Katelyn’s Toys

By Chloe Stewart — Featuring: Farting, SW, Ass, Vore

Katelyn and Chloe had been friends since they were younger, they did everything together.
They were both in college and saw a guy that they both liked, no one had ever come between them until now.
Chloe said she wanted to talk to him, and asked Katelyn if she was ok with it, she said she didn’t mind and smiled at her best friend. However, Katelyn was furious, she liked him more and wanted him more.
Both of the girls had similar bodies, the main difference was that Katelyn had dark brown hair and was amazingly tanned but Chloe had jet black hair and was very pale, she never tanned well.
Chloe came back and told Katelyn that she was going out with him later that night. Katelyn said she was happy for her but she was actually angry, both of them knew Katelyn saw him first. They started going home, Katelyn lived in a different direction so they never walked home together.
Katelyn saw the guy on the way home, he was with another girl, holding her hand. Katelyn decided to phone Chloe and tell her. Chloe didn’t take the news well, and accused Katelyn of being jealous. This made Katelyn mad, she was just trying to warn her and she was angry at what she said, “why would I be jealous of her? She’s as pale as anything” she thought to herself. Katelyn caught up with the guy and the girl she was with, she had an idea.
She started talking to the girl as if she knew her and the girl was confused but was too nice to say anything. Katelyn invited her round to her house and the girl said yes, still not knowing how to say no. She told the guy that he would have to get ready for tonight, the girl seemed confused at this, obviously not knowing the guy’s plans.
The girl’s name was Nikki. Katelyn spoke to her as she walked her round to her house and she told her where the guy lived, this was important to Katelyn’s plan. The two went upstairs to Katelyn’s bedroom, it was nice and pink. A few pairs of her panties were lying around. Nikki sat on Katelyn’s bed awkwardly, not having a clue what was about to happen. Katelyn went into the bathroom and came back into her room, completely naked. Nikki was confused and asked her what was going on. Katelyn said to her “you are going to be my experiment”. Nikki asked back confused, “experiment for what?”
As Nikki said that, Katelyn turned around to reveal her amazing ass, Nikki was scared now and sat still in shock. Katelyn started to move back laughing and she was now sitting on Nikki’s lap, Nikki tried to push her off but Katelyn was too strong and pushed her back, she was now lying on Katelyn’s bed with Katelyn completely naked on top of her. Katelyn moved further back and her ass was right on Nikki’s face, Nikki was now in tears, crying for Katelyn to get off of her. Katelyn told her to shut up and she put her asshole directly above her mouth, Nikki was still screaming, Katelyn loved it, everything was going to plan. Katelyn laughed and said, “you’ll love this next bit”. Nikki’s eyes were wide in shock.
Katelyn let out a silent, puffy fart in Nikki’s mouth. It stank of rotten eggs, Nikki thought she was going to be sick. Katelyn got up off of her and turned to face her. Nikki was crying and her mouth was wide open still, this was perfect for Katelyn, she leaned back and started to hock, ready to spit right in Nikki’s mouth. She did it so fast and now Katelyn’s plan was almost complete.
Nikki was furious, “why the fuck did you do that?!” She got up and was going to try and punch Katelyn but as soon as she got up, she started to get smaller, she was so confused and scared, she had shrunk down to around 3 inches tall. Katelyn laughed and explained to her that she was lucky she didn’t shrink any further. Nikki was standing on Katelyn’s carpet, completely naked, her clothes too big for her now obviously. Katelyn picked her up and brought her to eye level, she explained to her that she was going to do this to Chloe but make Chloe even smaller but first, she was going to go to the guy from earlier’s house.
Katelyn got dressed and asked Nikki where she would rather go, in her panties or in her sock. Nikki chose panties because she might have gotten crushed as Katelyn was walking. Katelyn pulled her panties open a bit at the back and dropped Nikki in, she pulled her skirt back up and started walking to the guy’s house.
When Katelyn got there, she knocked the door and waited, the guy took a while to answer and when he did, Katelyn just walked into his house. “Who the fuck do you think you are?!” She told him “I’m the girl you’re going to fuck tonight, not that pale bitch”. The guy was stunned, he just asked why she was here now then. Katelyn said she was here to pick up a key. At first, the guy said no but Katelyn promised he would get it back later. Katelyn told him to bring Chloe back here and that she would already be here. She also told him not to say anything to Chloe about her. The guy was silent, he just nodded, this kind of thing had never happened to him. Katelyn started to leave and he asked where she was going and she told him she had stuff to do. He said ok and followed her to the door “I’m Alistar by the way” he said while he opened the door for Katelyn, she said to him “oh yeah, I’m Katelyn”.
All this time, Nikki was in Katelyn’s panties. Katelyn had completely forgotten about her. Alistar stared at her ass in the tight skirt she had on, this was the best day of his life.
Katelyn had gotten a little excited in his house so her panties were a little wet, Nikki could smell her and she was just hoping that Katelyn didn’t need to fart anytime soon. Katelyn was walking to Chloe’s house, she was going to say go talk to her, she knocked the door, Chloe answered instantly. Katelyn put on her sad voice and said sorry. Chloe was still angry but invited her in and gave her a hug. Chloe told Katelyn that she hated it when they fought. Katelyn went to the bathroom to see how Nikki was doing. She pulled her skirt down and then her panties. She was still alive, that’s a good thing. Katelyn pulled her panties completly off and sat them on the floor, Nikki stayed lying in them but Katelyn didn’t trust Nikki when she said she wouldn’t run away so she stuck her to the wet patch in the panties and just left them, there on the floor.
Katelyn pulled her skirt back up and went back to Chloe. Chloe was lying down on the couch watching tv when she came back. She hadn’t noticed Katelyn behind her and Katelyn thought it was a great opportunity to do the next part of the plan. She slipped off her skirt again so she had nothing on except her top. Chloe was lying back and still hadn’t noticed Katelyn behind her. Katelyn turned around a little and slowly backed up towards Chloe. Katelyn then quickly jumped on top of her so that her ass was on Chloe’s face, she squirmed and couldn’t breath properly, Katelyn then let out a big loud fart in Chloe’s face. Katelyn burst out laughing and ran back to the bathroom, with her skirt in her hand. She put her panties back on and pulled her skirt back up. She started to leave and she could hear Chloe crying. “My farts aren’t that bad are they Nikki?” she said as she farted, with Nikki stuck inside her panties. Nikki wasn’t crying this time but she didn’t answer Katelyn. “See, they can’t be that bad if you can handle it in there” Katelyn said laughing.
Katelyn was at Alistar’s house waiting for them to get home, meanwhile she played with Nikki. Katelyn enjoyed farting on her a lot, the house was stinking. Katelyn then lay Nikki down on the table, Nikki was terrified. She was lying down and Katelyn held her down with 2 of her fingers. Katelyn was getting ready to spit on Nikki again. She had ate some tuna before it so her saliva tasted like that. Katelyn blew a huge amount of spit at once and it completely covered Nikki’s face and hair. Katelyn laughed so hard that she burped. This gave Katelyn an idea. She licked all of the saliva from Nikki’s face and then she put her mouth completely over her body and Nikki couldn’t see a thing. Katelyn’s laugh was the last thing she heard before the silence. The silence lasted 3 seconds, then Katelyn let out a huge burp and Nikki looked like she was going to puke. Katelyn asked her how it was and Nikki said “it was horrible, I feel like dying”. Katelyn laughed, “it won’t be long until that happens anyway”. Nikki was really scared now “what do you mean?” Katelyn didn’t reply, she just smiled as she picked up Nikki by her feet.
Katelyn dangled Nikki above her mouth, teasing her. Nikki was crying and her tears landed in Katelyn’s mouth. “Your tears are delicious, I can’t wait to taste the rest of you, don’t worry, I won’t chew”. With that, she dropped Nikki right on her tongue. Nikki had given up screaming now and just accepted it. Katelyn lifted her tongue and it was getting steeper and steeper for Nikki. Eventually, Nikki slid down Katelyn’s long tongue and down her throat, she squirmed on her way down to her belly, Katelyn loved the feeling in her throat.
Katelyn then went to the toilet to get ready for later, she had bought a box of condoms and left them on the chest of drawers. She sat in the toilet until Alistar and Chloe got home, knowing that Chloe would come in before anything happened.
Katelyn waited for half an hour for them to come home, Chloe came into the toilet and was surprised to see Katelyn sitting there naked. Chloe was really pissed off and started shouting at her, Katelyn saw her opportunity and spat directly in Chloe’s mouth. Chloe then started to shrink, she went down to about half an inch. Chloe was confused, “what’s happening to me?” she screamed. Katelyn laughed and said that she was going to be the one to fuck Alistar and not her. Chloe asked why she was shrinking. Katelyn said “I want to fuck him but I wouldn’t want my best friend to miss out, would I?” Chloe didn’t have a clue what she meant until Katelyn pulled out a condom and smiled. She explained to Chloe “I shrank his girlfriend earlier, the one I was telling you about but don’t worry, I took care of her”. With that, Katelyn dropped Chloe into the condom and walked through to see Alistar. Alistar was confused about where Chloe went but he didn’t really care, Katelyn was here. Katelyn gave the condom to Marc and he put it right on, not noticing Chloe at the bottom of it.
Katelyn liked to be in control so she went on top, Alistar was fine with it, he just wanted her no matter what. She was going fast on him, she wanted to hurt Chloe as much as possible. It had been a while and then he finally came, filling the condom with Chloe inside it, she was covered in his cum. Alistar took it off and was about to put it in the bin but Katelyn stopped him and said “remember Chloe?” “yeah, why?” he asked. Katelyn didn’t say anything, she just lifted the condom and turned it upside down and let the cum fall down into her mouth until she felt Chloe on her tongue. Katelyn swallowed all of the cum and kept Chloe on her tongue. Marc couldn’t see Chloe and he was just amazed with Katelyn, she was the best girl he had ever seen. Katelyn swallowed Chloe whole, Chloe screamed the whole way down to Katelyn’s belly, Katelyn loved hearing her screams. Alistar asked her if she ever wanted to do this again and she said “yeah but you’ll be smaller next time and I want to be in more control”.
Alistar said that she could be in complete control but he didn’t understand what she meant when she said he’d be smaller.
Katelyn got up and locked the bedroom door. “I’ll show you what I mean, lie down, I’ll tie you up”. Katelyn thought she could’ve taken him down physically, he was quite weak and she knew he would lie down if she told him to anyway.
Katelyn started to sit on his face, “you can do this but just don’t fart” he said laughing. She got angry and said “I’m the one in control, I’ll do what I want”. She let out a huge wet fart in his mouth. He was angry and trued to fight out but he was tied too tight. Katelyn laughed at him and explained that she had shrunk down Nikki and Chloe earlier and that Chloe was actually in his condom. Alistar didn’t know what to say, he paused and then said that he didn’t believe her. “Remember when I said you’d be smaller next time we did this?” She said. Alistar started shouting, telling her to let him go, with that, she spat a huge loogie in his mouth and he started to shrink. He was about 7 inches tall. Katelyn said to him “you’re now my dildo, I’ll use you until I get bored of you or until you die, whatever happens first”. She laughed and picked him up, got dressed and put him in her bag. She got home and put him in her drawer. “See you in the morning” she said and winked.

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. giantess je...

    i love to eat anyone that wants me to eat them!

  2. Mike

    This is very interesting story I have a fetish where I wish I was giant and had hundreds of women worshiping my 8 inch dick, but to them my dick would be like 8 feet tall and it took like 20 women to jerk me off.

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