Her Shrunken Solution

By Not-a-Stalker — Featuring: Shrunken, Pussy

Jeremy and his girlfriend, Katelyn, move into their new apartment together. They had not been together for too long, but they both liked to move fast. After a long day of moving most of their stuff into the new place, Jeremy realizes he still has not found a job. Katelyn could support both of them with her new job but not for long. Katelyn sees her boyfriend in distress and figures now is the best time to do it. She quickly changes into a cute outfit, she wears her favorite pink thong, short tight black skirt and a low cut tank top. She fills two glasses of water unnoticed by Jeremy. In one of the glasses, Katelyn plops in two pills that dissolve instantly. She can hardly contain herself, she’s been waiting for this moment for too long. Katelyn gets her composure and makes sure she looks good. Katelyn’s heels start clicking to Jeremy. Jeremy looks up and sees Katelyn all dressed up. He stands up and smiles. Katelyn hands him the glass and makes him take a sip. Katelyn rethinks how the solution works: “No matter how much he takes he will still shrink to about two inches. The more solution the faster it works. Just one sip and he will take all night to shrink, but if he gulps it all down, he’ll shrink before he can put the glass on the table.”

Jeremy is quite thirsty from the heavy lifting. He thinks once he finishes his drink he’ll make his move, she only wears that outfit for one reason, she’s turned on. He gulps it down quickly. Katelyn releases a smile and a small dance twirl. Jeremy starts to kiss Katelyn but doesn’t reach her lips, he concerns himself with this pain in his stomach. Suddenly he convulses. Katelyn keeps dancing and screams “FINALLY!!” Before Jeremy could react, he blacks out.

Jeremy wakes up. He is laying on a light blue cloth. He stands up and suddenly a familiar and immense voice booms “You are MINE now Jeremy.” Jeremy looks behind him, its Katelyn, only shes HUGE! She smiles at him, swings her hips a little. Katelyn is still in her clothes from earlier. She walks over to him. Katelyn towers over her boyfriend. Jeremy has never been so turned on in his life, or this scared. As he started to look up at her, Katelyn picks him up and brings him to her face. “You have your job now hun, looking sexy and doing what ever I want!” she booms at Jeremy. Katelyn giggles at the raw power she has over her man. “I shrunk you babe. I got power hungry, will you forgive me?” She puts on a cute innocent face. Jeremy doesn’t know what to do. He looks behind him, that blue cloth was the bed. “Jerm, you still have clothes on, that will never do! You might want to fix that!” Jeremy does as he’s told and strips completely naked, doesn’t want to get Katelyn angry, not when all she has to do is clench her fist and he’s done. “Oh hun, your penis is soo small! Are you hard? You ARE hard! OH MY GOD!!” Katelyn giggles and giggles. He has never seen Katelyn this bubbly before.

“Ohh, now, where should I keep you?” Katelyn jokingly scratches her chin pretending to think of ideas. Jeremy knew this face, she had a plan already but was going to toy with him first. “I could just keep you in my purse,” she brings him to her purse and hovers Jeremy over it. To Jeremy it is a two or three story building. “but thats no fun. And what if I loose you! That would be even worse!! Where could I keep you where you won’t get lost? I could keep you at the apartment… Aww, but thats no fun either! What place to you think would be fun babe?”

Jeremy is still turned on, and this is still his girlfriend. He screams at the top of his lungs “HOW BOUT YOUR BOOBS??” Katelyn’s ear is turned to hear better. She ponders “that WOULD be fun huh? Lets try it out!!” Complying with Jeremy’s request, Katelyn holds Jeremy over her cleavage by only a couple of inches to her, a couple of yards to Jeremy. She releases him free falls and lands between her soft fleshy boobs. She shifts him around and steps over to the mirror for a closer look. He has always found Katelyn way too attractive and out of his leauge, but he has never been so turned on in his life. Each mini fluid earthquake of a step Katelyn takes, Jeremy feels like cumming. He situates himself to look out at the giant world. Katelyn shifts her hips slightly and turns around looking at herself in her sexy outfit. Two giant hands clasp the two car sized boobs and squeeze slightly. “This if fun, but I’ve got a better idea.” Katelyn giggles with excitement and anticipation. She pulls Jeremy out of her cleavage holding him with her thumb and index finger, lowers him and lifts her skirt. Her thong is staring at him. She pulls the elastic band that holds the thong tight to her body and slides him in.

The thong snaps closed and he is in her panties. Katelyn can’t contain herself, hopping up and down slightly with anticipation she yells “PLAY WITH MY CLIT!!” Jeremy happily digs in and starts squirming on her clit. Jeremy finally cums, Katelyn doesn’t even feel it, she is concentrating on her clit. Suddenly, Katelyn’s juice engulfs the scene. Jeremy tries harder to please his new giant girlfriend. Katelyn starts moaning, she can’t take it any longer. A quick break of light peirces above Jeremy. Katelyn’s giant hand starts fingering herself, with Jeremy between Katelyn’s clit and her finger. He panics trying to escape but the flailing gets Katelyn more excited. It gets so juicy that Jeremy can’t even take a breath with out a gallon full of woman juice going into his lungs. Katelyn keeps fingering harder and faster. Katelyn falls on the bed and screams out loud. Jeremy hears the sound of his own bones crunching under each pulse now. As Katelyn fingers herself she is fully aware that her boyfriend is in pain, it only keeps her going. All of Jeremy’s bones are crushed and his whole body is jello. Katelyn notices no resistance now, but keeps going on.

As Katelyn finishes, she pulls out Jeremy to see if he’s still alive. She sees her boyfriend is in three or four peieces and blood is everywhere. “I don’t know why I check anymore, they never live.” Katelyn shrugs, “Oh well.” She cleans the blood, throws the body in the garbage disposal and finishes moving in.