the budget to hire an editor), but I guess this will be a lot of work and dedication. But please, keep the dream alive! Lol!

    I’m also happy for Tristan if he gets to work with Tywest or other producers. He seems really talented for FX (I remember Midnight Goddess in particular) so it’s cool that he’ll keep working in the industry. Feels kind of weird to say “the industry” for such a niche fetish! Lol!

    Keep strong and as I said you will see time will fix things for both of you, and you’ll be able to move on with your lives and both be happy.

  90. Bob

    Bummer, probably not the best business strategy posting this kind of msg. What sets the material on this site apart from everything else out there is the undeniably high quality. But a majority of that quality stems from the idea that what we are viewing is coming from a giantess who legitamately shares the fetish with the viewer, but now that characteristic is in question. Was the dialogue and body language in your vids coming straight from the colossal booming heart of a true blue giantess, or was it all dictated by your overbearing behind the scenes boyfriend? Time will tell I suppose, bottom line is, if you keep cranking out high quality vore vids, I’ll keep watching. I’d rather not go back to rolling my eyes at miscallaneous cheap models eating gummy bears and just pretending like they know what this fetish is about. Or some random bikini struggling to “wing it” trying to remember what they read off a halfassed script the night before. There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing something with high expectations and then wasting 5-10 min watching a deer in the headlights actress stare into the camera with that blank “I cant think of shit to say” look in her eyes… like in a majority of that generic as fuck Walmart Giantesszone stuff.

  91. Sheela


    In short, she really does have the fetish. She’s thinking about doing a live Q&A on the subject of “the Real Katelyn”, so if she does you’ll be able to ask your questions and make your judgements then. :>

  92. Sixinchestall

    I would love to get to know the real Katelyn. Although as previous comments have said the deception did sting a bit I think everyone deserves a second chance. I can’t ignore the quality of Katelyn’s work but also for me it was about the fact that Katelyn had the fetish too. I hope this is true but please Katelyn just be honest with us. I think the blog idea letting us get to know the real Katelyn is a very good idea. We can start afresh. I wish you all the best and don’t overwork and get ill again. You are going through a lot (hug) and you need some you time.

  93. Chuck

    Debate is still going on here? I thought it was time for moving on to the future, but anyway… Ahem…

    I’d be very interested in that Q&A Sheela mentions so we get to know the real Katelyn better. Though it being a live Q&A – as Katelyn suggested on Twitter – will be a bit of a problem for me with the time difference and all, but I know you can do it without me. xD

  94. Bob

    @ Sheela

    Yeah, I really have no doubts that she legitamately has the fetish. Heck, even if she didnt it would be irrelevent, (to me at least) since the vids on this site are unquestionably the best and most convincing you can buy. Plus when you think about it, nobody would invest everything they had into something they didnt have a passion for. Unfortunately though, there are likely ignorant people out there who will take this whole mess the wrong way. Hope everything turns out for the best on here though. Hey, youre a really talented artist by the way, I’m a fan of your non-furry stuph on the booru :) Keep up the good work, we really dont see enough curvey GTS’s in my opinion!

  95. Semenator

    Miss Katelyn, I have never posted on your site, but I am a fan. It has been nice to see people who are not regular contributors stepping out to support you. In times of need, the ones who care about you the most will be there by your side. Hopefully, it is of some comfort for you to know that despite what happened, you have an incredible fan base who is still standing strong in unison for their Goddess. I look forward to the Q and A, it will be fun to get to know the real Katelyn. Thank you for all the hard work you do.

  96. (blank)

    Um. Looks like giantessbooru is redirecting to a youtube video. Figured it was related to this somehow…

  97. Alman001

    Miss Katelyn, no matter what the case and how things have changed, like many of the others here are saying, things will get better over time.
    Things have changed, yes but not for the absolute worst. You still have many fans & friends standing behind you with their support like Mark, Sheela and many others

    As long as you have the fans willing to help pick you up when your down, then it shouldn’t be so hard to keep moving forward and smile right? :)

    (I’m kinda bad at pep-comments. I’m just trying like everyone else, to cheer you up and let you know just how many people out there care for you) ^_^;
    And over time you can bet the number of tiny fans will be sure to grow too, and without any help from whats-his-face too

  98. Michael

    Katelyn! I’m so sorry that life threw you this curveball. If I weren’t in a happy relationship, I’d be there to help cheer you up! Well…truth be told….ahhhh, I shouldn’t say that. :)

    I almost feel like I know you personally, just through your blogs and acting…no matter the level of scripting done.
    I almost wish that I had a relationship that were like yours. I admire that and am sorry that it’s gone. But don’t worry! (incoming typical statement, but I meant it) Everything happens for a reason and things will work out for the best!
    Take your time, but don’t leave for too long!

  99. Michael

    ps- I am pretty high still and this was a sad blog to read, so if what I just said makes no sense…then <3

  100. GigaK

    I’m the lurking sort, like many others (and get involved with enough drama crap in other places to CARE about any in a place where I just wanna fap) but my Chaotic Good nature just can’t let this by without giving the both of you wellwishes (because I don’t know enough about your personal lives to spite anyone here) and hoping the pair of you bounce back and can settle this like adults from now on – although so far there’s been to much BS going on for that.

    Still want to share some Tiny Toppings with you for that ice cream, though… The screaming kind. ;)

  101. Bizarre.

    Well, looks like all this drama has reached its peak. Giantessbooru is no more. Sabotaged.

  102. sorsha

    I’m sorry to hear your feeling what your feeling right now but with time and chocolate it eases. Feel better when your ready.

  103. Tristan

    I did not have anything to do with Giantessbooru going down the other day. I put my heart into that site and would never sabotage them.

  104. Tristan

    Stated more clearly:

    I would never sabotage her site or Giantessbooru. I put my heart into building both of these sites for you.

    You have to understand where I’m coming from- I was the one who reached out and purchased Sizebooru, reprogrammed it, organized the moderators, uploaded massive amounts of content, and basically handled the entire site. Katelyn has only ever moderated pictures and deleted pictures.

    It was hard enough having to leave the site behind.

  105. tinywulf

    Everyone calm down.

    This is just life, things did not work out and I hope Katelyn and Tristan can find some peace and mend their hearts.
    Neither of you do anything rash as you will end up regretting it for the rest of your lives.

    I hope Katelyn continues on somehow but it will be a terrible amount of work for her.

    You both owe it to yourselves to not trash all of the hard work put into this fantasy site that feels so organic.

  106. Envi

    I believe Tristan, I’ve had sites i put a lot of heart and soul into, and was forced out without even being given the chance to say my goodbyes or given credit for the work i did. Seeing as Katelyn did give him credit i I full heartedly believe he wouldn’t do anything to harm this site.


    I second tinywulf. Life sucks, but you can’t do anything about it.

    “This is the scull behind a smiley face
    The dark side that we all try to hide away!” – Spose, “Smiley Face”

  108. Brian

    Dear Katelyn,

    I have meaning to comment earlier in the week but I haven’t had a chance.

    My first as foremost thoughts are with you Katelyn as living breathing person with emotions and feeling. Not as business person or website owner or actress but as a person. I’m sorry to hear of your suffering. I’m not fully sure what happened. (I realize there are often 3 sides to every story). But I did notice you mention that police had come at some point. So I just hope you are OK. I’m not sure what was meant but I hope it didn’t mean that there was some physical violence/domestic abuse (and I’m not saying it did as I have no idea). If that happened, I certainly would be concerned as no one has the right to abuse anyone. And I know that people often stay in abusive relationship because they feel trapped. If that was the case, I understand how difficult ending such a relationship may be. If that’s not the case (I’m not trying make accusations) I still imagine that ending a 7 year relationship can be very difficult. I’m sorry that you are suffering and that this whole thing had to come out to world via the Internet. A breakup is never easy and having it announced to the world doesn’t make it any more pleasant.

    Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to take care of yourself, be safe and hopefully be happy. You don’t owe anyone anything.

    A number of people are commenting and have said things that they feel disapointed and may never purchase your stuff again. I think they forget that you are human. The focus of your fans hopefully can be on your well being.

    I recognize a lot of this is fantasy. That what’s most of the people who come to the website seek. We look for fantasies that we perhaps cannot live out in the real world (no matter how much we want to know). Having a ghostwriter, is not really that shocking. If anyone writes a letter to a public official (like the President or member of COngress) or celebrity if they get a response it usually it sent in the of the official or celelbrity even though they didn’t write and may not have even read the letter send out in their name. It’s common. And can be expected. I think people are making too much of a big deal.

    While many of us would love to know you and meet you in real life, for the most part that will likely never happen. So, people should feel like a good friend has lied to them. Many kids have learned that their parents were really Santa Clause or the tooth fairy and while they may have been hurt to learn that, I don’t think it causes kids to then hate their parents for “lying” to them. They created a fantasy. Just as you do. And that’s what we come here for. As much as might crave more than a fantasy, that is what it is. So I for plan to continue to purchase your videos.

    But putting the fantasy. I recognize that you are human being who has suffered and I don’t like to see people suffer. So while I may not know you as person in the personal sense. I do care for you as person and wish you the best.

    I do admit I was curious about how you said in 2006 when you met
    Tristan you “had an accent and poor English”. When you say accent I wasn’t sure what “accent” you had. Was it regional accident? Is it from another country. I wasn’t sure if perhaps you moved to the US from somewhere else. So if you do have time as some point I would be curious to learn what you meant and where you are originally from.

    But, whatever you do I hope you follow your heart and do what you want to do and not what others want you do to. Don’t let the naysayers get in your way.

    I hope for the best for you and wish you much happiness.


  109. Laurence

    Well, here’s to hoping that things go well for the future.

  110. Cougr

    I’ve been lied to. I’m not happy.

  111. Moose

    Erm. My legal advice: consult with a lawyer and stop putting details public in the meantime. If he lawyers up or his parents help him do it, a careless statement could be costly. You gave him a lot of credit at first that’s since been backtracked a bit in perhaps a quest to be gentle about this. His contribution to the site probably doesn’t even really effect whether your relationship was marriage-like but could certainly make matters worse.

    I’m definitely not a lawyer but in my own personal line of thinking, which I don’t want to give him ideas so I’m not posting, you might be pretty vulnerable. I can email my thoughts and areas of concern to you if you want, but again a real lawyer is my real advice. :P

  112. Kyle

    His status as being known or secret would never, and will never affect whether I purchase from this site. I don’t spend a ton here, but I do every once in a while, and I suspect that trend will continue. I know you’re going through a terribly difficult time right now, but I’d like to tell you, without it sounding like I’m scolding you, that you should really consider the old adage “Never mix business with pleasure.” I Sincerely hope you never have to deal with such a situation ever again.

  113. Joey

    seriously katelyn, you have nothing to apologize for. businesses do this ALL the time, we should all be able to accept this by now.

    we all come here for a reason, and its for our fetish. this site definitely gave us that, dont matter who was typing it out. you WERE involved in the videos at least, which is all that matters.

    you are a beautiful girl, katelyn. you can do so much better than tristan, you will be fine. **tiny hugs**

  114. KenCougr

    I dunno who the “Cougr” is way up earlier in the comments, but me being the KenCougr you’ve chatted with, I am wishing you all the good will in the world. I hope this brouhaha settles out amicably and folks just go on their merry way to better things.

    Stay strong.

  115. Sheela

    I can personally vouch that KenCougr is the REAL Cougr. Just in case people get ideas.

  116. JT

    If Tristan pursues this legally then who cares? If he wants to get some of what he created then why should that be an issue? I’m actually pretty surprised that this hasn’t been talked about much.

    Being that he DID put a ton of time and effort into all these works shouldn’t he be given something for them? Even a certain percentage of the profit they make with every sale.

    I’m no lawyer myself but I would imagine that this would present quiet a sticky situation, or perhaps one that isn’t sticky at all being that I doubt there was any contracts signed or even printed out- yet then again there is such a thing as verbal contracting that is legally sound yet I’m sure the wording between their verbal conversations would be…well once again interesting to a lawyer.

    (Moose, good advice but I kinda think she’s already shot herself in the foot. Once something is posted on the internet it stays on the internet, and if Tristan is smart at all he’s screencaped everything he and she has posted)

    More than likely it would just end up being a costly ordeal with some sort of settlement but hey, maybe the 24/7 news would love to pick up on some case like this if they got bored enough.

    Anyways, so when’s the content going to start coming out again?

    KB, is there any idea on when you might be starting to create FX? Or are you going to hire someone else again?

    I want me some content lol

  117. MarkM

    JT we all care because we Love Katelyn and do not wish her business to be damaged by this. Katelyn took the high road and tried to end their relationship in a loving manner but Tristan wouldn’t allow her to do so. If you read her subsequent writings Tristan didn’t really accomplish very much given the seven years time. Tristan was the one who kept making all the promise’s that he couldn’t keep thus damaging Katelyn’s name.

    Your message here seems to be giving Tristan incentive to pursue legal action against Katelyn and then you nonchalantly ask her when new material is coming out? What kind of a fan/supporter is that?

    I wish people could just let this blog topic die or at least show better support because that’s what she needs right now. She needs to know her fans are all still behind her and her business.

    From what I’ve seen the majority of us are and I’m POSITIVE the best is yet to come for GiantessKatelyn’s business because Katelyn is free now. No hands tied nor nothing holding her back.

  118. Jay

    I really feel for you Katelyn. This is something that should have never been made as public as it has been. I know everyone is upset over the “Tristian Secret”, but honestly it’s not really any of our, as your fans, business. There….I said what I have to say about that. Now, since this has become public and you have asked for some advice from people I am willing to help. Why, because all the fetish stuff aside I really do think your a great person. You put a lot of work and care into your craft and I respect that. So, I feel obliged to offer assistance. I am not a lawyer (by trade I am a broadcast, electrical, computer, and mechanical engineer with experience in political campaign management and some PR) but do have experience in dealing with the ownership and creation of businesses and I do understand legaleese. Now, to business…

    On the business side of the matter…so long as there are no contracts that give him any claim to the business or any of the property, intellectual or physical, there really isn’t anything he can do to take your business. Bottom line…no contract means no legal precedence to make any claims whatsoever because there is no proof to any ownership claims made by him. Paper trails are a pain to deal with, but totally worth it if something goes wrong.

    On the personal side…since there was never a marriage and as long as there are no debts in both of your names then you should be in the clear as well. To be honest, this is the part of the law that gets tricky for me. I wish I had more advice for you on this.

    I wish you nothing but good luck on this matter. If you ever find yourself in need of my trade skills don’t hesitate to ask. Advice is always free. Again, good luck and no matter what happens don’t give up, ever!!!

  119. MarkM

    Note: In case anyone might miss it (I almost did) please notice Katelyn’s 3/18 update to this blog!

    Thank You very much Katelyn! It cleared up a lot for me!

    Sincerely, Mark

  120. Arend

    Hey katelyn. I just wanted to say I have read your blog and that I am behind you 100%. :D

  121. Jay

    @JT The only case where a verbal contract can be admissible is if there is a recording of the conversation in which the verbal contract is discussed and agreed upon. Even then, it really has to be a video with audio recording because audio only creates a condition in which you cannot be 100% certain that the people in the recording are those that the verbal contractual dispute involves. In general, verbal contracts are hearsay and conjecture because there is no proof to support the claims that both parties present in a contractual dispute case. There is a quote from the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” that sums this up nicely…”It’s not what you know. It’s what you can prove”.

  122. TimWhoSomet...

    I look forward to seeing you grow, in the non-giantess sense. I’m sure this site will become different in a good way as you express your creativity. I’m one of those feeling irritation, because I have a had a couple of conversational words with “you” in emails, but I guess that was really with your controlling ex-boyfriend.

  123. Kotrebo

    Thanks Mark, I wouldn’t have seen the update had you not of mentioned it. Sharp eye you have mate. ;)

    And as for the update, I really do hope some people can come through for you with legal support. Though Moose has given the best advice about keeping these things out of the public eye as far as courtrooms may become involved.
    In any case, even in a rare worse case scenario, you have our support, and I know your fanbase will help build you back up again. Even if that means having to rebuild your equipment and studio supplies once more. Filming and coming up with content would be challenging, but only a few assholes on here would seriously abandon you over coming up with lower grade content. Luckily those appear to be very, very few.
    You do have options left open in the event of a worse case scenario, though I know it isn’t something you would ever look forward to, but I am positive it wouldn’t mean the end of your business. At the least it would revert to a slow period of no nudity and such as that would be the cheaper route to take. But it wouldn’t have to stay that way as you build back up again.

    In truth, with everything you have said you possess, I don’t think Tristan stands much of a chance at all with acquiring legal rights to any portion of your business. Even if he did, he may very well be limited to something revolving around the FX he made, if he can somehow pull a rabbit out of the hat and snare a claim of ownership of them. That will be a costly thing for him too I imagine.
    In any event, I don’t think it would hurt if you needed to start a donation pool to lawyer up if you need to. At the very least it could help to soften the blow financially. Just an idea anyway.

    Never fear to let your voice be heard Katelyn, your fans love to hear from you! ^O^

  124. Snap

    Dearest beautiful Goddess, I have watched your identity evolve and your talent blossom with great anticipation and satisfaction. Thank you for all that you have done! Thank you also for clarifying the unfortunate situation you seem to be mired in. I remain a loyal fan who will continue to make purchases and adore you from afar (and far below)

    Deepest appreciation and adoration,


  125. Marcus

    I just read the update. It clears up a lot of things, and I sincerely hope you don’t have too much more trouble, legalistic or otherwise. You have my support, and respect. It’ll be nice, and hey! Since I wasn’t here at the beginning, it’ll be nice to have a chance to be a bit more talkative than I have been since I first started shoppin’ around here.

    With oodles of well wishes,

  126. Chuck

    Ugh, legal issues… Those are pretty swampy lands I cannot traverse. Only thing I can do is wish you good luck with that, although the situation seems way more complicated than it looks like. Specially as whatever is posted on the Net, it stays in one way or another (screencaps, web history/cache), so my advice from now on is to better keep some things private, it will save some problem… though I’m seeing I’m not the only one saying it.

  127. Greg Viera

    Magic In You

    Don’t ever give up on
    what’s in your heart
    Don’t ever let go of
    What it is you believe in
    Don’t ever say the road is too tough
    And that it’s better to quit

    Don’t ever think that you don’t matter;
    Because you’re important to me
    Don’t ever let anyone tell you
    That you can’t follow your dreams

    Don’t ever think that the world
    Doesn’t need someone like you;
    You’ve touched my heart and my life
    Just by being who you are
    And the things you do.

    There’s a magic in you
    That no other could possess.
    A quality, a warmth, a sparkle
    That will carry you through life’s tests

    There’s a magic in you
    That makes you special to me and to all your tiny little pets who have given you the support <3

  128. Alman001

    Well I don’t have any effective knowledge in the field of law, but either way I can still offer support like a good supporter does :)

    Still as far as this legal stuff goes, Moose is right, and so are the others in their encouragements and reassurance.
    Basically when it comes to trial disputes, you have nothing to fear if your not at all in the wrong. As long as you can deffend yourself and submit a strong enough case that can counter wild/pressing claims against you then you’ll be fine. From the sounds of it, you have plenty of evidence and personal accounts and testimony’s to fend any heavy claims against you.
    Just keep calm and get what you need to do, sorted, I’m sure the lawyer you get will have no trouble in helping you out :)

    No matter what happens you’ll still have your countless supporters behind you

  129. Greyson

    I am not a legal expert, but I am pretty sure based on what you have written that he has no grounds to sue on. Because he was employed, for compensation for not, by your business, the business holds all rights to the IP (intellectual property). For him to have a stake in the IP would be an unstated conflict of interest.

    I was looking into this a while back to see if I could enter a contest to predict cancer outcome based on high throughput short read sequence gene expression data. Basically what it came down to is I would have to quit my current position in order to compete because any IP I produce while employed belongs to my current employer whether it is done on my own time or not.

    The reason such a law exists and this is a conflict of interest is that I could not have accomplished this without the resources provided by my current employer on my own and even if I could I have no way to prove that none of my employers resources or knowledge gained from employment was used in solving the challenge.

    Likewise, if he utilized your studio, footage, computers, or anything else provided by your business in producing the IP or cannot prove that none of this was utilized in the production of his work, then the IP belongs to the company, and his claim presents a conflict of interest.

    I hope this helps, and that you are still reading this thread.


  130. Hohumdrum

    This is literally the best thing that’s ever happened.

  131. greg

    I hope you get the legal help you need as doing business with a boyfriend is probably the worst thing you can do. I had a pretty messy situation with a girlfriend I went into business as well. We had signed an agreement though so the parting was very easy in more ways than one. Mutual respect intact that way. Very similar to your dilemma. I actually don’t think he has a case since there were no contracts and it was a sole proprietor in your name. Squash him and his lawyer under a big toe and move on to much bigger and better things Katelyn. I have respect for you as creating what you have is quite an accomplishment to be proud of. Good luck and if you need any help please let me know.

  132. JT


    Well yeah, I’m giving support to both sides and really neither. I gave KB some advice, and hell I even told her way back when this drama thing was going (I think it was here or GC) to STOP posting all of this and to basically delete everything about it because he would only hurt her.

    And so what if T sues? For all we know KB could be the one at fault or she could be being totally truthful, but more than likely NEITHER one of them is being ‘entirely’ truthful about this.

    I’m a person that follows logic and right now there is no evidence that either supports OR disclaims either of these two people and thus it would be stupid of me to believe in either one of them. It’s nothing personal at all, it’s just being smart and realizing that people can say whatever they want to say on the internet. Hell, Tristan and KB could be the same person for all we know. We’ve never seen pictures of Tristan (however from my sources I know that he is real but I wouldn’t expect any of you to believe in me and why? Well because I have no proof to show you this).

    Also, this IS KB’s site, she could even change or delete anything and everything that Tristan posts- she has complete control of the flow of information and data so…yeah it would be dumb to believe in any of this 100% or even 75% or hell even 1% because there is NO evidence.

    However, it’s not bad to ‘think’ that one part is more or less right than the other.

    There by yes, I give support to both parties and also ultimately I want to see WHEN she is going to be creating new content.

    And why would I want to see her produce more content and why would I mention it? Well because content is the bloodline of this site, it’s the bloodline of her finances and the sooner she gets back to work and the sooner he gets back to work the better off both of them will be. And once they compete in the industry again things will improve as competing sites fight for buyers. Free market man, ya got to love it.

    So, seeing how no real evidence can be given to either party in this situation it would best to hope that both parties get back on their feet and start making more content.

    NOW…as for this whole legal thing with calling the cops…

    That…well once again there is NO real evidence of this that shows that it happened and really it just makes this whole thing seem even more well out of hand and weird. I wouldn’t post that stuff if I was you KB because if anything that just fuels the fire even more and can make people think that you’re lying way more- even though you may not be it seems like well drama fodder and sympathy gathering.

    Take the high ground. Don’t talk about all this personal stuff, don’t say anything that makes you look better or him worse. Instead just drive on and make new stuff and SHOW that you can actually make content and do better without him and that the site will be better.

    Showing people is always better then simply talking about it, and in matters like this when it involves business it’s even more key.

    It’s okay to get your side of the story out, but just keep to the basics and leave out all the little details and what not that can be thrown right back at you and that you have no way of supporting-because if you have no way of showing evidence of them then people WILL be skeptical and rumors will grow from them.

    All in all, I’m not trying to be a dick. I want KB to make more content. Just man, all this drama fan fueling stuff is just really un-needed though I must admit it is interesting to read.

    I hope all goes well for ya KB and for you T

    Final advice for everyone…

    ~They don’t think it be like it is…but it do.

    ~George Bush didn’t start the war with Iraq, Reptilian people did

    ~The answer to life is 42

    ~Never say never unless you’re saying never and there by you can say never technically unless you’re describing something that actually will never happen like ‘JT will never score with a super model’ or ‘JT will never eat his weight in cheese because that’s physically impossible and he’d die in a horrible manner and stink up his entire apartment and really piss off the people at the morgue’.

  133. Shrunken One

    Been debating what to say since this blog was first posted.
    You have always been one of my favorite contributors in the GTS community, both as someone who makes videos, runs sites, takes GTS themes photos, etc.

    What you went through is really none of my business, but I wish you all the best.
    I know we’ve never really gotten the chance to chat much, and considering Tristan apparently answered all your messages, it’s quite likely we’ve never truly talked at all. That being said, I still support you 100%. You’re my favorite actress in the GTS community. Moreso, since you share this fetish. As long as you keep making videos, I’ll keep buying them. I don’t feel lied to, as I always believed you had help (though not quite in the way it turns out you actually did). I always figured you had some friends assisting you here and there. And all those little guys & gals in your FX vids had to be played by SOMEone, after all.
    I hope things get better for you, Katelyn. And I promise you, I will always be a loyal fan.
    Also, if you DO decide on a live Q&A, I definitely have some questions for you. I’d really like to get to know the real KAtelyn as much as you’re willing to allow. Take care.

    -Your ever willing victim
    Shrunken One

  134. Hiruma

    My lady, just continue as far as you can, I am going to be honest, I am not one of your customers, but I have been a witness of the general work of the site and it is great. People like to gossip, but don’t let that discourage you, I give you at least my little support. The sir to be honest, has some psychological issues, so don’t blame him so hard, live and let live, life is a cruel or benevolent judge depending on your actions, if you are free of guilt, truth will rise at the end. My support to one of my favorite giantesses, you are a gorgeous girl and I give you my best wishes my sweet lady. I hope for you phoenix class revival :D, Stronger and Better :D.

    Just a mere fan of yours truly.

  135. MarkM

    What Oktober said! We are here for you Katelyn! If it comes down to it we will help you rebuild from scratch. I’ll scrape every penny if needed!

  136. HTT

    Hey every one I just want you to know some people that are upset with me created a fake twitter account in my name and is tweeting Katelyn and Sheela pretending to be me I just want to assure you all that the matter is being dealt with and if possible block the user going by hertinytoy because it’s not me.. I apologize to anyone affected by this troll attack


  137. Jay

    Hi Katelyn. I’m sorry to hear about what happened between you and your boyfriend. I wish you both the very best. With that said, I want to change subject and ask what is your favorite video in your store? I’m not sure if you answered this question in the 7 years you’ve been producing videos however I’m curious to hear your response. Also, do you still plan to create a Q/A video? If so, will you be taking questions from your fans? I know this is a very difficult time and I respect your privacy however I very interested to hear from you regarding being a giantess. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. I hope hear from you.

  138. The Fan

    You need to stop posting Tristan. I understand ‘relationships’ such as yours but if Katelyn is truly being serious then you are making this harder than it has to be for both you and her. I am sorry for both of you though, break-ups are hard. You have my condolences, as well as thank-you’s. I have been a fan of all the material here on this site plus the FX. What I suggest, Katelyn, might sound selfish (I really wouldn’t want it to be held that way), however you have so many fans that why don’t you start a kick starter or donation pool? While in the meantime focus on low budget free videos to keep your supporters coming back and looking forward to the more expensive videos. Who knows how far something like a donation pool could bring someone of your status along?

  139. Midyin

    Yo KB.

    I know that you and I haven’t always sen eye to eye in the past, but I understand what you are going threw from first hand experience.

    I offer you my deepest condolences, and Should you need an ear to cry or even vent into. I’m not hard to find and I’ve got a thick skin and baud shoulders.

    I hope things get easier for you
    and May you always have…
    Walls for the winds
    A roof for the rain
    Tea beside the fire
    Laughter to cheer you
    Those you love near you
    And all your heart might desire.”

  140. Maria

    From a stand point of a person that doesn’t know either one of your in real life.
    Tristan seems like manipulative,controlling,able to lie with a straight face type of person and is not good in financial management.
    As for you Katelyn you were weak,submissive,and shattered your image and the so called trust built up by a lie destroyed.
    Fear and other factors controlled you however now that the fake image has been shattered and the trust destroyed you can rebuild it will take awhile though to recover it.

    I understand fear and other factors can play a big part especially when you want to stand up for yourself.

    Gold Diggers can be either and Male or female or Hermaphrodite.

    Typing wise i am terrible at typing straight up in English I will rarely have proper punctuation. writing on paper i do much better but i don’t like to write it out before i type because it can be tedious unless i have too. Japanese i do much better in typing and writing and have no problem.

    When it comes to typing if you can get what you want to say across properly without being confusing it would be helpful.

    I am no expert on Legal as i have only been to court to testify as a witness and jury duty. Most likely Tristan has a much greater chance of losing the case since their is all ready a report/record, but it is hard to say it depends on the evidence,lawyers, and the judge. You may both end up losing legally.
    One Possible outcomes your business may loss stuff from both websites while he has to pay money or may end up in for a Jail.

    I have only posted like once on here. When your on the internet you got to have a balance of doubt and be able to tell if someone is typing the truth.

    As far as relationship goes the longest i have had was a year but it ended badly. It is hard to get over that stuff i usually eat a gallon of ice cream initially. Being Bi i have found can be good thing when deciding on dating but it can be pain also. Finding someone to date with Similar interest and is open about can be hard sometimes or you may be able to convert them overtime or early on. With my new girlfriend she has opened up more since we first started dating and
    she is a lot taller then me being one foot and two inches taller when i stated Macrophilia and Microphilia she was confused at first like most people i have dated and stated i have that kind a fetish or they say it is weird or abnormal that i have that kinda fetish but she is different and was actually wanting to know more now she does roleplay with me because she finds in fun.

    From a Business perspective i would say you messed up by going into business with your lover and someone that makes horrible investments. This resulted with BAD PR in the end.
    However Good PR or Bad PR could make or break small business or it could turn into the opposite of what it is.

    Also from a Business Perspective i would say neither one of you are acting professional if i were someone looking to hire i wouldn’t hire either you regardless of skills unless i was really desperate and couldn’t get people from higher up in the metaphorical barrel instead of at the bottom.
    Some minor personal stuff is okay in Business Stuff but bigger things like love and bad personal investments have no place.

    Like the saying goes Love can easily turn into Lust and Blindness.

    Well i hope you can get out without too much damage besides what has all ready been done. Good luck with the future.

  141. Nobody

    I am new here and saw this (after Sheela’s amazing!!! comic) and would like to point out, every person has there secrets. As said above by many, lying will get you somewhere, but in a community where you helped build (from what I have read) it will come back in your face. Relationships are difficult things to look at because everyone has their own point of view. People’s minds all don’t work the same.

    Look at picture illusions, for example the famous old people looking at each other. There are old people looking at each other, a candlestick between them, and two mexicans with sombreros dancing hidden in the faces. I recently did a study online with this picture and saw that almost a lot saw the people’s faces, then the candlestick, without even noticing those crazy Mexicans. Only one guy found them first, only because he has seen it before.

    What I am saying is, people’s mind can play tricks on. In the desert, your brain plays tricks. Now, Katelyn you can be the person in the desert, Tristan you are the brain, and the Giantess Fetish Community is the desert. This relationship between the two was heavily surrounded by lies to this community. Tristan played with our mind and effectively took control of the site and your life. Why people do this, no one knows.

    (If that last paragraph did not make any sense, sorry. I think differently.)

    My favorite saying is that everyone has a Face. If you don’t, that is not normal. Behind that face is a Skull. This skull has all of the creepy things about you. Then, the Truth. Finally, Dark Secret. This final thing is what you want to be. For Katelyn, to be a giantess. For Tristan, to be shrunken. No one can deny it, everyone has each part. A true partner in a relationship should get by all of these. Now, you can switch up the order. For example, (sorry if I stereotype or hurt you in anyway) Emo’s put their Skull first. People who are EXTREMELY NICE put their Truth first.

    All of this is to say
    1. Everyone who commented (and comments after this comment) has a Face, Skull, Truth, and Dark Secret.
    2. Katelyn was affected by an abusive relationship. Abusive can be anything from sexual, verbal, emotional, physical, or/and cyber.
    3. Tristan is not in the wrong in the relationship. Some people’s mind does not see that it is wrong or see it being hurtful for the other.
    4. Legal case, got nothing.
    5. Everyone has their own point of view or every situation. How you react is your personal thing. Our brain is so complex that no one has had the same thought process and absorption of a situation the same in the period of the human existent.
    6. Songs are a good outlet, when my relationship ended (5 months 364 days) I listened to a song on my iPod 350 times. It is 5:32 long.
    7. You learn from mistakes, we all do. We have all touched the stove when it was on. Now we know not to. Katelyn, you know now what you have to do.
    8. I like odd numbers better, so the last thing will be at 9. I like cats too! =^.^=
    9. Never stop what you love doing. Even if every single person says “Fuck you. You can’t do that to me! You liar. Why should I trust you? You lying bitch! I hope a dog comes by and eats you because you are a pile of shit!” Their preference. Listen to what your mind has to say. In anything from shopping those jeans that are going to make your ass look huge as Nicki Minaj to the last thing you are going to do in your life to “Is this person the one?” to what you do everyday.

    I am no preacher, teacher, professor, scientist, doctor, dentist, millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire, Googolaire, smart person, dumb person, American, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, any culture, any race, any place in the world. I am me and there is nothing you can change about it.

  142. Greg Viera

    to the great Giantess goddess you will always have my full trust and respect

  143. MarkM

    For those of you who are getting on Katelyn’s case over the deception I would like to say a couple of things in her defense.

    First I would like to say that I have been one of Katelyn’s fans from the very beginning so I felt hurt by this too. Regretfully I lashed out at her upon first learning of this. (I’m sorry Katelyn) However I think I have come to a pretty good understanding of how it happened and I was wrong to lash out.

    Katelyn was very young back when this started. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m guessing barely 21 years old.

    At the time I don’t think she had any idea what a success her web site would become nor did she have any idea of the number of fans that would devote themselves to her.

    She made a poor decision to let her boy friend run her blog/web site while she concentrated on making videos.

    I think early on upon seeing more and more fans come to her site she very much regretted the fact that she let her boy friend run her blog. However once this had began it was very difficult for her to rectify the situation. Especially given the fact that her boy friend was a master at manipulation.

    If you read her update to this blog she indicated he threatened to sue her within the first year they were together.

    Yes she should have done something about it sooner but she was young. I made far worse decisions at my young age and in fact have still made very bad choices at my current age. Life’s lessons never end. We are human and all make mistakes or poor choices in life.

    She regrets that she allowed this to occur and has asked for forgiveness and to earn the trust of her fans back. I think she deserves this chance and thankfully despite what occurred still has the vast majority of her fans loyalty.


  144. Sean

    Anyone who is throwing stones here apparently has never been in an abusive relationship. Psychological manipulation and abuse can in many ways be much worse than physical abuse. I won’t pretend to know what either party in this relationship went through, and will not take sides, though I tend to be more ready to accept Katelyn’s side of things because I have followed her from the beginning…sort of. Not sure who I was following at this point, but she won my heart with her demeanor and genuine love for GTS. I personally can easily get over the idea of Tristan being the man behind the curtain.

    I wish both parties well, and I will continue to follow this site wherever it goes. My one fear here, admittedly, is a personal one.

    I’ve spent months working on the story and drawing style for a comic series, even vastly improving my drawing skills through practice and study specifically for this comic, and was about to the point of coming up with a few pages to offer to Katelyn and see if she’d be interested in selling it on her site. Now I fear that I may be getting myself into a legal situation if I do that. I don’t know. In this selfish sense, I was nearly brought to tears when I read this blog post. I guess I’ll just have to sit and watch to see how things play out before I come to that decision.

    Like I said, selfish.

    I genuinely feel bad for you, Katelyn. I lost all of my friends and was on the verge of alienating my family before I finally got the courage to break it off with my abusive ex. And we were only together for a year. I was afraid that no one else would love me the way she did. So far I’ve been right. That was years ago, and in two years I will officially be the 40 year old virgin (she had strong Christian values when it came to sex before marriage) unless something changes.

    I have no idea what my point of this post was anymore, but I’m rooting for both of you two crazy kids to continue to do what you love (but mostly Katelyn ;) ) Oh, right. My point was: cut her some slack, people. We live in a fantasy world, anyway. Bad stuff happens to good people, good stuff happens to bad people, and neutral stuff happens to average people, but good and bad stuff never happens to people who…aren’t…uh…screw it. It’s 4am. I’m going to bed.

  145. Midyin

    So, I just want to say something here to all the people giving KB shit..

    So her X-BF was the one running the Site/Blog, and writing her movies, So fucking what? she’s an actress. Her job was to worry about ACTING. Do you honestly believe that Nicholas Cage writes a response to every damn fan letter he gets personally? I would be surprised if Celebrity Tweets are even written be the actual Celebrities. So she had a writer BOO HOO HOO for you guys.

    You people are disgusting. She’s in pain, and you childish fuck-heads are trying to make this about yourselves.
    Next you pussies will be bitching about her not actually being a Giantess(I hate to break it to you, but she’s not actually 50ft tall) ;Rolleyes;

    You all need to pull your heads out of your asses, grow the hell up, and stop trying to make her PERSONAL LIFE problem about YOU. If you are really her fans then you should man up and show a little compassion…

    Keep it brutal..

  146. AnonymousMP

    Dear Katelyn,

    I would have posted something sooner, but I live on campus for college so visiting these kinds of websites is risky for my ability to access the internet, which I need for academics as well as recreation.

    One of life’s biggest difficulties is relationships, and, in my opinion, nothing is worse then losing someone you’ve been with for years. Albeit, it sounds like it was a rather strange situation with you two and for so long. I’m sorry you had to go through that and it had to end in such craziness. It was probably a little confusing. Hopefully, it will be a quick resolution, and you both can move on instead of badgering one another with emotional pain. As for the legal items, if it’s even an issue, the best thing to do is take care of it, not stress out about it. If it’s something you can’t do right now, then you can’t take care of it right now; there isn’t any sense then putting extra stress baggage on your shoulders when it’s out of your hands at the moment.

    Referring to your supposed deception, everyone has secrets. And this so-called “secret” gave this community a lot of entertainment, some of the best in my opinion, so this was a positive thing. Don’t you dare worry about it. I for one could care less about a secret wizard behind the curtain as long as what I’m getting is fun and what I wanted. This guy can take credit for work done, but the only person we care about is you, Katelyn. We wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t given us such great stuff on a site that is welcoming and personal. I’m not going anywhere.

    Final bit of advice is to keep going. I know you said you were, but here is someone supporting; keep it up. It would suck, for lack of a better word, if you packed up, even if you gave the rights to this sight to someone else. I don’t just come to this site for the content, I also come for the creator of the content, who is adventurous and cool.

    Hope everything turns out positive as can be,

  147. A fan

    I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this, and for so long. I can honestly say this has completely surprised me, but I don’t fault you one bit. In fact I’m really proud of you and happy for you to have finally broken free from a long-term abusive relationship. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise–you are a strong, brave, intelligent, and talented woman. You have overcome a huge obstacle in your life and now you deserve all the fruits of your labor. You learned from it–and now you can take that knowledge to accomplish your greatest dreams.

    This guy has done great work with the site, but now it’s your turn. He simply has no case and he’s taught you what you need to know to keep this moving forward. Your English is amazing, your drive is unmatched, and your skills are top-notch. Go forth and kick ass, Kate!!!!

  148. John H.

    Katelyn, I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through; I know how you feel, I have been right where you are more times than I care to remember. Don’t worry about this GTS stuff right now! You just concentrate on healing up the rip in yourself. Know you have friends who care, and although I’m not able to give you a hug or just hold you while you cry, I am with you in spirit. Maybe, if I live long enough, technology will make our shared fantasy a reality. If so, I’d be honored to be useful in any way you choose.

    Never fix any temporary problem with a permanent solution…


  149. John H.

    I have been into the GTS thing for a very long time; most of my life really, many decades. It had been my experience that much of the time, men write the best GTS material, either as men or in a few cases, while posing as females, until you came along. I always had it in the back of my mind, and this is not a slam against the ladies by any means, that your material was the best in the business, almost as if you had reached deep into my psyche, rooted around in those dark and depraved corners which lurk there, and written your material with those images in mind. So now my thoughts find themselves hoping beyond hope, that you will keep things together, when you are ready…when you have moved on past the pain which fills you these days. I have always felt your products are without peer in this genre, even those areas which normally do not hit my hot spot, you seem to make appealing and erotic.

    Your vore is the best vore, your crush is the best crush and so on; most of that is owed to your physical presence. You, after all, are incredibly attractive, and no matter who wrote what, it was the images of you doing those naughty deeds which make your material what it is. Never doubt that, never doubt yourself either. Why do you think you have so many devoted fans Katelyn? Because you are you! If anything comes of this situation, you will know who is really a fan and who is not, then you can move on. I wish you all the best, and I wish I was thirty plus years younger.


  150. Derrique St...

    Don’t fret; this, too, shall pass.
    I certainly enjoy your work, and the performances keep me coming back…not the synopses. It’s the willingness to act out your fantasies that is the true heart and soul of this site, and you’ve never wavered on this. So, you had some help. We all do, at some point(s) in our lives. That’s an indicator of strength, not weakness. Now, with the chains of coercion unshackled, let your true potential stand unhindered. Show us the GREATER good that is in YOU! I have faith in you, and I foresee naught but wonderful things in your future. Now…it’s time to fly solo. If your wings tire, please don’t hesitate to allow your friends and fans to lift you up. Please keep up the good work! =)


  151. dunmer

    I’d say update a lot more, people would like to read your raw blogs. Gives ’em more reason to stay on the site and look around.

  152. warpedsoul

    you know I never read blogs or the like. but the pic on the site told me to read this one. you looked upset, and that bugged me. Your videos and pics have been my fav giantess content sence the 1st time I saw a video of yours. so matter what happens can promise you that you have a true fan base. I have a feeling that this will end up working for the good on yourside. and as far as the english goes…. you are doinng better then me :P your always loyal tiny fan.

  153. Matt

    Well now…I feel kind of stupid, making that previous comment about you two not belonging apart. I bought the cover story completely. But I’m not mad at you. I get it. Tristan has been a bit of a villain, and I would never have known until I came back to this blog post for reference in another comment. It was actually to give a rave review about one of your videos, but I didn’t want to disrespect any sentiments that might have lingered, so I came back here and saw the update for the first time…
    Wow. I’m genuinely at a loss for words, but it’s dawning on me that whatever needs to be said HAS been said by your loyal fans. You haven’t lost me either, and I wish you the best as you get back on your feet and do what you REALLY want with this site (and us! Hee!)

  154. Matt

    Oh, and you know what? I never used to pay attention to your blog posts before. How fitting that I now will…

  155. Koto

    Trust? Really?

    I mean… This is an entertainment website. I’m some weirdo who happens to share this obscure fetish. Why on Earth would I feel entitled to a personal understanding of the ‘real’ Katelyn Books? She established an online persona and it performed its role, to my benefit. Is it not absurd to be upset that the internet fantasy doesn’t correspond perfectly to a real person? That *gasp* SOMEONE ELSE wrote things on this porn site? That Katelyn’s manufactured image as an omnipotent goddess doesn’t mesh with the reality of her personal problems right now? I have terrible news… this is all fake. She’s not a giantess. She’s a human, and a complex and emotional creature with all of the weaknesses that go with it.

    I dunno, maybe this site means something more to some people here. Here’s what it means to me:

    1) She gathered together an interesting online community…
    2) …where people could access and contribute to a vast collection of obscure fetish porn
    3) She made a statement, with her content and (someone else’s) words, as to the absurdity of demonzing or hiding sexuality.

    Personally, it’s a complete non-event to me that someone else had a hand in this. It’s fantasy, and I have no right to know anything about Katelyn beyond what she chooses to project. Her accomplishments still stand, and I am grateful for that. That someone else was involved doesn’t change anything whatsoever.

    Sorry you’re going through this, Katelyn. When my lady of two years left me it nearly destroyed me, I can’t imagine seven years, whether or not it was abusive. As to that point, I’ll stay out of it. Nobody can understand the relationship like you two. It’s all ‘he said she said’ to me.

    Thank you for the great things you’ve done for this community. I don’t care that someone else wrote your posts and helped with your content. It was shmexy as Hell either way, and I’ve never done a thing for you.

  156. King!56

    I’m not sure if you’ll see this by now but the whole free fx videos aren’t out of the question now huh?

  157. Epic

    This is all very sad but it wont stop my thoughts about the site and all. I still think its the best Giantess fetish site on the web and i still think it will continue to be. I’m looking forward to seeing you take over Katelyn and I’m sorry this all happened. From everything i’ve spent the last few hours reading i must say it sounds like you were emotionally abused and manipulated. As someone who went though a similar time i can understand your pain. I wish you the best and i’ll continue to help support you. I hope to see you continue with your site.

  158. Rob

    It’s been months since this post but if it means a sliver of anything I think it’s worth it.

    I’ve never posted or contacted you before; I’ve mostly just watched free videos, poor college student and everything. I don’t know if I can call myself a fan but I do love the videos of yours I have seen. Erotic videos are much better with a personality behind them and whether or not it was scripted it’s impossible to fully divorce yourself from who you play, so don’t get yourself too worked up over dishonesty. Anyone who’s watched more than two videos can tell you take on different personalities for different roles so there’s clearly character acting there. I’m honestly more worried whether you were forced into a role you really didn’t want to do, if this was all based on a relationship you couldn’t control.

    I’m sure there are plenty of folks in this comment section alone that’d love chatting with you, but if you ever feel like sending out a random email to talk about whatever mine’s up there. Well, however things turn out, hang in there. I still think you’re pretty cool.

  159. Rob Cairo

    I had no clue any of this was going on and I feel very badly that this has happened. Guys like that make me angry, it makes guys like me look very bad. I am 42 years old never married no children I guess I just suck at relationships. I was also mixed up in drugs 8 years clean and sober. And I have battled depression my entire life. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger baby girl.

    Your video of you eating ant’s was the first video I had ever seen that had vore content. Then I watched a few more. They released me from my bonds! I had been carrying around this secret in my head of my fantasy’s my entire life! YOU were the one who let me know that it was not a bad thing! YOU were the one who showed me it was ok! And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I currently have purchased 15 videos from your sight! And thank you for your amazing work!

    I send this message to you sending all my love and all my strength and all of my hope to you.

    Love, Rob Cairo

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