Eating Bugs, A Sexual Satisfier

Eating Bugs, A Sexual Satisfier

My mouth waters in anticipation. My tongue already tastes his flavors both inside and out. My soft, shiny pink lips glisten, hungry and eager to suck him in. Firmly squeezed between my thumb and finger, a tiny, helpless mealworm fights for his right to exist in the world. Resistance is futile, of course. His purpose in life is to be digested and assimilated by my massive body, to serve me as a few extra calories in my diet. My excited tongue slides out and licks my lips…

My wide silver eyes inspect my prey as it wiggles in front of my face. Each struggle it makes against my skin excites my wanting mouth further. I’m drawn to eat him. I feel my pussy drooling into my panties, begging to be pleasured. The camera flashes and I move him closer. I want him so bad. The anticipation is killing me!! I want him NOW!

The camera flashes again. I close my eyes and hover him above my tongue. I can feel hot saliva running down my tongue to greet him while simultaneously feeling my panties filling with hot cum, causing the fabric to stick to my wet crotch. Barely holding onto my composure, a warm, lust and hunger filled pant rushes out to meet my soon to be meal. My meal wiggles frantically at this- it knows my hot humid breath filled with sexual wanting and the light scent of his previous friend’s guts is a sure sign of approaching death.

Plunk! My fingers let go and my hapless victim falls onto my tongue. The camera flashes- another 10 seconds to position. My mind races. I’ve lost it- I pull him into my mouth and proceed to rape him with my tongue. I can’t help it- I just want to FEEL and TASTE him! Tossed around, covered in saliva, my tongue molests my tiny slave and leaves no part of his body unexplored, untasted, or un-violated. I suck deeply on his body – trying desperately not to crush him in my wet pink cavern- and my pussy throbs with delight. I stick out my tongue again, just in time for the flash.

Again and again, my prey is violated and used, captured over and over with my new camera. I moan and gasp between shots, desperately thinking of ways to pose him as my pussy drools and screams to be touched. I can’t give in- my dress is black and I know my fingers will get soaked and smear cum all over my outfit. Must. Remain. Composed.

Nearly 90 pictures later, both bugs are mashed up and digesting inside of my satisfied tummy. My pussy finally came, bursting and throbbing madly from only the touch of my panties as my final bug and all of his guts slid down my throat. It was just too hot- I could feel his life, his existence, sliding down my throat into it’s new prison. Me.

After the lights were off and the camera was safely transferring the pictures to my PC, I went back into the room and picked up the small clear tub of meal worms while still in the sexy black dress from the shoot. “These little fuckers are so pleasurable to devour and mess with”, I thought. “If only I could have this with some real tiny men…” On the mere mention of “tiny men” my pussy throbbed again- reminding me I was still wet.

I grinned. Opening the container, I stuck my finger in and jolted their world around until I could see movement. I then lowered their home down past my round perky breasts… down past my soft, smooth tummy where their friends now rested… and positioned them under my legs and skirt. Up I now lifted them until they were just below my feminine parts. My other hand pulled my wet panties to the side in a sticky mess while casually inserting a finger deep inside my cunt. Letting out a long pent-up moan, cum slowly drooled out from my pussy, across my lips and finger, down into the container holding my prey- easily drenching their tiny world.

I laughed as they wiggled around frantically- their world was now soaked and overwhelmed with the sexual scent of a horny, giant girl. “That’s to remember me by until next time… drink up!” I laughed as I brought them back up to my eyes. I then shut the lid, turned out the light and closed the door- leaving them trapped in the dark, soaked and squirming in my juices.

I couldn’t have been more satisfied. I love my job!

The pictures themselves turned out GREAT- all of them were taking by my new, super high quality professional camera.

View them all right here!

Love, Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. bauerpower24

    Oh, how I wish I was that bug, and the camera, and inside your pussy. hehe. Those pictures are HOT!!! :woot: And they make me feel SO HORNY! :evil: Your incredible description of the devouring of these poor, helpless bugs made me wet too. I’d love to be violated that way by you, but it wouldn’t really be a violation. IT WOULD BE AN HONOR! It’s nice to have regular blogs again from you my Goddess. KEEP EM COMING, JUST LIKE YOU KEEP ME COMING! LOVE YA GK!!! :love: <3

  2. bauerpower24

    Oh, and how could I forget to mention how HOOOOOTTTTTTTT that black outfit is. INCREDIBLY SEXY AND OH SO GODDESSY! LOVE IT! *Muah*

  3. Greg viera

    my goddess this blog is so sexy<3 . of course i will buy anything u commad me to buy, you are so beautiful in every way possible. those sample pics made me melt . damn you are so good at that!!!. gosh i love the summer. and of course as your little poot per in would be a high honor to help u in anway possible. i already have my stuff for college paid for, what better way to spend money on u. :love:. which reminds me how was the college life for you. im nervous as ever. i will make my goddess proud of me. my dream restaurant will be for u in ur honor. im working on the plans now. when im finished with it i will send you a copy <3 and before i end tis post for u i love your hair. Its so beautiful just like your eyes your feet bascially everything is perfect about you. you are the defention of perfection :love:

  4. Billy

    “now available in my store for $12.99 as a part of my weekend update”

    So, theres more to the update!? Where is it!?

  5. Giantess Ka...

    @Billy: I’m working on it! Hehe! :p
    I just got the bug crush picture set up (which involves the sneakers you bought me! They are AWESOME by the way thanks!! ^_^), but I’m still waiting on the export of a rather long custom video involving food spitting that will be up within the next 24 hours. That’s it for this weekend’s update, but this coming weekend will have even more stuff. This weekend I’m doing my first pussy bug crush, amongst many other hot things!

    Oh, what’s this? *checks store sales* I see you’ve found the bug crush set! :angel: Ooo!

    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  6. Ichigo

    Really hot story you have there, the soaking them in your cum part made me fap to it, and to the SUCH GREAT PICTURES!!! I’m really looking forward to your pussy bug crush this weekend! Cant wait to see what you have cooked up in that sexy brain of yours X3

  7. MarkM

    Damn that description was hot! I want to be one of those bugs so bad! There’s no better way to go than to serve such a beautiful and sexy body as yours! I gladly surrender my insignificant life to the greater cause of serving you as my one and only Goddess. <3 <3 <3
    <3 Love You <3 MarkM

  8. Greg viera

    my goddess all the pics are amazing i love them all. your store is the best ever <3
    can’t wait for more updates from your store :love:

  9. lildude85

    I wish I was in that container.

  10. electron

    Hi Katelyn,

    Your Pictures, Movies and Descriptions are awsome :woot: . I really can imagine being soaked in lots of saliva in your beautiful mouth, slowly sliding down your deep wet throat into your stomach and being helplessly digested inside. That makes me really HOT. It would be an honor to me to serve you as nutrition and become part of your beautiful goddess-body :)

    As i have seen on your “AboutMe” page, you use Blender and 3DSMax as well. How about making some nice animations for example of the Inside of the goddess? :wink:

  11. ben

    fuckk that was good!

  12. erdi

    katelyn EAT ME!

  13. John Raab

    You should do nudity, smothering, toilet stuff, all that good stuff, and pussy cam. :D

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