Kate and 4 Shrunken Men

By Francesco — Featuring: Shrunken, Feet, LOLz

One night, after a hard day’s work, Katelyn turned on her computer to do her nightly e-mail check. When her inbox opened, she sighed as she saw, yet again, that it was completely flooded. She looked at the e-mails one by one, until she eventually came across one that read:

“Goddess Katelyn!

We are but poor servants who have come to worship you! The four of us (Ben, Eric, Frank, and Dave) hold prayers in front of your image five times a day. We finally worked up the courage to send you an e-mail and tell you just how great you are. We are your greatest servants, and for us there is only you. Please, bless our crops and give us an answer!

Bowing before your awesomeness,

Ben, Eric, Frank, and Dave”

“Awww, how cute!” She exclaimed, “And only slightly creepy! I wish I could answer them, but I’m just so tired! Oh well, they can wait a few more days…”

With that, she shut off her computer and went to sleep.

The next day, Ben, Eric, Frank, and Dave got together to hold their usual morning prayers, which largely consisted of them passionately kissing a paper cut out of Katelyn. When they were finished, Frank wiped the saliva off of his mouth and said, “This meeting of the Katelyn worshippers is now in session. First and only order of business: It grieves me to tell you that Katelyn has not answered our e-mail.”

“WHAT!?” Shouted Dave, “Did you tell her we’ve been doing our prayers five times a day?”

“Apparently that is not enough to satisfy her.”

“What more does she want!? It’s not possible to appease her! WE’RE DOOMED, I TELL YOU! DOOMED!!”

“PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN!” shouted Frank, grabbing Dave and slapping him twice across the face.

“We just need to do something that will really impress her,” said Ben in a small voice. “But what?”

“Well, what is it that she would like the most?” asked Eric.

Rubbing his face, Dave said, “Maybe we could shrink ourselves and send ourselves to her!”

“Don’t be stupid!” scoffed Eric, “That’s not possible. Unless…” He trailed off, rubbing his goatee. “Of course! Why didn’t I think of it before? It’s so simple!”

“Really!?” The other three asked.

Eric looked at them pityingly. “No. Not in the slightest. But because I’m a genius, it will work. Meet me in front of her house three weeks from now, and I will have something that can shrink us down.”

Everyone was happy with this plan, and they were about to separate, when Ben piped up, “How do we know where she lives?”

“Oh that?” Frank said, dismissing it with a wave of his hand. “I’ve been stalking her for months. I’ll e-mail the address to you.” (Author’s note: I would just like to make it clear that I am not stalking Katelyn. This is a story, people. Let’s not confuse it with reality.)

Three weeks later, our group of heroes gathered in front of Katelyn’s house. I will not describe what the house looked like, preferring to leave it to the reader’s imagination. Also, I have absolutely no idea either.

“Finally, we shall have our vengeance! She’ll rue the day she never sent us an e-mail!” cried Dave.

“First of all,” sighed Frank, rubbing his temples with his fingers, “We’re not here for vengeance, we’re here to impress her. And second of all, she did send us an e-mail the day after we discussed this plan.”

“WHAT!?” shouted Dave, causing the rest of the group to hold their ears, “Why didn’t you tell us this? Hogging it for yourself!?”

“I DID tell you! You just never listen to me!”

The two men were on the point of blows when Eric came between them. “Guys, guys. It doesn’t matter. We’ll all soon be in the Goddess’s good graces. Here, each of you take this.” Eric handed each one of them a pill. “When she opens the door, we’ll all shout, ‘Surprise,’ and then swallow the pill.”

Dave jumped up and down with glee and could hardly control himself. “I can’t believe it! Soon my dream will come true!”

Without further ado, they rang the doorbell, and after half a minute, the Goddess herself opened the door. Our group was in such shock and awe that they stood frozen for almost a minute, until finally Ben regained his senses, weakly whispered, “Surprise!” and swallowed the pill. The rest of the group followed his example, except with heartier shouts, and much to their amazement, as well as to Katelyn’s, they quickly shrank to half of an inch.

Katelyn bent down and placed them all onto her open palm. She slowly lifted them up to eye level and stared at them. Our heroes stared right back. It’s hard to say who had the stranger sight, but I’m willing to bet that it was our tiny heroes. Each one of her hand lines seemed like a rut in the ground a foot wide, and the even smaller indentations looked like very small speed bumps. Not to mention the giant face, with its eyes twice as tall as the men were. But then she smiled, and all their shock was turned into joy, and they remembered why they had come there in the first place.

“Greetings, Goddess!” Frank said, and bowed before her. “We have come in order to give ourselves to you in the fullest way possible!” The rest of the group followed his example.

Katelyn gave a squeal of glee and said, “How nice of you guys! This is the best gift ever! Not like those horrible stories that this one author keeps sending me! Now let’s have some fun!” And she quickly ran as fast as she could to her room and locked it.

“Alright! Now, to thank you for this, I will treat each one of you separately. Let me go get changed, and decide among yourselves which one of you wants to go first.” With that, she set them onto her cabinet, and disappeared into her closet.

As soon as it was decided, she leapt out, and each one of the group felt his heart beat faster and his pants tighten: she was wearing her classic red lingerie with the red fishnet stockings. They could see the glisten of a belly button ring, and, even though they couldn’t see it, they knew that on her back in the same place was a tattoo of Chinese symbols.

“So, who wants to give themselves up first to the Goddess?” She asked slyly.

Summoning his courage, Frank gulped and said, “I do, ma’am, I mean, your honor, I mean, Mistress.”

“Please,” she cooed, picking him up, “Call me Goddess.” Sitting down in a swivel chair, she put him on the floor next to her feet. “Rub them,” she ordered.

Frank immediately went into action. Remembering that her favorite spot was the ball of her foot, he started pounding on it with all his might. “Mmmmm,” she hummed, “it’s a good start, but I can’t really feel anything. Let me help you out.” She then knocked him over and gently placed her feet on top of him. She then made a rolling action with her foot, putting pressure at her toes, moving it down the ball of her foot, to her heel, and then back again. “Much better!” she cried, and started to pleasure herself with one of her hands.

Frank was completely covered with the flesh. It enveloped and massaged every part of him. Despite the smell and sweat, it was paradise. That is, until the Goddess got frisky. She started putting more and more pressure on her foot. He felt his joints pop, his bones creak, and his muscles stretch with each passing roll. Panicking, he started fighting back, pounding away at her foot, which only heightened Katelyn’s passion. She rubbed harder, both with her foot on Frank, and her hand on herself, bringing herself to the very brink of ecstasy.

On top of the cabinet, the rest of the group laughed and hi-fived each other, saying things like, “Oooohh yeah, baby!” or, “You go Frank!” They were completely oblivious to his plight.

Finally, Katelyn lost it and brought her foot entirely down on Frank, and felt the satisfying pop of his body. Feeling his blood and guts ooze under her foot, she threw her head back and climaxed, and ground her foot into his corpse. She lay there in ecstasy for a minute, and finally calmed down. At least, a little.

When she got up, she looked down and saw the stains on her foot and on the floor. Unfortunately, so did the guys.

“HOLY SHIT! She killed Frank! That bitch!” Shouted Dave. “What are we gonna do!?”

Ben lowered his head and mumbled, “There is nothing we can do. Isn’t this what we wanted?” He looked at them and gave a half-smile.

Katelyn came toward them, dominating their entire view and said, “Your little friend was very enjoyable, but he only warmed me up. Who’s next?”

Eric and Dave immediately scrambled back and cowered, but Ben simply stood there looking at the ground. He then turned his head upwards and met her gaze, showing her his full sorrow, in order to make her pity him. It did not have the effect he had intended.

“Aaaaawww! You’re are so adorable!” She gave a sly grin and licked her lips. “Cute enough to eat, even.” With that, she lowered her head down and stuck her tongue on top of Ben. Ben stuck onto it, and was lifted into the air, back into her mouth.

“Very yummy!” She cried, and walked back to her chair, and resumed pleasuring herself, all the while sucking on Ben.

It was pitch-black in her mouth. Ben was tossed and turned by her saliva washing around in her mouth. Her tongue crashed into him, smashing him against the roof of her mouth and her teeth. But Ben would not give her the pleasure of wriggling around. He was determined to cause her some real pain, even if it was a just a scratch. When the tongue crashed into him, he grabbed onto it and, opening his mouth as wide as he could, bit into her tongue with all his might.

Katelyn’s eyes opened wide. She stood up, and spat Ben onto her chair. Ben, mocking her, spat out the piece of tongue he had bitten off. “Looks like the predator has become the prey!” he cried, victorious.

“Ben…” muttered Eric in disbelief. This had been the bravest Ben had ever been in his life.

Katelyn nursed her tongue, and then smiled. “Good job, little man,” she said. “But eat this!” She then lowered her butt down and slowly did a giant lap dance right on top of him. As the dance got faster, she lowered herself more and more, until finally she felt his body squish. Not even then did she stop, going faster and faster, lower and lower, until finally she orgasmed. She got up and looked in the mirror. Her entire left cheek was covered in a thin layer of blood.

“MONSTER!” cried Dave, “You’ll pay for your crimes!”

She gazed down at him. “You annoy me,” she sneered, “So I’ll just squish you in my boobs and get it over with.”

“But wait!” said Dave to Eric. “This isn’t like Katelyn: she almost never does anything with her breasts.”

“Ah, but you see,” explained Eric, “the author of this story is a breast man. He thinks that if he writes about it in his story, she might be more inclined to do something with her knockers. *wink wink nudge nudge*”

Dave nodded, but under his breath he said, “Way to totally break the forth wall.” But he didn’t have time to say anything else, because Katelyn reached down and placed him in her cleavage. Grabbing a boob in each hand, she started to slowly massage Dave in the middle of them. She went to a corner of her desk and slowly started using it to masturbate. She could feel every part of Dave’s body with her breasts, from his head and hair to his manhood, and she became drunk with ecstasy. Reaching her greatest orgasm yet, she smashed her boobs together, crushing poor Dave between them. As she stood there, paralyzed with pleasure, a small trickle of blood dribbled from her cleavage down her stomach, staining her belly button ring. Completely exhausted and at peace, she collapsed into her chair and was about to go to sleep when she remembered she had one more toy.

Slowly, she lifted herself up and walked to where Eric sat. “Sorry little guy, I’m satisfied. But just so you don’t feel bad, I’ll kill you anyway.” She then lifted Eric up, and placed him in her bra. Her nipple jutted into his stomach, while the full force of her breast rested on him. His blood turned cold when her heard her say, “Now where did I put that DDR pad?”

When she had finally finished setting up the DDR, she started with a slow song. Each step that she took was sheer agony for Eric, because her heavy breast came down and crushed him. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Her nipple was slowly hardening, pressing against his stomach more and more, until finally it pierced right through him. Fortunately, he did not have to suffer long, because Katelyn reached a point in the song where she had to jump up and down three times. The first jump crushed his entire body and ended his life. The other two just added insult to injury.

When the song was over, she took off her bra and stared in the mirror. Giggling, she rubbed the blood from Eric and Dave all over her breasts, until they had a beautiful red sheen. Then, without bothering to clean up, she collapsed onto her bed, and went to sleep.

Later that night…

All over Katelyn’s body, pieces of organs, limbs, and blood started twitching and jumping, and slowly came together to form four human beings. Dave, Eric, Ben, and Frank all hopped off her bed and huddled in a corner of her room.

“What the hell?” whispered Frank, “Why aren’t we dead?”

Eric smirked, “I told you I’m a genius! Knowing Katelyn’s violent temper, I slipped a little bit of regeneration potion in those pills! That way, no matter what happened, we would still be alive! Although, I must say, it’s a good thing she didn’t eat you, Ben. I don’t think you could have come back after that.”

“Brilliant!” shouted Dave, “That way, the author can satisfy Katelyn’s bloodlust, while still satisfying his own queasiness about killing people!”

“Quit breaking the fourth wall!” shouted Frank.

“At this point it doesn’t even matter,” muttered Ben, “The wall’s been completely annihilated.”

With that, the four men left the house, and as soon as they were back on the street, they grew into their normal sizes and went home to live happily ever after. Or did they?