Giantess Katelyn and the Treasure of Gold

By HaHa — Featuring: Fantasy Giantesses, Servants

Giantess Katelyn is a powerful ruler of a nation of several billion small midgets, every single one of’em only about half a centimeter in size.
The crowds of tiny people were so unimaginable, no one was ever able to count these masses of tiny bugs.
But even though there are so many of them, they are all united by fear and awe to their Goddess Katelyn.
Each one is like a tiny ant and has its task and duty in the system. All do their work to satisfy their goddess with every conceivable desire.
Many toiled in the fields, in order to produce their Goddess favorite foods. Others spend day after day to produce appropriate clothes for their goddess.
Another group of inferiors is continuously instructed to ensure Katelyn’s supply of lotions, creams and nail polish etc.
But more than half of the civilisation is always obligated to worship their beautiful Goddess. They form an infinite series of human chains and worshiped their powerful empress.
It was everybodys duty to kiss Katelyn’s feet at least once day.
Life was hard and Mrs. Brooks was a strict ruler. Failiures were not tolerated and punished immediately.
So the years went by and it seemed that life got more and more unexcited for the mighty dominator.
Katelyn considered what could adequately dignify her mastery.
Of course, the little bugs were commanded to manufacture ordinary jewelry. But now she wanted more, MUCH more!

The physical strain for the tiny working ants grew from day to day. For Christmas the Goddess demands a luscious gold trasure!
Katelyn’s slaves gathered all the gold and jewelry they could find in a cavern under a montain.
To find more gold ore they drudged all day in mile deep mines, worked until complete exhaustion. Inflame hellfires to melt the ore to liquid gold.

As the slaves realized that all their efforts were without effect and the treasure grew too slow, they started to rob other giantess-colonies.
They plundered their cities and villages and tried to enslave their inhabitants. Thereby Katelyn’s slaves incurred the wrath of the other goddesses
(namely: Giantess Rachel, Daphne Rosen, and Ava Brynt) whose subjects they robbed.
But they had no choice and however, they tried it again and again, although as punishment thousands of them got squelched between Daphne Rosen’s gigantic tits, crushed by
Giantess Rachel’s sexy feet or uncountable slaves were devoured and digested by Ava Brynt.
Anyway, more and more of Katelyn’s slaves tried to steal the gold of others, because they feared the cruel, terrible, severe punishments and torments, which they had to expect
by Goddess Katelyn if they return empty-handed.
And Katelyn’s ideas to punish her unsuccessful sloggers are various. Each more dreadful and barbarous than the other:
All miserable slaves, that return with less goods than enough are getting crushed by Katelyn’s beautiful soft feet – but only if they are lucky!
Others are getting introduced to Katelyn’s perfect round and soft ass cheeks, as she slowly lowers all her weight on the tiny slave’s body until it squishes under the pressure.
Some other lives would be spared, if they succeed to carry the weight of one of Katelyn’s gorgeous smooth tits (what – of course – until now no men has ever accomplished)
But the goddess also knew far worse ostracism from their slaves:
Whenever the spot is not occupied, the defenseless bugs are getting crucified in the Goddesses belly button piercing, untill they agonizingly die of hunger. Or – of course –
the giantess turnes on her belly in a careless movement and the bug gets released by being crushed by the weight of Katelyn’s stomach.
Many other poor souls get tied on top of Mrs. Brooks dildos and shoved deep inside her pussy or asshole to suffocate slowly.
However, the most fun for Katelyn was to dismember the unfortunate little worms with her perfect white and sharp teeth. Her purpose is not to kill them, although she does kill millions
with her amazing mouth – no – so horrorly disadvantaged she forces her slaves again to prey on gold of the other civilisations. But it is obvious, that the injured slaves are sitting ducks
for the other giantesses, who hopefully put them out of their misery by giving them a quick death.
The last way of punishment to mention is the spit of the giantess. Once the slave is hidden by it, the painful digestion begins, even the slave has not been swallowed.

The buisy slaves brought all the gold into the treasury under the mountain and presented it as a Christmas present to their Goddess. They hoped that the Goddess would be satisfied
and stop to scare and erase the cities and villages of her slaves.

The Goddess entered the treasury and began to play with the gold. She let the gold coins roll over her soft skin and perfect-formed body. The slaves found so much gold, that the
Goddess could even stand in the hills of gold. The level reached from her toes right under the tip of her nose.
As Katelyn realized her new endless richness, she began to touch herself. The slaves gasped of relief and thougt that the time of dead and fear would be over.

Katelyn came closer and closer to an overwhelming orgasm lying in an ocean of gold. The moment she climaxed her moaning was so loud, that the walls and ceiling started to crumble.
Her sweet juices gush out of her pussy and mixed up with the golden coins.

While licking her fingers clean and watching her relieved slaves, the Goddess left the hall for a short moment.
As quick as she left, she entered the room again carrying a small bird cage. All slaves wondered what would be inside of the cage.
While pulling the rag off the cage, Katelyn told her slaves with her sexy voice that it is absolutely unimaginable for her to leave the tinies unattended in the treasury.

At this moment they all saw Katelyn’s new pet dragon in the cage, spewing a deadly clouds of fire.

Immediately, the fear came back into the slaves faces. From this day on the dragon guarded the Goddesses gold and eats or burns randomly all slaves coming too close.

And from this time everything went the usual way in Goddess Katelyn’s kingdom, except the loud enjoying screams of orgasms sounding out of the mountain.

But on a second thought – Katelyn adores gemstones at least the same way as gold…

To be continued…













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