Katelyn’s First Time

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Katelyn stormed into the room, she threw her purse at the chair and her coat on the floor. “Fuck!” she shouted as her eyes scanned the room. She had just got home from a very bad day. She was not just pissed; she was in a full rage. Today was going to be the day she thought, she had waited for ages. She took a moment to compose herself slightly and then walked purposely towards the side of her bed. On the left side of her bed was a large antique birdcage made of a variety of different types of wood, very pretty and ornate but strong and durable which Katelyn had purchased many years ago when she had first become aware of her abilities. She had shrunken a number of people in the past, mainly the homeless as experiments but it had taken years to master her powers and be able to get them to the size she wanted. Only in the last few months had she perfected her powers and she had been busy at her local nightspot finding the hottest guys and luring them home with promises of sex and debauchery. So far only three had been her type and she had captured and shrunk all three.

As she approached the cage she heard them before she saw them, the scuttling rustling sound they always made as she approached as they tried to hide from her, then as she got nearer the whole bottom of the cage came into view. There were her three shrunken men, they had heard the almost deafening noises of her slamming the door and shouting, they had not seen her angry like this before and nor were they as yet aware of their purpose. Thus far she had treated them quite well.  Katelyn knelt before the cage so her face was inches from the bars and looked in and examined them. The three men saw a very pretty but very angry face scowling down at them. “I have had a shitty day” snarled Katelyn “I feel so stressed and I need a big release” she hissed. “I have had a really bad day so I think you guys should too”. The men below having awoken a  few months previously in a cage with only vague memories of their life before, been fed well and exercised in the rather roomy cage had no idea what that had to do with them. They watched as her expression changed from pure anger to something else, she began to smile but it was not a happy smile, it was a smile of lust, a wicked glint in her eyes. She licked her lips as the realisation of what she was about to do hit her, she could feel the all too familiar heat in her pussy and her clit began to swell as she reached for the cage door.

She was finally going to do it and nothing and no one could stop her. Her anger quickly melted into sexual desire. The three men ran from her hand as she tried to pick them up, two got around her but one was cornered, she grabbed him by the waist and lifted him clear of the cage slamming the door behind him. He was her second capture and the one she found the hottest, this could not be going any better she thought to herself. She looked into his eyes and the look of terror on his face made her pussy start to drool. He ineffectively banged his little fists against her hand as she swung him around so high from his point of view above the cage. “Now you two” she pointed at the two in the cage “you are going to get to see an amazing show”. She positioned the cage at the end of her bed on a chair and threw the little six inch man carelessly on the duvet. She quickly undressed down to her panties and bra and positioned herself so that the men in the cage had a close of view of between her legs but could also see her face looking down at them. She had propped her head up on several pillows for that very purpose and also she was more comfortable that way and this was certainly all about her pleasure. The two in the cage were knocked off their feet as Katelyn picked up the cage and put it at the end of the bed, they still did not know what was going on but they knew it was probably not a good thing that she was stripping off. One of them noticed her nipples were very erect even through her bra.

Grabbing the dazed little man Katelyn lifted him up and stood him between her enormous still bra clad breasts. She unclipped her front fastening bra and pulled it off sending the little man tumbling down to her belly and on to the bed. She threw the bra aside and put the little man back between her now naked breasts. She pushed them together trapping him perfectly in between them. Oh wow thought Katelyn as the full extent of her power over him hit her. She pushed them together harder and he started to struggle “oh dear, can’t you breathe” she said sarcastically as she slowly let her gorgeous breasts fall back to their natural position. He tried to get up and run but limped, fell and rolled down her belly again onto the very top of her panties. “Awww did you hurt your leg when you fell down the first time and now you can’t run away” said Katelyn with mock concern.  She picked him up again and lowered him slowly so he was between her legs looking directly at where her pussy was pressed up against her panties. “Do you know, I have not cum for a whole week”. “I have been saving it for something special,” she said excitedly.  All three men noticed with horror that her panties were wet; almost an exact pussy shape of wetness several shades darker than her panties could be seen by all three. It could also be smelt by one, Katelyn moved him nearer. “I haven’t had time to wash since this morning” Katelyn said wickedly “I went to the gym at midday as well. If I cared what you thought I would freshen up, but I COULD NOT GIVE A FUCK!”  Whist holding him in place she lifted her perfect ass slightly off the bed and hooked her free thumb under the top of her panties and very slowly began to slide them down, making a real show of it. The panties slid away easily except the bit which was pressed against her pussy which slowly peeled away; one or two strings of her cum spanned the gap between her pussy and panties for a moment and then broke as her panties carried on their slow descent.

The man was left looking directly at Katelyn’s very aroused pussy. He stared at the huge lips in front of him and the shiny liquid just visible inside of them. She picked her panties up with her foot, passed them to her free hand, opened the cage and dropped them in. She then turned her attention back to the man in her hand. He was screaming and struggling but to Katelyn both were very insignificant. She moved him forward and very gently ran his head around her outer labia. She actually shivered with delight at the first contact between him and her; she did this for a short while enjoying the feeling and power she had over him, gently running his head over her vulva, forcing him to smell and taste the folds of her fragrant womanhood. His head was soaked in her cum. She then positioned his head at the glistening wet entrance to her silky oozing vagina. The smell to him was overwhelming; the heat coming from her genitals was unbelievable. She slowly moved him forward centimetre by centimetre, him screaming, she was so turned on she actually felt a bit shaky but she continued until she felt his head begin to penetrate her. God that touch was electric, she didn’t know if it was the sexual frustration or the depravity of the act she was about to perform but every tiny nerve in her pussy was on fire, even something as small as this little guys head felt amazing. She could not believe how much this was turning her on. Katelyn felt his arms and legs flailing and around on her labia and inner thighs which only served to stimulate her further. She realised that she could not see him going inside her and she desperately wanted to. She quickly threw him aside again and ran to the bathroom to get a mirror. She placed the mirror next to the cage so she could see everything the two men in the cage could, this is much better she thought. She reached down for the little man on her bed and was amazed to see he had turned almost blue. Her cum had covered his head so totally and filled his mouth that he could not breathe for nearly a minute as he tried to in vain to breathe through the slime that now covered his head. She quickly picked him up and sucked his head gently; slurping her own cum from him and enjoying the fact that she had nearly killed him just with her juices. He gasped for air as Katelyn held him in front of her, “not yet little man, I need to get a lot more fight out of you yet”.

After he had returned to his normal colour she again lowered him to her pussy, this time she was not slow in her actions but much more urgent than before. She made sure the other two were watching. She held his legs together as she inserted him into her feet first enjoying the sensation of increasing fullness as he was pushed further and further in, her wetness coating him  allowing easy insertion into her. She kept a gentle but constant pressure on him as he slowly slid in and soon she felt her labia engulf his shoulders leaving only his head poking out from her needy pussy. She looked in the mirror and what she saw she loved; a man’s head sticking out of her fully engorged pussy. The view in the mirror was surreal, unbelievable and for Katelyn it made her so horny. The two men who were watching clearly did not love what they saw and were frantically clawing at the bars of the cage and screaming trying to escape this horrific scene. They too could now smell her arousal and they could hear then screams of their friend as he tried to plead with her to be released. She had made sure she had inserted him with his head facing the ceiling so his world now consisted of her huge labia on each side of his head and above him he could see her clitoris, it was standing erect slightly out of its hood and to Katelyn it was throbbing with need. She absolutely had to rub it. She laid back, reclining into her pillows and enjoying the moment, her hand slowly traced down her soft body stopping for a few moments to tease her erect nipples and slowly it wound its way down between her legs. There was no need to rush. She touched her index finger to her clit several times to make sure she had found the exact right spot and then she slowly began to rub it with her finger. It felt absolutely amazing with his body inside her. Even better than she had imagined the thousands of times she had got herself off to this fantasy before. She slowly and gently circled her clit with her finger and watched in the mirror as her finger swirled round only an inch or two from her entombed captive who could only watch on in horror. The giant finger above his head scared him and as soon as she began to masturbate he felt even more trapped as her increasingly wet pussy massaged and tightened around his body inside her trying to obtain maximum stimulation.

“Move around in there” shouted Katelyn as her finger slightly increased the pressure on her clit. The man remained motionless, defiant to the last, but she had thought of a way to make him struggle.  She slowly tightened her very strong vaginal muscles around him, still nothing, she tightened a bit more and then that was it he went crazy. Inside her his body was compressed more and more until it went from slight to major to unbearable pain, the pressure was relentless and increasing slowly until it became too much and he lashed out with his arms and legs trying to escape his claustrophobic prison. This was exactly what she wanted and she began to masturbate her clit harder till she was at her normal pace. “This feels so gorgeous, I am getting more pleasure from this than I normally do from orgasm and I am not even halfway there yet” she said huskily to the men. She looked at the men in the cage and kept eye contact with them as she pleasured herself. “Do you know what gets me off the most? Knowing that you are all mine to do what I want with, I can force you to give me pleasure whenever I want or torture and kill you and the best thing is that while I am cumming this man is going to die inside me. Knowing he is trapped inside me and being able to make him suffer gets me off so hard”. “Nobody knows where you are and no one is going to save you”.

Katelyn gripped the man with her pussy, squeezing about half as hard as she could. She knew it would be agonising to him which was confirmed by the tiny screams coming from between her legs. She sighed with pleasure and looked down at the two in the cage and smiled. Hearing his screams added another level to Katelyn. Now he knew he was going to die he was even more frantic than before and his terror made Katelyn even more aroused.  She enjoyed this game for ten minutes or more slowly contracting her pussy tighter and tighter until his screams and movements were frantic and then relaxing it for a few seconds only to repeat it again, all the while rubbing her sensitive clit. She was a predator just playing with her prey; she loved teasing him, asserting her god like dominance. “Why do you think I fed you properly and let you run free in a nice big cage for months?” she laughed, “so I know you would have plenty stamina and energy which I know would give me more pleasure when you struggled inside me”. “This has been my biggest fantasy for years but this is my first time with a shrunken man”. She wanted to toy with him more but the need to cum was so strong, she was so nearly there. With amazing willpower she stopped herself just as she was about to cum, took her finger off her clit and savoured the feeling of the little man writhing inside her swollen pussy as she lay still. Now this is where all those pussy muscle exercises come in she thought to herself as she gradually began to tighten herself on him once more.

She had been training her pussy for years in the hope that one day her fantasy would happen, working on making her orgasmic contractions stronger and her internal muscles as powerful as possible. The screams from between her legs got wilder and wilder, the little guy was obviously suffering badly and she was still only pressing with about three quarters of her strength. She reached down and scooped some of her cum from where it had pooled under his head and wiped it over his very red face. Now there was silence from him, he could not breathe again. Her finger slowly circled her clit keeping her right on the point of orgasm as she increased the pressure still harder than she had done so far. There was no noise except for Katelyn’s heavy breathing and the very quiet to her but very loud to him liquid sound of her cum covered finger masturbating her clit. She could feel him trying to escape so she clamped down as hard as she could. She stopped rubbing her clit and concentrated on squeezing the little man. Nothing happened for twenty seconds or so and just as she was about to release her grip she felt something give way in her pussy accompanied by a very faint but distinct cracking sound,.“ mmmmmmmmI am breaking him with my pussy” she purred, her lust surging through her. “I have got to try and do that again” she said excitedly, her heart pounding in her chest. “You two better watch or I will do this to your entire family and make you watch it all”. She moved down the bed a bit so her yearning pussy was even closer to the cage. “Now listen carefully” The two men watched as a look of concentration came over her face. They saw her vagina tense up around him and his face started to go redder and redder. He still could not scream due to the cum all over his face, the best he could manage was to blow a tiny bubble of cum. The two men in the cage could see the strain on her face and a few seconds later a louder sickening crunching noise came from her nether regions. She sighed in bliss and a look of satisfaction came over her face as she felt more bones break, his face bright red and contorted in pain. She smiled evilly down at the two observers who she knew had heard the crunching noise too. “This really gets me off, unfortunately for you”. This had almost made her cum without even touching her clit, knowing he was completely at her mercy of which she had none and that she could actually crush him inside her and hear and feel the whole thing was too much for her. She had thought it might be possible but now she had done it she was so pleased she had put in the work building up her internal strength.

She quickly pulled him out rather roughly and held him up to inspect and to cool off for a second. She had managed to crush the right side of his ribcage and there was a little blood coming out of his mouth, he was still conscious though, she licked the cum and blood from his face so he could breathe again. “Enjoying yourself?”  Katelyn moaned as she relished the taste of both, smiling elatedly down at him.. “I am having an amazing time and that is all that matters”.   She held him up in front of the cage so they could see his partly broken body, he was still gasping for air. They both recoiled in fear. Time for the final act she thought as she turned him round and positioned his head at the entrance to her pussy. “I am going to cum and you get to drown or be crushed to death by my orgasm or both” she laughed cruelly down at him and then slid him right up inside, instantly silencing his terror stricken screams as his head went deep inside her; just his feet were poking out now and she soon pushed them in as well. Now in the mirror her pussy looked perfectly normal but she knew and her pets knew that there was a man inside her, suffering immensely. She started rubbing her clitoris again feeling her orgasm build rapidly, the little man inside fighting a losing battle against her slippery vaginal walls, desperately trying to somehow escape. Katelyn needed to be fucked. She reached inside herself, found his feet and pulled him halfway out; she grabbed him just above his feet and began to use him like a dildo. Sliding him in and out very hard, the only sound that could be heard was the squelching of his small body penetrating her and quiet sobs from the cage at her feet punctuated by screams when she took him out fully every 30 seconds or so to breathe. She watched in the mirror as she raped the little man’s body, thoroughly enjoying the pleasure she was feeling from doing so and shifting around slightly so she and the other two could watch the sickening abuse from different angles. She kept looking over at the men in the cage making sure they were watching and ensuring that she was inflicting maximum psychological damage to their petrified little minds.

After a few minutes or she started to fuck herself more roughly with him feeling the pleasure building inside, due to her rough treatment as she got carried away his right leg bent too far the wrong way during one of her vicious thrusts and broke. Katelyn heard his stifled scream and felt his leg break at the same time; this sent a jolt of extra satisfaction to her ecstatic cunt as he wriggled in pain. “Oh well” said Katelyn “you have got one leg left that still works” .This gave her an idea, she pulled him halfway out and tightened herself on him. She carried on rubbing her clit and with the other hand she began to apply pressure to his left leg, bending it in different ways that she knew would cause him immense pain. He struggled frantically, his screams muffled by her beautiful wet silky pussy, it felt amazing to her. Using him like this was really getting her off. The added movement inside was a delicious bonus. She took his foot between her fingers and squeezed, it exploded between her fingers with a tiny crunch and she noticed with satisfaction the small red stub where his foot had been. He was going insane inside of her, thrashing about like a madman in panic and now extreme agony. She took his left leg in her hand and put her fingernail on one side of his calf muscle and her thumbnail on the other side and applied pressure. Her nails easily sliced through the soft flesh and more blood spurted out, again he struggled and squirmed. She slid him out and lifted him over her mouth and sucked the blood directly from his injured leg.

“Mmmmmm” she sighed languidly “delicious”. She took her finger off her swollen clit and touched it to his wound until the end of her finger was covered in blood. She then returned her finger to her clit using his blood as her lubrication. Realising how empty she felt down there she once again manoeuvred him so he was head first at the entrance to her and pushed him halfway in so only his legs were exposed again. She began to bend his injured left leg in a direction nature did not intend it to bend which internally pushed him against her g-spot. She moved him in and out slowly like this causing him excruciating pain and her intense raw pleasure as she relished the power she wielded. As she pumped him slowly in and out the urge to be more cruel grew with her pleasure. She felt so wicked, so powerful, so aroused, it felt so good. She twisted his leg viciously in the wrong direction, it snapped straight away and the bottom part below his knee came away in her hand. The little man shuddered in agony and seeing his bloody stump sent Katelyn to new heights of sadistic pleasure. She squeezed his leg pitilessly where it had broken off and he moved manically inside her. She relaxed herself and he slid out of her, totally covered in her cum and very strongly smelling of her pussy. She held him up to her face, slowly opened her mouth and dangled the remains of his leg over the massive pink orifice. “Not many calories but then I do like to stay in shape,” she said as she dropped it into her mouth. She made him watch as she crunched and masticated her way through his leg. Before she swallowed she opened her mouth wide so he could see the bloody pulp it had become and he could see her saliva and teeth were coloured slightly red too. She had one last thing she wanted to do before she actually came.

She positioned him between her legs so he was facing her and made sure his face was touching her clit and his body and now useless legs were dangling over her vulva .She then closed her legs trapping him there and touched her index finger to the back of his head. “Yes little man I am going to use your head instead of my finger to pleasure my clit”. She ground his face into her clit as her finger went to work, she loved that she had reduced a fully grown man with a wife and children and a happy life to a half broken masturbatory toy. She carried on rubbing his face hard into her clit as she told him he would never see anyone he loved ever again and how hopelessly pathetic his situation was, and how much this was turning her on. The feeling from her clit was indescribable and she felt heady with pleasure and power. Her finger was gyrating forcefully behind his head forcing his face to perform the circular motions on her clit that gratified her so much. She was tempted to press much harder and crush his head into her clit and make herself cum that way. Katelyn decided not to, I should stick to my plan she thought, plenty of time to experiment as she cast her eyes knowingly down at the horrified pair in the cage. She continued pressing his face into her most sensitive spot for ages, watching his little head go round and round as her orgasm continued to build. She needed more, she could not hold back much longer and she needed him inside of her.  She spread her legs, releasing him and lifted him up to see if he was still alive.

She noticed with glee that he was still alive and that there was blood coming from his nose which must have broken as she was crushing his face against her clit at some point; she smiled that wicked smile again. “It is time little one” she said “say goodbye to your friends” as she held him up to face the two other captives. She grabbed his tiny arm and made him wave at them, “bye bye,” she said pretending to speak in his high pitched little voice, she laughed at how pathetic he was.  She the lowered him to her pussy and held him in front of it for a moment so he could take in fully its lethal beauty. She then slowly pushed him back right inside head first, extracting the maximum pleasure from every tiny contact with him. He disappeared totally from sight and she pushed her finger in behind him as far as it would go until she felt his head bump her cervix. She laid back on the pillows focusing every molecule of her body on the incredible sensations coming from her cunt. She rubbed her clit faster and faster and held him inside as now as broken as he was he was of no use as a dildo. She could not feel him moving now. She started to tense up for her rapidly approaching orgasm, her beautiful ass rising slightly from the bed and as she did the small body inside her gave one last effort to try and escape. He floundered inside clawing with his arms trying to find a way out of this hot sticky convulsing airless tunnel of flesh.

This stimulation combined with her masturbation and the sudden realisation that he was still alive inside her after all she had put him through sent her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down with twice the force she could exert unaided by orgasm and again and again and again. Each incredible wave of pleasure was accompanied by a massive contraction in her pussy involuntarily crushing the life out of the man inside her. It was the hardest she had ever cum. She felt his body give way completely mid orgasm, his ribcage totally collapsed and she felt warm liquid suddenly fill her. In total ecstasy she realised it was his blood and guts erupting from his ruined body which made her cum even harder. She was in a state of total bliss. He had actually burst inside of her as her orgasm had crushed and squeezed and kneaded his broken body mercilessly “I love it, I love it, I love it” she moaned over and over again while all this was happening. The two onlookers could only observe in horror as her pussy visibly contracted many times, her finger still working on her throbbing clit, listening to the horrifying sounds and liquid pops as her pussy crushed him like a car compactor.   It took her over a minute to finally stop cumming and for her pussy to stop twitching, as she came down from her orgasm she looked at the little cage. One of the men was being sick in the corner and the other was crying pathetically. She stayed like that recovering from her orgasm and grinning down at them for a good five minutes or so enjoying the feeling of two pairs of petrified eyes on her naked body and reliving in her mind what just happened. She looked in the mirror admiring her perfect pussy and how wet she had got, relishing the feeling of cool air on her scalding hot vulva.  That was when a trickle of dark red liquid seeped out mixed with her cum and ran down out of her pussy into the pool of sticky cum beneath her.

One of the men inside the cage saw this and screamed. If that disgusted him wait till he gets a load of this she thought as a wicked idea formed in her mind. Katelyn smiled at him seductively and stood up; she opened the top of the cage and then straddled it with her pussy directly over the cage opening. She held open her labia and began to push and more blood trickled out of her which splashed on the cage floor. As she continued pushing the crushed body of the man began to appear slowly a bit at a time covered in her cum and his blood. More fluids dripped down into the cage leaving pools of blood red thick sticky cum on the cage floor. Eventually the little corpse was left dangling by one broken leg which was still inside her, she laughed at his broken form and the other two could see the horrific damage her orgasm had done.  With one final push he splatted down onto the floor of the cage. Seeing the fear in their faces at what she had had just done and watching the blood drip out of her had made Katelyn’s clit stand to attention again. She enjoyed tormenting their minds as much as she did their bodies. One of the men in the cage started to go crazy running around and screaming, the other was just paralysed with fear, she noticed the tiny wet patch on the front of his trousers. This made her laugh and her pussy tingled again with the sheer power she had. “Can’t control your bladder eh, I have the same problem”. Katelyn placed hand one either side of her pussy and parted her succulent labia and waited. The two men could see her pussy twitch a few times and then a long squirt of golden pee rained down on the petrified man below her humiliating him in yet another way. She continued until her bladder was completely empty, the force of the flow knocking him clean off his feet.  He got up coughing and soaked in her urine “I always need to pee after I cum”. “There you go, that is the last and only thing you two are going to get to drink so enjoy”. She closed the cage door up and climbed into bed uttering a long and satisfied sigh as she stretched out. “Goodnight boys” she whispered “see you in the morning”. She reached down between her legs and smeared the remaining blood that was inside her all over her pussy enjoying its silky texture. “I am always so horny first thing in the morning” she said with a cruel laugh. “Oh and one last thing, he got off relatively easy, wait till you see what I have planned for you; I had to take it easy just then, it was my first time” she whispered as she turned out the light and smiled to herself in the darkness.

The Shrunken Perspective

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