Breaking the News

Breaking the News

I’m currently going through a wonderful, life changing event that I’d like to share with all of you!  This is the time I’ve been dreaming of for quite a while and it’s something I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts. Can you guess what it is? The big, breaking news? Find out inside of this blog post!

Ready for it? Today I couldn’t be happier to announce … I’m pregnant! I know it’s April 1st… it just so happened to be this month that I’m breaking the news with the right timing before I really start showing and everyone starts wondering “is she…”! This very much is happening and I’m happy to be open with you about it! 

So, here’s what I’ve been going through the last couple months…

My first trimester pregnancy symptoms kicked in at exactly the 6 week mark and I gotta say, going through the nausea and fatigue has been harder than I ever imagined. How I’d convey first trimester pregnancy symptoms in a nut-shell? It’s like the worst hangover of your life on steroids lasting for weeks and weeks on end. 

As you know, I’m a go-getter when I know what I want. The A type personality. A doer. And one of the hardest things getting used to while being pregnant so far is being physically held back by the needs of my body. Its #1 goal has switched to developing a new life inside of me. 

Getting anything done lately has been a real ongoing challenge. Most days I feel exhausted upon waking up, and tea and coffee has become an aversion. I have trouble brushing my teeth without throwing up, but kid’s toothpaste has given me some relief! Nothing ever sounds good to eat because of the nausea, though I do still eat -and healthy- of course! I’ve tried many things for my nausea and nothing has helped. I’m easily winded and need to sit down after ~20 minutes of any kind of physical activity, yet I do go for a daily walk to try to stay healthy!

I used to not feel accomplished unless I worked a fully productive 8+ hour work weekday with any personal needs met too, and currently it is an accomplishment if I can just manage to get several hours of computer work in and go for a walk. Thankfully computer work is completely doable, but even then I still need to rest or take a nap every few hours in my current state. Pre pregnancy I was never the kind of person that could fall asleep before bedtime, or even want to for that matter, and now some days I need a nap before I can keep pushing on.

My plan to “film as much as I can before I start showing” has completely gone out the window since I wasn’t expecting to be so affected by this. With any luck I’m hoping that my symptoms ease up when I begin the second trimester (mid month), which happens for most pregnant women, so let’s cross our fingers and please bear with my slow updates while I go through this! 

I’ll make new videos when I can manage. I miss being in front of the camera and working on video projects! When I get back to filming I’ll probably try to get in some “normal” scenarios right away with selective angles if needed to conceal being pregnant — just so I have a variety of videos for you to choose from come release time! However, even if everything is golden in the second trimester and I can shoot as much as I’d like, I’ll still be spacing out what updates I have so that long periods of no updates don’t happen in the third trimester and during recovery. After the baby is born I’ll be adjusting to life as a first time mother and figuring things out from there one step at a time. 

Now just in case this is the only time I have a chance to film while pregnant (I want at least two, but you never know), I thought I might as well reach out and see what any of you would like to see with my big beautiful round belly (when it gets to that point)! I’m totally up for pregnancy fetish, bloated belly scenarios, and taking advantage of my bigger breasts as well! They’ve already grown a cup size or two… I can’t comfortably fit into my DDD bras any more so I’ve been going braless until I can find a new bra that fits. Since everything’s closed right now I can’t go in person to find one that fits, so I might have to purchase one online and hope for the best. When I can film again my tits will look like they’re about to burst out of any of my pre-pregnancy bras that I put on. Even tho it’ll be temporarily uncomfortable for me it’ll be an undeniably hot sight for sure! 

Another thing about requests, I should mention that the easier the scenario is for me to film in my pregnant state the higher chance I can make it happen. And guess what? If I produce your scenario then you’ll get a free copy of it in your GK download area, as always when it comes to my request shout-out invitations! And for those wondering, I’ll happily get back to pre-pregnancy requests when I can, but that most likely won’t be until after I’m fully recovered.

Know what I’m really hoping for after all this? WIDER HIPS. ?? Many of you have praised me for my natural abs/build, but I feel like I have a kind of boxy frame over all and at some point I realized that I can make myself curvier with lots of glute (booty) workouts. The boob job so many years back helped a lot for sure too. So, if my hips are naturally wider after this, and then I get back to my glute workouts and everything on top of that, omg yes! I’ll be going for that hot mama status for sure!

To wrap this up I’d like to… ask for your help. With my job, it doesn’t include any kind of maternity leave, so my income will be taking a hit for sure since I won’t be able to make as many videos this year with everything said. Not to mention the pandemic we’re all currently going through. Many businesses are struggling right now and mine has been no exception from suffering lower sales the past few weeks.

After all of this it has become clear to me that I’d like to ask for your help. I’ve started a baby registry here (link removed, as this post is now outdated) – any size contribution would be incredibly generous, mean the world to me, and help a ton, especially during this crazy time we’re all going through. Please, come together on this and help a pregnant Goddess out if you can? If you can’t now, I completely understand many of us are in a tight spot at the moment, but I’d love it if you could check my registry again later when you might be able to! :)

With love,
Giantess Katelyn


I’d like to give a special thank-you shout out to Cody, Russ, Rafael, Kain, and Robert for sending me registry gifts. It means so much to me to have your support!


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15 Responses and Counting...

  1. Greg Viera

    I am so very happy for you.
    When I get a chance I’ll deff get something for u from your registry :).

  2. Chuck Murnoe

    First things first: congratulations! When I saw the tweet I was already guessing the news and glad to be correct, and of course, glad for you. I wish I could get a better idea about all the situation (being myself single and only having the most recent example of my sister’s pregnancy far away a couple of years ago don’t help), but from what you say… it’s a matter of patience and getting used, I guess.

    And even knowing that these are dire times, I’ll try and see what I can do, whether it is with the Baby Registry or in some other way. After all, when you work by yourself, income must come from somewhere… As for requests, I’d have to think of something, if that helps getting more content in your store for people to purchase and help you, then glad to be of some assistance! But… yes, need to flesh some ideas out first so they fit this situation.

  3. catman

    great Job Katelyn I want you to enjoy this child I pray its a girl for you with the same fetishes as you ,like mom like daughter till than stay safe at home you and your hubby enjoy this great gift .

  4. A long-time...

    Congratulations! I’ve been a fan of yours for over ten years now I think, whenever Midnight Goddess released. I’m very happy for you and wish you all the best with this beautiful new chapter lf your life. This is my first time commenting on any of your stuff so let me just say thank you so much for the many years of great content!

  5. Angie

    Oh my congrats would love to see you as a giantess with that round belly.

  6. koolmite

    I am happy for You and Mark ! You will be a great Mom. When i became a Dad i was scared lol now breaking news I am a Grand Dad of 6 lol

  7. John

    OMG congrats! My wife and I have been trying for years and have done multiple rounds of IVF but no luck. With COVID-19 our next round with a surrogate is on hold until the Doctor can start doing them again. By the way a pregnant giantess is super hot. You make any SFX giantess content while pregnant will be an auto buy from us, lol. Anyways congrats again and we wish you luck!

  8. Corsair


  9. Rafael

    I’m feel so very happy !!!! Congratulations !!!!

    I contribute with you on amazon!!


  10. Brian anderson

    Hey Katelyn. Saw you on a YouTube interview with a blonde lady. You’re great. Hope you’re well

  11. Chris

    Congratulations. So happy for you. Bringing life into the world is very much a part of this goddess like worship of gigantic women. If you feel up to creating when you are further along there are many great simple story telling scenarios that are unique to pregnancy. I for one have always liked the idea of a tiny father being overwhelmed by the scale of this mountain of pregnancy. I like gentle but careless or unaware. You’re a growing mother, you’ve got more important things to focus on than the insignificant tinies around you. You’ve been the cornerstone of this community for years. I am happy you have so much more ahead of you.

  12. Chris

    Congratulations. While becoming a mom will have many changes, Moms have amazing bodies

  13. Jay

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re quitting the bug vore line of clips. Sadly that was the main reason why I was here, but nothing lasts forever. I thank you for the material you did get produced, and your time princess. ???????

  14. Paul Jolliffe

    Many congratulations on the news.

    You are the reason why I like the giantess scene.


  15. Christian

    I am so happy for you my beautiful gigantic girl katelyn brooks, for I love you when you are gigantic and ginormous and even you will be a beautiful mother too with your big beautiful belly and everything you written to us. A big congrats my dear katelyn regards Christian.

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