A Secret Pleasure… Eating Ants Alive

A Secret Pleasure… Eating Ants Alive

Yes, I have a secret to tell you my slave. It’s of a fetish of mine that I have kept somewhat quiet since the start of my site. The fetish itself is very closely entwined with my other fetishes, just as strongly as the bug crush fetish is to the giantess fetish.

Today I’d like to reveal this fantasy of mine. No, it doesn’t involve stepping on cocks or tying people up- there’s plenty of that on the internet already. This fantasy of mine may not be that crazy-out-there, but it’s still something you rarely see a girl do – and like it.

My first strongly erotic experience with this pleasure took place when I was around 16-17, during my goth high school phase. I remember it was a lazy weekend morning and I had the house to myself. I had just woken up and gotten ready to go for a walk to maybe meet a few of my friends. I came downstairs like any other day and began making myself some yummy waffles for breakfast! <3  Once they popped up all nice and golden brown, I threw them on my plate and grabbed the butter which had been sitting on the kitchen counter. And that’s when I discovered I had a problem.

Ants. All over the butter. My first reaction sent the butter flying right back onto the counter with a very girly yelp. This was something I had not been expecting to see while making breakfast! After a few seconds, I carefully inched my way over to the counter to get a closer look at the tiny trespassers. There they were, small black dots swarming all over the butter oblivious to the giant girl hovering over them. They were almost in a frenzy, as if thrilled with their delicious and incredible find. Acting like a tiny village that had just found enough food to last them for years, they continued to pile into the butter. My butter. Curious, I lowered a single finger and pushed a lone ant deep down into the butter until his body crunched under the pressure of my tip, the counter, and the warm butter around him. A few of the ants near my finger started to panic.

There was something about this situation I was enjoying. But I wasn’t sure what. I found I liked the very idea of these tiny lives, so small, so pathetic, so oblivious to their situation. I loved the feeling of power I had over them, the sheer size I was to these tiny beings. I was something incredible to them! It was in these feelings that both my goth side and my sexuality told me to playfully seek revenge for what these little thieves had done. They didn’t deserve to steal food that was fit for something so magnificent. Needless to say, a playful grin made its way across my face…

I picked up the butter, ants and all, and carried it to the table. I casually sat down, placing the waffles in front of me. With a smile, I picked up my knife and carefully carved under the surface of the butter. Some of the ants started to run, others rode the tiny wave underneath them. My knife rose up, and six or so ants found themselves clinging to a chunk of butter. With a gradual swoop the knife hit the waffle, the butter and ants softly pushed into its warm crevasses. The ants quickly started struggling to free themselves from their buttery prison. I grinned. My knife went back to the butter and brought back more ants to cover my waffles with. My goal now was to load up my waffles with as many ants as possible, while at the same time not overloading them with butter. A few managed to make it off my plate, but my fingers caught them and brought them back to my meal.

Pleased with the look of my breakfast so far, I grabbed the syrup. Gently I turned the syrup bottle upside down, the nozzle hovering high above the heads of my tiny victims. With a soft squeeze, what must have seemed like an ocean of syrup to them came crashing down from the heavens.

My waffles were now topped with a delicious layer of chaos. Ants were struggling left and right, their tiny arms weighed down by the sticky tension of the syrup. I looked down on the tiny terrifying scene I had created and my eyes lite up with hunger and revenge, curious how this all would taste. My knife and fork  rose and landed in a section populated with tiny prisoners. I slowly cut around them, my fork pinning not only the waffle but several ants underneath it. The slice of waffle then rose to my face, where I proceeded to take a closer look.

Only a few inches from my face, I was able to see my victims much clearer as I rotated my fork. They looked terrified- yet exhausted from fighting the syrup. Perhaps now they had learned of their mistake, and perhaps if they could they’d be apologizing and begging for their lives. But even that would not be enough to satisfy me. I was mad with hunger.

I opened my mouth and brought them deep inside my pink cavern, my tongue dripping with saliva in anticipation of their arrival. My lips closed around them and the fork pulled out without them. I waited, the slice of waffle and ants resting on my tongue. I wanted to see if I could feel them.  My massive tongue gradually began to feel the struggling of tiny arms and antenna and my mouth began to water. With little effort my tongue moved the waffle into place and my teeth came down. With a delicate yet oh so satisfying crunch, the life of my first victim was taken. The crunch was an ant- the feeling of it was utterly foreign to a waffle, something I had never felt before. It sent shivers down my spine and made me feel strange.. it had turned me on.

My tongue broke through the waffle, searching for more ants to play with. My teeth continued to chew, with more and more satisfying crunches taking place. I smiled and let out a soft moan, I was hooked. My tongue rounded up the mashed up mess and I swallowed. As the chewed up waffle slid down my throat I could feel a few ants that were still alive slide down with it, which was absolutely amazing. After the waffle had made it to my vast stomach, my tongue found an ant that had gotten stuck between my teeth and cheek. The lone tiny ant was quickly licked up by my tongue and swallowed whole.

This continued, with more and more ants and waffle entering my mouth via fork and knife. I was in a state of total bliss, lost in a power trip. Ants were being chewed into waffle, crushed into a paste by the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and swallowed alive by my powerful throat. My belly growled as I continued to feed it more of what it wanted!

By the time I had made it to my second waffle, the fork and knife had been discarded. I literally picked up the second waffle, syrup dripping all over my hands, and began taking bites out of it. Some ants were cut in half by my front teeth, others dripped into my hands with the syrup only to be licked off by my tongue in between mouthfuls. I even picked a few off of the top of the waffle and ate them separately, just to see how they would taste on their own. They were delicious! I played with them in my mouth, taunting them with their own lives. The inside of my mouth was coated in waffle, syrup, and thousands of bits of of their friends- a frightening thing to be forced to enter at such a small size.

By the time I had consumed the last of the ant covered waffle on my plate, I was incredibly horny- my panties were absolutely soaked.  In desperate need of a fix, I grabbed an ant filled chunk of butter, brought it down to my pussy, and rubbed myself with it. Grinding the ants into my clit with my fingers, and with several ants still struggling inside my mouth, I came all over the kitchen chair. >=) Then swallowed.

As for the rest of the ants left on the counter and floor, I went back and crushed, squished, and flattened every last one that I could find with my bare feet, knocking several from the counter to the floor. The others I crushed between my fingers and a few more were swallowed alive.

Afterwards, I carefully cleaned up my mess, took a *thorough* shower, and went to hang out with my friends. I was pretty embarrassed and probably acted kind of weird for the rest of the day. I didn’t quite understand what had driven me to go absolutely crazy like that, all I knew was that I enjoyed eating ants. o_o I continued to nibble on ants whenever I could, all through the last of high school and collage, as long as I could find a good supply and ones that didn’t bite back!

And if you are wondering how they taste… they are like little tiny bits of lettuce with a tiny drop of lemon. Absolutely delicious when added to any kind of food imaginable.

So there’s my first experience with what I call “Bug Vore”. To sum it up this fetish of mine: I like eating bugs. Namely, ants. It makes me wet. <3 It’s pretty much the same feelings I get from the giantess fetish mixed in with the feelings of the bug crush fetish.

For those who are visually curious… here’s a little sample of what I enjoy….
Hopefully you’ve lasted through my story ~_^

For those interested, I’ve just finished filming two other yet much longer ant eating videos, one involving a delicious Ice Cream Cone and another with yummy gooey Chocolate Syrup. ^^ These video should make their way to my store once I’m done with the editing. I’ll keep you updated. I’ve created a few ant crush videos as well, some involving my sexy new see-through table. Lots of great stuff awaits you if you’re into this!

But for those who didn’t find this your cup of tea, take heart in knowing that the next long journal entry will be all about my attempts to become a Giantess. ~_^

And so now you know, small fry. Are there any other hidden fetishes of mine? Maybe… but that shall be a story for another day. ^^


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. anonymous

    ur cool!

  2. dbhiker

    Wow! That was one of the most well-written and engaging journal entries that I have ever read! I never would have believed that watching a woman play with an ant could be so unbearably sexy! That video clip is definitely taking up permanent residence on my hard drive. Thanks for all of your great work on this site.

    On a related note, I also wanted to check on the status of the customs that I bought several months ago. No rush, but seeing the ever-improving quality of your work certainly pumps up my anticipation! Please drop me an e-mail when you get a chance at [email protected] with an update. (I sent a couple of e-mails, but was unsure if you received them). Thanks!

  3. anonymous

    Wow Katelyn! To be honest, I wasnt into bug crush at all before I got more in depth into giantess… in fact, I’m still not into it that much… other than really small insects like ants of course! haha! and to see vore is a very welcome change and a rare thing to find online indeed!!! I know that there is some material I saw somewhere of a woman eating some lemon ants…

    The idea of a woman killing ants has always turned me on several times more than any other insect… I actually think I can link it back to high school… I’ve always wanted to go into a feild of science… and biology, particularly entomology (the study of insects), was calling my name… I had the giantess fetish back then… heck, I’ve had that forever… and obviously when I saw a woman kill a bug or spider I’d automatically link it together… but why ants?

    Well, as I was studying the fascinating world of these little critters I’d discovered that ants and humans are actually alot alike. There is even a myth that says that some humans were turned into ants :-P

    And for insects, we must admit, they are fairly intelligent. Ants in the Sahara (I believe… may be another desert) are believed to have photographic memory… some ants keep aphids as livestock, protecting them from predators, and hiding them beneath the leaves before the rain hits… Also, some species build fences within the colony… and breed other small insects for food… the honey bee, a relative of the ant, can communicate the exact location of flowers relative to the colony and sun through vibrations and movements, which alter perfectly with the earth’s rotation… and let us not forget… a select few get eaten by Katelyn… just like some lucky tiny people :-P haha…

    Also I think I’ve always enjoyed ant crush, because its so easy… and the fact that women are more creative when they kill ants, rather than just instantly stepping on them…

    Love the hair, love the new fetish, love the video! Thank you Katelyn!

    Another tiny fan,

  4. anonymous

    wow, Katelyn, that ant “bug” vore was just sexy and awesome, u have found another brilliant and amazing new way to do vore =]

    u can easily put the microscopic ants in or on top of anything too :)

    peace out from Mr.Tiny Mark

  5. pantsonastick

    You’ll be getting a little something in the next week or two.

  6. katelynsworm

    Goddess, it takes courage to reveal an unusual fetish. And I know what it’s like to have an unusual one — I think there are maybe three people in the world who have mine — getting turned on by seeing a girl irresponsibly litter.

    Personally, I love seeing you crush helpless bugs beneath your shoes (I’m not big into barefoot) and I love when you open your beautiful mouth and show us the food that you are chewing.

    The combo of bugs and vore, though, I’ll just have to get more used to. Maybe it’s an acquired taste!

    I will say that it totally adds to your Goddess-ness!

  7. anonymous

    I’ve always felt that vore is an delicious mingling of sensuality and power, lending itself to the most playful cruelty. A giantess’ huge undulating tongue can be soft and gentle one moment, rough and merciless the next. The only thing missing with the ants was the faint cries of their mortal terror echoing within your mouth as you toyed with them and ate them alive.

    I also have to say, mesmerizing as your meal was, the image of you grinding the little ants over your clit and pussy was the most intoxicating of all. :)

  8. anonymous


    You’re doing a great thing, and please don’t let others tell you otherwise. You’ve certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but rather, commended! You definitely deserve praise for being so open about your “fetish”. Oh? “Fetish”? Did I say something wrong? No, and rightfully so! Fetishes are something that a person inhabits to keep them going throughout EVERY aspect of their life. Is that not to say that they’re “inconpentent” or “preoccupied”?
    No, not quite. These fetishes are what keep us excited, whether it be in our home lives or at work. I feel that if you TRULY want to excell, then you must hold true to what it is that keeps you going! With all apologies, I won’t tell you what I do, but please know that I, too, have a fetish. Heck, we ALL do! Fetishes are instilled upon us, sometimes even as early as childhood. It exists in every one of us! Please, continue to do what makes you happy, and you will always have my undivided support! Please take care (as I’m sure you will), and I look forward to chatting with you again in the future.


  9. anonymous

    Nobody has made bug vore look as interesting as you just did. If your this good at the description I can’t wait to hear your description of you growing out of your clothes. I’m waiting for your next attempt at becoming a giantess post…


  10. the2500

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES, YES!!! That’s so cool and erotic that you did that. I hate hive minded things (unless of course the queen is a giant woman like yourself ;-) ). This whole thing makes sense because in one of your videos where you’re following a cricket around your body I remember you almost ate him, and it seemed like you wanted to but you stopped yourself :-( I really liked that one because it captured what I imagined being with a giantess would be like. Would you consider doing another video like that, but you swallow the bug at the end? This could maximize the appreciation, and awe for the entity for which the poor helpless bug is to have the most precious thing he could ever have forcefully taken away from him, his life. Also, your hair looks great!

  11. anonymous

    I do believe this is the first time I’ve ever been caught off guard on any giantess or other forum or blog. Nice to see that just when you think you’ve read are seen it all, there are still people that can surprise. The best journal yet!

  12. twcool

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting to read this in your journey entry. I myself don’t really care for this because I’m a picky eater and it just grosses me out to see people eat something that I dont think would taste good. Not to mention I dont care for vore either haha. But to be quite honest, you made something as gross as eating ants sound like one truely sexy story. You must have a gift.

    Next I’d love to hear about how you picked up the butter and dropped it onto the floor and crushed it with your platform goth boots, smearing butter and ants all over onto the floor.

  13. anonymous

    great video!!

  14. anonymous

    Kat i think it is brave of you to reval a secret

  15. anonymous

    i was dared to eat a worm….it wasnt soooo bad, but awesome you eat ants!

  16. anonymous

    Since you brought up your relationship with ants I was wondering, if you, like so many other people, participated in that great American pasttime of peeing on ant hills. Nearly everyone who spends any time outdoors does it but I doubt many of them give much thought to the event. For someone who appreciates that ants are living, organized creatures not too different from ourselves it has got to be a completely different thing. Destroying an entire city with the most mundane of activities seems like something that would fit right into our particular festish schemes.

    I have to say that any media related to this type of event would blow my mind, even if it was selective in it’s cinamatography to maintain a pg-13 or R rating if you know what I mean.

  17. anonymous

    Mind blowing story! I loved it Katelyn. A tiny ant is the perfect size that I imagine being and although I would beg and scream if you had me in that position, I would absolutely love it :). I also like the idea of you squishing the ants in your fingers right in front of your face. Especially after you give the ant a tour of your beautiful body! Please keep making these videos! We love you!

  18. anonymous

    I really enjoyed the story and the vid was AWESOME!! I love vore so it really appealed to me. I can’t wait for more and will definately be purchasing them. Be nice if you could add some other type of insects or even a worm in future vids too, it does depend on what your limits are. Many thanks for all the great vids you do. I could do with a girl like you lol

  19. nurturinglicid

    Wow, that was amazing! ;}

  20. the2500

    Consider, your own private civilization of living creatures, whose only reason for existing is to satisfy your whimsical sadistic pleasures. This could have some potential scientific merit as well. See if anything happens when you go up to them and open your mouth, then see if they react any different when you open your mouth when it’s full of their brothers, struggling helplessly. See if they learn to fear you. You could even start taking requests and naming individual ants after your human slaves. (I know an ant named the2500 would love to be plucked up and be forced to stair into one of your beautiful eyes before slowly being lowered into your gorgeous gaping maw!)

  21. anonymous

    I would love nothing more than for you to swallow me whole just like that first ant in the video. To know I brought you such satisfaction would be an honor. Thank you for the wonderful story as well, Goddess. I’m sure the next one will be just as good.

  22. anonymous

    how are you making out catching up on the custom clip orders? anywhere near February’s orders? i hope my little bear is enjoying your company in the meantime – lucky bear!

  23. anonymous

    Lots of love my Goddess. Katelyn you can crush me anyday with your beautiful soft sexy feet my darling and get off on it. I’d love to be a crunchy bug under your sweet toes and soft soles and be slowly crunched. lol. It’s a fetish of mine.

  24. Giantess Ka...

    First I just want to say thanks for the amazing feedback on this little fantasy of mine ^_^ I’m so glad you not only like it but want to hear more. I have to say I was a little nervous on revealing it. Girls usually don’t eat bugs. :P

    Let’s start the replies…. I’ll try to get all of you in here =D

    @dbhiker: Thanks! ^_^ I’m still pretty far backed up on customs. But I am slowly making my way through them. I’m afraid I don’t have an exact time on when they will be done, but hopefully soon. Sorry to keep you waiting! =)

    @Bobbob: Sweet comment =D I agree, ants act very much like humans. They have always been my personal favorite to crush and swallow alive. Seeing cities of ants in the grass is a total turn on… it’s like discovering a civilization in the grass! (Which my feet and mouth make short work of…) And there are so many different kinds of ants at different sizes they never get dull to torture. I’m glad you really liked the video. You’re post really made this Goddess hungry for more victims! *evilgrin*

    @Mr.Tiny Mark: Microscopic sugar ants? Just found some today actually. *mouth waters* They are going to taste delicious!

    @pantsonastick: Looking forward to seeing what it is ~_^

    @katelynsworm: Aww, thanks my little worm. Littering irresponsibly sounds like fun ^^ Glad to see this has added to my Goddess-ness.

    @toys that struggle: That’s an excellent description of what the vore fetish is all about. The only thing that would make ant videos even more fun would be if they could scream. I know they are probably screaming on the inside, but only if I could hear them losing their lives to my mouth. <3

    @Chris: Aww, thanks for the really sweet post. I shall take your advice and with pleasure ^^ Fetishes keep life from being boring and are always an erotic adventure.

    @West911: I really think you’ll like that giantess post. It’ll have some new collages too! :)

    @the2500: LOL =D That’s so cool that you picked that up in my video. =D I just didn’t know what people would think if I ate him right there on the spot! Also, sadly, crickets don’t taste nearly as good. Ants taste much, MUCH better. It was tempting, however…

    @I do believe: Awww, thank you o^_^o

    @twcool: Hehe, I assure you it’s not gross at all, well, at least on my end. They taste really good actually and make the perfect little toppings on just about anything. They taste like tiny bits of salad with drops of lemon on them. They’re small, helpless, intelligent and taste great!

  25. Giantess Ka...

    @ha: @brace: @great: Thanks ^^

    @pissing on ants: Ha, Awesome question! Yeah, I’ve done it- and with pleasure. I never thought to film it though, as it’s been so long. It’s so cool when a full-blown yellow tsunami hits the top of an ant city. Some ants go flying and others are swept away with the urine… And imagine the chaos below as my hot piss floods the tunnels, drowning all those in the way! >=) I’m really thinking of doing a video of this now, although I would have to use some “selective cinematography” to keep it from being a little too revealing. Next chance I get outside with a nice ant hill I might give this a go. It’d definitely be hot. <3

    @Mind blowing: Keep making them? Will do ^^ Ants are around the perfect size I’d consider for shrunken people too.

    @Thanks so much: Really glad you enjoyed and it’s great to know that you’ll be purchasing these kinds of videos! ^_^ I may do some other types of insects someday, but for now it’ll just be these tasty little ants. I do have two kinds of ants now though, sugar (extremely small) and black.

    @nurturinglicid: Thanks :)

    @the2500: What do you think I have sitting on my desk here? >=D Ok, it may not be an actual ant farm, but it does contain a small society of ants who live in fear of their hungry Goddess. I even have two “races” of ants now, tiny, tiny sugar ants and larger black ants. Both tasty, both forced to worship me as a divine entity. I think I will take you up on your idea and show them their tiny brothers dying in my mouth the next time I decide on having a snack… maybe it will make them a little more loyal.

    @(Anonymous): I’m glad it would be an honor small one. Always glad to hear from one of my future meals… *licks lips with hunger* <3

    @lucky bear: I’m slooowwwly making my way through them. Things have really been piled up, but I’m getting there. In the meantime your little bear is currently keeping me company in bed at night while I dream out my fantasies… *grin*

    @Lots of love: I’d absolutely love to grind you into the floor like so many of my pathetic little ants have been! It’s also a fetish of mine ^_~

    Whew! I think that’s everyone. Thanks for the comments tiny ones. I really appreciate the sexy feedback from my shrunken fans <3

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  26. anonymous

    Oh yeah, try eating the ants in Indy IV haha!

  27. anonymous

    I have a rare fetish too. It’s the invisible girl fetish. I like to see girls turn invisible and do a striptease or get dress, by putting on stockings. You need green screen to do it though. Can you make videos like that Katelyn? I’d buy them.

    Here’s some examples,




  28. davin

    your a terrific writer !

  29. anonymous

    I never knew or tought that teeth, or crushing candy’s or any other ithems can be exiting…I have a nibbling fetish, but to see teeth up close, working pressure…wow….it’s different all toghether…..I love white and healty teeth, which of course you have….thanks

  30. limpdik

    thats wut’s unique about u kitty-kate. not many girls are this open about their sexuality and i absolutely luv how deep you are about it. so twisted and yet sexy…i really wish there were more women like u in the world!

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