The Suggestion Box

By limpDIK — Featuring: Feet, Ass, Vore, Shrunken Men

“$22.99 for (Becoming One With Katelyn), are you out of your fucking gourd…good God gurl? Don’t get me wrong Kitty-Kate, I love your work but Goddamn it anyway! I suggest that you lower your prices or something.”

LimpDIK thought about what he wrote to Katelyn on her blog page a day ago, over and over, until the words no longer had any meaning. He sat in the suggestion box for what must have been a day now,  before observing what happens to those who had complained like he did. It was only a small box that rested on Kate’s table just below the open window and not far from her bed, with holes on the top of the locked lid for air to come through so they all can breathe. In bold letters it read. “Fan Suggestion Box” and was still very dark inside, regardless that the holes above gave some indication that the sun was still out there.

The last thing LimpDIK could remember was the rude comment that he wrote, falling asleep sometime after midnight, then waking up in the absence of light amid the shouting of blood-curdling screams which had roused him. For the longest time he didn’t know where he was, but soon a luster blinded him as the lid was opened and a familiar voice beckoned to the huddling mass below it.

“Well little ones who should I punish first?”

LimpDik could not believe his eyes! It was Katelyn herself and she was huge! A real giantess! He remembered how she pointed her finger and singing “Eni  Mini  Miny Moe” before choosing who would be her first victim of the evening. She had made her decision and plucked up the screaming little man whom clung on the leg of another. He wasn’t strong enough to hold on and after a brief second was lifted above the frightened throng of tiny men, before the lid was shut again and brought back the darkness. He remembered the pathetic wails of the shrunken man as she giggled and none of them knew what horrors he was going through. They could only imagine as the light slowly dimmed from the air-holes — terrified with how long it took for the man’s tiny screams to soften – then the silence which followed. Such an eerie silence that Katelyn would break in that fictitious solace as she said goodnight to them, the the light of the lamp flickering off; before the blackest pitch that they had ever seen shrouded their eyes. LimpDIK assumed then that it must have been around 9pm while he listened to her steady breathing course throughout the night and he could only feel his way around the darkness now.

He ignored how the other shrunken men discussed among themselves about how this was even possible. LimpDIK only could think about the stupid blog he wrote that got him into this mess. One man said that his name was Kyle. Another was named John. The third called himself Tyler and asked LimpDIK what his name was. LimpDIK’s only answer was what he wrote on Katlyn’s homepage, saying it over and over until Tyler shouted “Never mind! Just shut the fuck up!” Soon they began to discuss why they were here and what they had each complained to her about. Only the dumbest reasons really. None of it mattered though as their discussions merged with the terrifying prospect of what Katelyn had planned for them in the morning.

A minuscule light eventually lengthened into the abyss which surrounded the shrunken men. The buzz of her alarm went off soon after. They could hear her rouse as she yawns. Katelyn walked over to the bathroom in the hall and for a while and did what she had to do, before entering the room again, and opened the lid.

“Good morning little-ones!” She shouted.

The shrunken men covered their faces from the bright luster that hurt their eyes. She thought to herself for a moment and then reached for Tyler who was  cursing at her.

“I admire your courage and what a brave little insect you are!” Kate pulled him from the box “I think I’ll start the morning with you!”

Katelyn left the lid open so they could clearly hear this time what she was going to do to him.

“You wrote me an email about how you hate the shape of my feet. Allow me to give you a second opinion!”

With that she dropped him on the rug floor and not a second too soon stomped on the ground as the impact of her foot resonated through he box. They all shuttered from the impact. She wiped her foot with a towel that she brought from the bathroom before tossing it at the foot of her bed.

“Okay guys! Whose next?”

They all scattered throughout the minuscule space that separated the tiny masses. She peered over them with a smile.

“Hmmm…I see you cringing in that corner Kyle!”

Her soft fingers pinched his body like pincers. He screamed for help even though he knew that they were all helpless.

“Kyle…you complained to me on my facebook page that I have been filming way too many ass shots. Allow me now too give you a close and personal view of how perfect it is!”

She put his shivering body on the bed, holding him still so he couldn’t run but then decided to to let him go for her amusement. He ran like he never had before to the edge of the bed, before looking at the vast distance to the floor.

“You have just two choices now…jump or get crushed. Either way you’re going to die. I’m only giving you the option for being such a loyal fan!”

Kyle looked above feeling helpless before her amazing petite body. She turned her back to him and he could see how her perfect her ass really was; the pink panties that hug the soft curves — the flawless hips that slowly sway from side to side — before her fingers expanded the fabric which slapped her butt cheeks giving off a thunderous sound. He then sat on the mattress without a word and she knew now that he had made his decision. She giggled as she walked over to opposite side of the bed and then gently sat down upon his quivering flesh — saying out loud that she could hear something pop.

She sat there for a moment, shifting her posture only slightly to find the best comfort, and then leans over slightly as she rubs her itchy feet. Her sudden flatulence resonated loudly throughout the room. She giggles with the thought of the remaining two hearing her fart from the other end of the bedroom still trapped within the confines of the suggestion box. She cringes with excitement.

“Did you like that john?” She shouted.

She got up slowly and then walked over to the window. Her brown eyes now focused on John, her ears def to his pleas for mercy.

“Hi John! Wasn’t it you who reported me for my sexual content on youtube?” She picks him up. “You know what? You’re not even worthy of being crushed to death by this beautiful body.”

He sighed with relief.

“I’m just gonna throw you out of the window.”

She could feel John shivering now with fear in the palm of her hand. He didn’t know what to say but she knew what to do and as she tossed him out she looks down at the tiny tumbling body falling onto the grass outside. She didn’t hear him splatter but it didn’t matter. She huffed in disappointment and turned her attention to LimpDIK, the only remaining shrunken man.

“Looks like I saved the best for last.” She whispers as she lifted him above her face. “$22.99 too expensive to become one with me? Katelyn licks her lips. “Perhaps I’m out of my gourd?” She then smiles. “Because now I’m gonna eat you for free!”

With that she she drops him into her mouth and encloses him in warm darkness. LimpDIK doesn’t scream. He only accepts the fate that awaits him as she tossed him about with her tongue, savoring every flavor before she swallows him whole. She feels him sliding down her esophagus and her hand caresses the base of her throat until it finds the tight cleft between her perfect breasts. She laid herself on the bed and recollects the sexual gratification of the morning. Her hand rests on her tummy and she feels something flutter inside her. The shrunken man struggling in her stomach did not hurt. In fact, his movements were barley felt at all — LimpDIK found himself trapped inside the blackness of a slimy chasm akin to the darkness of the suggestion box where he first waited during the long hours of the evening. At first there was no pain. What little air that was available to breathe lingered with the undigested remains of her last meal; fettuccine-alfredo with chicken. Then came the burning sensation that increased with every groan of her flexing stomach. It was all over his skin now, so he focused his thoughts again to the blog that he wrote on her homepage when he foolishly complained about the price in an attempt to block it out. LimpDIK always knew how to win a woman’s heart but he never could never find a way to stay within it. He wouldn’t even stay in Katelyn’s stomach as the digestive enzymes started to blister his skin. In time, whatever useless parts of him that does not provide Kate with nutrition will become foul a smelling waste product and travel through her large intestine. Perhaps a few days will pass before she squeezes out what is left of him. Perhaps he isn’t worthy of being that for her — before she flushes him down — before his memory washes away with the whir of the toilet. He can hear her muffled voice as she sings to herself. LimpDIK isn’t sure but he can’t can faintly make out the chorus lyrics, “I…am…cannibal — I’ll eat you up — I… am…cannibal!”– Katelyn sounded like she was voicing Keesha or something. Maybe she was listening to her mp3 player.

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