The Living Insole

By Paddy-Joe — Featuring: Toes, In-Shoe, Shrunken Man

Katelyn wiggled her toes. She could feel the tiny lump of her slave paddy under her big a second toe.  With a smile she allowed herself one more glance down at her white flip-flop clad feet with their red painted nails.  She could not even see the tiny English boy that was taped to the insole of her shoe but she could feel him under there. His breath on the pad of her big toe it was coming a lot more faintly now as it got harder and harder for him to draw breath with the huge weight of her toe on his chest and face. His tiny hart was betting and she could feel it like a faint tickle under her toes. His cock was rock hard and all though it was far too small for her to even think about let alone use it still felt kind of nice sticking in to the underside of her second toe like a tiny tiny bit of rock.

Katelyn turned her gaze back to the full plate of food in front of her on the table.  There was a half eaten Tofu scramble (her own recipe) topped with cheddar shreds served on top of a naanbread before her and she went back to eating that trying not to think of the slave beneath her toes.  Even though the food was amazing her mind kept returning to paddy. How much longer would he last in her shoe? Did she even want him to die or would she rather keep him as her little foot slave for ever? Was it to hot would he drown in her toe sweat? Her feet where getting rather damp and is must feel like a river flowing over his tiny head.

But  a few of her friends where over to say happy birthday and in a few seconds they would come back in the room and the three of them would be of for a full day shopping at the mall and even though he was a hard little salve he would be sure to pop after six to eight hours being walked over like no more than part of an insole. She had broken him in yesterday in her  other filp-flops trying to get him used to the smell and the fell of her foot over him but she had oley walked around for ten minutes or so and it had not been half as hot as it was today so her feet had not been as damp or strong smelling.

But Katelyn reflected he had said he wanted to be used like this and even tho she was found of him she could all ways replace him. Her friends came in and she stood up. As the three of them where climbing in to her car she made up her mind. Being under her foot as she drove would be hard on paddy so she would keep him there for the drive and the first hour or so of shopping and then take him out and put him in her bra of bag for a bit.

He was a good pet but all the same she could not help a small smile and thrill of joy up her spine as she pressed her foot down on the peddle and felt his tiny naked body compress under her sweaty toes. His cock was forced up in to the groves of foot flesh and it must have been amazing painful for him but like the good pet he was all he did when her foot came back up taking most of the weight of him all he did was kiss her toe.  Yes he was so good she would be sure to give him a brake so he did not die in her sweaty shoe today. One of her friends said something and her mind drifted of the tiny boy under her toes and by the third time her foot pressed down on the brake she did not even think of his body being half crushed under her ( by this point soaking wet toes) or even notice the tiny feeble kiss he planned on her big toe.

An hour latter Katelyn pulled up in the car park. Even though the air con was on in the car she was still dripping in sweat and as she and her friends walked across the car park to the mall she recalled the tiny slave in her shoe. I really need to let him out for air soon  she mused as she wiggled her toes on his tiny size.

Katelyn did mean to let him out from under her toes sooner or later even though she could be a very cruel goddess to the tiny people she used and abused for her own enjoyment she was found of paddy and did not want him to die just yet.

But as soon as she got in to the mall she was just overcome with the fun of shopping with her friends the first hour went no ware looking at bags. The second and third where spent in the computer shop as her friends treated her to a new hard drive to store all her videos on and some new games for her state of the art gaming computer. By this time the tiny little salve was a long long long long way down her list of things to think about. Somewhere just below needing to use the bathroom and wanting to get something to eat came his life.

As she was peeing she slipped of her wedge soled white flip-flop to take a quick look at Paddy as she remembered he was down there. “ Hay little guy!” She said “ Sorry it must be kind of hard down there what with me being on my feet for the last three hours straight and my feet have been sweting like hell! Just look at you your dripping in my foot sweat !”

Paddy  just lay there in the indents of her toes looking up at her as she emptied her bladder. “ Look I know you enjoy it down there so I don’t want to cut your fun short or anything but if you want a brake just say? I have like six more hours on my feet in this heat and chances are if you don’t get out of there now I will just forget all about you and walk around on you like your part of my shoe for the rest of the day! Just shout up if you want out ok? I can’t hear what you say but I will hear a squeak or something”

Paddy looked up at Katelyn. Three hours he was thinking to himself it felt like three weeks it was hell! He had been drinking her foot sweat for all most the whole time and now the salty juicy was filling him to the brim and making him feel like hell. The “soft” weigh of her toes when she was just standing still felt like a car resting on his head and chest and made it hard to catch his breath but when she took a step! God it felt like his whole body was being crushing down in to paste. All his bones cracked with the strain his eyes felt like they were about to pop out of his head and he was sure that if this kept up he would be dead before too long. This whole time he had been trying to tap on her toe to get her to notice him and let him free but his hands where bound under the tape. Add to that the fact that his cock was being crushed between the groves on her second toe and for the last three hours it had felt like it was in a vice he had been prying that she would offer him some kind of brake.

As soon as she said “just shout up if you want out ok?” He opened his jaws to yell but to his shock and horror no sound came out.

“As soon as I get done peeing my foot is coming back in little one so think  hard about if you still want to be in there when it dose” She said.

“God no I don’t want to be in here then!!!” He tried to yell but all that came out was a faint crock too small for even him to here let alone this giant above him.  Paddy wasted valuable seconds thinking about why this might be. It could be all the foul salty sweat he had drunk or the crushing weight that had been on his chest for the last three hours plus. But whatever it was it was stopping him from begging for a brake.

Katelyn wiped herself and gave one last look down. “ You’re sure now last chance? It’s going to be nine or ten hours before I let you out if you don’t get out now?

Paddy was yelling for all he was worth he knew he was as good as dead if he could not get Katelyn to see that he wanted out right now! Her foot lifted up now slightly dirty from the bathroom floor. “ such a brave pet” Katelyn said as she slipped her foot back in. Just before her toes slip over him his voice came back “Noooo Katelyn I want out don’t do it!” he yelled so loud she could even make out the words!  Make out the words and take him out of his damp smelly painfull hell and put him in her purse.

Well that is she would have if her cell phone  had no rung at the very same second his voice came back to him drowning out his ple for help. So her huge smelly toes just bulldozed over him leaving him screaming threw a mouthful of sweaty toe flesh.

All most three hours pasted this way and Katelyn’s mind only once went back to the little man under her toes.  “I just cannot believe that he is enjoying it so much under there” she mutated to herself. Her feet where killing and she had been walking around in the boiling hot mall for five hours or more now.  Three hours after that she was sat with her two friends in the food corte enjoying a light snack before heading home when her friends younger brother came up with a wide grin on his cute face. Katelyn had all ways had a soft spot for him so when he sat down and ordered some food she made up her mind that there was no need to rush of. Her two friends made their excuses and left leveeing Katelyn alone with her crush ( and the one she was crushing).

As the two talked Katelyn became more and more attracted to the man and as this happened her feet began to more all most without here knowing her toes sliding in and out of the shoe and pushing down hard when they got back in. This went on for all most an hour and after swooping numbers and planning to meat up again Katelyn loaded her bags in to her car and headed home.

It was not until she was in and had kicked of her flip-fops by the door and spent half an hour or so looking at the things she had got at the mall that she recalled Paddy was in her shoe and had been for the last 13 hours.  “ O fuck” she mutated. She rushed down and picked up the shoe put all she could see was the tape there was a faint red stain on the imprint of her big toe as well.

“Shit I bet it was when I was moving my feet as I was talking I just kept rubbing my toe along the insole and pushing down! He must have just burst, so sad he made it 12 and a half of the 13 hours! So close to living but o well” she pulled of the tape ( and with it all that remained of Paddy and dropped it in her trash can.

Little did she know that paddy was still alive and stuck fast to the flesh under her toes. He was in the gap between toes and ball so he did not pop when she put her foot down but he could not move an inch.

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