Tool of Power

By GamingProfessional — Featuring: Growth, Vore

It started off as a normal day, but in a matter of seconds people were running for their lives as a beautiful goddess descended to her knees using her enormous tongue to lick people off the streets. The goddess, now satisfied stood up towering over the tiny city residents below her as the army fought to no avail. She was so powerful that warheads, bullets, even bombs did not herm her. The goddess took a step forward crushing the helpless tank under her enormous foot, still in disbelief, her fantasy, along with many others from around the world came true. No longer was the Goddess just Katelyn Brooks, she was Goddess Katelyn Brooks, the one girl that is now the superior to all.

Before being a goddess, Katelyn was just the average woman, or though many believed. Katelyn was a cute girl with long legs, shapely body, brown hair and brown eyes. Katelyn had a dream of being a giantess, she dreamt of the day where she could crush buildings and cars with her big feet, and eat the futile citizens off the street. Little did she or anyone else know that this was to be a reality.

It started when a mysterious shop, during a visit to Vancouver, caught the goddess’s eye. It was a shop that sold sacred jewellery and accessories from legends around the world. Katelyn looked at the strange talisman when the shopkeeper took her by surprise. “That talisman was found on an old body found near Stonehenge; it is said to posses’ great power.”

Katelyn looked at the talisman for a few moments and asked the price. The Shopkeeper said it was worth $15.00. Katelyn said “meh, not worth it, not that pretty looking.”

The shopkeeper shrugged and moved on. Out of the corner of her eye Katelyn noticed something a little out of place, a pair of Thigh high socks with three black stripes on top. Katelyn ran over and asked the shopkeeper about them… “My daughter bought these not long after finding that Talisman. She decided she did not want them anymore. How does five dollars sound? She never wore them, they’re perfectly new.”
Katelyn was a little curious, “why did she not wear them?”
The Shopkeeper answered “I don’t really know why she bought them, found the talisman and decided she did not want them.”
Katelyn thought then eventually bought the socks, they were kind of cute.

The next morning Katelyn thought she would wear the new socks as she wanted to see how they would look in public. They pulled up real nicely over the knee and up to her thighs. Along with that she wore some black shorts, white sneakers, and a black shirt.
“WOW!” Katelyn thought, “These are SO comfy!”
Happy with her purchase, Katelyn left the hotel room at which she was staying during her trip to Vancouver.

Katelyn was walking toward the Main shopping center when she noticed, about halfway across Georgia Street, she felt kind of funny, and the guy next to her was getting shorter. She stopped dead in the middle of the street and noticed that very slowly she was growing. All the clothes, socks included were growing with her. Slowly Katelyn was growing. a minute later Katelyn exploded into a fury of growth. Katelyn looked down as people began running from their cars, and from the streets. The art gallery, once a massive building was now a small Lego construction compared to Katelyn.

Many people were running around some were just staring at the beautiful goddess as her growth spurt came to a slow halt. Katelyn was so tall that all the large towers could see were her sock covered legs. Katelyn looked down at a crowded bus and smiled devilishly, slowly she slid her shoe off so all that remained was her sock foot, slowly she brought the sole of her foot down crushing the bus with a slow crunch, of metal and bones.

Katelyn giggled and slid her foot back into her shoe and began Stomping through town when her stomach started to growl, Katelyn wished she hadn’t stomped that bus out as they would have made a perfect snack. She searched around and noticed that there was an exposed subway not too far away. Katelyn’s mouth watered as she saw trains snaking along crammed full of commuters. Katelyn made her way over and snatched a 4-car train loaded with passengers looking to get to the mall from the suburbs. Katelyn snapped one of the train cars in half like a peanut and emptied the contents into her colossal mouth. “Mmmm. Tasty!” she said with a smile.

It wasn’t long until the army came in men with heavy guns, and tanks of the sort had entered the fray, a hopeless task. Gunfire rang out as hundreds of soldiers shot at her to no avail. All the bullets bounced off her huge legs. Katelyn laughed and brought her sole down hard. BOOM! The whole town shook crushing several men under her foot, and disorienting the rest. The military decided to bring in the tanks. A barrage of tank shells began to fly about, exploding on Katelyn’s legs, Katelyn laughed as it was not doing anything to her. She bent down and quickly snatched three tanks with her tongue.

With the Military soon defeated, Katelyn had a devilish idea; she turned around back first to an unsuspecting office tower. The people began to panic as they saw the back of Katelyn’s knees start to bend. “OH NO!” one man shouted just before the building started shaking many people looked up for a split second to see Katelyn’s cute bottom bearing down on them.

The world could not take this anymore. The President of the United States prepared the football for a nuclear strike. Within minutes a nuclear missile began flying towards Katelyn before she could react it hit her wiping out the entire city. After the smoke cleared it revealed that Katelyn came out fine, at least for the moment. The blast of radiation made her go through another growth spurt, ripping out of her shoes.

Katelyn was now so big that towers only came up to her ankles. And not only was she bigger, she was angry. “Hey! Those were my favourite shoes!” She yelled. Now bigger she immediately began stomping toward Washington to get her revenge.

A quiet city in Montana was just getting ready to settle for dinner when they heard thunder, but with no clouds. Slowly the Thunder got louder and the ground began to shake. Eventually in the distance they could see Goddess Katelyn quickly approaching. Before they could react her massive foot came down squashing a large part of the suburb.

Katelyn started to feel like she was going to grow again so she stopped for a break. And sat down, after waiting for awhile, she stood up, before she started to move again, she began to grow.

After Katelyn stopped growing, she was so tall that standing close all you could see was up to her knees. Katelyn laughed hard, now I can take out Washington in one step.

Intelligence became aware of this and began plans to move the President from the city, it was too late, a large shadow loomed over the city, and until Katelyn’s massive foot covered half the city. “Ha-ha!” Katelyn laughed, “Now I am your goddess, and you are all powerless to stop me!”

As Katelyn laughed, she gained the ability to control her height and shrank down to a more manageable size.

With Goddess Katelyn’s new powers she quickly became the world’s only super power. Destroying cities when she grew bored, and enjoying the constant worship from the helpless mortals. This was humanities new future.