The Awakening

By My Little Worm Cliff — Featuring: Bug Crush

Jimmy leaned against the cold metal pole of the bus stop and watched Katie walk up the sidewalk. She was a shy girl, new in their school and he really didn’t care much about her.

Far more interesting to him was the large black beetle also approaching him on the sidewalk, wiggling its feelers, oblivious to the danger of its surroundings.

Katie reached the bus stop and set her pink backpack on the ground. The other students ignored her, continuing their conversation.

She unwrapped a stick of gum and popped it into her mouth and let the wrapper drop out of her hand. It drifted down like a tiny parachute and landed atop the beetle.

“You littered,” Jimmy said, the first words he had ever spoken to this girl. She looked at him and then … and then she smiled.

And Jimmy fell. Fell in love. For her small face suddenly seemed to shine, her eyes sparkled and she had dimples, beautiful dimples, as she smiled. Even her teeth, small but gleaming white, were lovely. He felt a sudden intense urge to protect her from every bad thing in the world. Or at least to hold her hand.

How pretty was her dark hair, framing her face, how soft and curvy she looked, in all the right places, how sweet was the fragrance of her perfume, how utterly perfect she was!

What insanity had taken over his body? He had never felt like this before!

But he said nothing. Just stared at the ground to avoid staring at her. Couldn’t bear to look at that pretty skirt she was wearing or the silver necklace that hung at the deep valley of her breasts, or that pink tongue that poked out every now and then as she worked her gum.

The beetle managed to find its way out from under the paper and continued its journey. Katie caught sight of it now and watched it for a moment as it traversed the sidewalk and finally reached the safer zone of the worn-out grass beyond.

Then Katie ambled over to the edge of the sidewalk, brushing past Jimmie in a sweet gust of perfume and bubble gum fragrance. She peered down at the beetle and prodded it with the tip of her shoe.

The world seemed to grind to a halt. The other kids were forty million miles away. Jimmy watched in a mix of horror and adoration as this beautiful goddess trapped the beetle with the tip of a shoe so delicate it could almost have been a ballet slipper and held it there for several seconds. The creature struggled, its legs waving wildly. Jimmy thought it looked almost like a little man down there. He wondered how he would feel if this beautiful girl were a giantess and had him trapped beneath her sole.

Katie leaned forward off the edge of the sidewalk, concentrating upon her task, balancing carefully to keep steady pressure upon the bug in spite of the disparity between sidewalk and grass.

She looked for all the world like a ballet dancer, he thought, preparing for a pirouette, while a hapless bug just happened to be beneath her.To the left her right toes swiveled, then to the right, while her heel remained lifted off the ground, and she gazed steadily down at her victim with neither cruelty nor disgust, simply as if it were something she had a desire and a need to crush.

Of course, though her weight was slight, the beetle crumbled beneath her in scarcely a second, its little life extinguished utterly — by a girl, by a girl, by a dreamy, gorgeous angel vision of a girl, a girl so pretty she must surely pee perfume and set flowers to blooming beneath her bare feet. It seemed an impossible thing, that a girl could will such a thing and do such a thing.

Jimmy envied that gum in her mouth, the air she was breathing into her lungs, the panties even now caressing her delicious curvy bottom unseen. He longed to be the brush that smoothed out her dark hair and the pillow upon which she slept and the sink into which she spit her toothpaste in the morning. And more than anything, he wished he could have been that damned beetle, caressed to death by her sacred sole.

She smiled at him. And, he smiled at her. And he knew he would draw her into his circle of friends and end her isolation and worship her perfection and carry her books and if he were lucky, be given that moist lump of gum she was chewing when she tired of it or have the joy of rubbing her hot, sweaty tired feet at the end of her next dance practice.