The Sacrifices

By Girlfood — Featuring: Giantess, Vore

“Do you have anything to say before sentence is passed?”

“No, your honor,” said a nervous-looking young man named Derrick
“Very well. In light of the evidence presented today I hereby find the defendant guilty of theft and sentenced to execution by sacrifice.”

“No!” screamed some of the defendant’s friends who made up part of the audience.
“Order!” called the guards. The crowd settled down to a restless sea of murmurings.

“Sir,” said Mr. Cley, “if I rescind my complaint of larceny perhaps we could give the young man another chance.”
“You may be the victim of this crime, Mr. Cley but that gives you no authority to pardon a young ruffian who has been found deliberately acting outside of the law.”
“Your Honor,” said Miss. Blake, standing up. “The penalty of death is an extreme sentence for such a small crime. Surely a stint of hard labor would fit the circumstances…”
“Miss Blake, talented lawyer that you are, I am not given to having my judgment questioned in my own court. Nor am I in the habit of explaining my reasoning for passing out a sentence. However, in deference to the young gentleman,” he nodded to the accused man, “I shall explain myself.”

The judge paused, cleared his throat and turned his attention entirely to the poor boy that he just condemned to die.
“You all are aware of the shadow under which our people live. We must sacrifice the lives of our fellow citizens as a bulwark to stave off a disaster that would take the lives of innocent people.

“You all know that there are rarely many crimes in our peaceful nation, however in the year of a return we must amass a number of one hundred citizens for the giantess. Without this, we are lost. She would take from us without predigest. Countless women and children would die before she was satisfied without prejudice. You all know that an individual may offer himself up for the good of his neighbors but this year, volunteers were slim indeed.
All magistrates have therefore received orders to sentence any and all lawbreakers to death to fill the gap in numbers. You all know that the day of sacrifice is tomorrow. This young man will be the one hundredth sacrifice for tomorrow. He will make a penance for his lack of respect for the law and his fellow man by dying to save us all.”

It was a somber mood in the courtroom as Derrick was led away.

A reality away, Katelyn got up from where she was sitting on the grass.
“Going so soon?” asked her best friend Jessica.
“Got to,” said Katelyn. “I have to finish my human behaviour thesis paper if I’m ever going to graduate.”
“Hey the university life is not a bad one,” said Kate stretching and getting the kinks out. “Besides, this experiment works on timing. If I’m late it might destroy weeks of research.”
“Whatever,” said Jess. “You know as well as I do that travelling between universes you can appear at whatever time you want; but if you want to make excuses then just get on with it. Have fun.”
“See you later,” said Katelyn.

Kate made her way to the transporter. She keyed in the parallel universe and hit engaged the energy field that would guide her to the planet she wanted.
Stepping into the field gave her a sensation of buzzing energy around her. She lifted the pad on her wrist and pressed the ‘Travel’ button.
Instantly the scene around her changed to a desert. The landscape was rugged but with breaks of decent-sized mountains of bare rock protruding up from the ground in places.

She felt a hiss of dissipating heat as the entropy from the energy used to traverse the gap between universes and across space dissipated. The air was warmer here, and drier than the temperate climate she left behind.
No matter that it was somewhat warm, she would not be staying long. Orienting herself she turned toward a path that she herself had worn into the landscape and started to walk.

From where he stood on the hard rock cliff-side, Derrick could feel the ground beneath his feet vibrate slightly. It was coming in beats, like the near-silent tempo of a song yet to begin. A song of death and destruction that would claim his life, he thought darkly.

He cast his eyes about in one long last look around at the people about him. All of them, like him, were naked. They had noticed the vibrations too and were becoming panicked. Everyone understood that the steady beat of the shaking was caused by the impact of gigantic feet on the hard, sun-baked desert floor.

Several groups of people tried to climb the towering walls that imprisoned them despite it being a completely futile effort.

Derrick, along with the others, had been manhandled into a paddock earlier that morning. The enclosed area was quite wide, plenty of space for the one hundred people which it contained, but escape-proof. They had no tools to tunnel out; digging with hands was not an option with the hard, red dirt below them. Even if they had the proper equipment they lacked the time to dig. The wall surrounding them rose thirty feet high, mutely baring their escape like some pitiless hand of fate. That fact, their impending doom, took away any feelings of embarrassment and shame of their nudity.
Several groups of people tried to form a pyramid shape, strong men forming a base of wide shoulders upon which their comrades could clamber to try and reach the top. They succeeded in getting three layers of people up before either the balance of the climbers or the strength of the men at the base gave way and they crumpled in a heap.

It mattered little now. The giantess came into sight. She was just as Derrick remembered her when he had seen her ten years ago as a child. Dark hair blew back slightly from the wind; her body well muscled and fit. Her face was a picture of youth and innocence. Why she looked no older than Derrick himself. A strange thought, since she had been coming here to terrorize Derrick’s people since their history began.

She gazed down at the human offerings with a quick smile. It was as if those sacrificial humans were crumbs for the birds; but what thoughts went through those human crumbs? The females’ hearts obviously filled with terror, the males’ probably conflicting due to the prettiness of the Giantess, her superb figure, and especially the sight of her bare breasts and her undulated stomach.

She had always taken one hundred people. Always. Finally it was realized that if society selected one hundred souls and left them for the women she would take them and leave the others. She always came once every ten years. If enough criminals were not found, some people would donate their lives to the cause. If there were insufficient donors, a lottery would begin with each citizen baring a number. If they called it then your number was up.

Everyone, even those re-attempting the wall, stopped to watch her stride closer. Her eyes were upon them. The thudding upon the ground made the earth shake until Derrick’s legs tingled. All was eerily silent between the giantess’s steps.

She reached the compound and bent over at the waist. Her face loomed over them, maybe a hundred feet above them, hiding the blue sky behind her and casting some of the people into shadow.

She had pulled her hair behind her head to keep it out of the way but several strands of hair as thick as ropes fell to on the left side of her face giving her a somewhat untidy attractive appeal.

She smiled only slightly as she gazed down on them with her chocolate collared eyes. The people within the compound could only look back in terror and awe. Her eyes searched through the party below, each shift in her gaze apparent to all below by the sheer size of her retinas.
She’s deciding who she wants to take first. The realization struck Derrick like a knife to the gut. He stepped behind his rather tall neighbour and tried to look inconspicuous.

Something appeared to have caught her attention over to Derrick’s left. Her attention seemed to be centred upon a young lady, also with blonde hair. The giantess’s lips parted into a slight open-mouthed smile, showing perfect, milk white teeth. Her hand reached out for the girl and that was when everyone started to scream.

The silence shattered, all fled from the female who seemed to know her own position was hopeless. She didn’t bother to run, only scream her lungs out as she watched the hand pick her up. The fingers coiled around her and lifted the screaming woman up, up, up.
The mouth of the giant woman’s face opened as she brought the woman to her quickly. The giant eyes glowed with anticipation. The mouth received the poor screaming woman, who now looked very tiny when framed by a gigantic mouth. In she went quick as a flash. Derrick watched as the giantess swallowed.

The hand returned and scooped up several people trying to run away from her. The mouth was open again and she lifted the screaming people to her mouth, tilted her head back to catch the people sliding out of her grip and over the rim of her mouth.

Jeff screamed as the chasm stretched out before them just below him opened the dark mouth of this woman. Her beautiful face rushed towards him as he tumbled head over heals down the length of her palm. Her lower lips cushioned his landing but he couldn’t stop his momentum from carrying him over her lips and falling past her tongue, gravity pulling him downwards towards her gullet. Jeff had assumed that she would not keep her head tilted back and he would come to a stop on her tongue but this was not the case, he kept sliding/falling downwards where he could dimly perceive the throat. His own screaming drowned out that of the people above him, likewise falling in a similar manner.

Jeff tried to dig his hands into her tongue but it was slick with saliva and offered no help.

Bill was looking down from the giantess’s hand as he watched other people tumble into the darkness. The giantess lifted him by one leg over her mouth like a giant crane dropping it’s payload into the dark belly of a ship. Only in this case the ship was a beautiful giant girl and he was her food. He looked down in time to see several people struggling and sliding downwards towards her throat. Some looked up at him, their last desperate hopes of escape being snuffed out with their swift decent deeper into the giantess’s mouth which they were powerless to stop. It would be the last sunlight they would ever see. Jeff landed on the back of her throat and the mouth snapped shut.

Bill heard the sound of a swallow below him. The giantess’s eyes closed and he heard the low rumble of a “mmm” coming from her throat. The lips, still together, curved upwards as the giantess relished the taste of those who were now being pushed deep into her body where there was no hope of escape. She has such a beautiful mouth, thought Bill. What an odd thought to have at such a time, after witnessing such a revolting spectacle. Still, there it was and Bill realized in this brief moment of calm that it was quite true. She was beautiful in every way.

The eyes opened and focused upon Bill. The lips parted and the smile turned into a wide grin. Nothing beautiful about that, only sinister. The green eyes upon him were too much. They showed intelligence, confidence and communicated relish in her actions. It was an epiphany. To her, he was nothing more than a snack to be enjoyed and forgotten. He was there to be her food. That was his purpose in life; merely to fill her young belly.

It was a telling gaze and as he looked back down at the mouth he knew he could expect no mercy. He would be eaten like the others and just as quickly forgotten when she seized several more victims.

Bill closed his eyes. He prayed for help but knew none would come. He felt the fingers suspending him in midair release him and gravity pull him downwards towards that hateful pit of death; a hateful pit of death? Wasn’t it beautiful mouth a moment ago? It’s all in perspective. When one is within a giantess’s mouth and about to be swallowed alive it’s pit of death, no matter how beautiful the giantess. The tongue caught him, caressed his wiggling form and Bill recognized the savouring of his taste and motion on her tongue before the blue sky above was snuffed out. She closed her mouth, righted her head so she was no longer tilting back, and swallowed. Who, but only men, would find some inkling of erotica by being eaten or swallowed by a pretty girl…imagining perhaps that they would be absorbed in those darling breasts, or those heavenly buttocks, or perhaps those kissable lips?

Katelyn enjoyed the struggling of the tiny man, wiggling down her throat. “Ahhh.” she said as she traced Bill’s progress with one finger until it came to rest over her stomach. She turned back to the people below her and reached for another handful, shifting her weight so she could sit down with legs crossed, and give her undivided attention to her prey. She could relax and enjoy herself as long as she didn’t eat too many. She had to save a few for research later.

Down in the compound she spotted a victim who was obviously shoving others towards her. Hmm. A helper. She selected the scrawny man he had just shoved, winked at the helper and popped the scrawny guy into her mouth.
Inside her mouth, Steve was pressed between her tongue and her pallet, a tight fit with all the pressure she was putting on him. Saliva oozed around him and he found himself closing his eyes to keep it from washing over them. He closed his mouth too but he could not close his nose and it began to leak in. Suffocating him.

No! He couldn’t take it anymore. He had always been claustrophobic but this was worse than he could have possibly imagined. The heat in her mouth was unbearable the saliva drowning him and the dark and tightness of being trapped inside something that was alive! He cried out, letting in more saliva, and thrashed as wildly as he could with the tongue holding him so tightly to the roof of her mouth.

Katelyn, not quite appreciating Steve’s predicament moved her tongue back and forth underneath the body of the tiny man. A muffled laugh escaped her and terrified the man within her mouth. He was really going crazy in there. With a gulp she sent the writhing thing down her throat to start the journey down into her belly.

Steve had not even entered her stomach when she was reaching out for the man who had pushed him towards the giantess.

Since you’ve been such a nice helper there’s no reason for you to wait in line. You can be next, thought Meg. She reached for the helper, got him, tossed him into her mouth and sent him after Steve.

And so it continued. Katelyn merrily devoured ninety people before forcing herself to stop. Gathering up the ten that were left she placed them in a pack and walked away from the settlement.

Within her belly Trevellian screamed. Bodies crowed all around him, floating in the muck that was half digested people only some of whom were dead. Wails of despair, shouts of rage, cries of agony could all be heard. How could their lot in life be to become a lunch for this giantess beauty. And why did she eat people?

Trevellian gagged on a wave of the liquid in which he floated and tasted, blood, acid and what even tasted like flesh. Uugh. He could not stand it in this hot dark pit. His feet brushed up against something as he pushed some thrashing body away from him. Reaching out in the darkness he felt something slimy and holding firm. The stomach wall! Maybe he could climb out of the acid. He kicked over to be next to it and tried to climb out. It was useless. The walls were far too slick.

Suddenly everything really started moving. Trevellian realized that this was more than the stomach churning up its food. The giantess was moving. She must have finished eating and started home. The jostling only got worse as she walked. Trev lost all orientation as he was thrown into his fellow food, sometimes to be hit by flailing arms, sometimes to simply thud against a lifeless body or the stomach wall. He imagined that pretty belly in which he now resided; being burned with acid so hot it felt like molten lava. She had such a pretty stomach. He imagined the villagers staring up at her belly knowing that their friends were dying within. They couldn’t have a clue, however, of the pain they were in. Trevellion imagined the graceful hip motion of the giantess when she walked and how the young men would watch, captivated by the sway of her hips, and despite themselves reach for their privates. Why he himself had done that only ten years before, and ten years before that.

Now it was his turn to die. To be digested.

Katelyn placed the last little man on the desk to study him intently. He was about average size, build and with dark hair. She sat down on the chair in front of the desk and tried to smile down at him. The hardest part was always getting them to talk. Some simply refused to say anything to her, be it in anger or overwhelming terror. These she simply ate without much thought. It was a pity when more than one in her normally saved number of ten refused to cooperate. She didn’t like holes in the data of her research project.

Still this one proved to be standing upright and regarding her with a sort of curious aloofness that seemed to suggest he didn’t know or didn’t care that she was going to eat him sooner or later.

“I know you’re probably scared of me right now. I don’t blame you,” Katelyn started.
“You shouldn’t,” came the response.

Katelyn blinked. She usually had to build up the little fellows before they answered her. Such quick responses were rare indeed. Perhaps there was much she could learn from this one.

“My name is Katelyn,” she told him gently. “What’s yours?”


He noticed that the giantess was giving him a serene smile, nothing like the grins of anticipation, enjoyment or satisfaction that she had used when devouring the others. This one seemed genuine and friendly. Why they hell would that be?
“Can you tell me why you were offered to me, Derrick?” It was usually a question she built up to but the food seemed comfortable with his station in life. Why not ask directly, she thought to herself.
“Because I was caught robbing a house with a friend.” The response was automatic, as if programmed. Perhaps he was simply too emotionally scarred to show or feel anything else.

“They sentenced me to die as a punishment.”
“That’s a little extreme, don’t you think?” asked Kate gently.
“Yes, so did they but they hadn’t filled the quota for this decade and there were no more volunteers so they were convicting anyone they could. I hear of one guy getting eaten because he didn’t pay his taxes.”
“What of the friend who was your accomplice in the break in?” asked Katelyn, more interested now.
“He’s in your stomach.” Dead response.
“Do you feel bad for him?”
“Do you?” countered Derrick.

This caught Katelyn off guard.

“Why do you eat us?” asked Derrick
“How many volunteered?” asked Meg. None of the other nine had been volunteers and only three had talked to her. This was unusual. Usually there was at least one volunteer in ten; sometimes more than half.
“I don’t really know. Only a few.”
“Why so few?”
“Because maybe no one wanted to be eaten?” said Derrick with a little more emotion behind it this time.

“If they had filled their quota to feed me, what sort of sentence would you have got do you think?” asked Meg, trying to get back the man to resume his unemotional monotone.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go back and ask them?”

This amused Katelyn greatly. She had considered doing that at first but discarded the idea. If she needed another “decade” of research she would have to go back and it wouldn’t do to tear up the town if she needed more data.

“What do you think you would have got if they hadn’t needed you to feed me?”
“Community service. I dunno. Maybe a fine,” said Derrick evenly.
Katelyn nodded, looking pleased.
“Why do you want to know all this anyway? Aren’t we just food?”
Katelyn smiled. “Yes, you are but you’re also an experiment. I’m a university student and for my thesis project I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I were to take exactly the same number of people from a city every ten years. It turns out, the society begins to select people to be eaten.”
“And that’s important?” asked Derrick in a bored voice.
“Incredibly! It means that the wild group of humans will select and submit to the loss of an acceptable number of people every year. More than that, they use it to get rid of undesirable members of the society. Of course the flaw in the system is that some minor offenders get the shaft but the point is that it’s a sustainable way of taking from natural populations of humans.”


“Sure. What we generally do now is just harvest everyone. This way we won’t constantly have to seed so many planets in so many universes with humans.” “You mean there are other humans on other planets out there?” asked Derrick, this time looking genuinely shocked. “Of course. And other universes too! You’re the most common, and most enjoyed food item for my species.” “What species is that?” he asked. “Giantess’s, obviously.” “How wonderful for you,” he replied sarcastically. “Oh I am so excited. I wanna dance! Do you?”

Kate flipped on some rock and roll and started dancing. It was incredibly sexy to watch, her belly, despite its contents, looked terrific as did the rest of her. Katelyn’s beautiful face smiled down upon Derrick. “Thanks for being so cooperative Derrick.” Picking him up and dangling him before her she opened her mouth wide in a smile of pleasure and anticipation. “I don’t suppose my talking to you will make you want to show me some mercy?” he asked. “Nope. Sorry Derrick.” She shifted her grip and inserted him into her mouth. For Derrick it was all a rush, he barely had time to take account of what he saw around him before he was thrust into that inky blackness before him and her mouth closed, sealing him in. With a gulp Katelyn sent the helpless man down her throat and into her belly. Patting her stomach she said; “Thanks again, Derrick,” but he could hardly hear it over the sound of the rock music. She wondered if Derrick had been able to hear her.

After she finished writing her report she brought the paper to her teacher. Placing a hologram recorder on the teacher’s desk she depressed play and an image of Derrick appeared. The recorded conversation began to play and the older, but still beautiful woman seemed impressed by her young student’s findings. “Good work, Katelyn,” she said. “Thank you Ma’am,” said Katelyn and switched off the hologram of Derrick. Within Katelyn’s digestive system, the real Derrick, now a soup of broken down proteins and amino acids, was being absorbed through the intestines and throughout her body along with all those who had gone before.

The End.