By J Woods — Featuring: Slow Growth, Multiple Orgasms, Insertion

Katelyn was working on her website when she heard a knock at the door.  She hopped up and ran over to check who it was.  Looking out she saw no one there but when she opened the door there was a small package at her feet.  “I didn’t order anything that I can remember” she said to herself.  She picked up the box and brought it into her kitchen.  It was addressed to her but the return address was faded and she couldn’t read it.  Curious she opened the box and looked in to see a small bottle and piece of paper.  Opening the bottle revealed 2 different colored pills.  One was green and the size of a normal Tylenol the other was black and the size of a small egg.  Katelyn looked at the note:

I’ve created these pills so that you can fulfill all your dreams (and mine).
The green pill will trigger a short period of growth causing you to grow about 20 or 30 feet tall.  This should make you big enough to do most whatever you want to but if you decide its not enough take the black one and see what it does.  I’ll be watching the news to see.


P.S.  As these have not yet been fully tested there may be some side effects.

Katelyn read the note again to make sure she had read it correctly.  “Yeah, right,” she said “I’m just going to swallow some pills that some weirdo sent me in the mail.  They’re probably some kind of date rape drug or something.”  She went and looked out her window but couldn’t see anyone out in the street watching her house.  She set the bottle back on the table and went back to working on her website.  She finished up and went into the living room to watch tv.  After a while she felt her gaze looking back into the kitchen at the bottle on the table and couldn’t get the notes words out of her head.  She got up and brought the bottle and note back to the couch.  Reading the note and looking at the pill she began to get curious.  It probably wasn’t dangerous, just a sugar pill or something she thought.  She popped it into her mouth and swallowed.  After waiting for a few moments and nothing happened she laughed and put the bottle on the table next to the couch.  She had to admit being a little disappointed because it would have been cool to actually grow but she knew that this was just a fantasy and would never come true.  Katelyn turned back to the tv and continued watching.  Suddenly she noticed that the room felt kind of warm and that she was sweating slightly.  This subsided and she felt a tingling feeling begin to spread thru her body.  It tickled at first but then it began to feel good.  Great she thought some one sent me some kind of X.  Might as well sit back and enjoy it.

Suddenly she noticed something else, her shoes felt tight and that pleasurable tingling sensation was beginning to increase.  Katelyn felt her hand rubbing on something and looked down to see that it was slowly moving towards the end of the armrest of the couch but that she wasn’t moving it.  She looked down and saw that with every breath her breasts seemed to swell but that they didn’t go back to their original size.  Looking up she realized that her perspective was slowly rising.  She was growing!  Her clothes began to feel tighter and tighter.  “Oh, my God this is really happening, I’m growing bigger!” she screamed as a smile spread over her face.  Katelyn felt her nipples grow hard as her breasts pushed further into her tightening bra.  The straps began to dig into her shoulders as gaps began to open up in between the buttons on the front of her shirt.  Her skirt began to inch up from her knees to mid thigh and her shoes began to split from the pressure of her growing feet.

“I’m getting bigger”, she exclaimed again as if to assure herself that she wasn’t just imagining it, “ and if feels so good!”  She began to rub her hands over her swelling body feeling how tight her clothes were against her growing form.  As her hands passed over her tits she felt an amazing wave of pleasure that made her shudder and moan out loud.  She felt her brief like panties began to slid up her ass and hug her crotch tighter causing another more frantic moan to issue from her lips.  “God this all feels so…..”, she broke off as the feeling of pleasure increased 10 fold as she rubbed her tits.  Her buttons on her shirt popped off in quick succession one by one revealing a bra several sizes too small struggling to contain her growing tits.  The nipples were beginning to peak over the top threatening to spill out at any moment.  As she touched the edge of her nipples she gasped and felt her skirt split on the side revealing her panties digging into her hip.  Her shirt drew tight across her shoulders and began to split at the seams.  Her panties pulling tighter into her were beginning to make her wet, slowly rubbing against her clit and increasing in pressure as she got bigger and her pussy grew around them.  Reaching down she rubbed her clit thru the taunt fabric of her panties and felt the overwhelming bolt of pleasure she felt moments earlier.

“God, Yesssss!”  Her shirt ripped completely down the back and her skirt tore down the side revealing panties that now looked like pieces of dental floss stretched thru her sensitive folds.  She grabbed both arm rests of the couch as her bra snapped behind her.  Suddenly she realized that although she seemed to be growing at a steady pace any sexual stimulation increased her growth by a large amount.  Katelyn looked down at her strained bra and saw one of the nipples had broke completely thru the lacy material.  Smiling she reached up and began to rub and pinch it.  “Bigger,” she screamed, “I want to be BIGGER!”  Waves of pleasure shot thru her body as she began to swell at an extremely fast pace.  Her bra unable to contain her growing mounds any longer snapped in the front spilling out her huge tits which she began to promptly massage vigorously with both hands.

Her panties broke with a wet snap and her concentration was interrupted by her head suddenly bumping the ceiling, causing a small rain of plaster dust.  Katelyn opened her eyes and looked around.  She couldn’t believe how big she was or how horny it had made her for that matter.   She realized she felt her head slowly pressing against the roof and realized she was still growing but not as fast as she had been.  “I can fix that,” Katelyn said out loud.  Sliding off a couch that now looked like a childes chair she stretched her lengthening legs across the room and slid one hand onto her breast the other made its way down to her wet pussy.  As she inserted a finger she felt the waves of pleasure explode throughout her body and felt the room begin to grow small around her.  She could feel her ass sliding across the floor, her legs bending as they begin to push into the opposite wall causing a spider web of cracks to form around each foot.  This all only made her hotter as she could sense the room closing in on her and wondered how long before she out grew it.  The thought of bursting out of the house was simply too much to take and Katelyn cried out as she shook with an orgasm.

As the spasms subsided Katelyn realized she was no longer growing and that she had tapered off around 27ft. tall.  She frowned for a minute when she realized she had stopped growing and wouldn’t get to burst out of the house.  “Wait, she exclaimed, “I forgot about the black pill.”  Reaching thru the archway into the kitchen she grabbed the now tiny bottle and unable to work it with her giant hands simply bit the top off and dumped the larger gleaming black pill into her hand.  She eyed it greedily wondering exactly what this pill would cause.    “Nothing ventured nothing gained,” she said and popped it into her mouth.  Katelyn began to get wet again at the thought of growing more and she waited ideas of what she would do if she grew again rolling around in her head causing her to get more excited by the moment.  Suddenly she felt a tingling spread once again thru her body.  “Yes its starting,” she screamed.

After a few moments of waiting she realized that although her body seemed to be tingling she didn’t seem to be getting any bigger.  “Why aren’t I growing?” she asked out loud.  “I want to be bigger!  I want to grow huge!” she screamed, looking at her feet to see if they were stretching and pushing harder into the wall.  She reached up to feel her breasts to see if they seemed to be swelling at all and in doing so she rubbed her nipple which was still hard from her previous growth.  A spasm of pleasure shot thru her body and Katelyn felt herself begin to grow but it stopped after only a couple inches and the tingling feeling throughout her body returned.      “Hmmm, I grew when I rubbed my nipple and earlier sexual stimulation seemed to make me grow faster, so maybe the black pill requires stimulation to make me grow,” Katelyn thought.  The thought of being able to make herself grow whenever she wanted made Katelyn extremely wet and smiling she ran one hand up to her rock hard nipple and the other slid down in between her legs.  Instantly the tingling was replaced by spasms of pleasure and she felt herself begin to swell once more.  “God,” she screamed, “I’m growing again.”

Her head began to press against the ceiling and her legs began to bend at the knees.  This only made her finger herself more as she cried out, “Bigger, Mmmmm, I want to be BIGGER!”  Katelyn soon had to lean forward and she could feel her ass spreading across the floor crushing  and shoving furniture against the walls.  She could feel the plaster of the ceiling crack and splinter as the back of her growing head pushed against it.  Katelyn realized that she now effectively filled up nearly all the free space of the room.  She stopped fingering her self and put her palms on the ceiling to press against it and help her head break thru to the next floor.

As she pushed she realized that she was still growing!  The pleasure of it wasn’t as great but she could feel her hands and head pushing against the ceiling and the touch and pressure of that sensation was making her grow.  She suddenly realized that it wasn’t just her tits and pussy that made her grow when they were touched but any part of her body.  Not only would any part of her body make her grow but as she grew it still sent waves of pleasure though her.  She began to push her feet against the wall and felt the pleasure and growth increase as her feet and head began to break thru.

Her head burst thru the floor and into the upstairs bedroom lifting her bed up and tumbling it on its side.  She smiled as her head continued to inch upwards as the shrinking house begin to fit snugly against her, rubbing her all over as she expanded against the breaking walls.  “God, this feels so good!  I can feel every part of me growing and pushing against my house!”  Katelyn felt her hips begin to press against the walls as her feet finally broke thru the wall and she thrust her legs thru the holes reveling in the feeling up the earth and bushes of her front yard being torn up by her growing feet and legs.  Her head began to push against the ceiling of the second floor and she looked down to see her tits pushing through the floor.  She watched in fascination as the floorboards cracked and popped making room for her fleshy orbs that were struggling to break thru the floor as they had broke thru her bra earlier.  “God, look at me grow, my tits are…..Oh, YES!” Katelyn cried as her hard nipples reached the floorboards and begin to be bent down by their fractured surface.  The pleasure shot thru her body tenfold and she couldn’t help herself, adjusting her hand in the cramped space on the first floor Katelyn begin to finger herself and rub her clit.  The effect was instantaneous.  Her nipples heaved upwards and outwards sending floor boards flying.  Her feet and legs ran out from the house and into the street colliding with cars and knocking them out of the way.  “Bigger!  BIGGER!” she screamed as her head burst thru the roof to reveal to the world her gorgeous face twisted up in an expression of extreme pleasure.

Her hips and ass cracked the sides and back of the house as her shoulders pushed thru the roof followed by her titanic tits.  Her moans began to rise in pitch and frequency as she got closer to another orgasm.  The feeling of the house and its contents rubbing all over her body as she outgrew it was too much.  She climaxed violently.  Her screams of pleasure shattered the windows for blocks.  Unlike the last time, she grew with each spasm of her orgasm.  Her body shot out in all directions tearing her house to pieces.  Katelyn opened her eyes to watch her perspective change with every wave of growth.

As the orgasm subsided Katelyn stood to her full height of 75ft and looked at the ruins of her broke house.  She began to giggle as she surveyed her surroundings.  Everything looked so tiny.  She gasped as she recognized her car barely damaged by the falling rubble of her growth.  Looking at it she realized she would never need it again and giggled as she slowly lowered her foot on it.  She felt the pressure build against the bottom of her sole as the car began to buckle and once again the tingling changed to a feeling of pleasure as her body begin to slowly grow.  The weight of her foot slowly increased on the car until it could take it no longer and collapsed, her foot smashing it into the ground.  A moan escaped her lips as she twisted her foot back and forth on the smashed car reveling in the feeling of absolute power.  “I can’t believe how good that felt,” she exclaimed.  Looking towards the city she wondered what else would feel good to her new body.  Smiling an evil grin she sat off towards the city stopping every so often to crush the occasional car and grow a few inches.

Katelyn enjoyed the feeling of smashing cars and other small, small to her, objects on the way towards down town.  Each one she smashed and rubbed her foot against into the ground caused a small pleasurable growth spurt.  People for the most part still had no idea what was going on.  The media hadn’t shown up yet and neither had the police.  People would come out of their houses to see what was causing so much noise and be confronted by the image of a beautiful naked growing goddess doing whatever she pleased.  She laughed at the astonished looks on their faces when they saw her for the first time.

Some people turned and ran back inside and others stayed to see what she would do.  Some actually tried to climb up her legs.  When the first one did this she stood still and let him try.  The feeling of that tiny man trying to climb up her was exquisite and she could feel herself swell another couple inches.  “If one man felt that good what would a lot of tiny people crawling on my body feel like?” Katelyn thought.  By this point she had stopped for so long a large crowd had gathered to look at her.

“Hi, I’m Katelyn,” she said to the tiny people, “and I was wondering if you all would be willing to help me with a little experiment.  I’m going to lay down and I want you all to climb all over my body so I can see what it feels like.  If you do this I promise nothing bad will happen but don’t try to run away or I might get mad.”  With that Katelyn sat down, causing several people to be knocked off their feet, and layed back in the street crushing several cars and knocking over lamp posts.  “Well what are you waiting for?” she asked.  At this several of the people began to timidly approach her but most of the crowd still hung back.  Sighing, Katelyn reached out and scooped up the hesitant members of the crowd and began to spread them all over her body.

Each time she dropped a small person on her she felt tiny waves of pleasure begin to pulse from whatever area they crawled or walked on.  “Oh, that feels good!” she said as she felt her body slowly begin to grow again.  Looking down she saw the tiny people crawl all over her and she could feel her body slowly spreading out under her crushing more and more of the pavement and bushes as she grew.  She lay back and closed her eyes.  “Mmmmmmm…….Nice!” she said “You’re all doing a great job and I …….. OH!”  A couple tiny men had crawled up onto her breasts and started rubbing her nipples.  She opened her eyes and looked down at them.  Watching as her nipples grew rock hard within seconds and the feeling of pleasure coming from their actions causing her to bite her lip and moan slightly.

“Did I say you could go there?” Katelyn asked smiling at them.  They all stopped and looked at her in terror.  “You’re lucky that I like the way that feels.  What are you doing?  Don’t stop!  You’d better get back to it and redouble your efforts.”  Terrified of what she might do, the men on Katelyn’s nipples and breasts began to rub her tits and nipples as fast as they could.  “Oh …. That’s good!” she moaned.  She could feel herself grow, spreading in every direction, her body now starting to creep into peoples yards.

Several men had made it to her toes and began to rub and even lick her toes and feet causing even more moans and gasps to escape her mouth.  At first the men could get their hands around some of their toes but as they continued their attempts to please her she could feel them getting smaller and smaller.  She watched as the hands of the two men who were trying to wrap their arms around her nipples were slowly forced apart.  She suddenly felt several men making their way down her firm stomach towards her crotch and looked down.  They timidly approached her pussy looking over their shoulders at her face and seeing her nod they continued.  Leaning over the top of her pussy they looked down at her swollen pink clit wet pussy.  Their hesitance was making Katelyn impatient.

“Go on,” she said “I can’t stand the torture of you just standing there!”  Jumping to, the several of the men began to rub and lick her clit while the others made their way to her pussy lips and began to rub them causing more and more liquid to leak out of her growing pussy.  “Oh, God, that feels so fucking good!”  she screamed as she felt the waves of pleasure from her growth spread all over her.  Katelyn felt the tiny bodies all over her body slowly get smaller and smaller.  Her enormous frame crept across the peoples’ yards and began to press into their houses.

“More!  I need MORE!” Katelyn screamed at the people.  “Make me BIGGER!”  Reaching down she shoved the men into her dripping pussy and began to rub the others against her clit furiously.  “God, feels sooooo gooooood!” she screamed.  Her growing toes clenched and unclenched trapping the men there between her toes as she continued to grow.  She placed her other hand on her breasts and smashed the people against her nipple enraptured in the feeling of their struggles against her growing tits.  The little men trapped in her pussy are going crazy trying to get out which only causes the inevitable to happen.  Arching her back and lifting her growing ass off the ground and smashing it down repeatedly Katelyn cums again.

“Here I Grow!” she screamed as her growth sped up and her body began to plow into the houses on either side of her.  The feeing of the houses crumbling against her only prolonged her orgasm and made her grow even more.  “Bigger!  Yessssss…….Bigger!”  she moaned as her body knocked over the last walls of the houses.  Twitching slightly Katelyn looked down the length of her now 200ft tall body and smiled.  “Look how huge that last spurt made me!”  Sitting up she dusted the bodies and survivors off her body and stood up.  “Well to those who made it thru this I’d like to thank you for making me bigger and more powerful.”  With that said she suddenly brought her foot up and smashed the few surviving people and moaned slightly as she felt herself swell slightly.  Smiling again she looked from her new perspective at the city as began to stroll again towards downtown.

Katelyn laughed at how small everything now seemed.  At 200ft and slowly gaining she was quite a sight to everyone else as well.  She covered the rest of the ground to down town in no time at all.  People now realizing something was up came out of their buildings and began to attempt to flee.  Watching the tiny people try and run from her made Katelyn laugh and she squished a couple under her feet reveling in the knowledge that there was no where for them to go and feeling herself swell again.

She bit her lip and looked at the nearest building which was still taller than her.  She stepped up to it and looked thru the windows.  Tiny people were pressed against the windows staring at her.  She ran her hands along the sides of it feeling its smoothness, the sensation of her hands rubbing the glass causing another slight burst of growth.  She watched her perspective rise slightly and looked into a window that moments before was above her head.  There was a tiny man in a business suit and as she looked closer she realized he had his dick out and was jerking off.  “Like what you see little man?” Katelyn said smiling.  He nodded his head vigorously and Katelyn laughed.  “Would you like to see more of me?” she asked with an evil grin forming on her face at what her words really meant.  Katelyn wrapped her arms as far as she could reach around the building and pushed her tits into the building.  She bit her lip as she felt her nipples grow hard against the cool glass.  “Oh, that’s cold!” she said and felt herself began to swell again slowly.  “Mmmmm……are you watching?” she asked the little man as her head began to creep upwards again.

The feeling of her tits pushing against the building and her nipples sliding slowly upwards as she grew was causing increasing waves of pleasure to flow thru her.  Katelyn could hear a squeaking noise as her naked expanding flesh rubbed against the smooth glass.  The man watched as katelyn’s mouth came into view licking her lips and then moving soon revealing her chin followed by her neck.  Meanwhile Katelyn stretched her ever lengthening arms further around the building and squeezed her tits harder against the building.  She felt the glass begin to crack against her hard growing nipples and she tossed her head back and moaned.

The glass unable to take the pressure broke and her nipples burst thru into the building.  The people in the room watched as Katelyn’s swelling right breast squeaked against the glass as it expanded in all directions.  They heard cracking sounds and watch the glass spider web around her rock hard nipple and finally break spilling her enormous growing nipple into the room.  Two of them fled from the room screaming but the third, another man in a business suit, stared transfixed and the enormous pink nipple and slowly approached it.  Reaching a tentative hand out the man rubbed his hand down it and backed off as it seemed to stiffen even more.  Then figuring he was fucked anyway, the man threw caution to the wind and grabbed the nipple with both arms and hands and felt it begin to tremble.

Katelyn felt the glass crack against her growing nipples and moaned.  Suddenly she felt the windows her nipples were pressing against break and push into the rooms.  She smiled as she felt her nipples being confined by the window frames.  She felt something brush against the right one briefly and it made her tense up.  Then she felt it and begin to squeeze it.  “Oh my God…………That feelssssss……so gooo…….” She cut herself off and bit her lip as she felt herself begin to expand again.

Meanwhile the man felt the nipple tremble between his arms and then suddenly stiffen.  Soon however he realized it wasn’t stiffening but growing even bigger.  He felt it begin to push against his face and buried his face in it rubbing side to side, and as he did so he swore he could feel it getting bigger.  He felt his arms begging to spread further apart and had to take a step back as the nipple poked further and further into the room.  He adjusts his grip and squeezes harder and hears a loud moan from outside.  Upon feeling whatever was pinching her nipple below redouble its efforts Katelyn couldn’t stand it she thrust her tits further against the building and wrapped one leg around it so she could position her pussy against the corner.

She began to slowly rub her self against the building at the same time who ever was pleasing her nipple squeezed it.  She could feel it rubbing against the floor and creep across the room as the man continued his exertions.  Suddenly she couldn’t take his little teasing any longer and shoved both her tits full force into the building.  She felt the structure hold for a moment and then her tits broke thru spilling into the building, crushing everything in their path.  She felt the furniture and walls hit her tits everywhere and she felt the little person on her tit smash against a wall and then stop squeezing.  Katelyn hardly cared the feeling of her breast growing and pushing against everything felt exquisite.

As she grew taller she could feel her breasts being dragged upwards and pushing against the floor above them.  It would resist for a few moments pushing down against her swelling orbs and then buckle and her tits would plow upwards and outwards leaving twin ruts in the building as they moved up.  Katelyn soon found her head looking over the edge of the roof and saw a crowd of people looking over the edge at her.  The crowd watched as a pair of eyes appeared at the edge of the roof of the trembling building.  They huddled together not knowing what to do as they heard her cries of pleasure as she grew bigger and bigger.

“Hello,” Katelyn said as soon as the people on the rooftop came into her view.  “Don’t worry I’ll be able to see you better in…..Mmmmmm….just a moment and before long you’ll be able to see much more of me.” she said as her head continued to rise.  Soon her mouth appeared twisted in the throws of pleasure from the feeling of her tits growing thru the building combined with the waves of pleasure caused by her pussy rubbing and leaving a wet streak on the glass corner of the building.  She watched as the people huddled on the corner of the roof farthest from her as she continued to grow.  Two bulges formed in the roof in front of Katelyn and she felt similar sensations to the ones she felt before when her tits had burst thru the roof of her house.

She threw her head back “Oh God, you just don’t know how it feels to groOOOWWW!” she cried as the roof split as her flesh expanded and swelled thru the roof.  She shuddered and cried out again as her nipples were restriced again by the roof for a brief moment before breaking thru.  The people on the roof screamed and crowded further in the corner as they watched her pink hard nipples rip thru the roof and point towards them.  Katelyn leaned backed and cried out in pleasure, her breasts ripping completely thru the roof causing her to swell another 20feet.  She panted heavily and lowered her breasts back to the roof filling up all space on the roof except for the corner the crowd of people were huddled on.

Katelyn smiled as she looked down at the terrified people.  “Well what do you think? Impressed?” she asked raising an eyebrow and thrusting her chest towards the crowd.  They screamed as her tits slid towards them across the roof hard nipples thrusting outwards.  “Oh now, don’t you like them?” she asked.  “Maybe we should try something else?”  she said licking her lips.  She leaned forward and ran her tongue across the roof and into the crowd  licking the people in the front up off the roof.  “Mmmm!” she said as she rolled the people around her mouth.  Katelyn could feel the people squirming and thrashing against her tongue and smiling she squished them against the roof of her mouth.  The people left on the roof watched in horror as Katelyn swelled another ten feet.

“Mmmmm, that tasted and felt wonderful!” she said eyeing the people squirming to get away from her.  Reaching out Katelyn scooped them up in her hands and poured them into her mouth.  She reveled in the feeling of hundreds of people squirming in her mouth.  Suddenly she swallowed and felt the tiny struggling people tumble down her throat.  She watched her perspective change as she shot towards the sky feeling the ever smaller people thrash inside her.  She pulled the building tight against her growing body and began to rub her growing pussy harder and harder against its dwindling structure as she felt the tiny people thrashing in her throat and it turned her on more than ever.

Katelyn watched as she continued her relentless march towards the sky.  She felt another massive orgasm building but more slowly this time.  Soon her hips were level with the building and looking down as it got smaller and smaller she got an idea.  “I need something a bit better designed for what I have in mind,” she declared.  Looking around she spied exactly what she was looking for.  Katelyn was eyeing a building with a dome on top of it that came about to her waist.  “Mmmmm… just what the giantess ordered,” she said striding to it.  Before she continued she reached down and scooped up a crowd of screaming people in both hands.

One hand full she spread on the building and the other she sprinkled on her tits and in her mouth enjoying the sensation of them struggling against her tounge as she rolled them around.  To the horror of the people clinging for life to the dome of the building she stepped over it and slowly lowered her pussy towards them reveling in their screams.  She began to rub her dripping pussy on the top of the dome, crushing those on the very top, which wouldn’t quite fit in her yet.  She rubbed her clit furiously and tossed her head back barking out moans of pleasure.

She could feel her pussy growing, slowly spreading over the dome as she rubbed her wet crotch back and forth on its surface.  “Mmm, just a little bigger,” she said as her wet folds slowly swallowed the dome and went over the sides.  “Now to really get down to business!” she cried and began to lower herself onto the building.  Katelyn began to fuck the top of the building, every time she rose and fell she took a little more of it into her.  “Oh, God I’ve never felt anything like this!” she cried, “Bigger, I want to swallow this building with my pussy!”  She grabbed her nipples and began to roll them in her fingers crushing the people clinging to them and riding the building ever harder.  First she had to bend at the knees, then squat, and finally sit all the way down her pussy completely swallowing the building as she humped and rubbed her clit.

“Oh, God here comes the big one!” Katelyn screamed as she came again crushing what was left of the building with the spasms of her cunt. Her pussy exploded flooding the streets with her juices and she grew.  This time the growth was like a tidal wave.  Katelyn expanded in every direction.  Buildings were crushed by her growing ass and legs. The pleasure of it all was too much for her and Katelyn fell on her back twitching as she mowed down the city with her growing body.

“Oh, I’m so big!” she screamed hands reaching down pistoning in and out of her spraying pussy in attempt to make the growth and orgasm last as long as possible.  Finally it subsided and she sat up and looked at her now 5000ft tall body.  Standing to her feet she dusted the city off her ass and looked towards the next city knowing that she wasn’t done yet and never wanted to stop growing.


The Shrunken Perspective

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    Will there be a continuation to this? Will Katelyn find out who send her the pills?

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    Is there another part to this story as it is HOT!!

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