Just for Fun

By Adam Crask — Featuring: Three Inch SM, Captor Scenario, Smelly Feet

Life is too short. We have so limited a time to experience as much as we can before it’s all over. Why was this on the mind of eighteen year old, Mark? Given the situation he was in it was all he could think about. What had he done to deserve this? He’d always been a good brother and son. His grades at school could have been better, but so could a lot of other kids’. He sat on the massive bed, near the not as big, but still huge pillows, as the fleeting thoughts coursed through his mind. At three inches in size everything was way above normal proportion to him.

He didn’t know exactly where he was other than a bedroom, but he at least knew it was in a hotel of some sort because he had been able to sneak a few peeks when he was being transported here. Now, all he was doing was waiting for his captor to get done with whatever she was doing in the bathroom. She was probably taking a shower. There was a small cloud of subtle steam coming from under the door.

She hadn’t talked to him once since she had found and taken him, so he had no idea of her intentions. He had no idea who she was either, which meant he could be in any kind of situation. He assumed the worst. Last time someone had taken him nothing good had come from it.

He hoped his family wouldn’t miss him too much, especially his younger sister. She would be so worried and insisting on an endless search for him until he’s found. He wasn’t giving up, however. You couldn’t when you were one of the unfortunate people who were thrown into this weird adventure. At least that’s what he had learned over his time in this lovely role. He was contemplating this when the bathroom door opened. Heavy steam poured out and seconds later the giant woman who had captured him stepped out wearing a hotel robe. She looked to be younger than his mom but not very young. She was probably somewhere in her late twenties or early thirties.

“Mmm, that was great,” she said as she stretched her arms above her head and then let them fall back to her sides. “But not as good as what’s about to happen next. Right, little guy?” She walked to the bed. Her blonde hair was damp and curly from her shower and her face slightly red. “I’m glad you didn’t try to run off.” She went over to the lamp and dimmed it down to a low glow. “I had been hoping to find one of you guys, the Lamentables as the news stations are calling you.” She sat down on the bed inches, for her, from Mark. He had just gotten up, but he was back down again, rolling and stopping just before he reached the white fabric of the robe. “My name is Kate. And it’s been a dream, a fantasy, of mine to have this. To have a person like you, specifically your size, in my possession. It all seems too good to be true.” She seemed to be lost as she closed her eyes and smiled widely. She eventually got back up, faced Mark, and moved her hands to the rope of the robe around her waist. “I was thinking about you the whole time I was in there and I need it, now.”

“What is it you, um, need.” Mark stuttered out as he slowly dragged his tiny, naked form away from the massive woman. He knew what she was bringing this to, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“Aw. You’re shy.” Kate said as she began to untie her robe. As it started to part, Mark could tell it was all she had on. “Or are you scared of this giant woman. Either way is fine with me.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea. I mean, what if you accidentally hurt me or worse?”

She smiled as the robe fell from her slim body and onto the floor revealing her tight, feminine body to the adolescent boy. “I thought about that, too. Mmm, even now I get more turned on thinking about that. To consider you a person, who has been brought down to a size of a mere toy, will now be used as an object for my satisfaction.” She dragged a couple finger tips up the side of her abdomen and stopped at her chest from which hung, even to the giantess looking down on him, two large breasts, where her nipples had been engorged with blood causing them to poke out and harden. “It excited me even more to think that you could get hurt from what I’m going to do to you.”

She put her hands on her hips and brought her right foot up and placed it centimeters from a fear-frozen Mark. “However, I do want to do this more than once, so maybe I’ll take it easy. I’m not promising anything, though.”

Despite the shower, and perhaps due to his small size, he could still discern the smell of foot from the massive mandible. His captor slowly flexed and un-flexed her toes as she smiled and watched Mark, once again, back away from her. “You’re scared of my body aren’t you? Look at how much that arouses me.” He looked up and saw her shaven, blood-engorged genitals, glistening with moisture.

“I’m eighteen. I have family looking for me. You can’t-” He was shoved backwards by the same foot on the bed and then covered from the neck down by its largest toe. The air was forced from his lungs. He put his hands on its ridged, firm under-surface in a futile attempt to push the massive thing off himself. It smelled more like foot now from being this close. It was pushed into his face for a few seconds, cutting off  his breathing until a few seconds passed and it was removed.

“I know you’re young. Your family isn’t here. And I definitely can do whatever I want with you, which I intend to do.”

Kate increased the pressure of her foot on him causing him to cough and wheeze for air.

“So, shall we get started.”

To be continued…

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