Waking up tiny in Katelyn’s Home

By Paddy Joe — Featuring: Shrunken Slave, Toe Nail Painting

The warm air of her breath blew around him like a small cyclone. Humiliating as it was for him to admit if he had not been stuck down with the strip of tape she had put over his legs he would have been picked up by the warm air and blown away. Blown away by the giggle of a girl. The air as well as being warm was full of the smells of her jaws. The kind of smell and taste a real size man would only get if her lips where close to his face kissing or whispering. But at my size (just under an inch) the strong minty tang of her gum was so strong I could taste it myself. Below it was the faint sour smell of the milk she had had on her cornflakes. Talking of cornflakes as her plump light pink painted lips moved back and forth exposing her perfect white teeth which to me looked the size of large tomb stones I could see bits of the cornflakes stuck between her teeth. Only small parts that most people might not even see but still it sent a chill down my spine thinking of how fast the white tomb stone teeth of this sexy girl had turned the flakes to mush. I did not think my bones could be much stronger than a cornflake at this size. I know some bugs can take a stomping but they are made to live at that height. My DNA never had to evolve a way of keeping me alive if a giant sexy gym girl decided to bring her size seven shoe down on me! I could tell she was saying something now but I couldn’t pick up on the words. I just heard the low thunder of her voice, rather like a large plane going overhead. I winced at the sound, I felt that if this girl should scream or shout she would deafen me. Seeing this she giggled again giving me the faint waft of toothpaste. When she talked again it was in a quiet almost sexy whisper, the kind only a few men in this world had been able to here at full size I bet! At this size it still sounded like a PA system yelling into my ear but at least I was not going to lose my hearing.

“So PJ I bet you want to know why I shrank you huh? Well first of all I guess I should let you know who I am. My name is Katelyn, we work out at the same gym. Maybe you don’t know my face, you were mostly staring at my ass. Here, maybe this will help you know me.”

She stands up as she says this. Christ was she kneeling down the whole time she was talking to me? I must be even smaller than I was first thinking! Seeing her pretty face rise up, height followed by her boobs which where huge even at real size but at my new height might as well have been two mountains. The bra she had on not even coming close to keeping them both held in fully. Next came the wide plane of her belly. It was so thin and toned and from my size it might have well a wide deaste plane. Her belly button looked like the pit in star wars. The one you don’t want to get thrown in. I gulped. Even her belly button could swallow me whole if I ended up in it…

She stopped with her pussy facing me. For a second I was in shock. Even though it was clad in a sexy lacy pair of red panties, the heat from it and the smell of sex was all around me.

“Hahah you like that view my little man? Well I just bet you do but it was this I was thinking might jog your brain.”

She started to turn. Now I should explain how she has me first. When I woke up I was bound to the table by my legs. So I could sit up but not get any higher than that. So not only was I tiny, I was tiny and pretty much kneeling.

As she turned I got both a look at heaven and hell. Her ass. Words can’t say what it was like as she slipped her panties off. Toned, firm, tanned, sexy as hell. The kind of ass I had held in my hands many times and had hoped to do many more. Truly stunning. But at my new size I felt as much fear as I did arousal. The cheeks of her ass must have been the size of three or four city blocks. The tan flesh was firm and looked hard as rock. The ass could be carved from stone. Her ass crack was deep and dark… if her belly button alone could eat me whole then I could surely disappear without a trace up her ass. Before I had any more time to think on it she slid her panties back up and turned back to me lowering her face over me. Her hair fell down on all sides of me and her wide full lips where right above me about 20 feet away from my point of view.

“So you remember that do you little guy?” she asked in a whisper.

“I think so.” I shout back.

“I bet! OK well let’s get this bit out of the way fast. I shrunk you because my last pet… Well I need a new pet.”

“Most girls might be happy with a hamster!” I yell.

“Now do you really think I look like most girls?” she asked.

I had to admit she did not.

“You see it’s kind of a long story but I will just give you basics. My mum is a witch and she kept people as pets, I grew up as a witch too. I use magic and I do the same. Now if you want you can do the whole bit where you tell me magic is not real and I can turn you in to a grain of living dust and leave you in the bottom of my old gym shoe till you work out that it is real. Or I could turn you in to a living dart board and put you up for a few weeks? See if you believe me then. I have taken the liberty of using my magic to stop you saying anything about being human not a pet. Sorry about that but it gets soooo boring after a bit.”

I tried to yell up that I was a man and to let me fucking go. But the words stuck in my mind. I could not, as hard as I tried, beg to be free.

“Did you try it? Hahah I do love to hear a pet begging but trust me in a few days your freedom will be the last thing you beg for. I have also taken the liberty of using my magic to stop you touching yourself or cumming until I say you may. Your body right now is still human. I could give your body the properties of gum so you won’t die if you end up under foot but I think that giving you that before you have worked and earned is not fair. If you’re a good pet you will be given it to make sure you can be my pet for a long time. But if you’re bad then it’s your own watch. But let me say I will not adjust anything for you. It’s up to you to get out of the way of my feet. Is that understood?”

“Fuck you!”

“Well you wish you could. But see I am kind I could take all the fight out of you but I love seeing you brake on your own hahaha. Ok if you don’t get it that’s fine just means I will have a stain on my carpet for the next pet to clean up really it’s you who will end up the worst of if you don’t hear what I say. You understand that I trust?”

“Yeh I get you..”

“Good! Ok well that’s pretty much it only I need to say I have used my magic so you can never leave the house. Anyone who is not me will only see you as an ugly looking big ant. Most likely if you run to them for help they will crush you to death under their feet. The fact is that if you want to live from now on you need me and you need me happy. I could kill you with one finger. One toe! I could transform you in to any object I want. A butt plug for my gay friend, a punching bag at the boxing gym or a brick and just leave you on a building site. You see I have total power over your life. You don’t have needs and wants anymore or if you do you just shut the fuck up and keep them to yourself! You don’t own anything, you live for me, I am your world. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand..”

“Call me Goddess next time you talk to me slave or I will break your legs! Understand?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good let’s get you unstuck and brake you in!”

She reached down two huge fingers and pulled off the tape that was sticking me to the table top. She lifted me up high to her face.

“OK I think the first thing you can do for me is to paint my toe nails. That will do for tonight I want you well rested for your first full day as a slave. OK I have some red polish for every bit you seam on my skin I will hurt you ok? Now get to work.”

She lowered me down on the soft carpet and then sat down herself, the impact of her ass almost knocking me to the ground. Her gigantic feet landed either side of me. They were just huge. I run out of ways to say how big this girl was next to me but each toe nail was about level with my head and her big toe was twice the width of my shoulders. I thanked god that at least they smelt clean but the fear they instilled in me can’t even be put over in writing. I mean her little toe could make paste out of me without her even trying, like any tiny ant that gets crushed under someone’s unaware foot. I almost had a heart attack as a bottle of red nail polish smashed in to the carpet next to me.

“You may start panting my toes now slave boy.” Said Katelyn.

I was close to asking her how the hell she wanted me to open the bottle at this size but what she had said stuck in my head. I was fairly well built and strong at my real height so I tried my best to unscrew the top of the nail polish to get the brush out. But try as I might it would not budge for me. Sweat started to break out on my face and I could feel the heat of her mocking gaze on the back of my neck.

“agggg” I grunted, pushing as hard as I could.

“No good slave?” she asked me.

Sorry Goddess I can’t do it..” The words felt foul in my lips.

“HAHAHAH aww bless you little tiny man! OK I will do it for you as it’s your first day but after today if you can’t do it I will dip you in and use your head as a brush!” She reaches past me and with and idol twist of her feminine fingers undoes the lid and pops the brush out.

“Ok you have to take it from here slave make sure you don’t spill any unless you want me to hurt you!” She hands me the brush.

Using both arms and all my power I can hold it up above my head and carry it over to her toes. The acrid stink of the polish burns my nose and throat. I began to run the brush down the huge toenail of her big toe. As far as I could tell I did not smudge any but it was hard to judge as I could not see it all. By the time I got to the little toe nail on her second foot I was half dead my feet where burning from dragging back and forth on the carpet and my back, shoulders and arms cried out in pain. My eyes where streaming from the chemical smell and I was sure I had smudged the red polish all over her foot flesh. Drops of the polish had fallen in my hair and down my arms and it was starting to dry now. As I slid the brush back in to the bottle for the last time it was all I could do to stay standing and turn back to squint up and see Katelyn through my streaming eyes.

“All done?” she asked looking up from her phone.

“Hemm well you did a very messy job I have to say. That’s five places you smudged it.

“Walk forward and hold your arms out by your side.” I briefly think about this. If I run or refuse things it will get worse. The only way I can hope to get out of this is just by going along with what she is doing and hoping at some point she will let her guard down. So I walk to her feet with my arms out.

“OK hands behind your back.”

I place them there. She starts to lower her head to me and I can’t help but worry about what is coming next. But when it hits it’s nothing I saw coming. Her hand darts out and she flicks me hard right in the balls! The huge finger nail smashes in to my nuts with such power I fly off my feet and land on the carpet screaming out at the sheer pain of it. I feel vomit starting to well up in my gut.

“OK that’s one four more to go.”

I hear her voice high above me through the fog of pain. I try and mumbled out some plea for mercy but before I can her finger hits again while I am still on the ground. My hands where in the way this time not that it did any good the second hit had me on the point of blacking out.

“Hahahha not sure you can take any more of that.” She said after she had let me cry in pain for ten whole minuets.

“OK I will be kind kneel up facing away and put your ass in the air.”

I guess I knew what was coming then but I was still in so much pain from the nut shots I would have done anything right then to get out of having to take any more. The only way to describe it is akin to having a charging ram slamming you in the nuts head first. Only with about 100 times the power. I knelt up my bare ass facing her. She ran a long sharp finger nail over it.

“Such a tiny cute ass” She said.

I gritted my teeth waiting for what I knew was going to come. And come it did. BANG! Her finger shot out and spanked my ass. I cried out at the pain of it. Nowhere near as bad as a nut shot but still agony. BANG. It hit again and again the same wave of pain crashed over me. I whimpered and lay my head on the fibbers of her carpet as the third shot hit me.

“Ok slave I will let you of with that for now but make sure you know I will not be so kind on you next time you fuck up! I will give you a real punishment! Is that understood slave?”

“Yes Goddess” I gasped.

“Good slave now I am going to bed which also means you are going to bed. Now let me show you where you will be sleeping. Come climb on my hand.” She laid her hand down palm up and I climbed up on it.

It was hard to walk after the beating she had given me and I fell over as soon as she started to lift her hand.

“HAHHA you’re going to need a lot more stamina than that if you’re going to live very long in this job!” she mocked me.

The world flashed around me as she walked through her house in to what must be her bedroom.

“OK slave I am going to let you grab some rest you must be worn out after your first day! But they will not all be as easy as this I will have you working for your keep from tomorrow onwards ok tiny one?”

I whimper “Yes Goddess”

“Now I have a bed for you all set up here.” She say pointing to a shoe box on the floor.

“It’s huge! So be thankful if you ever let me down you will spend your nights tied up in used dental floss around the thong of my oldest most stinky flip-flops.”

“Thank you Goddess.” I gulp.

She idly flicks the shoe box lid off with a kick of her foot. I look down at the box below me. It is empty from what I can see.

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