Giantess vs. NY Giants

By Shoulderdevil — Featuring: Giantess, Feet, Vore

Even though it is all over the news and radio you never think that your city, your home will be next. Goddess Katelyn has been traveling from city to city looking for new slaves to play with, destroying everything while sifting through all of the tiny men and women, trying to find ones worthy of being her pets. Sure in other cities she has found one that caught her attention, and in the larger cities she even found a few at a time, but she became bored with each one before long and they all ended up as a snack or added to one of the many bloody spots left in the craters caused by her steps. It was late one morning when Goddess Katelyn entered my city, wearing a tight, black, formfitting tank top with spaghetti strings, black loose fitting shorts, and sandals that accented her lovely feet, making her way through the rural areas on the outskirts of the city, not bothering to waste her time searching in the “sparsely” populated area treading upon many of the houses that were unlucky enough to be on her direct route to crowded downtown. As she reached the downtown area, it was a familiar sight to her. Thousands of tiny people running for their lives, all in vein, because if she intended for them to lose their lives at her hands, or feet, then they would, whether they were running or not. She navigated each street, less interested in destroying anything yet, more interested in her search. She scanned the masses from her full height, looking for something that caught her eye, someone that stands out in the crowd. When she didn’t see what she was looking for, she took a step forward, uncaring of those that have not impressed her in any way, and as before her patience began wearing thin very quickly, and her steps were becoming more and more rapid with each street she explored. Just as she was about to give up and begin ripping the city apart starting in the middle and working her way out, as she purposefully stepped down on a full size city bus and it collapsed underneath her open toed, flat bottom sandal as though nothing were there at all to begin her rampage, in the crowd just ahead a figure caught her attention. It was a man, he wasn’t running away, he was just standing there staring directly at her. That man was me, like everyone else I had been following Katelyn’s actions as she made her way across the country, but unlike them, I did not fear that she would come to my city next, I hoped for it. There was speculation as to why all of a sudden Goddess Katelyn began terrorizing cities, it even came up that she might be looking for something. I knew what that something was and I wanted to be the one chosen. Without raising her foot off of the flattened bus, she used it as a pivot point, twisting around to face the curious man, grinding the bus further into the pavement. She was certain that her notice of me would cause me to run with the rest of the crowd, without taking her eyes off of me she began walking in my direction.

My eyes never left hers until when she drew close, I watched as several people disappeared underneath her final footfall with a deafening pulping crunch, at this distance I saw in detail the results of a simple step made by her. As her foot rolled forward, it was almost as if in slow motion, the tiny people fell to the ground and from the bottom up were squeezed out like a tube of toothpaste, their bodies splitting open near the top with a pop and gore shooting out several feet from each of them. Not all fell completely underfoot, some arms, legs, and heads, and even the upper half of one screaming man remained seen as her foot settled but all became completely severed as her foot sunk into the pavement. My attention turned back to Katelyn’s eyes. Staring down at me she raised her foot above my head, a gory mess covered the bottom, hanging off in long unrecognizable chunks, the remains of the victims, caught in their clothing which had become stuck to her sole. Holding it there for a moment, she then moves it to the side only to see that I haven’t moved at all. “You are either a very brave little man, or very stupid” Katelyn says, removing her foot from above me and taking a couple of steps away, turning, then dropping to her knees as she lay her body down upon the street, countless people, and vehicles were crushed beneath, as she positioned herself to where her face was directly in front of me….As the crowd continued to run past she asked “So little one, what’s your name?” not caring what the answer was. “I could crush you easily you know?”, I slowly shook my head yes. Then Katelyn grabbed a man that was running by between her thumb, forefinger, and middle finger, held the screaming figure not too far from me, focusing her attention on him, and with a very casual look on her face, she began grinding his body between her fingers and as pieces of him fell to the sidewalk next to me she said “And that doesn’t frighten you at all huh?” turning her eyes back to me with a playful grin and dropping the remains beside me. I shake my head no. “You’re lying……. but I kind of like you”….just then my attention strayed for only a moment as a very beautiful young woman had just run past Katelyn and was headed towards me. Her short skirt and blonde hair had distracted me. Katelyn noticed my eyes stray, and the Goddess believes that nothing should be more distracting than her, her gaze turned towards where I glanced and she saw the blonde, picked her up and held her close to her face. “Wow, very pretty, nice eye little one!”, then there was a long pause of silence as she looked the woman over, ” but now I’ve got to go…and you’re coming with me.” with that she placed the young woman on the end of her thumb, legs flailing as they hung off of one side, arms off the other, placing her middle finger directly behind her she flicked the screaming woman into the brick wall of the building next to her, with a deep watery crack sound as she hit her screaming stopped. The body then fell to the street leaving a blood stain on the building, landing in a shapeless pile as though every bone had been shattered. With a giggle as she watched this, she reached over and grabbed me roughly and with me in hand stood up to full height. As she placed me on her shoulder she asked “So this is your city, what can a Goddess like me do for fun?”

I quickly found a loose thread on one of her spaghetti strings and stuck my leg through it to try to keep from falling off. The view of a Goddess was spectacular, sitting upon her shoulder you could see the entire city, even the destruction left behind her in her path was beautiful from up here, and the view ahead with the people running in fear, and lines of traffic clogging the street, was even tempting to me…..Katelyn leaned her ear close to me so that she could hear my suggestion, and as I was speaking a smirk began slowly appearing on her face and before I could complete the entire suggestion, with a small giggle, she scanned over the roofs of the buildings until she saw where she needed to go in the distance….the football stadium. Katelyn set off, as though on a mission, wading through the buildings, carelessly crushing cars, trucks and buses full of people that were frantically trying to get out of her path. Sometimes taking to the sidewalks, where some people thought they might be safe since the Goddess had the entire street as her pathway, it was as though she was putting on a show for her new tiny shoulder friend who was gratefully watching her feet as the “tiny” moving vehicles and the men and women running in despair disappear beneath them. From this vantage the sounds coming from below were horrifically awesome, as a vehicle disappeared beneath her foot, the sounds of glass shattering, metal crunching, and the explosions of the tires all happen in the same instance, as she step down mercilessly upon it and you can even hear the slight creak and groan of the metal as you lift your foot off. From here I could tell what is going on below without even looking, just by the difference in the screams of the tiny people at her feet. The screams of all of the tiny people seeing a Goddess for the first time was the most over coming, it came from all sides. The ones from directly below were the bone chilling screams, the ones of the tiny men and women that were directly in the path of Katelyn as she lowered her foot on top of them. These screams were shrills of pure terror for the last moment of their lives were ending. They rose above all others and as they ended they were replaced by a soft, squishy sounding crunch that echoed up the buildings on both sides of the Goddess finally reaching her ears. The gory spurt that I had seen come from beneath her sandal earlier from the ground could be seen from here as well, gushing between the legs of those just in front of the doomed tiny people that fell beneath Katelyn’s shoe, some of whom slipped and fell in the crimson puddle. Then there were the indescribable screams of horror of what had just happened that emanated from behind as we continued on. At first I could not believe that she was simply ignoring all that was going on below, but when I looked over at her face, the satisfied smirk that appeared as she glanced her eyes towards me and then away quickly told me that she could not be enjoying herself more.

As we arrived at the football stadium Katelyn walked over to the announcement sign at the entrance. The sign barely came up to her knees so she bent down and ripped it from its foundation to read it….”Bears vs. The Giants” she read, and hearing the roar of the crowd coming from inside the stadium that lied just ahead, she glanced at me with a look of approval for the correct information I had given earlier. Tossing the sign aside she stepped over into the overly full parking lot…..her approach had not gone unnoticed by the tailgate partiers in the parking lot, mostly the wives of the major fans of both teams and some of the husbands that were getting a bite to eat. She took a couple of steps towards the stadium when an SUV tore out of a parking spot directly in front of her, headed for the exit. The suddenness of it startled Katelyn, just slightly, and she accidentally stepped on the row of parked cars that the SUV pulled out of with a extremely loud metallic crunch. The thought that this might alert those tinies inside the stadium to her presence and ruin her fun crossed her mind, but in just one second the roar of the cheering crowd came again….relieved but upset with the SUV, Katelyn turned to where the speeding vehicle was headed. It had not made it far and with one step she reached down and picked up the vehicle, holding it out directly in front of her where her new shoulder friend could see as well. “You startled me!….Impressive but, that’s not a good thing.” she said. Then showing me her true power she closed her hand around the dwarfed vehicle, I could see two women and a man all trying to get out but the doors had already been damaged by Katelyn’s catching and lifting the vehicle. She pressed the roof in first only using her fingers, this was the end of all of the passengers, the muffled sounds from inside stopped quickly. Then wrapping her fingers around the side closest to her she finished crushing the once shiny vehicle into a wad of scrap metal….it was an awesome sight to see. Then she playfully tossed the wad into the large metal dumpsters at the edge of the parking lot, crushing the one it landed in. Though slightly embarrassed by the fact that she was startled by and insignificant tinie, the way that it happened worked out. Now that she knew that the crowd inside could not hear the destruction, even as close as the parking lot, she thought of a cruel plan and began stepping on all of the tiny cars that surrounded her. It only took a few moments for her to reduce the entire lot that was once lined with shining, glimmering, vehicles, once the pride and joy of their owners, to rows of mashed and mangled scrap metal that resembled the junkyard I used to go to when I was a teenager, attempting to keep my car running. Stopping every once in a while to be assured by the cheering crowd inside. Now the Goddess was ready to begin her game…

Katelyn walked over to the wall of the stadium, peering over the top, that barely rose to the bottom of her chest, looking in on the two teams on the field…the roar of the crowd that covered all of the destruction in the parking lot just moments ago is silenced as Katelyn says in a loud stern voice “Hey!!….You’re not Giants!!!” Every one freezes in their tracks, including the players on the field in mid-play, as they stare at the enormous figure looming over their heads. Katelyn smirks just a little when she sees her image on the large play screen at the end of the field. She continues to glance at the screen as she grabs on to the top of the stadium wall and begins ripping it away, making an opening for her to be able to enter. The wall crumbles effortlessly and I watch as she intentionally rips the supports from beneath the stands, sending the tiny spectators tumbling to the ground. Those that miraculously survive the several story fall are soon stomped into the rubble as Katelyn progresses into the stadium. She was ecstatic to see her own destruction that she was causing on a big screen as it was happening, though she didn’t show it much. She watched as the camera focused on the crowd directly in front of her, as the stadium got too short for her to reach the supports she place her hands on top of the seats themselves, most of them with the tiny occupants still in them, feeling the squish under her fingers and watching them explode on tv was one of the greatest things she had seen, Katelyn then said under her breath “Nice job little one!” (I had promised the Goddess that she would be able to play with Giants and see her mayhem from the view of the tinies surrounding her) As the stadium grew even shorter, as she got closer to the field, she could no longer reach the stands without bending over, so she simply waded through the remaining seats, sending the tiny men and women flying off in all directions. As she stepped onto the field, her feet sank deep into the soft, well maintained soil. For the most part most of the fans still remained in the stadium and both teams still remained on the field, curious to see what might happen. She reached down and grabbed one of the little players dressed in the Giants uniform and lifted him up so she could get a closer look. “You’re not Giants at all……I’m very disappointed!!” she said, dropping the tiny player back to the field with a thud. Then saying “New game fellas….Giants vs. Giantess” raising her foot high above them then stomping down on the entire team….”I win!” she said playfully, as she lifted her foot to see the team pressed into the field, still being able to make out shapes of men because of their pads they were wearing. Now the panic in the stadium really picked up. All of the spectators rushed for the exits, to which Katelyn coyly yelled “Be sure not to RUN too far little ones, I’ll be out in a moment!”, knowing that they are just discovering that all of their cars, their means of escape, were flattened by the enormous woman moments ago. Katelyn’s attention first focused on the other team, but was quickly drawn off by the scurrying, scantily dressed women that were headed off the field but hadn’t gotten very far. “Bring on the CHEERLEADERS!!!” she said, as her playful mood began showing through more and more. She took a step towards the fleeing women, then squatted down next to them. Their fear and eagerness to escape increased as Katelyn’s shadow fell upon them….”Don’t worry little ones….I’m not going to step on you…I love cheerleaders!”, she said in a very kind and gentle voice, this actually seems to calm them down a little, though it didn’t stop their attempt to escape. Katelyn reached down and gently picked up one of the girls by the waist. The others all stopped now to watch her actions….Katelyn looked over the nice, young, well shaped body of the woman…….then stuck out her tongue and licked her from her feet all the way to her head…”Yeeeeessss, I love them…they always taste so much better than other tinies!”, she said as she tossed the young girl in her mouth and began chewing, then looking down at the other cheerleaders with an evil grin…….As I watched, she began picking up the rest of them one at a time, each time the screams of the woman became muffled as Katelyn’s mouth closed around her and then suddenly stopped and was replaced by a horrendous grinding sound, as her teeth ground their once beautiful body into paste. As the rest of them slowly pushed their way to the exit, Katelyn scooted along behind them, keeping them within arms length. Grabbing one by her flailing arm between her thumb and forefinger, lifting her into the air, Katelyn suddenly remembered her little shoulder friend, she dangled the screaming woman in front of me, I could see the pure terror on the woman’s face as Katelyn asked “Try one?”, then toss her in your mouth before I could even begin to answer…..then while still chewing she said “Nope! Sorry little one….your Goddess doesn’t share her food!”, with a small giggle….After enjoying her snack of all the cheerleaders, seeing that the camera for the big screen is still focused on her, really beginning to get into the fun, she focused her attention on the fleeing spectators still trying to escape from the stands. Playfully grabbing them by the handfuls and tossing them straight up into the air, then watching on the screen as they rained down all around her like shrilling confetti, many bouncing off of her body before plunging to the ground below, then after a few times of this, grabbing an enormous handful of the tinies and making a foot ball pose for the camera, she yelled “Go long!!!”, then threw them as hard as she could, high above the city, and watched as they fell from the sky across the sea of buildings…….. Then with an enormous satisfied sigh, Katelyn reached out and smashed the television screen with one hand, she then left what remained of the stadium, getting in line with the fleeing crowd that was still pouring from the exit, and casually walking as though she was walking with them after an enjoyable game and not walking on top of them….. turned to her new shoulder friend and said…”That was fun little one, you really know how to entertain your Goddess!…..Now, do you know how to please her??”………