How to Suvive a Giantess

How to Suvive a Giantess

A thunderous boom in the distance tears through the crowded Sunday market, leaving knocked over fruit stands and startled expressions in its wake. As peace nearly returns under a bright blue sky, a second terrible shock wave knocks over your bag of organic and locally grown peaches, sending them rolling into the bustling crowd. “My perfectly picked peaches!” you scream in horror.

But it is too late. A shapely towering female figure looms on the horizon with a terrible gray smoke bellowing up from the ground beneath her. Terrified screams and the commotion of a panicked crowd can be heard all around you. The Giantess is here. Your supple organic peaches will have to wait.

Your survival instincts take over. What do you do? Where do you go? Where do you hide? Looking into the commotion of the panicked crowd, you watch as one of your runaway peaches is mashed into an explosive gooey pulp under the sneaker of a young girl rushing along with the crowd. That could easily be you in mere minutes. You pause to consider her naked. The third and loudest boom yet breaks your horny daze and sends you running on your feet, tripping frantically over organic fruits. Will you survive?

Probably not…

… Probably not unless you were lucky enough to read THIS blog before going down to your local farmer’s market!

Here are 5 wonderfully random tips to keep your body out from under the soles of a determined and sexually rampant giantess such as myself. Why am I trying to help you? Well, anyone who likes organically grown peaches is a winner in my book.

Giantess Survival Tip 1:
Avoid the City Life and Shrinking

This might not help you so much now. In fact, if this is the only thing you’ve managed to read before you went down to the market you’re probably doomed. It’s the most basic of advice; if you live in an area where there are tons of people compressed into one spot you are far more likely to suffer a fate under or inside a Giantess. The fact there are more of you little bugs scurrying about does not increase your chances for survival but severely hinders it.

The first thing I will do as a Giantess is crush the most populous areas in my near vicinity (town houses, gyms, suburbs, highways) and make a beeline for the largest, tantalizing city. Giantesses LOVE crowded areas as we are addicted to the screams and running of crowds and traffic. Giantesses such as myself love attacking the ant hills of humanity both barefoot and horny. Prepare to come face to face with the vast landscapes of my naked sole or drown in my saliva with hundreds of others as I swallow you and your fellow citizens alive.You will become the fuel for my engine of destruction.

Suburbs are marginally safer however, but they risk being victims of me stomping my way to a city or being leveled after the city is all crushed and eaten up.

The country is perhaps the safest, albeit boring. A Giantess such as myself may want to take a peaceful walk out there, but after destroying a city I wouldn’t risk it for fear of nukes! Once a Giantess has committed herself to using humanity as a sex toy, she has to stay around the most people possible to keep the military from going all out. Unless of course… nukes make the giantess grow even more. ;)

As for being shrunken: Stay away from science labs, don’t become a teacher’s pet, avoid girls who are too smart for their own good and watch what you drink on dates. And if you know your girlfriend has a history of witchcraft in her family, DO NOT piss off her mom, hit on her mom, or do anything that would deeply upset your girlfriend. If you must break up, try to end it nicely. Hard break ups may lead to shrunken revenge later down the line. Even good breaks may end in shrunken revenge now that I think of it.

And unless you want to find yourself between your ex-girlfriend’s pussy and her new man’s larger than life cock (“A rock and a warm place”), DO NOT cheat on her.

Oh yeah, and don’t even think of shrinking down to peep on a girl you find hot if you want to keep your guts inside of you!

Giantess Survival Tip 2:
Don’t try to get a Giantess’s attention, that never works.

“Over here! I’m over here! Don’t crush me!” you scream, jumping to raise your arms above the spiraling individual threads of my plush carpet. I look up from my book and chocolates, squinting through my glasses to spot the tiny noise maker disturbing my indulgence. “I’m over here! Please save me!” you yell, nearly blowing out your voice. This time I spot the noise, a tiny shrunken man who seems utterly lost in a forest of carpet.

I drop the second half of my unfinished chocolate into my mouth, sucking and savoring it as I place my book to the side. Although slightly annoyed, in one graceful movement I stand and fix my skirt, making a sweeping step towards the bug squeaking in my carpet. You wanted my attention and now you’ve got it.

I stare down at you, still drowning and molesting the chocolate with my tongue inside my cavernous mouth. I attempt to lick away a few chocolate smudges on my lips but fail miserably. You notice I’ve got quite a bit of chocolate on my lips, but are more concerned with your survival than the manners or tidiness of a giant woman. “Yes! Yes! I’m down here! I’ve been trapped here for days!”

Why would a shrunken man be running about my house? Especially one I had no memory of shrinking? The answer is obvious. A peeping tom. At one point in time, this little shrunken individual had watched me strip or masturbate in all of my naked, powerful glory. That’s just what any guy would do. Who knows where his jizz spots are. Inside my socks? Inside my panties? The punishment for this shrunken voyeurism is unequivocally death- and there will be no trial or jury.

My heel first, followed by the toes of my left foot slowly rise off the ground, the beige forest uncompressing as my weight lifts off. Your face goes from happy to deeply concerned in a mere hundredth of a second. My unconcerned expression remains as my tongue is more interested in finding the smudges of chocolate coating my lips. I raise fully my nude and silky smooth foot high above you, letting you take in the dramatic size and scope of your beautiful executioner’s bare sole. Then I lower it.

For a moment you are frozen solid, eyes locked on the descending mass of soft woman above you. The scent of my worked and gloriously sweaty foot reaches your nostrils and it is only then your body decides it’s time for flight. You spin around frantic with terror, only to run smack into a wide thread of my carpet. You desperately attempt to recover, fighting your way through the tree trucks of twisted fabric around you. But your pathetic efforts hold little weight, bug.

My thick sole lands and it’s warmth greet the carpeted jungle around you. You squeak as you are knocked from your feet and into a crawl. The sound of a train rushes your ears as the carpet begins to compress. A warm sticky wall hits your back and knocks you to the hard nylon ground. You twist about and throw your hands up but my sole’s soft skin quickly finds your face. The powerful scent of my warm, womanly smell surrounds and fills your very existence. You scream into the hot air, your breaths growing more and more limited. Your tiny cock throbs against my pressing sole, but I fail to notice.


I twist my foot, wiping you, the peeping invader, out of sentient existence and into the welcoming fibers of my carpet. You are now but a mess to clean up at a later time. I lick my fingers and wipe my mouth a final time, scoring the last of my lip smudged chocolate (Well, almost). In the same graceful step that brought me to you I return to the couch, carelessly smearing some of your stuck remains on my upholstery. My eyes and mind find themselves again on the pages of my book and my fingers reach for another delicious chunk of city coated chocolate.

Moral of the story: Never, EVER try to get a Giantess’s attention, even though it may be instinctive. When has that ever worked out for the shrunken person?
Also avoid bright or sexy cars (“Look! Shiny toy!”) and wearing bright outfits. Bugs that stand out tend to get mashed, eaten, and fucked the quickest and hardest.

Giantess Survival Tip 3:
Do Not Hide in Large Buildings

Ah! A pristine 900ft perfectly engineered structure of concrete and steel! A marvel of human potential, construction, and design! Your tiny and fragile body could easily hide in there along with hundreds of others and safely avoid the Giantess outside, right? Wrong. Unless you want to be in 900ft perfectly engineered structure of concrete and steel encased in the warm flesh of my womanhood, pounding my g-spot over and over leading to the eventual internal collapse of the building as I orgasm… no, this will not help you survive.

I fuck skyscrapers. You humans made them for me. If you’re in one, you’re getting fucked. You can stay up in your high rise office and watch as I slowly rub my pussy against your windows or thrust your towering vessel between my breasts. I may even spot you, personally dedicating a few humps or thrusts to your tiny, attractively fragile existence. You may even enjoy the show! … Until my cum starts pouring through the windows, turning your desk into a raft and my pink flesh completely blocks out the sun. The numbing white office lights illuminating the rushing gigantic wet pink wall of flesh outside your cracked panoramic windows may be a little more than you can handle.

As I fuck your building, I will be thinking of you. I will be thinking of exactly how stupid you were to hide in such a wonderfully pleasing place. As your coworkers pour out into my throbbing cavern and I feel your building begin to buckle, I will only pump harder and faster attempting desperately to take you all in. The most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard – a girl experiencing her most intense orgasm ever – from deep inside her no less – will quickly be followed by the sound of the most harrowing sound you’ve ever heard – my vaginal walls crushing your entire surroundings into a crumbly, soaking paste of guts and crushed concrete. It’s very unlikely you will survive this, and it’s even less likely you will pour out of my vagina when I stand up to move on to my next target.

Smaller buildings are worse yet as they don’t even come with the same spectacular view or experience. Smaller buildings are like little boxes filled with goodies for my feet. Pushing my thick soles down on an entire building instantly crushing all inside is an experience most Giantesses like myself simply will not turn down and will aim to repeat again and again until a skyline no longer exists. Hotels and other high traffic buildings suffer equally cruel fates. I prefer to ram my fingers into them, attempting to gather as many tiny human ants on them as possible before licking them clean with my puffy wet lips and salivating tongue.

Cars are no refuge either. To me, cars are like true insects. They scurry around, they have a hard exoskeleton, often come hundreds at a time, and have squishy warm insides. Entire highways full of terrified people and frantic motorists would simply not survive my carefully placed steps as I make every effort to crush as many as possible in each step under my vast, orgasmic soles. Watching the roof of your car cave in and your windshield shatter as my thick skin presses down on you and the entire highway is no way to go! And hearing muffled screams from fellow drivers and families trapped in other cars would be quite horrific as your own body is crushed into the seat of your vehicle…

My toes are begging for this feeling even now! :eek: *drool*

With all that said, the safest places are once again the most boring. Hide in smelly factories, polluted sections of the city, or even grab a boat if you think you can get far enough out to sea. Everywhere else will soon be a gory, apocalyptic sized disaster!

Giantess Survival Tip 4:
Do not Piss off the Giantess

Do not shoot at me, do not insult me. I can’t decide what is worse; you firing at me from a tank or calling my hair a disaster. Either mistake will result in my soles promptly seeking out your location and neutralizing your life. Army, Navy, and Airforce take note here.

When shrunken and living in my world, it is even more vital to keep your temper and never insult your Giantess Goddess. A girl my size isn’t going to take kindly to insults or disobedient pets! The fact of the matter is you are a bug, so act like one! Get on your knees and worship with every drop of passion in your body. You’re not in a position of any power. If I get hungry, you’re the first thing I’m going to want digesting in a pool of acid.

Since this is a pretty straight forward topic, I’m going to keep it short. When suffering at the hands of a Giantess, be you in a city or shrunken in my bedroom:
Do. Not. Piss. Off. The. Giantess.

And may I have mercy upon your soul if it’s that time of the month and you are standing in my way of chocolate.

Giantess Survival Tip 5: Keep Away from Food and Farmer’s Markets

These tips weren’t very helpful were they?

Your running does you little good. As the crowd stampedes about you are forced to dodge behind the half trampled organic food stands you once relaxingly picked your precious peaches from. The thunderous booms and explosions only grow louder and louder. The ground shakes violently but your legs are locked hiding behind a trampled food stand under a tent. Suddenly half of the screaming crowd is silenced in an explosive CRUNCH as an absolutely gigantic female barefoot lands on tents, fruit, and people, crushing everyone like ants on a sidewalk. You try to scream but nothing comes out. You gasp at the horror before you, “Shit shit shit! All… all of those people! Just… GONE!” For a moment you think of heroically rushing out to help survivors who may only be partially crushed, but a massively soft hand with perfectly painted nails fills the area directly in front of the gigantic barefoot.

Your eyes wide and your heart pounding, you watch as the Giantess slowly grasps at handfuls of people and fruit stands. A familiar shoe and legs dangle wildly from the Giantess’s clenched fist along with a literal handful of unrecognizable ones. The girl from earlier! “Get FREE! You have to get down!” You squeak out of sheer helplessness as you watch your sexy legged peach destroyer scream in terror and rise up with countless others trapped in the Giantesses looming palm. The gigantic hand disappears behind the roof of your tent and you struggle to maintain your terrified view.

Leaning back and a little to the side of the tent, you spot the Giantess’s beautiful face high up in the sky. Her hand reaches her face and the Giantess smiles warmly at her catch. “Ants… little ants in my fruit…” her voice booms, the poles of your tent vibrating. As you watch the struggles of tiny arms and legs barely reaching past the sides of her hand- the mouth of the giant girl opens and her head tilts back. Tens if not a full hundred people roll down her palm along with a wave of fruit and broken stands. You watch as the girl you dreamed of earlier violently passes beyond the Giantesses lips.

SLURP SQUISH “MMMmmmm Organic. Sooo Sweet tasting” SLURP!

You begin to cry as the giant girl sucks and slurps on her prey followed by a harrowing light chewing. As the screams grow more and more muffled in her mouth, the Giantess braces herself and swallows the entire thick load of organic fruits and helpless people, many of which very much alive.

In mere seconds, the hand is over top the market again, only this time the sun disappears from your view. Soft plush skin surrounds you as does the snapping and tossing of fruit stands and fellow market goers. You scream and shout, but your voice is completely drained and flooded out by the noise around you. You grasp wildly to regain any kind of balance but your stomach drops.

“The fruit is so good, who cares about the ants?” the pleasant yet terrifying voice rumbles.

You barely get a glimpse of the massive wet lips welcoming you in and the shimmering white teeth reflecting in the sun before you’re entirely engulfed in a intoxicatingly warm cavern of sticky saliva and half chewed fresh fruit. Your life is no longer in your control and you struggle helplessly as people around you are tossed, drowned, and crushed between molars. The sound of slurping and wet screams blast your ears full force. The smell of organic fruit and blood fills your head. You struggle to breath and for a moment the torment seems to pause.

The pause is followed by a gurgle. The gurgle is followed by a flood of saliva and fruit and flesh. Your stomach rises to your throat as your entire world suddenly drops out beneath you. You roll and squirm in the hot sticky liquid and your hands reach out to touch the powerful wave like muscles of the girl’s swallowing throat. The screaming around you is completely muffled. Suddenly the screaming explodes into a roar as you and the rest of the ingested market openly free falls. The burn of thousands upon thousands of gallons of stomach acid greet your eyes, face, and body. The taste of acidic peaches burns away in your nostrils and mouth. As you painfully digest away, melting and breaking down into primal elements in a pool of flesh eating acid in the satisfied stomach of a giant girl, you hear the moans and screams of thousands of digesting people attempting to survive. But you know that none of you will, including that girl you fancied. By morning, you’ll all be a long skeletal mess in some wreaked and ravaged football stadium…

You really shouldn’t have gone to the market today.

Moral of the Story: Stay away from a Giantess’s food. You WILL be eaten with it.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Love you my little bugs, good luck surviving out there!

*cough*not*cough* ^.^


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. MarkM

    Oh my Gosh this was so hot! How do you keep on thinking up such awesome blogs Katelyn? Such vivid descriptions of what would happen to us for real! Almost had an accident reading that! I Love You Katelyn your the best Giantess a little guy could ever desire! My ultimate destiny is to one day be consumed by your Goddess type body or crushed beneath your Giantess sized sexy bare feet! It’s what I live for! To be ended by you would be such a privilege!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Greg Viera

    holy hell this is hot <3
    i love number 5 :) the irony is that i cant be away from food being that i will be a chef soon lol
    i love the details . my question is are there certain foods we should stay away from or it doesnt matter what food we are near we will still be eaten <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. i deff know for sure if i am covered in chocolate i am as good as done ~_^

  3. Handsome Gamer

    Do you think it will be safe to hide underground like in a tunnel, subway, train, sewer or even in the air like a airplane or helicopter ? What’s your tips for that ?

  4. Johnn

    very hot and nice tips!!

  5. exildigTrer

    Thanks for writing, I very much liked

  6. microjb

    Some pretty sound and useful advice there! Excellent and v hot post Katelyn. A nice surprise that you used my collage for the blog post header too. Hope you’re getting over the cold + feeling better. All the best

  7. Alman001

    Well then clearly the only place left is to stay high in the sky, and hopefully at an altitude way out of your range!

    I shall be an ultimate survivor! :P

  8. Corsair

    Wonderful my goddess! The detailed stories and pictures are amazing! :D

  9. MarkM

    Goddess Katelyn I decided I’ll have to do the opposite of your advice. The Love I have for you as my Giantess would far out weigh any fear. I would be uncontrollably driven to seek your attention at all costs. Just to be noticed by you, to experience you even if it’s the last thing I ever do would be my ultimate desire. My fate! The fact that you might end me only makes me Love you more because of your power over me! I would only hope you would grant me a moment to Love you before expiring my insignificant little life! I would then die happy, contented. Served my purpose! My Goddess! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. shrunkenone

    Useful tips, but I wonder; those o us who WANT to meet their end by a giantess, or after being shrunken, but would have a request for their goddess as to how they’d like to sacrifice themselves…

    Any tips on how to appeal to the giant girl to receive the death of their preference? ;)

  11. Admiral Awe...

    Hmmm.. I live in the Countryside, but on an Air Force station, where most of the Jets would be coming from.

    Screw that I’d be long gone.

  12. xxss

    you have beautiful and sexy soles

  13. Young Gun

    Whats the name of the giantess in tip 2#?

  14. Lazer

    I know an easier way to survive a giantess attack; make yourself as giant as the giantess.

  15. Navyseal

    This is good tips but I think going underground is the most safes place to go

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