"Say hello to your buggish opponents!"

• 20 pages of high-quality illustrations by Maskray, story by Vivian!

• Watch as the Earthlings venture deep inside of Meara's wet pussy!

• What kind of scheme do the Earthlings have in store? Find out!

• See mankind struggle to dominate their towering, masochistic opponent!

• Watch as Meara is wildly overcome with pleasure and lust!


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♥ 20 Pages
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♥ 1300x1850
♥ Giantess, Bare Feet, Insertion

Meara, why don't you come and say hello to your teeny, buggish opponents...
Meara, why don't you come and say hello to your teeny, buggish opponents...

Mankind had always thought it had been alone in the universe, or at the very least alone it in its own solar system. However, the arrival of giantess alien from Neptune proved just how wrong they were! Sadly for them, the outsiders weren't coming in peace, either. Their intentions were to conquer the planet earth and take it as their own! And with how vastly the Neptunian giantesses outsized them, it didn't seem like that would be quite a challenge.
With the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, it was decided before a galactic tribunal that the situation could only be settled in one way; With a tournament! Representatives from each side would fight for their respective planets, and whoever threw in the towel first would be declared the loser, leaving the other side to rule over all of Earth!

Is this girl some sort of masochist...?
Is this girl some sort of masochist...?

After some confrontation with the representatives of Earth earlier in the day, Meara decided to take her leave of her fellow Neptunian giantesses for a little private time, her mind fixated on one of the Earthlings in particular. The handsome captain by the name of Robbin. She was intent on using her private time to the fullest, taking the moment to indulge and pleasure herself to her heart’s content! She wasn’t aware, however, that there were two tournament inspectors in her room sent to check up on her before the match in the morning!
Once they were noticed, however, Meara did her best to tantalize them, revealing her true nature: That she secretly craved to be dominated and punished by the tiny buggish men! Trying to coax her new “masters” into dominating in any way possible, only to turn the tables on them when they refused to abuse her, pinning them under her fingers and soles. She was completely unaware, however, that the representatives of Earth had found their way into her room in order to venture forth on a little scheme of their own...

Just because my body is so much bigger than yours doesn’t mean that I’m slower!
Just because my body is so much bigger than yours doesn’t mean that I’m slower!

The day of the tournament came and everything looked like it was going to be perfect for the Neptunians. After all, their size gave them a clear advantage! But something was off. The leader of the Earthlings was no where in sight! They insisted he would be making his appearance shortly, and the match began with Meara in a clear lead. After all, they were all so small! The Earthlings only had one hope, to avoid her attacks until the time was right…
Just as things began to look hopeless for the poor puny Earthlings, their plan was revealed! To use Meara’s abundant sexuality against her! The leader of the Earthlings had been inside of her pussy the entire time, with a canister of a powerful aphrodisiac that he’d waited to unleash until just the right moment, sending the Neptunian giantess into a lusty frenzy! Would she be easier to conquer like this? Or would it make it into even more of a challenge?

I think we might be able to come to a little agreement...
I think we might be able to come to a little agreement...

With Meara utterly overwhelmed by her arousal, the representatives from Earth sprang into action! She was incapacitated by her own lust,making a spectacle for all of the stadium to see while the men climbed over her body and worked together to strip her of her clothing, making her moan with pleasure each time they punished her! They roped and secured her sensitive nipples, dominated her in any way that they could think of!
They seemed to be well on their way to victory! But given Meara’s well-known infatuation with the captain of the Earthlings, he had a different course of action in mind for the giantess. What plot does the valiant and brave Robbin have in mind for the situation? What sort or proposal will he suggest to Meara? And who will rule over all of Earth?

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Watch as curvaceous alien giantesses invade Earth and tower over its inhabitants!

See Neptunian giantess Meara dominate teeny Earthlings with her massive, sexy soles!

Witness a towering giantess get bound and dominated by the tiny men of Earth!

What is Robbin's proposal to Meara? Who will rule over the planet Earth?

The Shrunken Perspective

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  4. xeffects

    Omg, this is the sexiest gold fish swallowing clip in the entire internet!! The she gulps them down so easily. Imagine the sensations she must feel as they flop inside her. I hear that it feels like a heart beat, can Ava describe this feeling? I hope she moves on to a bit larger fish!

  5. David

    Please Goddess! Crush some small cars with your sandaled feet!

  6. Jonathon

    I love the voice acting in this video. Seems Cate got into being naughty a bit more then she expected. That she was shocked but not really angry was a nice touch. That said I’m going with the notion that whatever changes allow someone to shrink that small and retain human level intelligence and function also diminished the need for oxygen and the like.

    I much prefer the idea of pussy entrapment then smothering.

  7. Giantess Ka...

    Nope, it’s simulated.

  8. Hordeham

    Isabelle has such a great prowess for acting. Not to mention an amazing body, sexy feet and the face of a Goddess. it would make alot of peoples day to see her in more GTS special effects videos. hell it would more than make my day.

  9. David

    Awesome!! Please make more tiny car crush but the goddess must be wearing sandals.


  10. doctoro

    ever use that endoscope vaginally, i might sign up to see that.

  11. Giantess Ka...

    She swallows them whole.

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    9.5 (I think)

  13. Giantess Ka...

    Hi @feetparadise, my best recommendation is to use a real-time voice or video translator. Thanks for your interest. :)

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  15. Jake

    This is a wonderful first buy for anyone thinking about doing so. It will familiarize you with the quality you will be getting from the other videos on this site. The only issue is that the video is not centered correctly and you will have to adjust the video to get what i assume is the angle that the video is intended to viewed at.

  16. Ray

    What a vew!

  17. Dan

    Awesome video, Katelyn! The quality is outstanding! You hit this one out of the ballpark!!!!

    ( Makes me really anticipate…….well…….you know what. ) :)

  18. Keith Bryant.

    Katelyn is the best.

  19. Bill Johnson

    I just got this video. It is awesome! I would definitely want to be swallowed by you Katelyn! What I saw in the video is just how I imagined it would look! Your mouth is so awesome and I would be glad if you took your time swallowing me! Too awesome for words, really! Great work!

  20. Ray

    I really look forward to reading this it looks incredible. I love sandal Giantesses.

  21. Expidavid

    Might just be me, but it really seems like your butt is getting bigger. Mind you, I mean this in the most complimentary way I can think of ( I think it looks great on you ). I have to say, in the absence of the special effects vids, the couple vids that you were doing were great. Would love to see more of that – even if it’s just vanilla stuff.

    Hope you had a blessed holiday.

  22. Cody

    This is hot! Good girl gone bad at the end ;) I could just imagine the sensation’s that Katelyn would go through having that many tiny people in her underwear at once. Love the scenario!

  23. Cody

    Love the 360 video’s! Beautiful POV with that ass and even better when eaten up! The mouth shot was incredible! It was sexy to see your uvula and back of your throat with that shot! Not to mention the 4k is fantastic! I can’t wait to see more of this style of video from you!

    Thank you Katelyn ;)

  24. anthony

    i love this video

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    Excellent comic and pictures – Feet (bare foot and shoe) oriented with a lot of Vore and other items sprinkled throughout. James is one of the best at Evil rendering in the business and Emma’s story put it all together.

    Well worth the purchase, it is obvious they spent a lot of time on this. Well done!

  26. John

    This video is awesome. The playful attitude of a sibling is priceless. I look forward to more videos with this character, please.

  27. Chuck

    Despite not being that much into asses… Well, this was a pretty nice 360 ass video. The start kinda got me by surprise, in a good way, and I like that it doesn’t rush at all before the discovery, takes time to lose yourself in that view – and my, you got a lot of goods there in storage!

    But of course, the best parts for me where the mouth ones. I think the in mouth shots came pretty well, I’m not that much into 360 videos either, but letting you see the uvula is a nice touch when many videos end before you can see it clearly.

    Now I wonder how many proteins one tiny has…

  28. John

    This is one of my favourite vore clips on here. Jasmine is stunning! Beautiful close up shots on her gorgeous mouth. 5 stars!

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    I love Nova and I love this clip! Makes me…well…you know, every time! Amazing close ups. What a gorgeous girl and beautiful mouth! An FX vore clip would be great too. Perhaps an idea for the future.

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    Oh Katelyn – you know what we like, you know what you like and you’re bloody good at it! I love this clip. A complete dream for any vore fan!

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    Start by saying I will be buying from your site from now on! Didn’t realize you made less elsewhere :( I just like Clips4sale for their saving cart lists. It’s nice to make wishlists so I may find my goddess’s worship easier <3

    This Video Was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Your ability to pinpoint peoples desires never ceases to amaze! Truly worthy of the title Goddess! I hope to see more of this type of work. It was so hypnotizing on its own, hearing the voice of the divine herself would be icing on the cake if you do anything with both down the line. Thank you thank you for this work! I was occasional supporter and have ALWAYS followed your work (thank you for sponsoring Giantessbooru :) ) This has got to be my favorite in a long time! Look forward to your work!

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    Absolutely LOVE Mistress Kawaii! I’ve made it a goal of mine to purchase anything I see of hers (so long as there are no models or dolls involved, not a fan of that.) She is the most beautiful goddess out there, and if given the opportunity, I would gladly serve her massive form, or become her tiny snack.

  33. Rafael

    You stepped on the ants after the video ? <3

  34. happiest-in...

    I lament that gentle material by katelyn is so rare. Still it’s quite a nice treat when she provides some. Her body movements and voice does a wonderful job of selling the scenario and it was nice to close my eyes and listen to the story her voice told. Even protested a bit at the end about wanting to stay inside.

  35. sans the sk...

    I love

  36. sassycat01

    Good job. The camera placement was perfect, the lighting was perfect and of course….the giantess perfect. This has quickly made my number 1 VR favorite! Good job and keep up the good work!

  37. Dan

    Awesome video! The non-stop destruction is mesmerizing! Love Katelyns acting. Great seeing cars smashed and destroyed!

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    This is an amazing clip, just watching those lucky fish just disappear down Katelyn’s Throat, I really hope she swallows more in the future.

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    I’ve been waiting for a video of these a long time. It´s Wonderful !!!!!!

  40. Vai

    I have been wondering, if Goddess Katelyn were to select, say, four of Her videos to represent Her greatest desires, would this be one of them?
    If I was to someday be a shrunken little man whom She could own, Her pet, Her slave, Her living toy, would studying this video be helpful in training me, preparing me in understanding ways to please Her?
    Honestly this isn’t one of the videos which initially interested me but She said it was one of her biggest turn ons. What arouses Her, I want it to arouse me as well, so I can be better equipped to please Her, someday. I wish to serve Her.
    So I’ve watched this one repeatedly. I imagine myself small enough to fit in the back of Her throat. I’m just small enough that I am perched with my feet on Her epiglottis. Her uvula rests against the back of my head. I’m bracing my arms in the wet slipperiness of the back of Her mouth all around me. When She inhales, the cool breeze drawn in through Her nostrils goes down my bare back, down the backs of my legs into Her lungs somewhere below me, causing me to shiver in Her throat with each sudden chill.
    When She exhales, Her warm, damp breath rises forcefully up between my legs and over my body, past my head, filling my ears with the noise of wind.
    Her moans reverberate all around me, causing every bone in my little body to vibrate with the changing pitch of Her beautiful, seductive voice.
    As She moves Her tongue, its muscular mass reaches from Her lips in front of me, all the way back across my chin, my chest, my belly, the front of my legs, and, yes… my cock. My whole front side is massaged by Her tongue as She moves it around.
    She struggles to suppress Her gag reflex, which occasionally squeezes all around me, forcefully pushing the air out of my chest. The constant flexing of the base of Her tongue across my little cock keeps it erect and aroused. She can feel my erection poking into Her. She smells my state of arousal as it wafts up into Her palate and nasal cavity above my head.
    One moment my eyes are adjusting to the darkness. The next, She open Her lips and I’m temporarily blinded, seeing the back surfaces of Her teeth, the insides of Her lips, the hard, ribbed, roof of Her mouth.
    I try to hang on as long as I can, knowing that She’s powerful enough to swallow me whole anytime She wants to, hoping that She’ll change Her mind and pull me out of Her mouth, allow me to climb out, to maybe push me up out of Her throat and onto the palm of Her hand.
    As much as I want to serve Her and please Her, be used for Her pleasure, I also selfishly wish to continue being in Her presence, to worship Her and love Her. If I’m swallowed, that will all come to an end for me. I’ll simply be replaced by some other little man, and more after him, as there have been many others before me, as well.
    Will She remember my face? Will She remember my name?
    Ohhh… Goddess! The base of Her tongue across my erection has me so turned on! I’m about to…ugh..
    My body convulses involuntarily as my loins gush forth. The taste of me and my offering rise up into Her nose as Her warm breath exhales across my back. My legs go weak as my body trembles. She feels me quivering in Her throat.
    She swallows, crushing me as Her epiglottis drops out from under my feet. I’m slipping! Slipping! My legs and body massaged from my toes, progressively up to my head as I slide down… I squirm and struggle as hard as I can, hoping against hope, never fully understanding how much She’s enjoying the feeling my desperation.

    Already, She has Her next little man selected and is looking forward to his pleasing Her, picking up from where I left off.

  41. Maliardo

    Never has there still been a video like this one. Ugh, would give up everything in life for this.

  42. Storm

    Talk about the deal of a lifetime: every angle, every curve, every minute detail of Katelyn’s juicy bum on display for an entire hour! Her flawless rear is looking better than ever in this gorgeous exhibition. You’ll be sure to lose yourself in each hypnotic sway and enticing spread of her divine cheeks. Go ahead and indulge in your goddess’ generous assets–you’ll be very glad you did. As always, thanks of course to the one and only Giantess Katelyn for this unparalleled presentation. You deserve all our support, praise, and worship for what you do!

  43. Antonio S.

    I wish I changed place with this lucky guy with these goddess Katelyn and Astro.

  44. Mario

    Hello Katelyn, you are a great girl and i love to show when you crushing cars :)
    please you can buttcrush great toy cars with your sexy outfit and your very hot ass :) please you can bounce on this cars with your ass and flatting this?
    please :)
    regards mario

  45. Storm

    What a treat! Once again, Katelyn totally rocks it in these five candid displays of her beautiful backside. Each clip showcases her rear in all its curvaceous glory as she sways, grinds, and sits on you like the little bug you are. Defying all odds, the goddess’ bum only seems to get bigger and better with each new release, and these clips prove no exception. Just give in already, and lose yourself in those ample cheeks. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks, of course, to the giantess herself for this seductive showcase–yet another demonstration of why Katelyn deserves all your praise and worship.

  46. Antonio S.

    I’d love to change place with this lucky sex slave.

  47. Rafael

    You allowed me to fulfill my dream, to be transformed into an ant and to be close to your feet. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. (Google Translate)

    See Ya !

  48. bubbles

    I just want you to do more bug vore and torture them with your pretty nails!

  49. Hordeham

    Great stuff! would love to see a video where you just go outside and step on ants barefoot or step on them wile using a vibrator would probably suit you better. As its more of a mental stimulation as you mentioned in this video i think stepping on lots of ants and feeling them under your feet wile you masturbate would be perfect for you!

  50. Bax590

    The mobile stream for this is very nice. A solid vid, even if a barefoot version is what I’m really holding out for ?

  51. Kathar

    First to get my mini complaint/rant out of the way; descriptions need to give more detail or at least not allude to different things happening involving the fetish. I don’t hate soft vore by any means but this gave me the impression the brother would be chewed up and he wasn’t. I’d think hard vore is less popular so why would you hurt sales and not clarify that? Madness I tells ya’! She even says she wants to chew up little men at the start so I guess the description isn’t totally innacurate, so like, was it forgotten about half-way through? Who knows!

    But yeah, did still enjoy it overall. Incest mixing with vore is like my dream scenario but thus far I’ve been left feeling a little burned at every vid I’ve purchased that’ve tried to combine the two. It’s like the incest part of it is more of a script note in the sidelines rather than in anyway part of the plot. This vid also doesn’t go into the taboo nature that is the allure for those with the fetish but it does do the dirty talk better than any I’ve seen. It’s that slim-pickings. But based on that alone I can recommend it.

    Lines where she refers to herself as your sister really hit the mark, the mouth teasing and showing off her curves were good. Swallow was a little sudden and the dirty talk to me should be building up to that point not dropping off…oh and talking of dropping, Katelyn so clumsy, drops the nuts at one point, not sure I’d make it to being eaten as a tiny, probable cause of death is her butter-fingers.

    Belly scene at the end was okay, more of a relaxed masturbation then sleep off a big meal theme than the teasing digestion one I go for and it was left to be more ambiguous as to whether it was fatal or not. I hoped for fatal, y’know, ’cause the chewing so it was a slight disappointment personally to an otherwise sexy vid.

    Might not come off that way but I am actually trying to say this is one of the better incest and vore clips out there, I’m just one of those types that reviews only when he has something to nitpick about in the hopes of further improvement in the future.

  52. Antonio S.

    I wish I were in Randall’s place.

  53. liberty Thu...

    Well if that doesnt take the wind right out of my sails.

  54. Cody

    I love the ending which was really hot… actually the entire video was hot! SFX was really good and thank you for putting the time and money into this video Katelyn! A few extra dollars for these SFX video’s is and always will be worth paying ;)

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    Could be the best one for me?

    Of course, I love unaware giantess videos and this one please me

    Good Job, i would like to see more like this in the future

    Thank you

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    A stunning video with the amazingly talented Beth. She’s fantastic at the role play and is truly beautiful. Beth’s mouth is simply divine and it would be a genuine privilege to be gobbled up by this blonde beauty.

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    I am a big fan of your SFX videos. I am pleased to hear that you are planning to make more of them in 2019. Your SFX videos are the best in the business and I have been a fan of them since you first started producing them. The crush scene in “Big Sister” is still one of my all time favorites and always gets me where I need to be at the end. Keep producing these amazing videos. Keep being my favorite Giantess, and Keep Keeping Giantess sexy and making fantasies come true on film.

  59. Lee

    A truly amazing video! I purchased this video awhile ago, but what brings me here today is that I cant seem to find any way to contact Katelyn. I have a similar custom clip I would like to order, but I cant find any email adress or channel to inquire about a custom video. Please let me know how I can accomplish this!

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    This is the best series ever! I love following the couples dynamic and can’t wait to see more. I so hope the next part is just them enjoying Thai food together, hopefully with him in the food.

  61. Bill

    The part where she talks about keeping him as a toy is amazing! please do more!

  62. Giantess Ka...

  63. robert

    Would be really nice to see you do move video’s with ants in them crushing them barefoot and eating them and the like i know more than a few fans who really want to see more video’s like this!

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    That outfit is cum worthy alone. The way you quietly walk into the room and shut the door, I was thinking, “They’re f**ked! :)” Telling myself they don’t stand a chance now, no escaping fate. Their risk of having sex in your bathroom is your reward. The crushing scene of the girl is amazing! More SFX like this please!!!

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    One of the best scenarios ever done!! The idea alone is sexy!

    That GULP though…. :)

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    This is how the cycle of life should go.
    Well done Goddess!!!

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  78. Aborigen

    This is an astonishing fantasy. I really wish I knew how it was dreamed up, because it is such a bold, abstract project with so many different things going on. This looks like a fever-dream sequence in a larger movie, where the main character descends into madness, losing himself in his fixation on a woman’s mouth. The imagery is lush and sybaritic, with full, seductive lips pleading through their actions for the viewer. And you go in, and this lovely mouth goes into ecstasy with moans and whimpers all around you, and it just gets more and more delirious. This is an exceptional creation, far beyond the pale.

  79. Aborigen

    This is a fun one! A loyal boyfriend gets rewarded with his dearest wish—anal sex—but not the way he anticipated. Now he quivers in his girlfriend’s grip as she mashes her soft, full lips into him, taunts him with her feet, anything she wants to do for as long as she wants it. It’s intoxicating to stare up into Katelyn’s face from prolonged POV shots, and let me note she’s the best at improvised monologue, which is crucial in these longer scenes! This is a fantastic adventure all over the giantess’s body, going from exploration to getting down to business as her huge ass overtakes the camera… Absolutely incredible.

  80. Aborigen

    The classic! All I came here for was the final lapdance scene, and good lord, it kills me every time. The buildup was fine, the hapless tiny guy was comical as he failed to communicate with the sexy dancer at any point, but it’s the end I keep coming back to. It’s all about the closeup on Daphne’s incredible ass, watching it sway and churn, then finally hover threateningly over the luckless guy is just the best.

  81. Chris

    Katelyn does an amazing job! really makes me feel tiny and lots of amazing views of her feet as the tower above!
    And there is just something so sexy about the way she says tiny… gets me all the time.

  82. kahiled

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  83. William Shulte

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,

    Hello. Yes, this is one of your very best videos ever! Indeed, I’ve become very fond of your VR 360 vids, & this one totally makes it seem like I’ve been shrunk down small, & you’re carrying me around in your hand! Love all of your close-ups, hand-held scenes, low angles of your body & gorgeous face, & the big voice sound FX :-) Fantastic work, & I’m very much looking forward to your next custom VR 360 vid ;-)

    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

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    But please I would love LOVE! to see more crush and vore bug videos! and with the crush community going into a dry spell this may be good! as there are a lot of us looking for more new things. and with your camera work and quality! i must admit its a rare gift to see!

    Thank you very much! for not forgetting about us

  87. Chris

    This was amazing! camera angles and attitude. loved the dialogue and loved that you referred to them as tiny instead of bugs. Would love to see this same video done in VR!

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  89. Vai Brayder

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  93. Giantess Ka...

    All videos on this website are in English unless specified in the description.

  94. Giantess Ka...

  95. Gold-Phish

    Wow! This was awesome! Love how there are so many different sized bugs! Some are so small that you don’t even notice them! Not to mention you are looking sexier (and more intimidatingly large!) than ever!

  96. Marty

    Your work is fantastic as always. Also out of curiosity, given the few endoscopic vore vids, have you ever considered a full trip vid into your stomach? That one I’d imagine would be a best seller.

  97. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks for the compliment! I’m not willing to swallow a pill camera, so I’ll stick to fx for any inside stomach scenes that I want to do.

  98. Jason

    This is still my favourite fish vore clip that has you in it. Have you ever tried bigger fish at any point? I hear gourami don’t make you ill, and you can feel them inside you. Not sure how you’d feel about that though.

  99. Pablo

    As is the case with tons of Rated Raw content, the description is sort of misleading. She doesn’t really go on much about digestion or what it means to be food but merely calls you food. The intro is very long and the name Bryce is used, which is sort of anticlimactic and I think should’t have been left out. There’s no mention of either becoming energy, fat or waste at all. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad video but it’s not well described and will disappoint you if you bought it cause of that.

  100. rrawpictures

    Hi Pablo,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    In this case, as is the case with tons of the content I produce, this is a custom. I don’t say that to avoid any responsibility on the product I sell (actually I might should point that out on the description), I’m obviously responsible for the content I create and also responsible to not mislead on any kind of promo I do. The description will always be based on what is the main point of the vid.

    I admit that I probably should revise the sentence “Energy, fat and waste” since even though it’s implied in the context of the whole vid (besides the 3min monologue Blondies does talking to the person in her stomach) the words “energy” and “waste” are not used in the vid. That’s true, sorry if that mislead you.

    As for the name of Bryce I assume my mistake of making a description using “you” as the main subject since it’s a specific person called Bryce.

    Regarding the intro, I don’t know what you’d call intro but in case you mean “everything that happens before the srhinking/growth” then we have here a 17:14min vid that has a shrunken person interacting with a normal sized woman from minute 2:30.

    Once again, thank you for your advice. I mean it, this helps. I’ll correct this vids description and take good note for future vids. I also want to encourage everyone who buys vids to send feedback (good or bad), since that’s a quick way to learn.

    Thank you!

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    @Andrew: Hi, great question! The answer would be my own website since I earn a higher percentage of my sales here. However, if you’ve purchased on both sites and find that using Clips4Sale provides a more convenient download platform for your Oculus, then I would just continue to purchase there to make the process as smooth as possible for yourself. <3 Thank you for supporting my work regardless of whichever site you choose to purchase it from! :)

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